CHURUMURI POLL: Bharat Ratna for Anna Hazare?

For months, a country utterly lacking in genuine heroes has been desperately groping around to find somebody, anybody, deserving of the nation’s highest civilian honour. The name of Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar is on most lips, not least because he does something very well which many understand, because his stellar feats will never ever be repeated by anybody who ever plays the great game again, and because everybody loves a winner.

But Sachin is still 38. Sure, he hasn’t put a foot wrong in his long, luminous career, but he has a lifetime ahead of him and he might yet do many things after hanging up his boots that might take the sheen off the Bharat Ratna to everybody’s regret. Moreover, decorating a sportsman who has doubtless provided hundreds of hours of entertainment to millions but changed nobody’s life but his own and that of his family is fraught.

Allow us therefore to propose an alternate, unlikely Maharashtrian: Kisan Baburao Hazare.

At 74, Anna Hazare, as the small man who speaks Bambaiyya like Sachin might when he is that old is known, is not everybody’s favourite public figure, especially of those who see a tinge of saffron in his white attire. Still, in bringing corruption to the national centrestage when neither the Congress nor the BJP were interested, in jumpstarting the movement for the Lok Pal bill which had been hanging fire for 38 years, in resolutely even if obstinately sticking to his convictions, he has been a revelation.

And after today, when his early-morning arrest evoked shades of the Emergency a day after August 15, Hazare has united vast sections of urban, middle-class India; his release by the end of the day a standing testimony to the power of the people against an arrogant, repressive regime, whose Harvard-educated ministers (Kapil Sibal and P. Chidambaram, if you have to name them) show what they don’t teach at Harvard about democracy with their every word and deed.

Make no mistake. A brazen, scam-tainted government with much to hide might yet bury its hand in the sand and bulldoze its way on the Lok Pal bill; the great protectors of our democracy who can do anything for cash may shamelessly back it in the name of parliamentary democracy; Hazare’s own struggle may yet peter out like so many have before; and high corruption of the sort we have seen over the last few months might be here to stay.

Still, in his stamina in sticking to an issue, in his single-mindedness to achieve his dream, and above all in his desire to change things which has the potential to change the lives of millions of Indians—all traits most Indians will happily agree they do not possess—does Anna Hazare qualify, even if only notionally, to be crowed Jewel of India ahead of SRT? After all, he has some practice, having received the Padma Sri and Padma Bhushan earlier.

Photographs: Protestors in Bangalore wear masks of Anna Hazare demanding his release (Karnataka Photo News)

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52 Responses to “CHURUMURI POLL: Bharat Ratna for Anna Hazare?”

  1. Nastika Says:

    Yes and a better choice !!

  2. Super Nan Maga Says:

    Bharath Ratna from a this kind of government doesnt suit Anna.In fact this topic/poll is totally out of line at the moment. Sachin and other people can stand in line and collect him.

  3. Nastika Says:

    Another thing is the union cabinet ministers acting like Nincompoops and playing turncoats every hour. They have no idea what to do with Anna.

    I can see in b/w that Anna is affecting the credibility of central govt. Why can’t the nincompoops see that?

    UPA2 needs to do a Lokpal, like UPA1 did a RTI.


  4. M Says:

    Dear Churmuri,

    I’m with Hazare for his battle against corruption but I’m totally opposed to an omnipotent Lokpal.

    People who are supporting all powerful Lokpal have had no first hand experience of Indian judiciary. No justice ever comes out of it. Some of my family members have been fighting legal battles for nearly 2 decades now and even then no settlement has been reached. Judges are never interested in anything. They dispose of cases immediately only when it is a publicity generating PIL. even when they a judgment is given it always inconclusive; like, they say you need to refile the case in an different perspective! after nearly a decade. After so much mental agony people just give for peace of mind not because they received justice. The saying goes this way : ” one who is fit for nothing goes on to become a lawyer and unfit among them goes on to become the judge”

    It is these people who will become Lokpal. Everyone pays deference when you describe someone as a supreme court judge. But did you ask what PERCENTAGE of the cases allotted to him were resolved CONCLUSIVELY; No, you are just honoring him for the CHAIR he occupied not for his ACTIONS which none of us even bother verify.

    My argument is this. No matter how bad the govt. is, its ultimately controlled by the people. Indira Gandhi imposed emergency and became unpopular; though she was all powerful during that period, she was promptly deposed during the next election. Through Lokpal we the people end up losing power. Look at supreme court bench. The whole appointment procedure is controlled by a collegium of 3 senior judges. In effect these 3 people determine the judicial fate of the country.

    Look at Balakrsihnan and Dinakaran cases. Who appointed them, the collegium.

    Corruption is a serious problem but say that lakpal is the solution is unsubstantiated. My request is this, please look at the technical details. Do you buy a car for its ‘looks’ or for its ‘engine capacity’. Unfortunately we Indians hardly understand ‘engine capacity’; otherwise why would we hail 650cc Nano a great success when 800cc Maruti just manages to drag 4 people.

  5. PS Says:

    What sheen? The Bharat Ratna’s sheen was lost in 1971 and yet again in 1991 … The mother and son getting it is ridiculous.

  6. sanjeeva Says:

    M, I am with you. Well said.

  7. Objectivist Mantra Says:

    Lokpal is not the solution to the problem of all the corruption, inefficiency and wastage that has become characteristic of governance in modern India. Most people are supporting this movement blindly because they are fed up of corruption and price rise. If the Lokpal comes into being, there will be one more round of red tape that entrepreneurs, investors, professionals and workers in the country will be forced to navigate. This will lead to more bureaucratic delays and corruption.

    But Churmuri will go ahead and give Bharat Ratna to Anna Hazare. It is only the leftist types, who are a mouthpiece of most unworkable ideas, who usually get Bharat Ratna. If president Obama can get Nobel Peace prize after a month in office, then why not Bharat Ratna for Hazare.

    On 64th anniversary of the year 1947, I find myself sinking into the nadir of cynicism, hopelessness and ennui. Nothing good can ever happen in this country. Perhaps we are destined to be wallow in a leftist engineered poverty forever. Ever since this so-called crusade against corruption has started, everyone has forgotten about economic reforms. Economy is at standstill, inflation is on the rise, and Swiss bankers are on a roll, thanks to the influx of INdian money.

  8. gagan Says:

    the whole movement against corruption has been centred around one person… movements should be centred around an issue… it should be more democratic… people should be the centre of the moment, and not one person…

  9. Nastika Says:

    @M, you are linking ‘inefficiency in judiciary’ with ‘Lokpal’. These two independent issues must be addressed separately.

    If judiciary is efficient then fix it. Not framing new laws doesn’t fix the inefficiency.

    PS: I didn’t get the problem with 650cc Tata & 800cc Maruti. What is it? FYI, Alto/800/Omni is the largest selling in Indian history, while Tata is trying to whip the flagging sales of Nano. Maruti sells 11 800cc vehicless for every Nano sold by Tata. Actually, i didn’t get why you bought up Maruti & Tata here.


  10. Deepak Says:

    Does anyone here seriously think that this Govt. will award Bharat Ratna to Anna Hazare!!?? They would be happy to award a jail sentence, not a Bharat Ratna.

  11. twistleton Says:


    Your objectivism goes for a toss when it comes to the hapless leftist. :)

    A more rightist-corporate govt i’m yet to see… Is American/European poverty also “leftist-engineered”?

  12. Raj Says:

    Bharat ratna is a prize reserved only for the people like MF Hussain, Ajmal Kasab, Afzal Guru, Digvijay Singh, Rahul Gandhi. Inbetween who is Anna Hazare and what he has contributed?(A question from the BR jury)

  13. KIRAN Says:

    It is not fair to give BHARAT RATNA award to sportspersons. I think it is the highest civilian award for the country for securing the country in High aspects.

  14. Law of Omerta Says:

    “A more rightist-corporate govt i’m yet to see”

    There is difference between fascism and capitalism. The present government is proving itself to be fascist because it is in league with the crony socialists. (I refuse to use the term crony capitalists, because cronies of the govt. are all socialists, even the industrialists are of socialist mindset).

    If the UPA had done economic reforms, the quality of poeple’s lives would have improved and then there would not have been any protests. The govt. could even have won a third election. But they choose to behave like fascist maharajas …. Well, history always repeats itself, because the same set of hypocrites keep coming to power.

  15. mounaprasad Says:

    If Anna hazare gets Bharatratna then it will be a insult to him..since it has already been given to Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi. It is like Obama accepting the Nobel Peace prize after it was conferred on the terrorist leader Yasser Arafat….

  16. chanakya Says:

    Bharata Ratna… is not a award. It is something which the Nehru family uses, in their own way. This award was molested in 1971 and later raped in 1991. Let us not insult Anna by comparing him with two rascals of India.

  17. div Says:

    Bharatha Rathna — another symbol of state to impose its ideas on the people. Let the state not denigrate people by conferring Bharath Ratna on them….

  18. M Says:

    @ Nastik

    sorry for using Nano and Maruthi as an illustration. 800cc was the borderline for a small car. It conveniently pulls 2 adults and 2 children. Even with 2 people in it 800cc drags backwards on a inclined road. If you were a resident of Bangalore you would have experienced this while driving with Shanti talkies road, Candra layout or Kamakhya.

    My point was this, we never systematically analyze a problem based on technical merit instead give way to passion and/or illogical things like stars/astrology/rahu-kala. With 800cc capacity maruthi can still be considered a small car; but don’t get how a vehicle can become 4 seater car with 650cc engine. I’m sure even a decade later no one in India will complain about the engine; our mind just doesn’t work that way. Even I realized the significance only in past 2yrs after driving a car in USA.

  19. M Says:

    again @ Nastika.

    How Judicial incopetency is linked to Lokpal?

    Answer: We created parliament and that;s broken; we created judiciary and that’s broken; and you think we can now create lokpal and that will turn out be a diamond? The net effect will be another layer of hurdle for people who are interesting in doing things.

    Solution is to fix parliament and judiciary.

  20. harkol Says:


    It would be a mistake to make a untouchable Lokpal. It’d be as bad as our current judiciary, where the top judges are accountable to none.

    Having said that, we have already learnt from the situation in higher judiciary, and can build in safety mechanisms. We can have a Supreme Court bench that can investigate and remove a Lokpal. We can have other mechanisms like Judiciary accountability act, being applied to Lokpal.

    This way, we’d have accountability all around.

    It isn’t necessary to have a Investigator, prosecutor, judge kind of lokpal either. What is needed is a independent investigation & prosecution agency like in so many other countries. In places like USA a prosecutor won’t think twice before prosecuting a senator. Here it is unthinkable.

  21. maisuru Says:

    Bharat Ratna for a Black mailer ! However avowed and grandiose his public poser is , people have lost sight of the simple fact he is just playing to the gallery and is hoisted by media and urban india. An individual cannot dictate what the parliament should do. No one has stopped his from getting elected and fight for his cause from within. If any one thinks a Lokpal will bring milk and honey to the populace and eradicate corruption must be living in a fools paradise. Even without Lokayukta we have politicians who were arrested for corruption like Lalloo and Jayalalitha back in the saddle. after 25 years of Lokayukta reign, Karnataka has become more corrupt. People like Anna portend great danger to the Democracy. ills of the system cannot become a tool for blackmail and rabble rousing of the people and subvert the constitutional scheme & system.

  22. Anonymous Guy Says:

    M’s comment led me to take a look at the text of the proposed jan lokpal bill.

    There is a lot of text about how to setup the lokpal, who will be its constituents, what power it has and the various punishments it can mete out.

    It is difficult to see how passing this bill will change much in real terms for the millions who go through the grind of life in India.

    We already have laws in the constitution and a judicial system which is supposed to help us be more efficient when it comes to disputes and crime.

    But anyone who has had to deal with judicial system knows the real story. It has to do with the inefficiency, callousness and lack of awareness of the whole system and us people. There is barely any social justice besides whatever is inbuilt into our religions, castes and common decency.

    Going by how we build systems – the lokpal bill would just add one more layer of bureaucracy in getting things done. It might put fear into the hearts of some government officials. Though I cannot see how things will get done any better because of this bill being passed.

    But hope lies eternal. Any change is better than the current system. That the government is openly playing dirty tricks is a positive sign – at least they are afraid. And at least we can get some relief by thinking we are part of some movement for change.

  23. Nastika Says:

    MK Gandhi was also a black-mailer. It depends on which side you are on.

    >after 25 years of Lokayukta reign, Karnataka has become more corrupt

    LOL. I guess because Lokayukta caught the corrupt, they publicized the wealth and others thought ‘if he can then why not me’?
    So you are suggesting corrupt must be given free hand & abolish all laws related to graft?

  24. Nastika Says:

    Reading @maisuru comments, I am disappointed.

    To think that Lok Pal was proposed by then Law minister Mr. Shanti Bhushan in 1972, subsequent Govt haven’t shown *any* will to pass. Why will they dig a hole when they might fall one day?

    Some education on LokPal bill:

    1) Within two years, the corrupt should go to jail. Investigation should be completed within 1 year and trial to get over in next 1 year. Corrupt include politician or senior officers.

    2) Lokpal and Lokayukta will have complete powers to order dismissal of a corrupt officer

    3) Lokpal & Lokayukta shall have powers to investigate and prosecute any judge without needing anyone’s permission.

    4) All investigations in Lokpal & Lokayukta shall be transparent. After completion of investigation, all case records shall be open to public. Complaint against any staff of Lokpal & Lokayukta shall be enquired and punishment announced within two months.

    5) Loss caused to the government due to corruption will be recovered from all accused

    A video,

  25. karihaida Says:

    Yup. This lokpal thingy is all dog and pony show at the end of the day. Another of ideal laws that will never work in practice and if it is given prosecution powers also, could be quite dangerous.

    Right to bear arms is one of the easiest and realistic ways of controlling this problem.

  26. p balakrishna Says:




  27. Rajendrakumar Chandel Says:

    Is Team Anna divided? Swami Agnivesh and Arvind Kejriwal have divergent views

  28. agnish Says:

    i think if the nobel peace prize wants to get some credibility back it should be given to anna ….

  29. Tintu Says:

    What more can we expect with most of the ministers being corrupt to the core. They say making law is for the parliament and not of those in the street. Did they forget that they came to parliament only because of them. If the members of the parliament have become impotent and fraudulent naturally those who elected these idiots will come to the streets to press their demands. Did these people fall from heaven all of a sudden as MPs and ministers? forget not- it is the people who elected you

  30. maisuru Says:

    @ Nastika:
    MK Gandhi was also a black-mailer. It depends on which side you are on.

    MK Gandhi was not functioning in a Constitutional Democracy governed by Rule of law.

    So there is no. comparison .

    All i am saying is that end does not justify the means. If the mere public opinion is the yardstick, then we should have long liberated Punjab and Kashmir and Bindranwales of the world would be fathers of the new nations.

    We have seen how fickle minded public opinion can be in the past.
    Jayaprakash Narain using Navnirman movement sent a duly elected government in Gujarat calling the CM Chor Chiman. But the very same people elected him back as CM ! Wiki describes him (?): He is regarded as the visionary leader and architect of Modern Industrial Gujarat. It was him who had visualized the ‘Narmada Dam Project’ in his first term as chief minister and the Narmada Dam effectively was built in his second term. He considered Narmada dam as the life line of Gujarat.

    Shanti Bhushan’s legacy as a Law Minister is still creating mayhem
    in the interpretation of Right to Property. But the father and the son have amassed one swell of a property in and around Delhi by methods questionable.

    Jan Lok pal Bill is a supercop-super prosecutor-judge, all rolled into one! It is against basic tenets of Natural Justice. It will not muster before SC.

    Notwithstanding that no constitutional system in the world provides for an individual or Group of Crusaders to bully the parliament to tow their line. Even one were to adopt the Swiss model of Referendum a proposal like the one by the so called civil society has to follow an elaborate procedure.

    If the civil society members really believe in their cause, they should honorably fight the next elections and succeed . No one will have any grouse then !

  31. maisuru Says:

    Listen to what Nandan says about standing Committee:
    This is exactly what i am saying. Civil Society is just jumping the gun ! Just because some of us say that, if you banter that we are pro-corruption or which side you are in is unfair and exemplifies autocratic nature of these people.

  32. Anonymous Guy Says:


    Right to bear arms will solve what problem? Make a rural Bihar out of every state? Or a Pakistan?

    BTW you can bear arms in India. Apply for a license, get a few signatures of two neighbours, use influence or pay the bribe at your local police station and then do the same at the office near Infantry road. After you get license, go to gun shop near town hall and buy gun. Bihari made gun around 20k rs, British made gun maybe 1 lakh. For revolver, pistol more expensive. All legal. Then shoot our way out of corruption and inefficiency.

    The right to bear firearms in India is similar to what it is say in Australia.

  33. Anonymous Guy Says:

    You have another option too – shoot yourself in the head and end it.

  34. maisuru Says:

  35. karihaida Says:

    Fundamental error my learned friend. If you need to apply for a license and can’t own arms till the gov’t grants it where is the “right” ?

    And will your gov’t grant the license for building arms factories to cater the demand?

    Lets start with a simple example of land grabbing … will land grabbing be so easy if the grabber knows that he can be dead in the process?

    Arms ownership control was the first thing the british did after 1857 and our people conveniently continued to use it (less draconian than the british version though), all in the name of “non-violence”


    The other option is quite appealing, but I have to bribe the cops to grant me the license, because I have to prove my need for a gun … quite messy I would say. Hmm.. maybe Anna can help me out.

  36. Faldo Says:

    It would be naive of us to think that just having a comprehensive Lokpal Bill would solve or substantially reduce corruption, though it can be one among many steps. Corruption exists at various levels and a lot of us tend to think of it as only an ethical problem rather than a systemic problem. The corruption index of a country is closely linked to the living standards. If living standards improve corruption at lower levels tends to reduce. To put it simplistically, while a lot of us want corruption to go away, we are indifferent because we are more concerned about bread and butter issues. It is no coincidence that a good number of people supporting this agitation are urban youth who possibly have some resources to spare. Otherwise they might not be able to skip their colleges or work for days together.

    Corruption exists at various levels and it is important to make a distinction between petty corruption and big ticket corruption. The corruption that most of us often face is at the point of service where we interact with some department of the government like getting rations, a gas connection, phone service or driving license. Having better access to resources by reducing controls, introducing technology and reforming processes can help in tackling this type of corruption. If we only have strict laws and without making the system efficient, there is every chance that even honest persons would not be interested in public service fearing punitive action at every step. That could lead to a break down of the system. One of the reasons for corruption at various points of service is not necessarily because all officials are honest but also because it is very hard to streamline it and people themselves are not patient to wait for changes in the system. One hears of so many cases where officials are honest and follow correct procedures, but many among the public want them to clear their papers faster and are willing to pay for it. In some cases officials are even murdered for being honest. The Lokpal Bill alone cannot solve this type of corruption.

    As far as corruption at higher levels or big ticket corruption goes, maybe a strict Lokpal would prove more effective. But here too the question remains as to how we handle cases where all the concerned parties are interested in propagating corrupt practices like in the case of the 2G scam. The government, the businessmen, the officials and the media were all involved and lot of facts about this scam would not have come to light if the Supreme Court had not monitored the proceedings. Do we know if a strict Lokpal would have done any better in this case?
    What would happen if no one complained to the Lokpal?

    There are other issues too. What would we do if the Lokpal is too timid to exercise his powers fearing threats to his life? Or if the Lokpal were to misuse his powers to intimidate officials? Yes it might be possible to impeach him or her but a lot of damage could be done by then. So while it would be good to have a good Lokpal, we must take a more holistic approach by trying to improve processes and bring about reforms so corruption can be gradually reduced.

  37. Anonymous Guy Says:


    Arms factories like these?

    You didnt say how right to bear arms your way (the Waziristan/NWFP) way – will solve anything in India.

  38. karihaida Says:

    The Right to bear arms in the US 2nd amendment way and gun factories of the Kolt, Smith and Wesson types. Pakistan is mostly Taliban style gun ownership and not everybody really has a right to bear arms.

    I don’t think I have to tell you to search for discussions about 2nd amendment.

  39. ayush Says:

    the motive of anna is however very correct but the way is correct that i am not very sure of . The demand for an independent anti corruption agency seems to very pleading at the first look , but when it comes to implementation why doesnt any one think that PURE ANGELS are not going to be appinted in the agency , it would again be consisting of the same kinda people as in several organizations at present . So there will be a more place added to the stack where people will have to give bribes so that they dont get into trouble by the threatening demands of the so called anti corruption agency. this is in no way leading to end of curroption but increasing the cash flow in the black market . so then a ” second ” ANNA will fast for demand of an agency that will keep a check on the anti corruption agency whose formation is being demanded. unless u dont increase the salary of low grade officers the corruption is not going to end at low levels and tracing corruption at low level is a tedious task . where the corruption at A levels are concerned amendmends must be done to keep an eye on that and immediate actions be taken so that a fear among the A level officers be created to indulge in such activities .

  40. Anonymous Guy Says:


    But we are much more closer culture wise to NWFP/Waziristan/Afghanistan than we are to USA. If we were similar to the US in outlook and implementation, we wouldnt be having a team Anna going through all the gymnastics that they are now.

    Whether you do it 2nd amendment way or Taliban style, you will end up with the same result. See Bihar countryside, where it is already the case without giving any extra ‘right to bear arms’. How would you prevent Bangalore from becoming a Karachi?

    In a country where many people cant read and write, have a hundred gods and beliefs and dislike others from different tribes, how are you going to stop anarchy and rule of jungle. Or is that what you had in mind?

  41. karihaida Says:

    Every democracy has to go through violence and turmoil for it become mature. The US also went through that and we will also have to go through that. Bangalore has to become a Karachi, Karnataka has to become a Waziristan, for people to realize the value of society, democracy and life in general. Corruption or in general lawlessness has become risk free in our country and unless it is made prohibitively expensive nothing will change. Secession from the Indian union for the states will make this lot more easier, as smaller and more homogenous groups can realize it lot sooner. Economic development alone can’t do this job, since it is 3 steps forward, 2 steps back process.

    PS: I get a feeling that you think US is pristine when it comes to corruption. The thing is they do it at such a big scale that people will be oblivious to it.

  42. Vinay Says:


    I agree with AG here. Bringing right to arms in India will take us down the Paki path. Right to arms is not for our country.

    Assume for a moment that you were given the right to bear arms. What would you do with it in terms of tackling corruption? Shoot down corrupt babus?!?

  43. karihaida Says:

    Right to bear arms is a deterrent.

  44. Vinay Says:


    Deterrent to what? Deterrent because the corrupt babus will fear that they’ll be shot dead if they ask for a bribe?

    What Nonsense.

  45. Anonymous Guy Says:


    Deterrent to what?

    Yes I do think the US is pristine compared to India. And I dont believe it is due to the fact that every American carries a gun and uses it like a Rambo – immaterial of what the tea baggers or libertarians are saying, It is due to the basic level of civic sense and education that is present in most American citizens that allows for a relatively corruption free day to day life. Time, a will, patience, lots of luck and maybe a revolution or two (without small arms in the hands of the revolutionaries) may get us there, not threatening to shoot everyone in sight and hoping things will get better immediately.

    One main reason we arent pakistan is the guns laws and their enforcement.

    At least the lokpal bill has merits, compared to your dream of arming the malnourished hordes to solve all problems instead of helping feed them first. It will only lead to endless bloodshed in India where everyone dislikes everyone outside one’s caste.

  46. karihaida Says:

    You seem to have conveniently forgotten the different phases the US went through and there were indeed lot of rambos during these phases.
    You talk about revolution? How will it happen? fasts? Where is the fear element for the people in power? Just sitting in a dharna and holding hands won’t cause a revolution. Too many things have changed for gandhian ways to work.

    BTW if you are in the US, watchout. You may find out the hard way that it is not as pristine as you think.


  47. parag chaudhari Says:

    Yes, absolutely ,Annaji should be awarded Bharatratna as he truly deserves it As he has given his whole life for the cause of Indian people.He is symbol of purity,sanctity,Patriotism
    He is the best choice for Bharatratna if the government does not make any partial decision
    Parg chaudhari

  48. Anonymous Guy Says:


    I dont get it – you insisting that distributing arms among people and expecting something magical to happen. Violence against no real enemy with no alternative in sight will lead to jungle law. India will surely end up like the strife-ridden states in Africa and some parts of Asia if that happens.

    If you give guns in the hands of the hungry Indians, and they use it to say kill everyone they perceive as corrupt and unjust, then what? What system to put in place which is better than democracy? Other than an endless cycle of bloodshed, nothing will happen.

    The American revolution was similar to Indian war of independence, the British were kicked out. Different means, same ends.

    We are past that step.

    People voting for a new political party is enough of a revolution.

    I am not sure if you are arguing for Indians buying and using guns freely against their own countrymen because you think it is a solution to the problems or just because you are being nihilistic.

    BTW, do you own a gun? Have you used one (or threatened someone with a gun) for any kind of revenge purposes?

  49. karihaida Says:

    Having a gun doesn’t mean I will go and shoot anyone in sight. Its more about letting the other person know that he is taking a bigger risk than usual if we tries to mess with me. That is the whole point of arms ownership and its the same logic that even countries use.
    China is building 3 aircraft carriers, india is also building.. doesn’t mean that tomorrow we are going to invade srilanka or china is going to invade vietnam or thailand. Arms ownership kind of levels the playing field, by empowering the weak and making the strong more vulnerable and hence some kind of basic set of rules or laws can be followed.

    Obviously initial there will be lot of bloodshed, but it going to happen either way. If you are thinking people in power are just going to step aside and become the benevolent government that we Indians desire, then you are dreaming my friend. Corruption is so entrenched in us, our society that no amount of soft revolutions can fix anything. If you call that nihilistic, be my guest.

    PS: I’m planning to own guns, but currently still researching the legal issues and how police might become a big nuisance etc.

  50. Anonymous Guy Says:


    Okay, wont argue with you on this, your analogies are getting too strange to handle.

    On gun owing, if you are in India, from personal experience i can tell you there is no nuisance from the police, except during election time you may have to deposit the gun at the local police station for some time (they generally send a letter or come asking). If you have paid a lot of money for a shiny imported gun, you may not like that. IMO the problem with owning gun in a city (as opposed to a village where sometimes there is a real security need or for keeping away crop pests i.e. you actually use a gun), is that someone shoots themself in the foot etc. especially if you dont have anyone in your friends/family to teach you about gun care etc.

  51. karihaida Says:

    thanks for the insight into ownership here..

  52. Babunath L Says:

    Anna Hazare… deserves his place in some old age home. He is not fit to lead the anti-corruption movement. What exactly has he done? Why has he totally gone quiet after some bill got passed? However the bigger culprit here is the need felt by many Indian people for some kind of demigod who will descend from the skies and solve all their problems. If corruption needs to be eradicated, why do we need the help of self serving charlatans Anna Hazare to mislead us? There is never a shortage of charlatans and crooks ready to substitute themselves for the entire people of the country for their own purposes and those of powerful interests.

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