CHURUMURI POLL: Should Chidambaram quit?

It is an indication of the extent of internalisation of terrorism as a way of life that each new terror attack results in a markedly subdued response. While the United States takes pride in not having had a single terror attack since 9/11, and that was ten years ago, there have been over half a dozen since the 26/11 siege of Bombay in 2008.

Over two dozen people died in Bombay jus two months ago, and Delhi high court was the sight of a similar attack as today’s in May this year. However, the response of the political class, and indeed of the media and public, is substantially different depending on the city, the location and on the class of victims.

While each terror attack under the watch of the sartorially splendid Shivraj Patil would prompt demands for his resignation, the media-savvy Palaniappan Chidambaram goes about each terror attack like a second-division clerk, reading bureaucratic cliches with mind-numbing monotony that should leave terror-mongers stone cold.

Worse, there is scarcely any remorse with scarcely a mention of the “Q” word, and this while the home ministry uses up all the IQ of its Harvard-educated minister to dig up dirt on the Bhushans, Hazares and Kejirwals of the world. So, here’s the question neither Parliament nor the opposition, nor the media would want to ask: should Chidambaram resign, or at least make the offer, just at least to show where the buck stops?

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20 Responses to “CHURUMURI POLL: Should Chidambaram quit?”

  1. kdpgrahi (@kdpgrahi) Says:

    Does not everybody just love a good blast?

  2. VTVenkataram Says:

    It is high time that PC resigns !!

  3. austere Says:

    Shameless poltis in their cars with red lights and police escorts hovering all over!

    While the common man shivers, prays and keeps ready his will.

  4. stupid guy Says:

    There are many aspects to this post.

    1.US is not facing a state sponsored terrorism.
    2.Their sytems has have been built over a few years. India is working on the system and it will take time. Unfortunately there is no short-cut. If we go around creating shortcuts, the level of scams will go up adn the laws will become more draconian.
    3.The idea of beuracracy through IAS needs to end. The process should be such that on meritocracy people even a constable can rise to a DGP as of now that is not happening. As long as that doesnt happen there will be a shortage of tactical ideas on handling and building of Intelligence network which cooperates while maintaining freedom.

  5. Objectivist Mantra Says:

    Why just Shri Chidambaran. The entire gang should quit. Lets have another election.

    Prices are rising, terrorists attacks, huge corruption – All we have from the leaders is same old cliched sermons.

    They just want to sit tight with all the political power. They will not allow even a figment of reform. It is lack of reform that is the result of all the mess

  6. Rak Says:

    Yes. Not just because of this incident but because he’s an arrogant self-righteous twat..

  7. twistleton Says:

    you know someone who CAN win a billion hearts and end crime??

  8. chanakya Says:

    Not only Chidambaram (I am ashamed to call him Mr…) the entire UPA gang should quit and Sonia Gandhi should stop intervening in India’s politics. But worst is,,,which party is capable of ruling India? all of them seems to be in same mud…corruption mud….

  9. Augustine Kuriapilly Says:

    Gone are the days, when Union Railway Minister resigned because of a single railroad accident. Till recently the Railway minister resided in Calcutta and with complete abandon she ignored dozens of accidents and kept campaigning for CM’s post. When at last she left her ministry, she demanded the railway ministry for her own party. The junior minister who was asked by none other than the PM to visit an accident site just refused to do so. To add insult to injury, the same PM elevated the same incompetent junior Railway Minister. Given such callousness of the corrupt political system it is not expected that Mr. Chidambaram would even offer to resign or take moral responsibility of the failure of the intelligence agencies and Delhi police both work under him. But he should. It is no more a question of whether he ought to resign. Resign he must.

  10. sanjeeva Says:

    Chidambaram is better as F.M.
    How one can say that with the change of guard, things will improve? The whole system in the country needs change for the better. The entire system – political, legal, bureaucratic and other related structures need revamp – not just reform, additions, modifications, or even shake-ups. Unless that happens, change of parties will not help.

  11. Suneel Sardana Says:

    This shoking TERRORIST attack at Delhi High Court by terrorists is open challenge to weak,non performing.jeehazoors,coward & most corrupt Govt. lead by Congress,who are offering & treating dreadiest terrorists as SON-in-LAWS of India. All terrorist particularly who attempted,initiated & waged war against INDIA,killed innoscent civil population must be tried on day to day basis & hanged till death immidiately upon judgement by the designated court. In case of appeals to higher courts,the same should be decided within 10 days from the date of such appeals. In case of mercy appeal to president of India,she/he should have no power or descretion whatsoever to keep any mercy appeal pending for more that 15 days.( AND NOT FOR MONTHS & YEARS like many present cases). No terrorist,traitors,enemy of nation be shown any mercy or relaxation as none of them deserve any human right consideration. All those terrorist who have been awarded death punishment penality,must be hanged within 15 days from to-day. If congress has no will & guts to rule & take immidiate action,they must resign. We can not efford to loose more & more human lives.

  12. shenoi Says:

    Tamil lobby is strong. No chance

  13. Mysore Peshva Says:

    I agree with Chanakya. Not just Shri. Chidambaram, but Dr. Manmohan Singh and his entire inept cabinet should resign.

    Every cabinet minister except Shri. Antony and Shri. Mukherjee should be prosecuted under a new criminal category, “treason by executive incompetence,” that Parliament must urgently add into the Indian Penal Code. The punishment? Many years of rigorous imprisonment in Tihar jail.

    I am sickly tired of these bumbling cabinet buffoons who, as Churumuri rightly says, would rather go after our own, such as Anna Hazare, Baba Ramdev, and Arvind Kejriwal and various RSS patriots, rather than known terror groups. Thhe Indian people surely deserve better.

    In the middle of the carnage and chaos, the white-clad hypocrite, Shri. Rahul Gandhi, is upto his usual natak, visiting victims in Safdarjang Hospital with media in tow.

  14. chidu22 Says:

    On assuming office, Mr Chidambaram blamed everything that happened in the first year on his predecessor Shri Shivraj Patil,who was asked resign following 26/11, to cover up his ineptitude.Following that Mr Chidambaram resorted to cowardly tactic of resigning.These days he has only excuses for series of failures. I hope he changes his attitude,owns up responsibility,stop shirking duty and works sincerely towards making things better.

  15. div Says:

    Chidu should resign. Rahul Baba should replace him. This will be an opportunity for Indians to see the “leadership” of our so-called “youth icon”.

  16. sriranga Says:

    no. he shouldnt until he is able to linking hindu terror to all the terrorism in india.

    jokes apart, this upa is the most inefficient and corrput govt and yet if elections are held they’ll get re-elected. after 26/11, the same govt was elected to power in mumbai. after delhi blasts, cong was re elected in delhi. after 26/11, upa was still elected. nothing good will happen if there are re-elections

  17. Truth Says:

    i want to donate North India to china so that Real india (west and south) will see 12% growth rate. I’m not saying this it was chidu who said this. Terror attacks are because marathis played mean politics. they went to UP and demolished World heritage Babri Mosque. That was the real sad event. Marathi organization RSS is now meddling with Gujarat… Instructed Modi to incite people against muslims (who are indians and not arabs). it’s the marathi who is behind every major riot in india. It was marathis who some time back went to hyderabad and as usual incited communal riots.

  18. Manivannan Says:

    @stupid guy,

    I agree with you, including the IAS issue. The change can be brought about ONLY by people, by asking relevant questions; effectively and persistently. No democratic government can ignore such questions.

    To ask such questions, one needs to be informed. Unfortunately those who are informed and intelligent enough to ask such questions either cant get support of fellow citizens or don’t have the energy to be persistent. Others need to be patient and get information to start with. RTI is a great tool, much better than fasting or bombs.

    If only we can unite, burying our differences, stand up and ask questions! Too much to expect in a divided society like us?!

    (opinion expressed is strictly personal)

  19. The GAGGED Says:

    Silence Gentlemen for THE INNOCENT DEAD AND WOUNDED

    Our Time Will Come

  20. balasubrahmanyan Says:

    i am also surprised why there is no demand or no offer to resign.Perhaps there are no takers even from opposition if they are offered. perhaps there are no revenue earning measures which would attract Sharad Pawar and others. Of course Rahul would run away if offered ! bala

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