CHURUMURI POLL: Should Darshan be banned?

The principles of natural justice in l’affaire Darshan Tugudeep have been turned on their head by the 42-member Karnataka film producers’ association which has unilaterally and unanimously “banned” the actress Nikita Thukral for allegedly having an affair with the “Challenged Star”, thus ruining the domestic bliss in his family, forcing him to get physical with his wife, Vijayalakshmi, and “distracting” him from his ventures.

On what basis the producers’ association came to this conclusion is unclear. Even in Vijayalakshmi’s five-page complaint documenting Darshan’s brutality (since withdrawn), there is only a passing mention of Nikita. Moreover, no opportunity seems to have been given to the multi-lingual actress to defend herself, before ostracising her from the Kannada film industry and thus depriving her of her right to livelihood.

However, the male-dominated Kannada film industry—the actors, the producers, the directors etc—is ducking the real issue, which is Darshan.

Here is a star who, through his actions, has brought disrepute to himself and the Kannada film industry. Here is a star who through his documented brutality on his wife has shown his criminal and violent side. Here is a star who has not hesitated to threaten his infant-son, instigate his fans, feign illness, and duck the long arm of the law.

So, here is a question the mainstream media cannot ask for obvious reasons: should Qaidi No. 9000 alias Darshan be banned from the Kannada film industry for the same three-year period that Nikita Thukral finds herself in the doghouse for his “domestic violence”? And if the film industry cannot muster the courage or the decency to do so, should the media announce a boycott of the star?

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46 Responses to “CHURUMURI POLL: Should Darshan be banned?”

  1. harkol Says:

    Actually, audience should announce a boycott of movies by the Producer Cartel that make up this association. In any case most of these movies are not worth the ticket paper they print.

  2. Objectivist Mantra Says:

    Who gives a damn about darshan! So a husband and a wife have a little quarrel, what’s the big deal. It happens all the time.

    It is strictly family business, today they are fighting, tomorrow they might come together again.

    I remember an excellent Michel Douglas movie – War of the Roses.

  3. Shan Muttu (@itspsshan) Says:

    Priya odugare….

    enidu ha….”ettige jwara bandre emmege bare” hakoda??

    ella tappu madiddu Darshan, adre shikse matra Nikitha ge….Idu sarina….?? nanu kannadigane, namgu Kannadada mele apara priti ide haganta tappu padidavaranna bittu, bere yargo shikse kododu, estara mattige nyaya??

    Producers ella yar hitakkagi e decision togondiddira?
    Nimgella Duddu ide matra buddine illa…….

    Idu nimmagala Ghanatege takkadada Decision alla Nirmapaka bandugale….

  4. Kannadiga09 Says:

    If Darshan’s behaviour was disgusting, what the Kannada Film Producers’ association have done equally revolting and embarrassing. Whatever Nikita did or did not do, it is just crazy to ban her from the Kannada film industry. Stringent penal action should be taken up against Darshan even if his poor wife is coerced/compelled into withdrawing her complaint.

  5. Not Me Says:

    Before accusing the industry of lacking the courage to take required action, let’s first see if the media has what it takes to do the right thing.

  6. Vijay Says:

    Useless people sitting at association. Bunch of jokers. Muniratna is one of those big idiots. I wish stars like Uppi should not do in the movies where Muniratna is the producer. Aaga inta avarige buddi baratte

  7. Nastika Says:

    @Objectivist Mantra

    It could be a family matter. For now, lets leave aside what the lady says (like threatening with gun, et al). But, what do we have for physical evidence?

    A lady with,
    1) Torn ear with 4 stitches (ear ring was pulled)
    2) Biting injuries
    3) Cigarette butt burns marks on her body
    4) Injuries to hand
    5) Body was swollen when bought to hospital, hence admitted to ICU.
    Her perpetrator is charged with Indian penal Code section 307 – causing grievous injury by assault.

    What still you want to say it happens all the time? May I ask where?


  8. Dipsy Says:

    Its completely a family matter…lets not interfere..To what extent is the whole issue true…does anyone have evidences??Before commenting on Darshan’s behavior…lets look at both sides of the coin. Men r nt always wrong & women r nt always right….Neither Nikitha nor Darshan shld b banned.

  9. Nastika Says:

    Just a share an information:

    The current president of KFPA, Munirathna Naidu is the same contractor who build the Bellary road wall.
    The wall collapsed and killed Sanjana Singh, a 17 year old student.

    Its almost an year Lokayukta held Yeshwanthpur corporator Munirathna Naidu, four engineers of the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) and a construction company responsible for the wall collapse. Needless to say, nothing has happened since.


  10. Anamika Says:

    @objectivist Mantra,@Dipsy and Ambarish et al who say “a little quarrel, family matter,it’s common”…answer this qustion “what if your daughter is in the same place as Darshan’s wife?”…or your sister (if you are not married yet)…Why punish Nikhita alone when the man not only cheated but tried to kill his wife?

  11. MM Chishty Says:

    Those seeking shelter under the figleaf of “family matter” are those who can be reasonably suspected to be having sympathies towards paedophiles.

  12. Pagan Says:


    >>Why punish Nikhita alone

    The correct questions here are “Why punish Nikita”, “Who the fcuk are these ‘producers’ to ban an actress?” If according to Ambarish, this is a family matter, then affair between Nikitha and Darshan is personal matter and hence the question to be raised is what right does an association of producers have to ban an actress based on what she does in her personal life?

    Are these producers trying to set high standards here? Who are they kidding? There is a movie called “Mandya” with Darshan as hero. Basically a remake of Telugu movie Samba starring NTR. Instead of re-shooting the climax scenes, remakers of Mandya simply “copy-pasted” the scenes from Samba. So much for high standards.

  13. Complusive Blogger Says:

    Coming from somebody who has experienced the impact that domestic violence can have on the women and kids involved (somebody i know beat this women and was in jail for few days), I would say that he should be languishing in jail without bail. Unless this person is made to realize the consequences for beating somebody, let alone a women, he is going to continue to do so in the near future.

  14. Nanu Nane Says:

    Darshan ge avana kacche bhadra ittikonnoke agilla andre avaladenu tappu? If wife complains about adultery she should just be tried according to law.

  15. Vishal Says:

    I think it is more important that law takes its course and Darshan is not allowed to escape because of his status. The Kannada film industry is moronic in banning only Nikita. This seems like a talibani-shariat law where women are punished for getting raped.

  16. Objectivist Mantra Says:

    Hey, some of the responses to my comment are what i consider to be completely unfair.

    I am only saying that the fights between husband and wife cannot be judged from the prism of the same laws through which we judge the fights between complete strangers. There are wheels inside wheels, in all family related issues.

    I think this couple needs psychiatric help. And some marriage counselling.

    Getting physically abusive might be a way of expressing love for some couples.

    Please watch this movie called – War of the Roses. It stars : Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner and Danny DeVito. It is a great comedy whose theme is a dangerous battle between a husband and wife.

    Here is a link: Stars:

  17. sanday Says:

    This is disgusting. Kannada movie industry will never recover. Karnataka seems like the most corrupt of all south indian states. How are these guys different from arabs?

  18. Sandeep Says:

    Darshanu mathu producers’ association da decisiongalu … absolute sign of uneducated and disgusting act. Thuuu !!

    What is women’s association in Karanataka doing? They should sue the producers’ association. Such atrocities against woman in 21st century is totally unacceptable

  19. Neha Says:

    Absolutely, he should be banned. Why blame the female actor for causing “disharmony” in his married life? The industry is unbelievably sexist!

  20. Nastika Says:

    @Objectivist Mantra,

    There are 1000s of movies made on marriages & relationship between husband & wife.

    1) Are you suggesting ‘War of the Roses’ depicts what happened between Darshan & Vijayalaksgmi?

    2) After watching ‘War of the Roses’ should all charges on Darshan be dropped?

    3) Are you suggesting sadomasochism (sadism and masochism combined in one person) as a success factor in certain marriages (eg Darshan & Vijayalakshmi)?

    (btw, Sadism means – Sexual pleasure obtained by inflicting harm (physical or psychological) on others)

    Legal appeal is the last support anybody will opt for. Moral, ethics, values stand above legal. Its a pity that the victim is denied even the minimalist support in this case.


  21. RS Gowda Says:

    Duddidre saaku, ee chitranna nan maklu producer agthare! As far as I know, yava gandasu hengisina mele kai madalla (henthi, magalu, akka, thangi, amma). Yaradru aagli! Only namard nanmaklu adakke support madodu

  22. K.Balasubrahmanyan Says:

    is this worth distressing ? Churmuri should avoid trivial pursuits. bala

  23. chennaiveeran Says:

    @ Mantra: I cannot understand your objective ;-(

  24. Curry Hurry Says:

    Domestic Violence leads to some other actress being banned? WTF! The women involved should sue the producer’s association.
    One for forcing her to change the statement. The other for defamation.

  25. Objectivist Mantra Says:

    @Nastika, actually I didn’t mean anything that you have said. your website is about rationalism but I am sorry to say that you have derived all the irrational conclusions.

    All I am saying that lets give this guy the benefit of doubt till the investigation in this matter is complete. This is a family matter so the investigation authorities will have to keep that angle is mind. What was the provocation, etc.

    It is frightening to see how judgmental most seemingly modern individuals have become these days. The moment they hear of a crime, they want instant justice. In case a man is involved, he gets promptly labelled as a potential murderer, etc.

    I have read the comments on all two of the posts that Churmuri has posted and views of most of the commentators seem showcase the degree of intolerance that they harbor in their mind.

    We need to relax, take a deep breath and step back from the precipice. Ok, this guy is a hot film actor, so he seems to be everybody’s business, but he also has a family. Lets give them some privacy in which they can sort out their domestic mess.


    @chennaiveeran, my objective is to see a more rational, liberal, prosperous and objective India. I don’t like to see people being publicly humiliated on basis of allegations. Let there be an investigation. Let the lady in question file the charges. etc.

  26. Manas Says:

    I have seen Darshan saying in most of his interviews that “Nam appa heltidru thatte mundhe n hudugira mundhe jaasti koorbeda antha” He couldn’t follow just 1 thing his dad taught him…Hopeless fellow..Im not watching any more movies from Darshan..

  27. Objectivist Mantra Says:

    @Nastika, i just noticed this bizarre line in your second comment:
    “Are you suggesting sadomasochism (sadism and masochism combined in one person) as a success factor in certain marriages (eg Darshan & Vijayalakshmi)?”
    What imagination!!!! I am sorry I didn’t notice this bizarre line earlier because i read very fast. I keep coming and going at Churmuri to see what public is thinking and so at times I miss some real “gems” like the one in your comment.

    I didn’t mean S&M at all when I wrote my last comment. Lets imagine you have a pet cat or dog in your house. You love your pet a lot. But if the pet soils your living room, you might kick it. The kick is unintentional, but the pet can be hurt.

    Or a better example could be of a parent spanking his kid because the kid does not study or misbehaves. This does not mean the parent does not love the kid. Of course, he does.

    The problem with us is that after living in “seemingly” squeaky-clean society we have become cut off from the vagaries of real life. Quarrels happen. At times people can get hurt. But that does not mean the couple should get separated or create a huge drama in public.

    Most of such matters can be sorted out in home. When I wrote that violence could be way of expressing love for some couples, I meant it in the way of the minor violence (spanking or scolding) that happens between parents and kids, between pets and their owners. That’s all.

    I hope I have made myself clear now.

  28. chinni Says:

    for all disgustingly blinded idiotic fans of darshan ,
    as we saw on TV his mad ridiculous fans performing pooja and hunger-strike to free him with out realising how cruel he was to his wife and child,,
    god has given everything to live happily for him ,its a shame on these responsible youths to go out in streets and create havoc ,better go and work hard and take care of ur own family and do justice in ur own family firstly,
    if this would be their own family case neither so called the star darshan won’t come for ur rescue or do anything for common man, its all silly to treat stars like no other person ,they are just doing their work,who earn crores out of every movie and live life kingsizely, and even for those purely money making producers ,
    every person should support the victim to be punished for this kind of cruel act and not to do pooja to save him , doesn’t mind who they are.

  29. sanjana Says:

    I really feel pity whenever i see Darshan’s wife Look at her eyes what sort of tortured she had tolerated I request her not to give up dont get compromised we should not leave such kind of person He must and should get punished what he deserves. I appeal to all women to come forward and support her

  30. Poornima Says:

    @Objectivist Mantra

    Not really sure what exactly you are trying to get at. Nastika has already posted his/her part on why this is just not some “minor scolding”. The lady had several injury marks on her. In one of the pics I saw of her, her hand was in a cast. Also, there have been police reports of earlier instances where she was physically hurt by him but refused to complain. Tell me, what is the likelihood of a person actually falling and sustaining these kind of injuries and then going to the police station to lodge a false complaint against her husband due to some “minor fights” they had. And while you are talking about stories of fiction, have you read a book called 44 Charles Street by Danielle Steel? Not a fan of it but in the book, a lady of domestic violence repeatedly justifies her boyfriend’s violent behavior to herself and refrains from complaining until she is finally murdered by him brutally. Search the net and you will find many true incidents similar to this. Nobody (atleast not me) wants to judge someone without reason. But when all evidence is pointing one way, why do you want to close your eyes and say “oh, it’s just a family matter”. What if something untoward happens tomorrow? People are just going to say “come on, it was staring everyone in the face and yet noone did anything about it”. People just want to do something while there is still time. Please do not pass comments on things which you do not have experience of. I have seen two cases of domestic violence personally and neither of them ended well.

    @Objectivist Mantra

    And while we are at it, let me tell you that hurting someone “unintentionally” or “because you love them” does not make it any better. You may spank your child lightly because he does not study or misbehaves but if you break his arm, then it is most definitely a crime, irrespective of whether you intended to do so or not. Come to it, half of the murderers do not “mean” to kill their victims anyway. And in any case, this was not the first observed instance of domestic violence by the guy here….

  31. Chirag Says:

    There is no need to discuss about this people like Darshan should be punished and If any one supports him should also be punished

  32. ramesh Says:

    darshan and most of the kannada actors are cheap, uneducated people. no wonder even kannadigas like me dont watch kannada movies.

  33. Nanu Nane Says:

    According to information from the FIR given in TOI there was an other woman in BTM Layout who was also “distracting” our kacche haruka Darshan. Guess the producers will soon ask everyone woman to come in burkha so that they stop distracting the “mentally challenged” star.

  34. chinni Says:

    16-year-old fan tries to kill herself


    A16-year-old physically challenged girl,who was an ardent Darshan fan,attempted suicide by consuming sleeping pills at her residence in Basaveshwaranagar police limits.Victim Devika alias Devi,resident of J C Nagar in Kurubarahalli,was shifted to KIMS hospital on Wednesday morning after she was found lying unconscious inside her room,police said.Devika,who had discontinued her studies last year,consumed the sleeping pills late on Tuesday night,police said.Devika is a hardcore fan of Darshan.She was adamant on seeing Darshan who is in the Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Chest Diseases, they said.She has not eaten anything in the past few days.She consumed the sleeping pills which was prescribed to her mother, police adde

    comments please on this kind of useless acts by darshan fans,

  35. twistleton Says:


    I know that your objective is always to bring in the opposing view-point, probably with the best intention of taking the debate forward, and making it, well, objective. :)

    However, in this thread, your arguments only seem to give more ammunition to people who disagree with you, so i suspect your heart is really not in it.

    Opposing for the sake of opposing is fine, polemics have their place in the world of debate; but what will you do if people happen to agree with you, will you oppose your own opposition? :D

    Maybe you should change your name to Obstructionist Mantra.


    Darshan may or may not have abused his wife (if the body of evidence does not convince you, or if you believe she had a “nasty fall”), but is his affair with Nikita also not true? If not, then why did Nikita get banned? Why did the industry go on the defensive?

    The moment the industry did the stupid thing of banning Nikita, they confirmed Darshan’s guilt. Or was Darshan an innocent lamb who got lured by the wily Nikita? He had the affair but he didn’t really mean it… right? Wouldn’t that argument be more emotional than “objective”?

  36. Nastika Says:

    So the ban on Nikita is lifted. I guess the only reason for this change is the intervention of Parvathamma Rajkumar.


  37. dipsy Says:

    To all supporters of vijayalakshmi), y cant she take a divorce frm him and return the 20 cr property that he has registered in her name??? She can then lead a peaceful life without the villian in her life. Y shld she listen to anyone frm the film industry…say Ambareesh or big producers. She shld take her own decision bcos police , law, women organisations r thr to support her. She cant always crib by saying that somebody forced me to lead this knid of life!!!

  38. Nastika Says:

    The property earned by either of the married couple, during the time they were married, belongs to both husband & wife.

    I don’t understand why she should return the property on which she has both legal & moral rights.

    You must *ponder* over why she said she fell down in the bathroom & hurt herself. That answers all your questions.


  39. T.R.Gurudutt. Says:

    The next drama from Darshan is he wear a rudraksh mala and goes for a pilgrimage tour,returns back saying he is a very refined man,and those ardent supporters will again back him like never before,this is Duniya.

  40. dipsy Says:

    That question has to b answered by vijayalakshmi herself. If she doesnt want that bad guy in her life, she shld hv stuck 2 her complaint and taken a divorce. And abt the property, i understand ur point that she has right on thta property but nt on everything….he has jus one house in his name & with grt trust he had registered everything else in her name. let she ask 4 her shr only nt everything. C,mon, he has worked very hard to earn this money and to reach this status. Vijayalakshmi is gaining this kind of support only bcos she is W/O DARSHAN TUGUDEEP!!!

  41. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    Why do VIPs in Karnataka–and elsewhere–when charged with a serious offence go to hospital instead of a jail cell? Now Yediyurappa cannot show up for court to answer a charge because he was visiting a sick relative? What does this say about our legal system?

    Incidentally, does anybody know what has become of our “neethiarasan” Paul Dinakar?

  42. Nastika Says:

    @Objectivist Mantra, @dipsy :

    I am separating 2 mixed up issues in this case:

    1) Darshan has martial discord.

    2) Darshan inflicted grievous injuries (cigarette burns, biting, tearing ear & breaking bones) on a fellow human being (wife in this case).

    For item 1, Darshan & his wife must resolve themselves (and in Indian context, with elders in the family).
    Solution is either,
    – Darshan stops his adulterous adventure & his wife is happy
    – Darshan’s wife puts up his adulterous adventure & Darshan is happy
    – Or they divorce.

    For item 2, its a criminal offence & court has to decide the solution.

    Hope my stand is clear.


  43. Subu Says:

    If a man beats his wife, for whatever reason, he should be put behind bars. “Laaton ke bhoot baaton se nahin mante”
    Secondly the actress should not be allowed to work in industry for at least an year. This will serve as example for other morons in the industry. Thirdly, ban moron producer from making any movie. KRV has to step into this matter and show us some love for the state. KRV has the power and they must act now. All outsiders acting in Kannada movie industry should be taxed double the amount. There should be a law to stop outsiders working in our industry. Why should outsiders be allowed to work in our state. Outsiders include all from other stated be it north or south. Tamils should not consider they are on the safer side. They too are outsider. Kannada land is for us not outsiders. You better understand this.

  44. Vinay Says:


    Why are you mixing the Darshan incident with outsider-Kannadiga stuff? A Kannadiga beats up his Kannadiga wife, where does the “outsider angle” come in here?

    Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayali actresses have been going to Bollywood from years past. Pakistani artists like Veena Malik, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Adnan Sami, etc. flock to Bollywood from Pakistan. Sonu Nigam sings songs in almost all Indian languages including Punjabi, Tamil, and Kannada.

    If you have such a problem with outsiders acting in Kannada movies, start a campaign asking people to boycott films in which they act. If people persist in watching them, it really does mean that people *want* to watch them, isn’t it?

  45. Doddi Buddi Says:


    Dude you need lobotomy! Although you mean well you are suffering from “brain from body” separation! If you look very carefully outsiders have done outstanding work in Kannada-films, literature, engineering and so on. Sort yourself out Son.

  46. justice Says:

    There is so much stupidity by some people in the blog. Blindly supporting some “worthless” actor.
    A abusive husband in any progressive society will easily be charged. Darshan will easily escape with the help of money and power and the poor lady will suffer. Inflicting physical harm on a woman is a shanda

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