India’s most corrupt state? No prizes for guessing

B.S. Yediyurappa is gone as the chief minister of Karnataka, but B.S. Yediyurappa is still here as the power behind the new chief minister of Karnataka. The Reddy brothers, who were indicted by the Lok Ayukta, are out of the new ministry, but V. Somanna, who was indicted by the same Lok Ayukta, is in.

Like a wind-up doll, Yediyurappa makes much of his “development agenda” and the BJP, which is now mortally scared of his hold over Lingayats and his support among MLAs, thinks the problem is over if you can deftly bury your head in the sand (or the Bellary ore).

This snapshot of a CSDS survey makes nonsense of such claims.

Respondents in the State were asked which government was most corrupt: the one in Delhi, the one in Bangalore, or the one in their city. The answer is unambiguously clear: the State government of B.S. Yediyurappa. Worse, that number is the highest for all the 11 States which were part of the CSDS survey.

Overall, a total of 39,000 respondents in 1,300 locations in 325 assembly constitutencies were polled for the survey. The fieldwork was done between between July 25 and 31, 2011, ie before Yediyurappa remitted office before being allowed to act as the puppeteer behind the throne.

View the full survey here: State of the Nation

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20 Responses to “India’s most corrupt state? No prizes for guessing”

  1. Sapna Says:

    Bihar thinks Centre is more corrupt 8O

  2. skyActiv Says:

    Tell the Survey guys what you want and they will produce one for you – tailor made.

  3. Deepak Says:

    Like your write ups, this survey is also a joke.

    Yogendra Yadav’s CSDS is a front for the Congress, which has been proved time and again. So anything CSDS brings out can be safely dismissed as Congress propoganda.

  4. M Says:

    @ skyActiv

    What said is absolutely true. The survey asked for peoples perception of corruption, they didn’t tally the actual counts for corruption.

  5. kulkarni Says:

    Nice one there. “you are guilty , i am guilty”
    Hope churumuri learns something from this when report clearly says that centre is most corrupt at all India level.

    Like Sheela pointed out fingers at kalmadi and others , yeddy didn’t point fingers at reddies,but did step down, while everyone knew the way he tried to hold the govt for 3 years in constriction.

    But probably what BJP thought that getting yeddy’s head before lok sabha and taking this as a chance to ask delhi cm’s crown is totally failing as Sonia did a perfect timing of her holidays! Amazing.
    beats Rahul Dravid’s timing.

    also by 25-31 reports were already out. childish heading, article and conclusion

  6. twistleton Says:

    On the plus side, local governemnt is placed better…

    Devolution of powers and decentralisation- let that be your battle cry!

  7. shankar Says:

    What a silly survey ! the sum of all 3 columns ( centre+ state + local ) should come to 100.

    In case of karnataka , this is highest at 92 where as in delhi , where sheilas cwg mess is tumbling out it is only 76..So you wiil see a higher score from a state where 92 percent of respondents have a view as against delliwallas who have no problem with cwg corruption or dont care. This survey fails to capture the reasond for notcapturing almost 25% of respondents in delhi.

    yadav the congi mouthpiece is known for his biased surveys & polls.

  8. sanjeeva Says:

    Deepak, you are absolutely correct. In general, such surveys are just bunkum. Time pass. On All India basis only 35% people think Central Govt. is corrupt. Is there any other bigger joke than this! Most of such surveys appear to be bogus, faulty and made up. Moreover, do they serve any purpose?

  9. Simple Says:

    Shankar , Deepak and Kulkarni don’t know their elbow from the fingers.

    One could argue that Yogendra yadav is a BJP mouthpiece. In all his previous Lok Sabha election opinion poll, he has given BJP much more seats than it actually got.

    He has also given Congress much less seats than it actually got.

    So the foolish theory that he is a Cong mouthpiece is the IRM guys job (Internet Rumour Mongers)

    Sheila has been indicted by CAG – not of corruption but of inefficient administration and overspending. So has Uttarkhand CM Mr. Ramesh been indicted by the same CAG of overspending for that Hardiwar Kumbh Mela.

    So by this logic, should this BJP Chief Minister Ramesh step down?

    Yeddi has been indicted of corruption. Sheila has not been accused of corruption. there is a vast difference between Yeddi and Shiela.

    if CAG does to each state, i am sure it will find that EVERY state is guilty of overspending on construction of roads, metro, that and this. Should all CM’s step down? What a foolish logic.

  10. shankar Says:

    @simple, good to know you have both elbows & fingersoverspending through handpicked contractors is not corruption ? Lokayukta of delhi also indicted sheila dikshshit recently & her government dismissed the report, instead of taking action on it.

    Kalmadi also overspent so is that corruption or not ? Lokayukta of karnataka has asked for further probe on yeddyurappa. He has not been indicted yet. see the ndtv link in kulkarnis post above, where justice hegde blows your theory out of water.

    When CAG indicted nda government in coffin scam a few years ago, the same congressi people wanted george fernandes & vajpayee to step down immediately.

    So why this double standards ? what was good for then is good for sheila & manmohan now.

    p.s. as usual you missed the whole point, i.e. the sum of all 3 columns should be 100 or very close to it or an explanation for the deficit

  11. Suneel Sardana Says:

    As per your all india survey,Central govt. has been found & voted to be most corrupt.This is the reason central govt.lead by congress does not want strong & effective Jan Lok Pall bill which shall help eradicate corruption from our basic system & congress is most responsible for all this mess & corruption. What right congress has to rule this country. People & masses are required to come to street & join movement on the lines of NON COOPERATION & QUIT INDIA MOVEMENT launched by Mahatma Gandhi. British pattern rulers like Kapil Sibbal & P.C.C. must be tought tough lesson who are all out to crush Satyagrah against corruption lead by Ramdev & Anna Hazare. No patriot should tolerate these misdeeds pof congress. Why Rahul & Sonia Gandhi are silent on this vital issue?
    We appeal to all honest & patriot M.P”s to scrap & defeat the mockery & ineffective lokpal bill of Kapil Sibal origin which is anti national . Those M.P.,who support such a bill must be defeated in next election & they all be treated anti national & corrupt.

  12. tuluva Says:

    @Suneel Sardana,

    ‘We appeal to all honest & patriot M.P”s ‘ – Can you name at least one such MP???

  13. Simple Says:

    Shankar Sir.

    1. Shiela hasn’t been indicted of corruption. In Yeddi’s case, Lok Ayukta has asked for his prosection for specific charges of prevention of corruption act. It is an open and shut case.

    Even worse, there are FIRs being registered against your man in Karnataka, again on specific charges of prevention of corruption act.

    Sheila hasn’t been charged on corruption at all.

    2. CAG has indicted Vajpayee govt on several occasions. Even recently CAG indicted BJP CM of uttarkhand. But not a single resignation from BJP – on CAG indictment.

    However, Raja resigned on CAG indictment.

    Which is why I say Cong is any day better than BJP. Because Cong score is one and BJP is zero as far as resignation on CAG indictment is concerened.

    3. The sum of all three columns have to be 100 yes. If it is less, surely there are some who say ‘don’t know/ can’t say’.

  14. shankar Says:

    simple , now you are speaking like manish tiwari.

    see the ndtv link in kuljarnis post above once again instead of going around in circles .

    Justice hegde does not see any difference between the cases of yeddy & sheila. yeddy has resigned , sheila has not, so score is bjp 1 & cong 0. ok?

    In coffin scam cong wanted BJP ministers to resign based on CAG report. meaning they give lot of credibility to CAG. Now same CAG has given a similar indictment against sheila. So cong should ask its minister to resign imemdiately , as before. simple enough but for those with only elbows & fingers but no brains. If you want others to respect CAG report, set an example .

    In karnatakas case sum of all 3 columns is 92 where as in delhi it is 76. ( 24% of delhiites do not even know who is more corrupt of given 3 options? only yogendra yadav can produce such fantastic polls ))

  15. Simple Says:

    Lol. Shankar

    Putrid logic.

    1.Justice Hegde has said that both cases (delhi and karnataka) refer to financial irregularities. In that case, why isn’t Uttarkhand CM stepping down for committing irregularities in organising Kumbh Mela?

    2. Yeddi hasn’t been indicted by CAG – he has resigned on CORRUPTION charges. So has Shashi tharoor. So has Natwar Singh. So really the score is very low on your side.

    3. Only Raja has resigned on CAG indictment. Nobody A BIG ZERO has reigned from BJP on CAG indictment. not Uttarkhand CM. Not NDA ministers in previous govt. So UPA gets one and NDA gets ZERO.

  16. shankar Says:


    putrid minds see putridity everywhere. so feel free.

    the comparo was between hegdes views on yeddy & sheila.

    why stop at uttarakhand ? why not timbuktoo as well ?

    Hegde sees no difference between the 2 cases.. yeddy has resigned & sheila has not. so go figure.Hegde also wants sheila to resign , pending probe.

    rubbishing of CAG report by likes of manish tiwari is even more funny as same congies wanted vajpayee to resign based on same cags report earlier.

  17. Simple Says:


    Raja has resigned. Uttarkhand CM has not resigned

    Shashi Tharoor has resigned . Madhya Pradesh CM has not resigned even after supreme court indictment for giving away land to BJP trust for five rupees.

    Dayanidhi Maran has resigned. Somanna sticks to his ministerial post in my state.

    Natwar Singh resigned and thrown out of Congress lock, stock and barell. George Fernandes was brought back into the cabinet.

    Vilas Rao Deshmukh resigned. Arun Shourie was never sacked even after CAG indictment .

    Go figure, who is better. Statistically you are on very weak ground.

  18. Jayashree Says:

    How can the center be corrupt? Our PM Manamohan Ji always wears clean dress.

  19. vignesh Says:

    where s our tamil nadu here karunanithi s there plz remember him

  20. jayant adhikari Says:

    hum jo bhi yaha karenge uska phal hume yahi milega dont worry aapka pap ka wajan jayada hoga na carry forward bhi hoga

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