How much longer will Yediyurappa stay in BJP?

The BJP high command has been saved by the bell of rahukala, with B.S. Yediyurappa relenting and walking to the Raj Bhavan to submit his resignation following his indictment by the Lok Ayukta in the illegal mining scam. For a party which wanted Yediyurappa to go before Parliament began its monsoon session, this is not a small gain.

However, events from the moment Yediyurappa was asked to step down have caused severe ruptures in the “party with a difference”, showing it to be merely a party with differences. On the one hand, there was the unseemly spectacle of the Yediyurappa camp defying the BJP bosses and playing hardball for three if not four days.

And, on the other hand, there is the very large, even if local, damage that Yediyurappa’s demands and conditions for vacating office has caused. There are now clearly two, if not three, camps within the party and it is clear that whoever the BJP legislature party elects on Wednesday, there is further trouble in store, later if not sooner.

Coming as all this does with the countdown to the 2013 assembly elections, the questions are obvious: has the BJP emerged stronger or weaker after this blood-letting? Have the troubles in the BJP ended with Yediyurappa’s resignation, or have they only just begun?

And, above all, after this show of strength of “70 MLAs”, will the “loyal and disciplined soldier of the sangh” fight the next election under the BJP symbol? Or will he bide his time, and form his own party (“Karnataka Janata Party”, as is rumoured) as the elections draw near? And will he taste success?

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31 Responses to “How much longer will Yediyurappa stay in BJP?”

  1. Nastika Says:

    First came IPL. Then KPL.
    Now it is only BJP. Later KJP !

    On KJP, I will agree with BSY. If BJP cleans itself, where will the dirt go?


  2. 'mudi'malnad Says:

    there is no difference between singh(amar included) and sangh parivar. Corruption is ubiquitous. Does it matter who is in which party anymore? Its party time(corruption) for every party

    forgot to add ‘ling’parivar

  3. Simple Says:

    In Pakistan, nobody really knows who is in power.

    Is it the Prime Minister?

    The President? The Military? the ISI? The Taliban?

    In BJP, we really don’t know who calls the shots?

    Regional strongmen like Yedi and Modi?

    Low command like Gadkari?


    Swamijis of the hazaar mutts?

    Knowing Yeddi’s nature, he is not going to be in the party for long.

  4. Thyampanna Shettru Says:

    Whatever you people say, BJP will dominate karnataka politics for years to come as it is backed by religious mutts. Karnataka people are extremely superstitious and BJP has been promising them Ramarajya, so why would they shift their allegiance to other parties. BJP is supposed to be a GOD’s party and some of the living or dead GODs( Film actors like Rajkumar)are/were part of BJP

  5. shenoy Says:

    Yeddi’s resignation drama in his last days of glory after all his ‘innumerable scams, open secrets and ill-gotten wealth’ was ultimately exposed by a courageous, national hero. It is now highly unlikely that a shameless, power and astrology obsessed, extraordinarily superstitious Sai Baba believer with a strange fetish for black magic, will be a part of BJP in the near future.

    While the ‘so-called Swayamsevak’ who successfully capitalized on caste and melodrama, fades into obscurity, his iron ore and real estate billionaire sons and cronies will continue to enjoy the fruits of corruption for decades to come. Like all other record-breaking scams in this country, it is unlikely that the most corrupt will ever be punished, swiftly or ruthlessly or ever go to jail for more than a few days of ‘show’.

    Think it over, even after their innings, humble swayamsevak’s in our country want to continue to hold on to the last straws of power, making obscene demands like the Party’s State President position apart from trying to muscle the way and imposing a flunky as the CM, thanks largely to the black money funded-power play being enacted his seasoned gang of ‘disciplined-highly corrupt’ leaders like Renukcharya, Sommana, Dhananjay, Reddy clan, Ashoka, Shoba, Nirani..etc.

    One wonders if there has been any other politician who has so convincingly made every well wisher of the ‘the party with a difference’ totally dejected and indifferent to the same party today!

    Well, the way the BJP high command was disrespectfully treated to by the ‘disciplined rebel’ in waiting, the way Jaitley and Rajnath meekly retreated back to Delhi, the way the new CM will be elected on 3rd Aug, the ongoing shady deals among legislators in a star hotel in the city on one hand and at a posh resort on the city outskirts by a rival faction…etc, it is most ominous that the BJP is soon going to be history in Karnataka while Kannadiga’s can only pray that the corrupt, their kith and kin, who all even swear by God, will be punished some day.

  6. Bhanu Sharma Says:

    There is no more “rajyoga” and he who resigns from the chair unwillingly will in the process surely bring down the party.

    Saturn is now forcibly occupied by the eighth lord moon that is totally debilitated while the gyatikaraka eighth house is a house of conspiracy and punishment. The stars indicate the dasha of scorpio in which gyatikaraka is situated and from the 31st of July there is rahu in the tenth house and the tenth lord is also under rahu-ketu axis!

    Analyzing the situation from both Astrology and Vaastu points of view, planetary and directional energies ruling wisdom and sane thinking, zeal and enthusiasm, relationships and discipline have absolutely no strength. It is also seen that apart from ‘sarpa dosha’, the weak lord of the rising sign is with lord of exile and is directly viewed by the planet of deception and evil, which is now firmly attached to the weak lord of siblings and conies.

    Sarpa Dosha’, which the ‘disciplined soldier of the sangh’ faces, is something you cannot wish away with pseudo tears but astrologers experienced with politicians agree that one can blunt the intensity with proper remedial actions.

    With such an agitated assortment of malefic energies, there are only three possible remedial measures to decrease the bad effects of the grave situation:

    Daily visit, puja and black money offerings for a fortnight in powerful temples within various mutts.

    Followed by three months of voluntary treatment in the precincts of ‘Tihar Jail’ in a 6×8 cell facing the east, to offset ‘Parivarthan Yoga’ that was practiced recently at an obscene cost in Kottakkal and again in Mauritius. To avoid getting ruthlessly trashed by the notorious inmates, it is advisable to present in advance, a few benami, premium sites illegally acquired in Bangalore to the senior jail staff.

    Once out on bail, place a voodoo doll, a large ripe lemon with nails, bloody chicken head and a kalash in the eastern gate of Vidhan Souda, signifying the start of a new glorious innings in politics, drama and humble ‘public service’ and announcing the launch of ‘Karnataka Janata Party’ headquartered in the “Republic of Bellary’, well-funded by sons, family, cronies and Reddy bros.

  7. Shemej Says:

    The one problem with any view is that, we tend to believe what is visible to our eyes. Many (including mine and many others) eyes are trained to see static objects. Indeed they give good insights or analysis of existing realities. However, we often forget that, life and history are not static. It is difficult to view & analysis a dynamic process with such eyes. As our old friend who, after returning from a forest safari, said, he couldnt see any forest, but noticed only trees bushes. The question is what is the larger picture…

    Let us understand this river is flowing. Please look at the origin, see the gushing water, under-currents, direction it is heading for high tide, low tide, heavy down pour and all external forces whcih may influence its course, direction or destination. Instead of mistaking that our present reality is eternal, let us try to get an over-all picture of political dynamics.

    To make it short, let us divide like this–
    1) Before Independence
    2) From independence to 1960s
    3) From Indira’s time to emergency
    4) From Emergency to 1989 (when India entered coalition politics)
    5) Mandal-Masjid period which is the first phase of Liberalization politics too.
    6) Post Mandal and Hindutva wave (present)
    7) The phase of Sectarian politics and regional politics in the absence of a major central controlling power, which is yet to emerge (it may be a positive coalition politics with constant instability or a negative anarchic regionalism. We dont know). But occasionally, centralized rule will be established. But they may be aberrations —

    By 1977, the dominance of Congress politics in the national level was challenged. Though, in 1984 and 1991 Congress swept elections, due to sympathy wave, congress was no more in a position to form single party government at center by late 1980s.

    People now, believe Congress is a major political party at national level, only because it is the single largest party with pan-Indian presence and is able to cobble a national viable alliance. Technically it is able to hold its pockets. But the moment masses realize that, it is not a significant force (say, if the coalition fail to cross 150 seats at national level in any Loksabha election — or if a few major alliance partners desert UPA), all of a sudden the regional Satraps will come out of Congress. Let us not fail to note this– Sharad Pawar, Mamata Banerjee, (earlier) Moopanar, Rangaswamy, Haryana leaders all are still powerful they refuse to fade away from their regional domains. Jaggans are growing like weeds in the backyard. This is a trend. This will become a general rule tomorrow– Please visit this link to read more– (I am sorry to provide this link again in Churumuri, but my excuse is that, this link is relevant here.)

    The same story is true in case of BJP. Soon after the Loksabha rout, Arun Shourie attacked BJP. Delhi (MadanLal Khurana), Uttaranchal, Karnataka (Yeddyurappa), Madhyapradesh (Uma Bharati), Gujarat (Keshubhai), Kalyan Singh (Uttar Pradesh) Maharashtra (Gopinath Munde), Kerala (Ramain Pillai) and many others now openly challenge BJP central leadership, and these regional satraps are capable of breaking away from parent party and form bigger (than BJP) political platform in their regional domain. Or at least they have bigger “brand names” and/or are mass leaders compared to small fry who survive in parent body. By the next Loksabha election (when both BJP-Alliance and Congress Alliance fail to form their Govt at central level, this will become more apparent. According to me, the first big blow will be by Nitish Kumar (his term will any way end in 2015) and will jump out of NDA to head (along with others) a National Alliance.

    Personally, I dont think Yeddi will break away from BJP now, simply because, he needs the help of BJP govt to fight his court cases. But, I see little reason why he should remain with BJP once it is routed at national level in 2014.

    This is a view from one angle. (Please see the above link for more details.

    Let us visualize how you build a small business and slowly expand into more areas and then slowly you become an all India player. When you run a single shop, you need certain capital and you have your own methods of finding resources. And you are answerable to a limited number of customers. But you can not apply that management model for running a corporate with presence all over India. It is easy to survive as a regional party. But when you become an all India party, you get many baggage. Let us take the example of Yeddi himself. If it was a regional party, he would have cleverly negotiated with both JD and Cong and survived. Hardly there are two or three Brahmin leaders and some Mangalore fanatics, who would play nuisance to such a regional outfit. In fact, Sadanada Gowda the 70mm smiling Gombe could have been used to expand to Vokkaliga bastions.

    The problem with Congress and BJP is that, at present they are National parties. The available estimates shows that donations, and other forms of income of BJP as a National party declined sharply post 2009. And if it receive one more defeat at national level, it will find it difficult to fund regional and local units. Large number of its local leaders would desert BJP looking for greener pastures. (That could be a good news for committed caders. But will be too late. There wont be any space for expansion left after this.). Please think of what happened to Janata Party after it headed national Goverment each time. I dont say, BJP will disappear into vacuum. In fact nothing will fade away. But BJP will remain as several regional outfits headed by regional Satraps (same as Congress).

    Yeddyurappa will be one such regional satrap. I fail to see why HD Kumaraswamy cant negotiate with Yeddy (people will forget court cases after 10 years) when he is not with BJP. I dont think any existing party will occupy the lingayat region replacing BJP or Vokkaliga region by replacing JD. BJP or JD cant regain large areas of others’ bastions. Siddaramaiah is in the wrong party and they can not allow him to head a goverment simply because Mumbai and Bangalore help national parties to find party fund for all india organizations, and secondly, in case of Congress, existing (or targeting) lingayat- brahmin- rajput-jain masses and urban elites wont accept a rural-kuruba face as their leader. Hence there is no question of Siddaramaiah expanding Congress base into these two regions. And without Siddaramaiah, Congress will still play some good foot ball, but never score any goals. Essentially Congress represent past. The official faction of BJP will sure have good presence. But Yeddyurappa will sure help Media to increase their circulation or TRP rates for a few more decades with his engrossing histrionics and with his unscrupulous and reckless endeavors.

  8. kulkarni Says:

    A strong regional party should be the aim cutting all party lines.

  9. kulkarni Says:

  10. richardw Says:

    @kulkarni – Beautiful video, sir! Thanks for sharing.

  11. Bhupatiranga Says:

    one thing is certain – all sembblance of ethics has been thrown out of the door. How can BSY charged with corruption, nepotism etc even think of being the BJP President in the state? How can the BJP as a party tolerate such blatant disrespect to the findings of the Lokayukta? In my opinion, BSY should be suspended from the party until his name is cleared. This is the least that can be expected from ‘the party with a difference’!

  12. A Journalist Says:

    If your hearts are broken by 2 successive defeats take a little comfort from Andrew Lang’s ‘Brahma’:

    IF the wild bowler thinks he bowls,
    Or if the batsman thinks he’s bowled,
    They know not, poor misguided souls,
    They too shall perish unconsoled.
    I am the batsman and the bat,
    I am the bowler and the ball,
    The umpire, the pavilion cat,
    The roller, pitch, and stumps, and all.

  13. T Azeez Luthfullah Says:

    Does it make a difference? Will it stop corruption? Will it bring prosperity to the state? Yeddy has lost all his relevance. Yeddy has lost his utility value.

    Another point to be noted is that Yeddy is not a Brahmin. He is a Lingayat. He will suffer the same fate as that of Kalyan Singh, Uma Bharati, Bangaru Lakshman etc. BJP is a party that cares to shield its Brahmin leaders. A non-Brahmin could rise to any post in BJP but the party would never come to his rescue when the need arises.

  14. sanjeeva Says:

    Kulkarni, fantastic video. Thanks for sharing. Yes, a strong regional party is the need of the hour. But for that you need real leaders. A Leader with futuristic vision, honest (at least to a great extent), popular and committed. Are there any such type available around us at present?????

  15. Curry Hurry Says:

  16. kulkarni Says:

    a simple comparison
    sheela dixit who is around for 15 years+ now could have easily resigned for the huge charges faced in CAG. but no. she won’t .
    she knows she will be dragged to court . but still she clings on to power because she knows if she is corrupt then she has made others more corrupt to escape. theory of relativity.

    See the battle between Delhi and TN. while one wants reservations against Sri Lanka and talks to Hillary Clinton and even dares Congress to oppose in parliament . Whatever it is she will try here to bring Raja and Kanimozhi back. Rajinikanth enquires Kanimozhi when he lands in India . Raja names Chidambaram and PM in the scandal.

    but a few crores here will dethrone a regional CM , slapping, howling and whatnots.
    and Santosh Hegde will tantrum about supreme court doing this doing that etc.
    and Prof. Prithvi Shobhi will write from unknown corners as to how corrupt and unintelligent we are.
    CM again goes to court to file complaint against Lokayukta and there a vicious circle of non-confirmism is formed.

    this is what we are lacking- ability to see the bigger picture. its not the greed of power , its the ignorance and seeing CM as the supreme authority. CM is just a servant and power is just a job at a certain level.
    The overall goal should be development of the region.
    The moment it is learnt everything will start working .
    We need to desert the huge corruption called India and its constitution for that to happen else it will make us fight with each other.

    Be wise to see the trap.
    a facebook was enough for a egyptian revolution.

  17. Pampa Says:

    Nepotism, absolute greed, shameless, most inhuman corruption, kith and kins, astrology, black magic slapping fellow ministers, trashing a laptop in anger, rolex watch, 5 gold rings, excise licenses, capitation fee-based Medical and Engineering college, BDA sites, Iron Ore Mines, 5-star Aurvedic treatment, cronies lobbying in posh resorts, temple-mutt pilgrimages, disciplined yet proud rebel, high temper and high BP….

    Key question: Is the overnight tycoon turned cartoon, actually a Swayamsevak or a brute tug or new age Bhasmasura?

  18. kaangeya Says:

    BJP is a party that cares to shield its Brahmin leaders. A non-Brahmin could rise to any post in BJP but the party would never come to his rescue when the need arises.

    This shows how little some people know about the BJP, and are caught in a time warp of their own making! The BJP and its founder the RSS are post-jati organizations. They have rendered all talk of jati within the party irrelevant. In order to counter the divisive methods of the Congress that seeks to pit one jati against another the BJP (and the JS before it) have worked tirelessly to dissolve any such division. Today the BJP is hte only politically incorrect party in India. Just as it did not think twice in appointing a dalit as preseident (Laxman) it did not hesitate to sack him when he was found corrupt. The brahmans in fact play a very small role in the BJP and do not control the party any mor eor any less than any other group. That is why you have the irony of the current tussle for power post-BSY in Karnataka – where a brahaman Ananth Kumar is baking a Lingayat Jagdish Shettar against a Lingayat BSY who is backing a Vokkaliga Sadanand Gowda!
    The BJP has long since marginalized brahman powerbrokers in favor of genuine mass leaders. In Bihar and Gujarat it is the Modis who run the show, a Raman Singh in C’Garh, a Chahan in MP and so on. The BJP views jatis as simply traditional communities and has now in Karnataka even brought eh Vokkaliga and Lingayat mathams together! That is why the Congress is finished in Karnataka. If the same works in AP, the Congress will be perennially be finsished there as well.

  19. Prashanth Anantharaman Says:

    @Simple – We donot know much abt the ‘trouble’sthan……just curious, are you from tht place…..Since u quoted it as the reference…

    good day!

  20. dmanair Says:

    @Azeez, whats your enimity with Brahmins? Please don’t comment on matters that you are not sure about.

  21. Karanth Says:

    Looking helplessly at they drama being enacted in Bangalore, one wonders as to what low position in politics and society has the BJP been brought down to?

    While the Yeddi’s roll-call chief ‘trader Gadkari’ has been inexplicability silent and finally abandoned the most corrupt-arrogant, poor politician turned overnight don along with his family and cronies, the top leadership has shamefully bitten the dust thanks to the behavior and canny strategies being played out in the two 5-start hotel based camps.

    Why on earth is Yeddi not being swiftly removed from the primarily membership of the party, before further damage?

    The BJP’s ‘party with a difference’ branding is a thing of the past, it now has a completely corrupt-tainted image and badly needs to a full image makeover too?

    A good party image and positive perception of a political party, its leaders and decisions, among the public are built over time and the latest sham expected in the disguise of electing of the new CM is not going to help the BJP.

  22. Simple Says:


    No. I am not from that place. I really don’t want to be in a country where nobody knows who is in power.

    I am a Kannadiga, right here from Bangalore. And I really don’t want to vote for a party which has a hundred power centres – each one working at odds with the other – perfect recipe for disaster and anarchy – the one we are witnessing right now in Bangalore.

  23. Santhosh Mudigere Says:

    @Prashanth Anantharaman

    When you don’t have the answers for the questions posed, make insinuations on the person who asks them right?

    A classic behaviour of Internet/Rediff Hindu who assumes anyone who isn’t enamoured by BJP has got to be a non-Hindu or a jihadi across the borders.

  24. Guru Says:

    Azeez’s comment is laughable. Simply because such description is not correct. However, there is an element of truth in that statement too. This may look an oxymoron. But some times realities are paradoxical in nature.

    RSS membership was not open to other communities and castes till the second half of 1930s, and that gave membership only to Chitpavan Brahmins. If any one has seen movie “hey Ram” you can note that, RSS cadres initially thought that if British go out of India, the Peshwa regime will come back. However, by late 1930s, it became evident that if British quit India, India will have a democratically elected govt. It is at this point that RSS suddenly realized that Brahmins are a miniscule minority in India, and they opened the membership for Non-Brahmins. Even now, RSS does not open membership to women. Basically, that is inspired by Mussolini’s fascism and believe in Patriarchal structure of society. Many consider that Hedgewar built the RSS. But RSS was the brain child of BS Moonje, the aristocratic Doctor (Physician) who was inspired by the cold blood massacres conducted by Fascists in Italy and Germany. In fact Italinan Researcher Marzia Casolari had unearthed documents to prove RSS was actually a foreign ideology. BS Moonje discussed with Mussolini how to found similar organizations in India — See the link — (it was originally published in EPW , But I cant find that link —

    Hedgevar was actually staying in BS Moonje’s house to study. it was Moonje who patroned Hedgevar.

    RSS (and its political branch BJP in that sense) was meant for Brahmins earlier. But not now. It is not meant for Hindus either. Hindutva and Hinduism are different words. It was Savarkar who coined the word Hindutva first. But RSS still practise Casteism in rural areas.

  25. Ram deshpade Says:

    now they have elected Sadananda gowda to be as CM( Remote of BSY),, once again low representation of north Karnataka…… It is mirroring maharashtra .. the more MLA’s are from vidarbha area low
    representation to them … no development works at that perticular place … dumb kanndadigas … and so on… Yecchetukolli… illadiddare telagu tamil mallugalu mugisi Hakuttare…

  26. karihaida Says:

    Mr Simple says “I really don’t want to be in a country where nobody knows who is in power. ”
    Sad reflection of the ground realities of democracy.

  27. Prashanth Anantharaman Says:

    @Santhosh Mudigere
    LOL….u generalize/d things based on your belief/perceptions :-)

    Well, to answer y’r Q’s

    1. I don’t care how long BSY stays in BJP or BJP stays with BSY etc.,
    2. I am not a representative of Internet/Rediff Hindu who assumes anyone who isn’t enamoured by BJP has got to be a non-Hindu or a jihadi across the borders. (between, what’s a rediff hindu!?)

    U r just complicating your self with all this hindu/non-hindu thing…

    My way of looking a person is “another Human being”, u tag him/her what-so-ever…I wudn’t care

    And, BJP doesn’t represent Hindus(nor congress or any other party to that matter)…..

    so have a good night’s sleep….so would I :-)

  28. Kirikiri Says:

    For all those who were wondering who is in control in state of Karnataka, now the answer is clear. It is Yeddy. Rejoice my fellow brethren of the state!

    In the light of this the question to be asked is ‘How much longer BJP will stay in Karnataka?’

  29. paciFier Says:

    Yeddy has done ದೇವೇಗೌಡ proud. Its secret mission of HDD to split a group and make it less potent.

    This way, HDD has split Congress, Dalit groups, and so forth.

    HDD must be very happy to see a split in BJP and will go to bed peacefully with bright hopes for his sons & grand sons in future.

  30. twistleton Says:


    Boot’s on the other foot.

  31. Simple Says:


    I was referring to Pakistan – I don’t want to be in such a country where nobody knows who is in power.

    Santosh Mudigere

    BJP supporters on the internet have lost the capacity to think originally. They keep relentlessly mercilessly, foolishly attacking anybody who points out the fault lines of God’s own party.

    They can never see anything wrong with BJP.

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