Thankfully, cleanliness is next only to godliness

The saner way of looking at this picture is to view it rationally. Surely, the all-knowing, all-seeing lord, in his infinite wisdom, would understand that his time-, attention-, and devotion-strapped devotees didn’t have the time, attention or devotion to bid him goodbye in the same way they welcomed him.

The less charitable way of looking at this picture is to view it as proof, full and final, of our civic consciousness, or utter lack of it. The brazen use of plaster of paris and lethal chemicals and paints to immortalise our devotion says much of how much we value his creations—the ponds, the lakes, the rivers—with vacuous prayers on our lips.

Which is why, this idol which wouldn’t become one with the water at a special pond in the Ulsoor lake in Bangalore on Wednesday, is now having to be disposed of thus, like last night’s garbage. Not that the good lord would mind, of course, in his infinite wisdom.

Or perhaps not.

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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14 Responses to “Thankfully, cleanliness is next only to godliness”

  1. twistleton Says:

    I hope he damns us all to hell… stupid humans

  2. Truth Says:

    it is a shame to see this…. i’m an atheist but this very picture makes me furious for the people who did this. give them a good slap.
    I want to donate north india to china. that north is making my india (West and South) poorer. I’m not saying this it’s chidu who said this.

  3. Srivathsa Joshi Says:

    There is one more ‘logical’ way of looking at this picture: This must be the real Ganesha, supposedly formed of goddess Parvati’s dirt and then beheaded (& re-headed) by lord Shiva. His returning back to garbage tank makes sense in a way. Perhaps,his devotees chanted “dump”athi Bappa Morayya and dumped him in this manner. Alas! – Srivathsa Joshi; Washington DC

  4. A Journalist Says:

    God is everywhere!! Anu, Renu, Thruna, Kaashta.
    But, I too want to slap this bastard who dumped God.

  5. Annurag Says:

    en sar idara bagge bareethira swalpa. angadi muchchi swalpa janakke jail chances!!

    I like the Infy managers replying “what we don’t know won’t hurt us.”
    to US workers !!! huttu guna suttru hogalvanthe.

    non compliance with I-9 and visa misuse. Hinge hindu hindagi hudgeerna export maaduva companige aagabekaadde!

    hiring criminal lawyer!!!

    Happy that satyam and now Infy crumbling and similar would be for other ITs. wonder when others like TATA and Ambani get into their knees bringing economic liberalization of MMS to shame prove him worthless and murderer of RTI activists.

  6. Vinay Says:


    Only a nincompoop will hope for everything to come crumbling down and all the fruits of liberalization being reversed.

  7. Annurag Says:


    Yes true. we were nincompoops till now. your reply makes me feel some are still dreaming in nincompoopsy.
    I request you to start behaving like a citizen of third world country when you comment . I know you can improvise Einstein’s imagination prowess.

    after crumbling atleast some can start afresh.

    It becomes important to know who was so close to Nandita Gurjar to have still retained her out of the 8 founders. The quiet womanizer after Phaneesh. Pai cannot be a bad guess.

    Also we need to build up US links from worker point of view who can see these corruptions and whisteblow immediately so that not all girls are exported.
    WikiLeaks is growing strong. More leaks should happen from Indian HR offices so that the myth gets busted quickly and Mysuru administration should take strict measures against the fraud company.

  8. twistleton Says:


    nice word – nincompoopsy :D

  9. Annurag Says:

    Take this from Infosys emeritus
    ‘I don’t like this country’
    and now
    with a Durex survey he concludes
    ‘We are laid back’ .


    and he talks about ‘deferred gratification’ , ‘Create an India ‘ , ‘urgent need to alleviate poverty’ , ‘sacrifices to be made’

    But he is unaware of laying back and front facts like this

    funny to see article mentioning “She was caught along with a software professional, Venugopal, ”

    Time that Thaatha gets some grandchildren to pass his time and lay back.

  10. guru Says:

    hurts to see this. but this could be defective piece of idol and might have been thrown by the artist/seller/manufacturer. i dont think anybody will throw the idol after worshipping. v

  11. FirstReality Says:

    Only if the same outrage had come about the real people, real kids, real men and women (who we know exist for sure unlike the god Ganesha) living in garbage!

  12. Vinay Says:


    If you talk less nonsense about ‘Einstein’s imagination’ and ‘third world country’ and ‘nincompoopsy’, and try to make coherent points instead of posting disconnected bullshit, people might take you seriously.

    What’s that you say? “Start posting like a citizen of a third world country”, eh? Maybe you have ‘third world’ branded across your butt, but the rest of us are sensible enough not to subscribe to such bullshit.

    Next time you comment here, try to talk sense, and make your points in a clear and coherent fashion, you might get some sensible responses and have a reasonable discussion.

  13. Annurag Says:


    We are discussing from a long time and funnily you still have the same butt. Just that I changed from Murthy to Anurag because churumuri had some issues.
    and I have to tell you that third world brand is not a brand or tattoo on butt but awareness in the mind.

    But yes you still act true to that first world Delhi around Rajiv chowk, metro, malls and among protenaceous thighs of punjab . It does enhance confidence with whatever sigmund freud’s logics but you need to gather AWARENESS to be what you called SENSIBLE . I suggest you to travel and STAY in remote corners of country and build your knowledge and awareness.

    As is said
    ‘Battalagade bayalu sigadilli’
    Be open and aware.

  14. Vinay Says:


    I swear, I thought of typing in, “are you Murthy’s new avatar?”. The disconnected nonsense in the comments, useless references to things like “Einstein”, ranting against liberalization as a whole… all of it reeked of “Murthy”. I am happy that there aren’t two such crazy people out there, but just one. :)

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