Why Nithyananda couldn’t make Ranjitha levitate

From the late Mahesh Yogi to the lamented Nithyananda, scores of swamijis have claimed that yoga enables them to defy the force of gravity and levitate in thin air. Indeed on guru poornima last month, the latter even made a public show of it, with Ranjitha, the co-star of his now-famous video, in attendance.

In this clip from a BBC documentary, the rationalist Basava Premanand shows how a little steel could have helped Nithyananda and Ranjitha to achieve aerial bliss.

External videos: NDTV, TV9

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12 Responses to “Why Nithyananda couldn’t make Ranjitha levitate”

  1. Vinty Says:

    It’s the Late Basava Premanand. A legend.

  2. S D Krishna Says:

    This is very different from the junk Nithy is peddling. He has his disciples hopping like frogs and thrusting like something obscene. It’s even worse than I had imagined. Here in LA there are still big problems with his “vedic temple”, their followers having dropped out en masse. Check out this video on Nithy’s brand of levitation and kundalini magic.

    The lowest of the low… sham enlightenment.

  3. Karthik Bharadwaj (@kbharada) Says:

    Spare a thought for this man. He was in Bangalore in 2000s and our great Deve Gowda also witnessed his ‘miracles’ !! Imagine what would be media’s reaction if Yeddy has visited this Nityananda swamy ??

  4. karihaida Says:

    @ S D Krishna,
    Go easy on poor Nithy.. He must have shelled out quite a fortune for this trick from the evangelist TV channels.
    Those channels are fun to watch though, almost as good as Tarun Sagar dude on Aastha..

  5. jk Says:

    Initial stages of levitation starts off with hops – see details about Yogic flying that is all over the web. What is more interesting is the effect on brain coherence – http://www.dubrovnik-peace-project.org/sci/maharishi_effect.htm.
    What Indian media failed to show were the scientists who were demonstrating the brain patterns of the levitators live to the media and explaining the impact of it. Media puts together their own story to feed sensational news to its viewers. It does not necessarily seek to present the entire story or news. Police complaints were filed against the culprits for doing so. Those who are Nithyananda bashers are poor viewers or those who do not know the complete set of facts (coz media will not talk about it).
    To churumuri’s BBC video – any lifestyle has its good and bad parts – doctors, parents, teachers – and the same holds true for religious or pseudo-religious folks. Just because BBC found one who was faking it does not mean all are of the same kind. If you have any interest in the truth, find out for yourself Don’t trust anyone – afterall you are your best judge. Same holds true for the other commentators.

  6. Mahesh Says:

    Dear JK,

    The so-called “coherence” is rubbish – a little digging into the nature of “brain” research and the second rate journals it is published in should clarify.

    Best regards.

  7. babuds Says:

    Well Coming to the topic
    Why Nithyananda couldn’t make Ranjitha levitate?

    It’s simple. He was weighing her down with ‘missionary’ geal. Should have explored the reverse which has a certain amount of possibility.

  8. sanjeeva Says:

    What is surprising is that how come in this 21st century and with the educational level increasing, thousands and thousands of people go to such fakes and quacks, pay them and become bakras!

  9. MASH2811 Says:

    So, as we are aware of this quack….and let this be read by Govt and CBI…Fight for Spiritual and Moral corruption….pls file a petition to arrest Nithyananda asap… http://www.change.org/peti​tions/end-nithyanandas-hol​y-fraud-sex-abuse-call-for​-immediate-arrest-trial?ut​ m_medium=twitter&utm_sourc​e=share_petition

  10. Vivek Says:

    MASH2811: You have no scientific evidence to back up your claim. Nithyananda’s levitation claims are scientifically analyzed and supported by the State University of Ohio. You are a but a small unfulfilled idiot following the mass hysteria which is made more obvious by your unread mentality in your comments. In any case, I am sending this thread to the Nithyananda lawyers so that they can petition you for defamation. Good luck defending yourself in court.

  11. Mani Says:

    I was there during the Guru poornima, where Ranjitha and many others hops (stage before levitation), in more spritually matured personality a more beautiful form of levitation can be seen. I have observed it myself at Paramahamsa Nithyananda’s meditation hall. As said by JK above the media did not even bother to telecast the findings reported by two senior doctors (with QEEG visual scan presentation of brain). One media namely SUN tv reported the mask like device put on the head of disciple of Swami Nithyananda for scanning as a helmet :) to prevent damage during levitation (if they fall down).

  12. Sonal Says:


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