‘Darshan scandal reveals Kannada bias, bigotry’

Although films and film stars, especially in the languages, have a huge impact over the masses, the mainstream English media treat it with contempt and disdain. The junior-most reporters are assigned to do reviews; interviews with film folk are fluffy and flippant; the film sections are titillatory, voyeuristic, paid-for.

Little wonder, therefore, most Bangalore newspapers have turned up their noses at the execrable shenanigans of Darshan vis-a-vis his wife. None of them have found it fit to editorially comment on or slam the C-grade antics of the “Challenged Star” or the prevailing male chauvinism in Scandalwood.

In an editorial, the Delhi-based Indian Express takes up cudgels on behalf of Nikita Thukral, “the other woman” in the pati, patni aur woh triangle, who has been banned by the Kannda film producers’ association for her alleged fling with “the towering piece of turd” who beat up his wife, stubbed a burning cigarette, tore her dress, bit her ear, threatened their son, and pulled out his revolver and now lies like a coward in hospital feigning asthma and jaudice:

“Who is the film chamber to judge and condemn for adultery? To dismiss an actress (while denying her the right to speak for herself) on these grounds is a singularly unprofessional and sexist act. Of course, the industry’s entrenched hostility to women is legend — it’s a men’s club, where women are represented by the wives of producers and actors.

“Recently, Kannada actress Ramya caused a furore when she took on the producers’ lobby for underpaying her and calling her temperamental and unprofessional. They tried banning her too, but Ramya relied on social media to put up a spirited defence of herself and upend power relations in the movie business. The ban was finally revoked, and Ramya was paid in full.

“Now, the Nikitha Thukral ban has rallied many in the film industry and outside to protest the patent unfairness of the film chamber’s ways. It has revealed the bias and bigotry of the Kannada film world — worse than many others — but more than that, it’s a reminder of the many ways in which equality at the workplace is whittled down, and the easy reflex of punishing a woman for her imagined transgressions, especially if they involve her sexuality.”

An editorial in the Madras-based New Indian Express:

“Such a blatant bias in favour of the male is astonishing except in the most backward of rural areas. But, when it is exhibited in a profession which is almost always in the limelight because of its quotients of glamour and money, it is suggestive of a mindset which has only limited contacts with the modern world.”

Read the Praja Vani editorial: Exhibition of Arrogance

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CHURUMURI POLL: Should Darshan be banned?

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16 Responses to “‘Darshan scandal reveals Kannada bias, bigotry’”

  1. Andy Says:

    TOI, Deccan Chronicle and other dailies in Bangalore have strong stories supporting Nikita and calling Darshan’s bluff. Infact, TOI has two front page stories for last two days on this. The media in general can ofcourse do lot more than what they are doing to report Darshan’s antics and stop the fair image of Kannadigas being screwed by brainless president of producers association decision ban the heroine and not say a word about hero’s shameful acts

    One disturbing antic by media i noticed is that on Big FM for the past 3 days the RJs are speaking in praise of Darshan ( without any reference to the incident ofcourse, as though it dint happen and not important) and playing Darshan hits in the peak hour show. This is perhaps Big FM’s marketing strategy to get numbers and loyalty of Darshan fans.

    Forget the moral question, the silly chat of RJs and the songs that followed were certainly no music – not my to my ears atleast and is really disgusting stand by the radio channel

  2. rss Says:

    such things only bring more bad name and move away some viewers from the already suffering kannada film industry…
    Sanchari is certainly going to be a flop…

  3. Deepak Says:

    Thanks to the thugs who call themselves actors and the bigger thugs who call themselves fans, our state is taking a beating.

    Already our politicians have made us hang our head in shame, now we won’t even we able to show our face anywhere.

  4. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    An unmistakable message to actresses that they don’t matter in a cheap and crass hierachy dominated by black-moneyed buffoons. It is a darned good thing that the courts are about to pounce on the actors who tried to intimidate Darshan’s wife into withdrawing her complaint, which she unfortunately tried to do. And we have among us a star who squeaks in public that it is not unusual in a family for a husband to brutalise his wife or a son to assault his mother.

  5. Ajay Says:

    Thanks for all the time and comments.
    Well the inside story is it was just a hype for his newly to be released film Sangolli Raayanna.
    The hype was timed and made as big as My name is Khan and other cheap hindi movies.

    Now there is a curiosity in everyone to see movie and Kannada films industry will be in news forever.

  6. Ramesh Says:

    Wow, Indian Express writing for an actress, that too a Kannada actress: amazing!

    When Kannada movies do good, when Kannada actors do good-act (literally), when Kannada movies break barriers, when Kannada movies get swarnakamala, when Kannada movies excel in music when Kannada movies have all positives, English papers turn a blind eye, but when something of this sort happens (albeit, I condemn the banning act of Nikitha), English news papers are all in unison and full form.

    “I smell a rat”. Bigotry of English news papers are quite evident here, ain’t it?

  7. ramesh Says:

    kannada movies glorify violence and rowdyism.We kannadigas should stop watching supporting all this crap.

  8. NRI Says:

    Agreed – Going by the quality of movies they produce, nobody would have expected much from these idiots in Sandalwood. How can you expect any reasonable, logical, mature response from an industry that delivers tons of garbage to keep equally idiotic audience who consume it in pleasure year after year? It also explains why his ‘fans’ went on protesting his arrest. A perfect match of IQ level – you can’t complain much. But…here is what dissappointed me – our domestic media (read Kannada TV channels) and their juvenile way of covering the story. Our TV reporters kept showing more idiots from Sandalwood and their idiotic statement on the episode. So….the bigger question is…does this episode reflect our society and average IQ of our people? How can a media interview people like Amabarish, Sa Ra Govindu, Bullet Prakash and other weird characters and not confront them for their insensitive statements? Oh well….
    – NRI

  9. truist Says:

    Atlast the punjabi girl got the ban lifted.
    This is what happens due to globalization.
    Our own people don’t get jobs and people from other places get good jobs even if they involve in maneyodaku jobs.
    A illiterate Darshan obviously did what he can do with the girls who dress and act in movies like sluts. They don’t remain loyal even in their personal lives also and our boys get disturbed due to them.

    There will be a rift between husband and wife for whole life now but winner is still nikitha.

    In Mumbai every girl from Television and Film industry sleeps with someone to live.

    Brahmins who posted these articles one over another are known to increase globalization and are the real culprits though they themselves are worst philanderers in secrecy and self indulgence who never come to books.

  10. A Journalist Says:

    These bastards have spoiled the image of Kannadigas all over India.

  11. Parthiban Says:

    ” It has revealed the bias and bigotry of the Kannada film world — worse than many others — but more than that”

    Says who? Things are a 100 times worse in bollywood, but they do it in a classy sophisticated way, and our crusaders who are out here in full strength, are nowhere to be seen when things go wrong in bollywood.

    They don’t criticise transgressions that happen routinely in bollywood, kollywood and tollywood, but should something wrong happen in the kannada film industry, they vow not to watch a kannada movie for a full year!

    Darshan should be jailed and the ban on Ms. Nikitha Thukral should be lifted immediately.

    The tendency to denounce an entire industry and an entire state over the transgression caused by a single actor is amazing! All cosmopoliton kannadigas!

    And TOI which pretended Sandalwood did not even exist, cannot help splashing front page news everywhere!

    TOI is a North Culture propaganda machine which goes out finding all bad things about kannada culture and predictably an army of rootless idiots are out in full force denouncing everything remotely connected with kannada.

    But it is also a fact that kannada film industry needs serious overhauling and crass cinema needs to be rooted out!

    Movies made in tamil and sister languages like Kannada need to be appreciated when they make a mark, apart from being in the bad news whenever it happens

  12. chidu22 Says:

    Please stop ranting about Kannada culture and its image. Image is not for others to build for you,its your image you better be in charge of it. If you think you are good please come forward and uphold the kannada culture and its image.Kannadigas need to be more enterprising and enter every sphere of life and society and make their glorious
    culture felt,not by chauvinism but by pride.Bengalur is classic example of poor kannada image because we want others to respect us while we sit on our laurels? Otherwise we get to hear only the rubbish in our society as their is dearth of self respecting Kannadigas in every sphere of life.
    The last sentence might evoke criticism from some corners
    but I mean it to get Kannadigas going because I care.

  13. Nija Says:

    Very aptly summarized Parthiban.

    The English media in this country needs an overhaul too. Firstly of course on ethical grounds, and then on similar grounds where they owe their responsibility towards their readers and towards general public welfare.

    Bollywood is mostly Indian English media’s selling counter. Bollywood is predominantly where women are portrayed more naked than any other “*woods” in India. That means more page-3 stuff for these brokers of vulgarity, and this stuff only attracts more people to walk-in naked into their subsequent page-3s – Which explains the repetitive Hindi sloganeering by the back-end teams of these news ‘makers’. Kissa-kursi-ka, Silsila, Pati-patni-aur-woh – these are the punchlines the supposedly English media employs to sell their cheap news items.

    So much held up with Bollywood and its accompanying vulgarity (conveniently renamed as cool & hot based on context!) is this inefficient English media that they hardly ever have spare time on the other *woods, also benefited by portraying Bollywood as the movie-wood of the entire nation. Thereby solemnizing their neglect towards other language movie industries.

    So when there’s some sensation (like the Nikhita ban) happening around Sandalwood, say, this English media doesn’t blink an eyelid before pouring all of its karmas on Sandalwood and trying to suck out any remnant of an intention in people to watch Kannada movies. It does its best to defame Sandalwood in the already rendered semi-liquid minds of Sandalwood cine-goers.

    But the same family doesn’t find value in sensationalizing the equally undemocratic *ban on dubbing* that has been stinking in Karnataka since decades. Not a word of opposition or a paragraph of reporting, nor a column of news, and surely not an essay about the industry features in their dailies.

    Doesn’t it all expose the English media’s lackluster attitude towards the welfare and entertainment needs of its audience in Karnataka? This episode of Nikhita-ban has only brought to light in front of Kannadigas that the English media just doesn’t care a damn for what Kannada movies mean to Kannadigas or what Kannada itself should mean to Kannadigas; all it is bothered about is carving out the cheapest tunnel to traffic Kannada cine-goers away from Sandalwood towards Bollywood – its selling counter – obviously something that will push its bottom-line upward.

  14. vidya Says:

    hmmmmmmm, english media, hindi culture, telugu culture – what nonsense, there has been a steep fall, my countrymen, and no region or language is an exception. So, get off your high horses and try to do your best atleast in your small corner.

  15. chandra Says:

    darshan has apologized. no article on that!! PLease remove this article with heading as absurd as ‘Kannada Bias’ insulting the language.

    what has language which has such a history got to do with these things!

  16. teju Says:

    Darshannikita jodi super . made foe eagh other

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