CHURUMURI POLL: Death of India in Test cricket?

India’s 0-3 scoreline with a match to go in the four-Test match series against England will only surprise those who have only passing acquaintance with the game, shout Chak de India or Jeetega bhai jeetega as if the other side is only playing to help “us” win, and are only bothered about how much Sachin Tendulkar scores.

The deep cracks in Indian cricket—an ageing batting lineup, an unfit fielding side, injured bowlers, poor bench strength, a preponderance of limited overs cricket, etc—had been papered over by the heady (even if unexpected) World Cup victory and the anything-goes Twenty20 format of the Indian Premier League (IPL).

Truth is, India’s strength was always going to be tested in the longer, more testing format of the five-day game against quality opposition, and not surprisingly all these cracks have been exposed most mercilessly by England. That it should come after all the hoo-ha over the centenary Test match is only incidental.

However, defeat is a part of sport. What is more worrisome is what the future portends for the Indian Test team.

As it is, the only top-order batsman with runs in this series has been the 38-year-old Rahul Dravid; the bowling still depends on an always injured and hobbling Zaheer Khan, who is 32. With Sachin Tendulkar and V.V.S. Laxman both on the other side of 35,the simple question to ponder is, is the golden era of India in Test match cricket, which began at the turn of the new millennium, over? Will future Indian teams (at least for a while) only shine in the shorter, more paying versions of the game—and mostly at home? Or will this too pass?

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16 Responses to “CHURUMURI POLL: Death of India in Test cricket?”

  1. Alok Prasanna Kumar (@alokpi) Says:

    We might, with a lot of luck and some brilliant individual performances, break the top four, but I don’t see India being No. 1 again anytime in the near future.

  2. Saif Says:

    India is ever looking after sachin centuries. Shameful. Yes were really good at Australia tour. but now time is to test new blood. need a strong bolling attack and batsman with good temparament & Test format skill.

  3. T Azeez Luthfullah Says:

    Why nobody talks about IPL? I think there is a link which is being deliberately missed. But why churumuri is silent?

  4. swamynathan Says:

    I pity Dhoni. For no fault his he will be branded scolded and what not. Replace First five Batsman except Gambhir. See the result. Some body plays for name fame. How ever great one may be he should retire honourably.

  5. Doddi Buddi Says:

    I am delighted to see India thrashed in test cricket! May be other sports in India get a chance now? LOL

  6. Rahul Nair Says:

    Sachin has become like a parasite in the indian team. He is greedy, selfish, and does not give oppurtunity for the youngsters.

  7. Nanu Nane Says:

    The India vs England test matches have not been good. In fact it has been downright boring. But the Zimbabwe Vs Bangaldesh series was wonderful. India need to learn from Zimbabwe, play only if you are ready.

  8. Faldo Says:

    For me the surpise was that that in spite of success in the World Cup where the younger players played a part, the selectors were not bold enough and went back to selecting ageing cricketers. Test cricket requires the ability to last for 5 days, irrespective of whether one is playing very well or not. With most senior players facing injuries or recovering from them, the selectors should not have rushed to welcome them back into the team but should have selected a few promising cricketers who had done well in the longer version in domestic cricket. We might have still lost the Tests but there is every chance the players would have fought for their wickets.

  9. Goldstar Says:

    Not to worry. BCCI has the clout to kill Test cricket altogether. If we go down, we will take the format itself down with us :-) !! Expect to hear some comments from the BCCI spokesmen (Gavaskar and Shastri) how IPL is better than Test cricket.

  10. Super Nan Maga Says:

    People either complain that senior players are ignored and not shown respect or youngsters are being overlooked because of seniors.

  11. sanjeeva Says:

    Stupid knee jerk reactions on the drop of a hat! India wins one match – the great debate starts -“Is it the dawn of golden era of Indian cricket”; Few players become gods and crores of money are poured on them. India loses a couple of matches (howsoever badly) another debate – “is the end of the world”? Few people become demons and a host of jokes and cartoons start circulating (Though they continue to act as models). There is no dearth of fools and people not having any work to do in our country. Even if India loses 10 series continuously – some against Zimbabwe and Kenya, still you will find the same enthusiasm, excitement, madness and stupidity on the part of the people as well as the media.

  12. kingkhan99 Says:

    Sachin was carried on shoulders after WorldCup win, hoping that this gives a feeler to the little master to retire.

    Yet, he hangs on for personal laurels and monetary benefits.

    The Board is left with no choice but to drop the legend and cause embarassment to him and to whole of India.

  13. Simple Says:

    hardly has any indian cricketer hung his boots when he was on top. they all go when out of form. unlike a muralitharan. unlike a shane warne.

  14. Patrick R Braggs Says:

    It’s just a cycle.We will find replacements for all our aging stars.Though we may never have a Tendulker.But we will see some great new cricketers in the near future.There are hungry young ones out there with a passion to rise….and play for the country.Cricket is a relegion in this country.It will survive.

  15. Sannavaru Says:

    Problem with Indian cricket team is that they have forgotten the art of living the ball alone. The 20-20 mindset has creeped in where every ball you want to hit to a 4 or 6.
    And if you fly with medicore bowlers obviously you will be taken to task. And important part of this whole story is that Indian team is missing a GOOD WICKET KEEPER.

  16. Nastika Says:

    Sachin is playing since 1989, Dravid & Laxman since mid 1990s.

    But India started winning matches only from early 2000s. The reason is Sehwag – he scored quickly and gave enough time for bowlers take 20 wickets. No wonder he has two triple centuries, while none of the famed trio have even one.

    Its time the trio retired & vacated their place. Their utility in the playing 11 is finished. Let somebody else take their place & gut it out in the field.

    The point to note is in the present England series, the trio though fully fit couldn’t even bat for a session each & manage a draw, let alone winning.


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