When the witness box resembles a conveyor belt

One of India’s most progressive States. The cradle of reforms. “Rama Rajya” in the eyes of the Mahatma. The homeground of sage-administrators like Sir MV. The capital of information technology. Etcetera, etcetera.

The adjectives trip off the tongues when the poets start waxing eloquent on Karnataka.

That was.

But a cartoonist doesn’t need a word to describe the state of the State today where one former chief minister after another walks into the witness box on the way to you know where.

Which begs the question: among all the firsts, will Karnataka also become the first State in the Union to send two former real estate agents to jail in the same quarter of the same financial year?

Cartoon: courtesy P. Mahmud/ Praja Vani

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9 Responses to “When the witness box resembles a conveyor belt”

  1. Yella Ok Says:

    Looking at it another way, should we be “proud” that 2 former CMs ARE INDEED being sent to jail in our state – when CMs of so many other states deserve to be sent to jail but are not being sent.

    Should we hold our heads high for this rather than hang in shame for asking not impeach a judge or hang people because of lingusitic or religious associations?

  2. THE GAGGED Says:

    My Stable is very Dirty. Lets Clean It.
    Should I not clean it because other stables are more dirty?

  3. M Says:

    The author looks at the event in a wrong way. What we are noticing is law and justice taking its course. And that is a mark of healthy society.

    Likewise, Kumaraswamy’s unflinching attack on BSY was also a warranted activity. As opposition party it was his duty to document and highlight misrule of by Govt. In each and every attack he came up with evidences and proofs. To counter his attack BSY dug up misdeeds done under JDS and desperately looked for developmental programs for image change. The events appeared dirty in 9’O Clock news. But they did do some good to the state. If these people aren’t fighting among themselves then they are busy pestering the public.

  4. Vijay Says:

    Don’t tell me Yeddi is much worse than Thiru Karunanidhi, the arch villain in any measure.

  5. Deepak Says:

    Shameful!!! HDK and Yeddy are a disgrace. They have ruined the name of the state and their respective parties (assuming HDK’s party had a name).

  6. Karan Agrawal Says:

    If the judiciary is empowered and taken away from the influence radius of politicians… you would find such conveyor belts in all the states…moving faster and faster! :)

  7. Faldo Says:

    Such churning is part of any democracy. If the legal process takes its course and serves as a wake up call to other important worthies who might have abused the system, that would be something the state can be proud of. Also the comparison between a benevolent monarchy of the past and a democratic government with a bare majority is also not very apt. A democratically elected government would always appear less efficient and perhaps more corrupt compared to a totalitarian non transparent system.

  8. kris Says:

    When are we going after Anant Kumar and Sushma Swaraj who were the primary culprits (who used Reddy brothers) and root cause of all troubles for BJP in Karnataka?

  9. destinationsrikrikanth Says:

    I just hope that every state gets an able and strong willed Lokayukta of the standards of Mr. Santhosh Hegde, and if that happens, all the states would then compete with each other to send their cms/exs to jail!

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