Bangalore journos, papers in mining scam report

As the epicentre of illegal mining that has already claimed a chief minister’s scalp, it was just a matter of time before the media in Karnataka too got embroiled in the dirt and grime of slush money.

And sure enough, Bangalore’s oldest English daily newspaper, Deccan Herald, carries a report today which swings the spotlight on journalists and others associated with journalism.

The news report, authored by Asha Krishnaswamy, shows payments made by a mining company to various individuals and institutions.

Among the identifiable names are those of two English newspapers (Deccan Chronicle and Bangalore Mirror). The initials which bear a likeness to two wellknown Kannada journalists, and an aviation company promoted by a media baron with print and TV interests in two States, are also on the list. Besides a “press club function” finds mention.

The purpose for which the payments were made is not clear.

The documents showing the payments were allegedly seized by income-tax authorities from the managing director of one of the firms involved in “illegal mining activities”. They form part of the U.V. Singh report that was part of Lok Ayukta Santosh Hegde‘s report that felled B.S. Yediyurappa.

Although no denomination is mentioned alongside the figures, a la the Jain hawala diaries, the Deccan Herald report says that it is “obvious” that is in rupees/ lakhs. All the 55 accused whose initials figured in the Jain dairies were acquitted.

Screenshot: courtesy Deccan Herald

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11 Responses to “Bangalore journos, papers in mining scam report”

  1. sahana Says:

    What does the crusader against corruption say now?

  2. Pradeep Rao Says:

    Frankly I won’t be surprised if a certain “angry young man” Kannada journalist who authored book on Mining Mafia was also on the payroll of mining barons.

    These journalists did not hesitate to take freebies from government as BDA or MUDA sites. So why should they decline goodies from Mining Mafia?

  3. Deepak Says:

    The newspapers concerned must immediately clarify what this is about. Even a day’s delay will hurt them really badly!!!

    And I don’t understand what wrong the aviation companies have done, they run commercial services and will offer them to whoever pays!! Whats the big deal with this?

  4. abhinetri Says:

    It is high time Mr. V Bhat clarified what is this deal….

  5. vishu Says:

    rb is not a surprise but v bhat?? i am in a unexplainable shock. i was just following him and adoring his thoughts on honesty. whom to trust now? everyone is currupt.

  6. abhinetri Says:

    @Vishnu…please withdraw your comment that every one is corrupt… I know few journos who are committed and honest to the core… Dnt blame every one…Please stop worshiping those few

  7. Srini Says:

    I heard that ‘V Bhat’ mentioned in the report is not the V. Bhat everyone thinks he is.

  8. 'mudi'malnad Says:

    lokpal for journos???
    Pretty sad state of affairs everywhere

  9. kumar bhat Says:

    v bhat is d real hero of journalism. dont blame him…

  10. Sridhara Babu Says:

    Dear sir/madum, do not remove this news from here, very great dsclosure

  11. B.H.Bhat Says:

    I was also astonished to see the names involved with pay-scam and could not believe it till recently when more and more evidence is coming forth about the demi gods of journalism !Only way is to conduct enquiry and punish the guilty.( Please do not see all Bhats with a pinch of salt !)

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