The peripatetic life and times of Jayant Kaikini

The poet, writer, lyricist and biochemist Jayant Kaikini on growing up in Gokarna, studying in Dharwad, living in 18 different addresses while earning his daily bread in Bombay, returning to Bangalore for journalism, television and films—and how Vicks vaporub fetched him his life partner, Smita, somewhere along the way.

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Jayant Kaikini: The wrath of the sambaar-lover

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4 Responses to “The peripatetic life and times of Jayant Kaikini”

  1. 'mudi'malnad Says:

    A very nice down2earth guy with no ego/isms.
    He was close to both Ravi Belagere and V Bhat. Wonder how he is keeping equidistant from them or is he?

  2. gjlraj Says:

    Jayant Kaikini avara jeevanapreethi is so very evident here. Thanks for posting.

  3. G Says:

    @churumuri- Thanks for this post.

    Such a gentleman – so humble and so modest

  4. chetan krishnaswamy Says:

    I enjoyed this. Beautiful…

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