Five Hindus and a Christian invade Mysore palace

All decked up in their traditional attire, the elephants for the Mysore Dasara—Balarama, Arjuna, Abhimanyu, Sarala, Mary and Ganga—arrive at the main Amba Vilas palace to a grand reception on Thursday.

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News


2008: They come in all sizes: XXXL, XXL, XL and L

2010: Time to pull out the words ‘world-famous’ again

The make-up stays, just in case somebody asks

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10 Responses to “Five Hindus and a Christian invade Mysore palace”

  1. Nanashi Ronin Says:

    You are stooping low, churumuri. You have divided Indians enough, spare the animals atleast.

  2. YengaTa Says:

    Just goes on to prove your true character and attitude, , Madodhella anachara, mane mundhe brindhavana!!..Disgusting

  3. twistleton Says:

    what a photo!

  4. Ashoka Says:


  5. A Journalist Says:

    How do you know that Mary is a Christian? One of my distant relatives is a born Hindu. Even her great great grand father was a born Hindu. Her name is also Mary. Mary Chengappa.

    Aruna could be a Christian. A friend of mine Arjuna D’souza runs a Jym at my place. He is a born Christian.

  6. Gouri Satya Says:

    Incidentally, Mary’s daughter is Ganga!

  7. Pagan Says:

    @A Journalist

    How do you know Churumuri is referring to Mary when it says Christian?

  8. Ananth Says:

    Mary (Maari) can be a ethnic tribal name. guys relax. It’s a nice caption anyway!

  9. Prabhu Says:

    You suck Churumuri … the So called secularist….. Atleast spare animals…..

  10. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    Sorry to insult the elephants, but they remind me of members of the BJP cabinet in Karnataka with the guest pachyderm Gadkari.

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