Sweet are the uses of adversity in the garden city

The eyes tell the story of what happened in Bangalore on 3 August 2011 at the BJP legislature party meeting to elect a successor to B.S. Yediyurappa.

The BJP’s observer Rajnath Singh is all attention wondering if D.V. Sadananda Gowda‘s will accurately bite into the offering. Gowda, for his part, gives the impression of having been utterly overcome to even sense what is being thrust into his mouth. Yediyurappa, contorts his hand, as if bowling a doosra into Gowda’s mouth, while the former Union minister H.N. Ananth Kumar….

Well, why spoil the fun.

What could Ananth Kumar be thinking, after his chief ministerial ambitions were (once again) cruelly nipped in the bid and his camp’s nominee, Jagadish Shettar, was forced to eat humble pie?

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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18 Responses to “Sweet are the uses of adversity in the garden city”

  1. Tintu Says:

    Like PM controlled by Sonia, now a CM controlled by Yedy. Nothing will change. Remote controlled PM and CM are useless for the entire nation/state.

  2. div Says:

    North Karnataka should demand for a separate state or complete autonomy within the United States of Karantaka which should be a state in the Republic of India. USK should consist of Coorg, Dakshina Kannada, North Karnataka, Bangalore-Mysore and possibly many more. Only that will give proper representation and autonomy to all the regions. That will be the way forward to strengthen local governments. It will also prevent people like Reddy brothers controlling everything with their illegally amassed wealth.

    Please share your ideas.

  3. madan Says:

    is it too early to call the proxy CM as a Y-front ?

    is it too early to call yeddy as the sonia maino of Karnataka ?

    is it too early for HDK to start attacking the proxy CM for being a proxy ?

    is it too early for yeddy to think of a comeback – that too within 6 months ?

    is it too early for Cong-I/JDS/Guv’nor et al. to start Operation Reverse Kamala ?

    is it too early for Reddy Bros A.K.A Bellary Bros to change their modus operandi &/ state ?

    is it too early for yeddy to start firing at his detractors from the shoulders of the proxy CM ?

    is it too early for the proxy CM to start the process of prolonging yeddy’s so-called comeback ?

    is it too early for Gov Bharadwaj to investigate the proxy CM for what-ever-the-hon’ble-guvnor-wants-to ?

    is it too early for the new Lokayukta chief to continue his predecessor’s work esp with respect to Bellary mines ?

    is it too early for the congress to take potshots at the proxy CM – at the risk of BJP shouting the same thing about PM Charming-Mind Lion being a proxy to Mrs Wisdom Strength ?

    is it too late to ask if it is too late to ask…. ?

  4. Thyampanna Shettru Says:

    Good idea. But leave out Udipi, Dakshina kannada and kodagu. These ate part of TULUNADU and do not wish to be part of any other confederation .

  5. chriskb Says:


    One should find ways to unite rather than divide. Look at the Singapore model where state encourages (by law?) ethnic Chinese, Indians, Malay, etc to live together in the same complex instead of seggregating into different ethnic areas.

  6. SkyActiv Says:

    This display of internal democracy is rarely seen in Indian politics.

    When was the last time a secret ballot was employed to decide an important post like this? We have gotten used to politicians falling at the feet of the ‘High Command’.

  7. Goldstar Says:

    Agree with SkyActiv. Puppet or not, this was definitely a better way to elect a CM, than a Sonia or Gadkari anointing somebody.

  8. sanjeeva Says:

    Div and Shettru, very unfortunate and wrong feelings. Then there will be no end. Each area is represented by an MLA and an MP. It is their responsibility to see that their area is developed economically. They should rise the issues forcefully and suitably in different forums. If becoming CM is the sole criteria, then why not have 30 CMs for each district. If this trend of asking for ‘autonomy’ continues just because someone from that area could not become CM, we will return to pre-independence era with 500-600 provinces and will be fighting with each other! Remember those great souls who fought for Unified Kannada Nadu.

  9. sunil Says:

    This proves that Money power wins. There was massive horse trading done from yeddy to buy the MLA. Still, there were some smart guys who took money but didn’t vote for gowda.

  10. Nanu Nane Says:

    @Div: Apparently it was the NK legislators who betrayed him. http://www.deccanherald.com/content/181218/n-k-legislators-betrayed-him.html . This how democracy works. Sometimes you lose. That does not mean you sulk and demand for a separate state. What the people of NK need to do is elect better people to the assembly.

  11. MysooruBoyz Says:

    Ananth Kumar seems to be fantasizing of him holding the sweet and Shettar nibbling at it….the look that Gowda has is as if someone has him tightly by the short and curlies which yeddi does….

  12. chanakya Says:

    Anant Kumar thinks….Ayyo Avanajji, enu madidru nan hanebaraha change agillivalla…..estu kachada buddi use madidru enu agilvallaa…better to join JD-S….will start calling Devegowda ‘appaji’….

  13. div Says:

    Yes, I also like the Singapore model, it is a nation of area 694 km^2 where as Karanataka state is 191,791 km^2, going by the Singapore model we can have 297 separate states of the area of Singapore. That would give 297 states in the USK which will be in India.

    Unity is good as long as somebody else doesn’t impose their ideas on others. Currently Karnataka is controlled by mining (bellary) and real estate mafia (bangalore)


    we are also fighting for the unity of Kannada Nadu under the name United States of Karnataka where people respect each other but have better control over their own lives.

  14. Faldo Says:

    Regardless of the bickering that started after BSY’s resignation, one must give credit to the party for settling the issue via internal ballot. Naturally the results of the ballot would not be agreeable to all but it would give both factions an idea of their true strength and hopefully keep them in check.

  15. kaangeya Says:

    It is amusing that the limousine liberals on this site are not at all uncomfortable with a modern day feudal association rife with dynasties (and that one dynasty above all) like the Congress. While the meritocratic BJP, filled with leaders who have risen from the ranks, gets all the stick for its democratic internal rivalry.The BJP is neither a hangover from our feudal past like the Congress, nor is it a dictatorship of the dinosaurs like the CPI/CPI(M). The BJP represents the true unvarnished democratic spirit of India.

  16. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Yeah, BJP represents the spirit of upper caste India which excludes lower castes, minorities and anyone else. Not to mention the corruption and nepotism is no different from any other party. e.g. Yeddi’s politician son is going to carry on his fathers misdeeds.

    All this can look like the unvarnished democratic spirit of India only to a khakhi cheddi.

  17. Simple Says:


    Which world are you living in? Vasundhara Raje was the daughter of Vijaya Raje Scindia. If this is not dynastic poliics what is?

    Sanjay Gandhi’s wife and son are celebrated in BJP. If this is not dynastic politics, what is?

    Shanta Kumar, Vice President of BJP, has told BJP has become a party of sons, sons in law, daughter and daughters in law.

    All over India, BJP has the maximum number of wives and children in positions of power.


  18. Sonia Says:

    Buffoon Ananth Kumar was dreaming of becoming CM but doesnt have the support of even one MP.What a useless leader he is.

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