What Darshan’s brutality says about Scandalwood

ARVIND SWAMINATHAN writes from San Francisco: There are plenty of things to infuriate a dispassionate news consumer watching India from a distance these days, but as a fully paid-up Kannadiga, nothing had the same effect on my blood pressure last week than a towering piece of turd called Darshan.

The “Challenging Star”, as the clearly challenged star is called by his fawning fans and factotums, was exposed to be a horrific wife-beater, who stubbed a burning cigarette into her throat, pulled her ear ring, showed her his revolver, assaulted her, threatened to kill their son—much of all this in a car moving around Bangalore.

While such testesterone-driven, alcohol-lubricated machismo is India’s most popular non-televised sport, it is the response to Darshan’s arrest following a police complaint filed by his wife, who was hospitalised, that says plenty about the sad direction in which Karnataka as a society and Kannada filmdom, as its most dysfunctional part, are headed.


First, you had Darshan’s fans, who obviously are blinded by their hero worship to not know the difference between the real and the make-believe.

Far from mocking their “hero” for his seeming inability to deal with domestic strife without pulling out a metaphorical machchu or a laangu, the idiots (including many women) took out processions in support of Darshan in various cities, conducted homas, stoned buses, and demanded that the police release him from detention.


Then, you had the scum of the Kannada film industry, who, it seems, like to send a “social message” only through their movies, not in the way they conduct themselves in public—or private.

These angels and emissaries rushed in and rushed out of the hospital where Darshan’s wife was under sedation, holding “talks” and “negotiations”, which is shorthand for putting pressure on the wounded woman to kiss her self-respect goodbye and withdraw her brave five-page complaint which showed her abominable husband as a serial offender.

That the poor lady did, feigning a fall in the bathroom.

Obviously, as a big, bankable star, Darshan has a lot of money riding on him and the incident could affect his image, especially for an industry whose heroes and heroines have in recent months been under the scanner for all the wrong reasons. But surely Darshan also has a familial and social responsibility that goes beyond swinging the turnstiles?


Next, as if in salute to B.S. Yediyurappa who had convinced himself that the world revolved around Lingayat mutts, Bangalore Mirror and Praja Vani report that the Vokkaliga lobby in the film industry—and a Vokkaliga minister in the Sadananda Gowda team—put pressure on the police to water down the charges against Darshan.

And this, although Darshan is only a faux Vokkaliga, belonging originally to the Telugu speaking Balija community.

What does it say about a society that views every action and reaction through the prism of caste, and sees the arrest of a philandering wife-beater not as just desserts but as an attack on their community?


However, the cake and bakery in this disgraceful episode is taken by the Karnataka film producers’ association which has banned not the philandering wife-beater whose brutality the world has seen, but the “other woman”, who is supposed to have been the source of the strife between the drunken husband and the battered wife.

The male chauvinism of the Kannada film industry, where the casting couch is a permanent prop, has long been established. But whose cause is Scandalwood, as Sandalwood needs to be rechristened, espousing by ignoring a Poriki wife-beater and turning on his co-star Nikita Thukral with whom he was allegedly having an affair?


Like all modern-day thugs and criminals who discover parts of their bodies they didn’t know existed till they are caught with their pants down, Darshan the “fine actor” that he is, hopped from hospital to hospital before settling on the Rajiv Gandhi institute of chest diseases to treat his asthma-induced chest pain.

Considering his brutality, the film industry’s solidarity, the caste overtones, the film producers’ madness and his fans’ blindness, the challenged star should well and truly have been lodged in the first hospital he checked in: the national institute of mental health and neuro sciences, or NIMHANS as the world knows it.

It would been the perfect advertisement for the state of Kannada filmdom.

Photograph: Actor Darshan‘’s wife Vijayalakshmi leaves the Rajiv Gandhi insitute of chest diseases in Bangalore after visiting her husband, on Sunday (Karnataka Photo News)

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53 Responses to “What Darshan’s brutality says about Scandalwood”

  1. FirstReality Says:

    Perhaps it says something about our culture too?

  2. Pagan Says:

    Put that motha fucka behind the bars permanently. Looks like he took inspiration from all the third rate longu machu movies he did. A third rate actor who can’t talk Kannada properly.

    The wife should take help of National Commission for Women. I hope she does not give in to the pressure of third rate shady producers and other people of “Sandalwood”.

  3. Alok Prasanna Kumar (@alokpi) Says:

    This entire episode has justified my absolute refusal to watch a single mainstream kannada movie for the last 10 years.

    The Kannada mainstream film industry has, through this episode, made it very clear that its core audience remains ill-educated, brainless men between the age of 18 – 30 (whom I expect to arrive in large droves to abuse me on the comments page any time now.)

    If this remains its attitude towards women then the quicker this industry dies, the better for kannada and kannadigas.

  4. div Says:

    hmmm, increasingly, rowdyism and hooliganism are increasingly becoming a part of Indian society. Indian police, state and society in general only seem to encourage it. Simplicity, honesty and politeness are increasingly losing their place.

  5. Deepak Says:

    @alokpi – don’t no one will abuse you, that category of men will obviously not visit sites like this one.

    I agree with you – this industry deserves to die, no tears will be shed for them.

    Right thinking people should boycott all films starring Darshan and those jokers who lined up to support him, that will deal the death blow to these wretched people.

  6. Ravikumar Says:

    I don’t know what did Lingayat mutts do in this scam?
    Infact these are the mutts who are upholding some Kannadiganess. They haven’t escaped out of their duties.

    Yeddyurappa cannot be called a Lingayat since he was more like a Brahmin visiting Tirupati regularly.

    The author seems to be brutal on everyone except Brahmins – himself being one. Agreed there is one Santosh Hegde that doesn’t take out numerous Ananth Kumars from it.

    It’s good that blood boils at San Fransisco for expatriates, sorry should we call them Brahmins !!
    But this is what happens when people get drained from their homeland .They create a vaccuum . A vaccuum filled with dirt . An imbalance and that is what is seen here. These low morale Vokkaligas or easily put Gowda surname for anyone from Mandya of which no one belongs to proper Gowdike; have become the land grabbers and are responsible in evacuating most of old residents to create profits . The real estate with muchs and longs are their daily activities. This type of culture will have obviously such protagonists.

  7. Aatmasakshi Says:

    For someone writing from San Francisco, Arvind Swaminathan sure is clued into the Darshan scandal very well. But when was it ever any different in the Film industry, kannada or any other? Philandering, two-timing, wife swapping, casting couch, prostitution etc are as old as the hills in every film industry, which is why respectable families turn their nose at it. The titles of modern films, the obscene song sequences and the portrayal of women in most languages give a clue of the kind of sick minds that are at work. Darshan’s behaviour is evidence of what effect his brand of movies must be having on those who watch them.

  8. Not A Witty Nick Says:

    Darshan seems to be inspired by the crass films that he makes.

    Alok, you make a pledge not to see mainstream/sandalwood movies then go watch made-for-awards gOL cinemas and wallow about it in your twitter timeline! :P

    aNNa, there have been quite a few decent movies made in the last decade, I bet, it is more of a sour grapes situation for you as you don’t get to see a quality movie like Pancharangi in theatres!

  9. chidu22 Says:

    I whole heartedly agree with the sentiments expressed in the article.However, it was a pathetic attempt to show other communities (read Lingayats) in poor light. The author would do good if he stops thinking like one of his likes and stick to the core issue.

  10. Nastika Says:

    A follow up in any healthy society would be,
    1) Vijayalakshmi continue her fight for justice
    2) Nikita to file a legal case against Karnataka film producers, for preventing her from earning her livelihood (guaranteed by Constitution)
    3) Rest of the people act disinterested (Note: not uninterested, but disinterested) and mind their business.

    But in our society, this will happen:
    1) Vijayalakshmi withdraws her complaint
    2) Prosecution drops all charges
    3) Darshan walks free and declares Nikita is innocent
    4) Karnataka film producers lift ban on Nikita.
    5) Things go on as if nothing as happened
    6) And few like me (with some decent public memory), will never watch any Darshan movie in future.


  11. Anonymous Says:

    Another reason for the discrimination is the fact that she is not from Karnataka. I too would want to see them encourage women who can speak proper Kannada to be the leading ladies, but, singling her out like this for a personal affair is utterly shameful. If you want to be protectionist about Kannada culture, it is understandable – do so by promoting the culture, not by mistreating those who don’t “belong” to it. Neither Scandalwood, nor the government or the police will do anything about this – they all have understandings amongst themselves. Nikita (with the help of some women’s organisation on her behalf) should sue them for defamation. If not that, even if she can file a case on technical aspects related to her employment and not let this injustice die a natural death, she would have rendered a huge service.

  12. THE GAGGED Says:

    “about the sad direction in which Karnataka as a society and Kannada filmdom, as its most dysfunctional part, are headed.”


  13. harkol Says:

    Actors are drawn from our society and are no different from ‘aam janta’. It is foolish to expect them to have special (or divine) qualities. Just because they are in one particular profession, doesn’t make them paragons of virtue (that holds good for politicians and other more publicly visible professionals). So, the right thing is to expect a fair share (or a bit more) of dubious characters in Film industry.

    I don’t understand where caste comes in here, or acts of a few reflects on the entire industry. It is true that Kannada films with violence have been abhor-able, but there have been quite sensible movies made too. Who can forget the efforts of Yograj Bhat, Nagathihalli etc.?

    Ravikumar: Why spew so much venom on various castes? No caste has exclusive claim on goodness or bad.

  14. Varna Says:

    Money Money Money – DEFINITELY Sunny – in A Rich Man’s World!

  15. Vindya Says:

    I agree with Nastika.

    Gowdathis are kept like Muslims keep their wives under burqas and beat them regularly. They are drunkards and most of them have links with breweries in Mandya or Hassan. SM Krishna , Deve Gowda and Ambarish are their icons even if one reads portuguese , other sleeps, and third never enters parliament always hanging in his home bar. Half the KRS dam is used to sugarcane factories for breweries and alcohol for these Gowda farms and then straight to Mallya’s bars.
    and then Upendra and Darshan proudly advertise ‘ella OK cooldrink Yaake’ . Gowdas build up real estate mafia and in the name of land development have evacuated many decent families from Malleshwara,and Basavanagudi which is my personal knowledge. Upendra’s resort has a regular visit from top vaishyas and never been raided since it falls under Ramanagara of Kumaraswamy Radhika – another Gowda.

    In this way whole of Krishnaraja sagara which once was flowing through old mysuru and chamarajanagara was diverted to Mandya from JDS Congie combination and then to Tamil Nadu from central Congress to fulfill the desires of these drunkards.

    Ambarish – a congress MP should be booked for
    1. interfering in other’s personal lives
    2. threatening Vijayalakshmi like a Hurriyat leader to change her decision.
    3. morals and tags he would have used like Kannadiga and so which seriously dampens our culture. This headline was floating as ibnlive headline which never bothers to use beyond ‘Kannad’ and ‘Karnatak’ in their shows, never a single article with positivity towards us and suddenly has become a new identity for us.
    4. he should be put behind bars to mislead a woman and whole film industry where some gentlemen still exist.
    5. ambarish interfering and then admitting to Rajiv Gandhi institute of chest disease- I see a direct Congress involvement here though. Congress should be booked for party which harrasses women and then brainwashes them except its chairperson.

    The actress Ramya is another one of same clan who has left her house and staying alone(?) due to inhumanness in her house by her father who is in Police(?).

    A counsel should be setup to mentor and advise them on how to maintain normal testosterone levels when in civil society.
    But still whole film industry is not filled with filthy rowdies. There are some decent ones groomed by Yogaraj Bhat and similar ones.

    But these incidents will be reported heavily by cnn ibn and will become our identity and more and more people will see only hindi and tamil ones even if Shiney Ahuja gets beaten , and our deserving ones will be crying for theatres.

  16. Ganesh K (@Gkswamy) Says:

    Shobha Karandlaje would probably say it’s because of her clothes.

  17. Amar Says:

    Considering the kind of movies being made, the kind of people making them, and the target audience, this violent behaviour is no surprise. Nor is the “compro” brought about later, of course at the expense of the victim.
    The blind fan following for southern movie stars has reached unprecedented levels in the recent past. And fans seem to have no second thoughts about resorting to violence and causing public unrest and property damage. Numerous examples in the past few years.

    Why did the victim have to take back her complaint? She’s already battered and assaulted. Her life is already under threat. How much worse can it get? If she ends up dead after this, the prime suspect is a no brainer.

    Like Salman Khan was let off after running over people, Darshan will likely get out of this easily.

  18. Kitapati Says:

    Reputed actors like the so called Rebel Star Ambarish, Ramesh Bhat, Jaggesh and Srinivas Murthy were involved in this negotiation. How pathetic. These people have no morals. Srinivas Murthy was openly telling in the media the popular kannada saying ‘dosa in every home has holes in it’ and the couple should kiss and make up by quoting another famous kannada proverb – ‘husband-wife quarrel lasts only till eating-sleeping’. They sound as if this wife beating thing is a common affair and we need not be surprised about it. The goondas who are part of this kannda producers association should be stripped apart by the media.
    There is lot of money at stake to get Darshan out and kicking. This whole eposide reeks of male chaunistic fuedalism at its worst. The best that can be done is for all right thinking people to stop watching the movies of challenged star Darshan. I hope media uses this opportunity creates social awareness on civil rights and womens rights. Darshan and his supporters should be ostracized from our soceity.

  19. austere Says:

    Poor woman.
    Allow me to pull up this post every time something nasty is poked at Gujarat.
    Can she move to Ahmedabad or Mumbai?

  20. RepudiatedBrilliance Says:

    @Not a Witty Nick Pancharangi was a quality movie??????

  21. ashok pai Says:

    unbelievable! I always thought darshan was a decent actor and that he was far from a gangster roles that he played. but it seems like darshan is a worse than a gangster, and a coward – beating his own helpless wife is abominable. for all that bravado displayed in his movies , he can never erase this episode, no matter how many hospitals he jumps to. the people now know the truth, there’s nothing his protectors nor his fans who blindly support him – can do about it!

  22. P Says:

    Let me know first say that I am not fan of Darshan or supporting him (I am not from Karnataka)

    But why should we believe in what his wife says without hearing Darshan’s views ?

    In my opinion, Darshan’s wife should be allowed to continue the case in the court and let the Judiciary decide who did the mistake.

    Looks like people who don’t like Darshan took as an opportunity to bring down his image.

    Also, I agree that ban on Nikitha is not correct thing to do.

  23. vasant shetty Says:

    I condemn any human right violation in the form of domestic violence against women and law should take it’s course to punish the guilty. What puzzles me is the way some people in English media are out to defame the whole of Kannada cinema industry. Several radio jockeys, journalists who hardly watch any Kannada cinema are giving full length lectures on how bad and ugly is KFI.. Darshan tappu maadiddakke Darshan ge shikshe aagali.. adu bittu whole of KFI anne defame maado hunnara yaake? Shame on them..

  24. ella okay gaanchali yaake Says:

    If Nikita were to be banned for 3 years for adultery by film producers, then Darshan should have to be banned for entire life for not only adultery but wife-beating as well.

  25. Madhusudhan B S Says:

    More disgraceful of this episode is that one of the kannada cine actor ambarish’s statement supporting this animal called Darshan , he said that husband beating wife and son beating mother is common and these are family matters! I think he (Ambarish) must behaved so , what happened to the culture of Kannadigas and the most humble and cultured actor like Annavru’s film industry ?, We, most of the people disappointed and felt ashame by this darned statement and the way this petty actor got support from Industry . I would like to ask this is also the culture of Congress ,Mandya and Okkaligas that Ambarish represents?

  26. sisya Says:

    @alok : “then the quicker this industry dies, the better for kannada and kannadigas.”

    — and leave thousands of workers and their families without a livelihood? simply because you are too “cosmo” to appreciate their work? because your sophistication can only stand the philandering, debauched ways of the saamaan khans and shakti kapoors and kamal hassans and NTRs and MGRs? or that of the murdering balakrishnas and navjot sidhus (you surely stopped watching cricket after the match fixing spectacle if not after the sidhu incident, didn’t you?)

    when was the last time a mainstream film industry, hollywood included, created something as sophisticated as Mata? which, of course, churumuri will very conveniently turn a blind eye to. god forbid they get caught giving the kannada industry credit where it is due. shame on you people and your attitude.

    all things considered, kannada film industry is today as good or as bad as any other industry and is arguably head and shoulders above the soft-porn (and juvenile at that) peddled by the industry that goes by “Bollywood”.

    say what, the quicker YOU die, the better it is for kannada, kannadigas and all of humanity for that matter. we can certainly do without your pretentious ass spouting nonsense at every opportunity. you can pleasure yourself/go to hell watching your saamaan khan strut his saamaan for you and your family to relish. i am content with my upendras, suris, bhats and guruprasads.

  27. Nastika Says:

    Some points:

    1) Film industry runs like a joint family. Assume that any member at fault will be supported till the end.
    Ambarish, Srinivas Murthy et all may or may not believe in what they are saying. It could be that they have *never* beaten their wives.

    2) Darshan is not Vokkaliga. He is Balija, a caste close to Naidu.
    So no use pointing fingers at caste. For every Deve Gowda, there is a Yeddyurappa and a Janardhana Reddy.

    3) This isn’t limited to Sandalwood. How many criminal case does Sanjay Dutt (1993 Bombay blast accused) and Salman Khan (poaching in reserved forest, etc) have and are they behind bars?
    So who wants Bollywood to shut down?


  28. Nimi Says:

    Disgusting. Making the wife withdraw her complaint. Banning Nikita instead of Darshan. And worse…making statements which go like…”it happens in every house”. YUCK!

  29. mgh Says:

    Hey friends well said thnx……
    Swood must dies and will die soon please come up mutts says/do something for the support of women in the state and uphold basavism………….
    Irequest again

  30. Anamika Says:

    What is alarming is the huge support for a wife beater. What message is this going to send to the society? All these actors have openly said “these things keep happening…idellA sAmAnya ellara maneyalli”, giving an open stamp of approval for Darshan’s acts. It conveys that it’s perfectly alright to abuse your wife. She should not protest. If she did beat her up. And that “everyone does”. And there is no remedy for the victim.! If they wanted the wife to drop the charges, which she should not do, is one thing. BUT MAKING HER GO BACK TO DARSHAN AND LIVE WITH HIM !!! Totally irresponsible on the part of the “leaders”;. He will resent her so much; he will be very bitter towards her. This is putting her in danger. He was “under the influence” (substance abuse). Can he control himself? And the mental torture she maybe subjected to if not physical violence ! All these leaders should understand where they are leading her and the society!

  31. PRAMOD GOWDA Says:


  32. Nastika Says:

    @Anamika, no wonder the film industry comes up with innovative solutions like
    1) Marrying rape victim to her rapist (as social justice)
    2) Husband must perform on 1st night, else he will be hen-pecked
    3) Husband must slap his wife to keep her in control.

    They practice what they preach :)


  33. R Says:

    Sandlwood and its heroes are in the verge of extinct. There was a time when veteran directors of tamil industry used to closely watch Kannada movies by Puttanna Kanagal and Rajkumar. Many tamil movies were unethically copied during 60′-80’s in tamil. Just to quote few examples, Kasturi Nivasa, bili hendathi, manasa sarovara(Moondrampirai of Kamal) and many more. I still remember, versatile actor Sivaji Ganesan openly told in Madras that he couldnt able to act upto the mark of Rajkumar in Avandan Manidan(Kasturi Nivasa) which was his 100th movie. Sandlwood lost its precious gems like Raj, Visnu, Sankar Nag, Puttanna.

    Now the kannada industry is filled with Loose madhas, jogayya and goggayya’s with longu macchu in their hands. From the beginning of 1990’s i think sandlwood was dominated by mandiya hodi-badi culture people who totally ruined the kannada film industry by giving all crap movies. Darshan is also from the same school of hodi-badi, who continued in his personal life also.

  34. Alok Prasanna Kumar (@alokpi) Says:


    I see you are a cultured connoisseur of fine Kannada cinema of the Darshan-starring variety.

    Your absolute thickness and impenetrability to irony made my point far better than my singular comment ever could have.

    Many thanks.

  35. arunmalligere Says:


    Very well said…why bring caste to a domestic a violence issue? Also, what Darshan did does not mean that there is an erosion of Kannada culture!!!….Yes he has set a bad example…the fans have behaved stupidly…that doesn’t say anything about the kannadigas…there are black sheeps everywhere!!!

  36. Dipsy Says:

    Im a kannadiga but not a fan of anybody..
    why should we believe in what his wife says without hearing Darshan’s views ? Wldnt any man get angry to know that his beloved son is left in baby sitting and wifey is happily enjoying in her friend’s house? Does anyone know wat kind of a person she is? Plz look @ both sides of the coin before commenting on any person.

    Ultimately, its their family mattr & letz not decide their life.

    Looks like people who don’t like Darshan took as an opportunity to bring down his image.

    Also, I agree that ban on Nikitha is not correct thing to do. Neither Darshan nor Nikitha shld b banned.

  37. Faldo Says:

    What Darshan did may be reprehensible, but the involvement of all and sundry in this affair has complicated the issue. It is one thing for friends of the actor’s family to try to settle the issue. For the film producers’ body to ban the ‘other’ woman is neither warranted nor justified. As concerned citizens we can show our sympathies to the wife and express condemnation of the actor. Beyond that it is best to allow the legal process to continue.

  38. Anamika Says:

    @Dipsy. Only God should save our society if there are people who say “Wldnt any man get angry to know that his beloved son is left in baby sitting and wifey is happily enjoying in her friend’s house? ” and so it’s ok to beat up their wife ! You would not think so if your daughter or sister or mother was in Vijayalakshmi’s place.

  39. Nanu Nane Says:

    The producers are trying to save their investments. There should be a lot of money running on Darshan (at least 20-30 crores). So the lame attempt at reconciliation. That is the best these moronic rowdy (Eg: Prem, Sa Ra Govindu) type elements who form bulk of the Kannada producers can think of. Some of the others like the Rajkumar family, Suri, Guruprasad, Yograj Bhat have not interfered and done the mature thing. Jaimala has even gone public supporting Vijayalakshmi. So blaming the entire Kannada film industry is bad. Granted most of the movies are bad. But there are some good movies made. Suri, Guruprasad etc have churned out some good movies.

  40. Nastika Says:

    > Wldnt any man get angry to know that his beloved son is left in baby
    > sitting and wifey is happily enjoying in her friend’s house? Does
    > anyone know wat kind of a person she is?

    1) Why the baby was in baby-siiting?
    For education.
    Note that its not baby sitting – its pre-school at Eurokids (www.eurokidsindia.com)

    2) Why was the mother at her friends house?
    Waiting for the pre-school to get over.

    3) Why did the dad pick up the kid?
    Darshan & Vijayalkashmi were living separately for over a month. One fine day Darshan realizes that he is free and needs see his kid. Hence picked him up from pre-school.

    Please educate your self about finer details of this case.

    This isn’t the 1st time the lady was battered.

    Last public known instance was when she had approached Shivaraj Kumar. She was in such bad state that the watchman shooed her away. But Shivaraj Kumar’s daughter recognized her and let her into the home. Vijayalakshmi stayed in Shivaraj Kumar’s house for couple of days before Darshan came, applogised and took her back. This is in her complaint.

    This proves Darshan is habitual offender. With his Godfathers to bail him out, he is a recipe for disaster for his wife & kid. This of course unless he redeems himself. Going by the current *moral* support he has, its highly unlikely he will redeem himself.


  41. Ashok Says:

    Its not right to generalize the blame. Movie making is an art and yes there have been good ones too. karnataka as society is surely doing a great job accommodating people from nooks and corner of the world.

  42. Veera Says:

    We cannot expect anything better from Darshan class fans.

    The other members of the Kannada movie fraternity with holier than thou attitude are only doing what they think is logical. The logic must have developed like this:

    Darshan, being the challenged star he is, will not stop his philandering ways. Any action taken on him is fruitless. Moreover, what happens to him and his family if he is banned?

    Vijaylakshmi, being the innocent lady she is, deserves to live with her Pati Parameshwara forever (happily or not)

    Villain in the entire episode is Nikhita. She is to be blamed for everything. Her biggest crime is that she is not a Kannadiga. And oh, being the kind of crooked lady she is, will easily get roles in Tamil or Telugu movies if we ban her. After all you know, these kongas and other movie stars have no ethics and will stoop down to any low. She has a bright future there.

  43. Kashinath Says:

    Nikitha is infact cute and hot… Just see the article snap :) I bet no man of high testosterone would have ignored her and so as our Darshan. But Darshan would have given divorce to her wife first and then happily marry this hotty. Instead he showed the mandya-mysore type of handling women.

  44. shilpa Says:

    the film industry should excuse darshan this time and warn him that he should not do such cruel things in future. in this scene nikhitha is not only the reason for their fight or whatever. darshan involvement is also there. as we know that we cant clap with one hand…….the decision against nikhitha is baseless…..before taking a decision the people who are in the association should give the importance on true facts, not on the rumours. there is noone 100% pure or loyal in the film industry or real life. in a life time everyone whould va done mistakes…..even god also ve done mistakes. last thing i wanna tell is even the sin person who is going to end life will have excuse………god bless everyone……

  45. Balaji Says:

    well, i’m a non-kannadiga who watched a kannada movie in a theater for the first time last weekend (Lifu Ishtene) … and thoroughly enjoyed it. i take it that i shd avoid Darshan’s movies. thanks.

  46. Not A Witty Nick Says:


    Hu. Not, if you are habituated to hODi maga-baDi maga-machchu-longu-aNNa-thangi-gOLu cinemas.

  47. gurudutt_tr@yahoo.com Says:

    This actor should never be granted with a bail,while in the police custody itself his similar crooked minded actors made a beeline to vijayalakshmi and pressurised to withdraw complaint,if this notorious fellow were to be granted bail we don’t know what all he does,all that is needed in this hour is a life ban on this actor from film idustry.My sympathies are with Vijayalakshmi.

  48. rajan Says:

    there was gandhi who hit his wife and later lamented. emotions should not lead to brutiality. the cine directors have no hearts all that they want is their money invested in film making. let vijaylakshmi die darshan should finish his calsheets and make money for the directors.
    in a tinsel world even the tears are fake then where is a heart?
    i have seen hundred of foreign films whether it is iranian russian canadian turkey austrailian,- and by comparison no where do the films here qualify to be called a film-documentary or commerical=and where do the directors stand?In india film industry is a business and there is no place for sentiments,emotions or in the least sympathy.
    My heros are the pentocoste christian friends tht i have. they are loyal to the religion and never seen any films! that way they avoid vijalakshmi-s in the country. even it is alleged that shoba actress was killed by her director-husband.. At least vijayalakshmi is alive,

  49. Doddi Buddi Says:

    I support Sisya 99%; I don’t want Alok to meet his maker before his time:)

    A Darshan does not make Kannada film industry. QED.

    Fans like different heroes/heroines and so it should be. What Darshan did was brutal and inexcusable. I am sure he will be behind bars for some time if the course of justice is not perverted. I am surprised that his wife Vijaylaxmi persists in being his wife! She should file for divorce and save herself rather than being killed by the philandering and murderous Darshan. Nikita too should pursue other options as she must now fear one day in future it will be her turn to be bashed up by Darshan.

    All in all, Darshan is a good star as he connects with the Kannada fans–yes hodi-maga kadi-maga types and others. He can be genuinely funny and he commands a certain raw energy in his roles. Watch ‘Datta’ where he and Komal are a duping duo and they are funny. Kalasipalya is our urban-gangster movie where the protagonist is made into a toughie due to circumstances. Also watch him in ‘Mandya’ – he is quite good.

    IMHO the real test of Kannada-ness is being able to appreciate Raj Kumar, Ravichandran, Darshan, Vishnu, Diganth, loose Maada Yogish and so on…

  50. Ananth Says:

    I totally support alok. Most of the kannada movies are concentrated on kadi-badi subjects and which will attract only people who wants to start their career in the field of rowdyism. Just compare the resent new movies which were released almost on the same time, Jogayya and Lifeu ishtene. The crap movie jogayya with rowdy subject got a huge opening whereas the fresh subject Lifeu ishtene got a dull opening, it reflects the taste of audience and also the hot movie subjects of sandlwood. Two main curse for kannada industry are Rowdy element movies and unofficial head office domination. God save our kannada industry :(

  51. sunil Says:

    Intersting…..all the people who have roots in Andhra, or u can say telugu speaking; but live in karnataka are behind bars….The list is like Janardhan reddy, Katta subramanya and now Darshan….

    I guess these andhra people are more daring.

  52. ravi keerthi Says:

    Because he belongs to telugu speaking balija he shall be banned from that community

  53. karthik Says:

    Its the ‘actors’ of the caliber of Darshan, Duniya Vijay etc who are taking KFI to different low…..The fan following they have mostly may comprise rowdy sheeters or mentally challenged people who like the movies without any sensitivity in them..

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