An insect from this end, a reptile from that…

Is it a butterfly? Is it a snake? Is it a piece of tamarind? Is it all three?

A spectacular snake-shaped butterfly spotted in Karwar, on Monday.


Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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11 Responses to “An insect from this end, a reptile from that…”

  1. Netra Says:

    Wow… amazing!

  2. Maxim Says:

    That’s cool, however I wonder how it’s snake likeness helps it fend off predators. I don’t really think it’s too good… maybe after another million years of evolution.

  3. Kitapati Says:


  4. Suresh Says:

    A thing of beauty is joy forever…a good relief from greedy homo sapiens…

  5. madan Says:

    from the headline, i thought you guys were talking about wife beater darshan….

  6. White Calf Says:

    It’s a moth. ATLAS MOTH (Attacus atlas). One of the largest lepidoterans (in terms of wing span).

  7. kingkhan99 Says:

    Is it a Moth…Is it a buttterfly…Is it a two headed snake?

  8. Ramakrishnan P R Says:


  9. rss Says:

    nice macro shot…

  10. Nanu Nane Says:


  11. mothnobutterly Says:

    its not a butterfly. its a moth.

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