To: Nikita Thukral. From: Kannada producers

The withdrawal of the “ban” on the actress Nikita Thukral by the Karnataka film producers’ association may appear as if wisdom finally dawned on the moneybags of the Kannada tinsel world after all the scorching criticism that their sexist move attracted across the nation, from the media and from other actors.

Far from it.

Above is the letter from Muniratna Naidu, the producers association president, to the actress who was caught in the civil war in the home of the “Challenged Star”, Darshan. Each sentence drips with sarcasm, showing not the contrition of a group which has seen the light, but one which is convinced of its inherent right to pig-headed arrogance.

Among the other gems in the letter:

“It was our foolishness to impose a ban on such a good girl.”

“We have understood our mistake thanks to several intellectuals.”

“This is a free country, anybody can go anywhere. Who are we to stop them?”

“Henceforth, Nikita can go anywhere, act in any film. We have no objection.”

“The word ‘ban’ has been banned from the Kannada film industry.”

“If there is such a thing as reincarnation, we pray to be born as [Darshan‘s wife] Vijayalakshmi‘s younger sister.”

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27 Responses to “To: Nikita Thukral. From: Kannada producers”

  1. Nagaraj Says:

    Send this guy to school. He doesn’t seem to have been there ever. The number of mistakes in his Kannada letter will tell you that.

  2. Arrow Says:

    Absolute Lunatics!

  3. mothnobutterly Says:

    “If there is such a thing as reincarnation, we pray to be born as [Darshan’s wife] Vijayalakshmi‘s younger sister.”

    –this is utter wrong translation.

    It should have been “If there is such a thing as reincarnation, we pray, THAT VIJAYALAKSHMI BE BORN AS MY YOUNGER SISTER” (meaning the president, and not the whole of the sangha, wants to be vijayalakshmi’s big brother, and not younger sister).

    careless churumuri. read the kannada version carefully.

  4. Amoolya Says:

    the last one is translated incorrectly. It says “if there is such a thing is a next life, then I hope Vijayalakshmi is born as my younger sister” presumably because only then he would be arsed to do something about the wifebeater. not otherwise.

    disgusting bigots.

  5. mounaprasad Says:

    Muniratna needs kannada lessons…urgently…

    It is not Nisheda Eriddu…LOL

    It should have been nisheda heriddu…

    Like Actor Anant Nag said once, this is what happens when people selling onions and potatoes become producers overnight…

  6. Varun Says:

    idu “svatantrya” bhaarata ante.

    Anyway, it doesn’t say they hope to be born as her younger sister, but for her to be born as their younger sister. Not very significant, but was bugging me nonetheless.

  7. NRI Says:

    If this is true, it shows another strong evidence on how our ‘phillimmm industry’ is run by complete idiots and illiterates.

  8. truist Says:

    I think there is some logic behind illiterates. Having watched these heroines closely they are in much better position to judge and their voice of disapproval is based on facts which cannot be produced as evidences. I see uncovered honesty behind their nasty ignorance.

    Objectivist Mantra’s appeal of hearing Darshan’s version should also be considered since kanndathis will be leading ones in India when it comes to war between sexes from aishwarya (rejected salman) and deepika(rejected ranbir) -which is intellectual superiority.

    And also whatever we write on walls of churumuri , the fact is there is a huge cultural gap between us and punjabis.
    When they go out they become Lorry drivers and we doctors and engineers .
    They flock canada and australia while we cannot leave UK and US.

    The fairness and the extreme temperatures provide the north indian heroines fairer skin and hence upper hand over local melanin rich ones. Pooja Gandhi , Nikitha Thukral , Mallika Kapoor, Namitha Kapoor etc have flocked the southern sphere.

    On cultural sphere they don’t mind hugging ,kissing and other displays of affection in public -outside cinema sphere – which is rarely allowed / observed in our girls, though some are pretend unsuccessfully. This is a common observation that in recent days this affection may be a step ahead considering money involved.

    This dilemma/ subtle sense of culture shock should first be addressed before hanging Darshan.
    These Brahmins (or buddhi jeevis as written in letter) in San Fransisco should answer first if they can see their mothers and sisters hugging and kissing, will they allow them? what names do they give them normally and honestly and then write huge articles.

  9. harkol Says:

    Is this Muniratna naidu the same Corporator/crook, who built that defective wall in Hebbal, which killed a teenager Sanjana?

    I won’t be surprised if it is him, for his language is testimony to his uncouth, uncivil mindset.

  10. harkol Says:


    ಅಲ್ಲ ಮಹಾರಾಯರೇ, ನೀವು ಹೇಗೆ ಇಷ್ಟು ಸಾರ್ವತ್ರಿಕವಾಗಿ ಎಲ್ಲರನ್ನೂ ತೆಗಳುತ್ತೀರ?

    For every Nikita Tukral, we have a Deepika Padukone. The migration is two way. Why make such classification? why ‘brahmins’ is a single category?

    And your justification of our ‘mahaan’ directors as to they know the characters of Heroines!! By that token they know the characters of our heroes well too?

    Why do we moralize an issue where the illegality is commited by one, and someone else was being punished?

    ಎತ್ತಿಗೆ ಜ್ವರ, ಕೋಣನಿಗೆ ಬರೆ!! ಆಹಾ ಅದ್ಭುತ.

  11. voyeur Says:

    Please charge this man with “attempt to murder Kannada”

  12. truist Says:

    its true migration is two way but the industries are different .its for mumbai to decide on deepika and aishwarya. let us concentrate on nikita here.

    Now comes the case of Darshan, I am sure he will admit his mistakes once he comes out. He has already done it in police station and in front of Shivarajkumar a year back.
    He has also got a FIR to face.
    Now why he is repeating it – either he needs psychiatric counselling about being a part or he needs divorce. That’s his personal episode. Even there what will a single mother/divorced wife do in her whole lifetime …. We all want couple to be happy -mild psychiatry – that’s what the drunkard Ambarish meant when he said ‘it happens in every household’ ; he is so weak in his dialogues as his films.

    I am not moralising here. I am just observing. I don’t vouch for men , Nayidu or have sexist attitude. I have even called them illiterates.
    What we all vouch for is truth. Naidu should be booked if he is a criminal.

    People believe Vijayalaxmi
    1.when she tells Darshan commits domestic violence
    2.when she tells she is harrassed
    3.when she tells her husband is irresponsible
    agreed ,but why suddenly they turn deaf
    0.when she tells nikitha’s affair was responsible for this.

    why such a soft corner for nikitha??
    just because she is again a woman. Is this not femininely sexist?

    if nikitha was turning deaf to darshan’s offers she would not have come up with such a statement . Being a responsible mother and getting tortured for a year and a half in quiet, whatever she tells should be having a great amount of truth in it. Who are we to filter it out?
    specially when it’s very well known that women use their charms in jobs to get promotions.

    We are not a closed society nor are we akin to these type of happenings. It happened to Sudharani, a different kind to Malashri and so on and they were independent and strong enough to fight and society never interfered in their personal lives.

    Now comes the case of feminism of Brahmins. Come on . Are you kidding? I don’t want to dig up 10,Janpath now, let alone the fit of anger towards men with which Arvind Swaminathan called Darshan a piece of turd.

  13. Nastika Says:

    Muniratna Naidu’s letter displays only reluctance than intent. He is all over the place. Why wait for next birth, he can still be Vijayalashmi’s brother *now* and ensure her safety in this life.

    Nikita is Darshan’s current film heroin. Will Muniratna ban Darshan’s next film heroin also, since she is ‘distraction’ to Darshan?


    Coming to ‘ban’, how about banning ‘Radhika’, since she is distraction to producers’s own kith, Mr HDK?


  14. chidu22 Says:

    Only stand out point in this letter is the crass Kannada of the Kannada Film Producers Association president ,not to mention the moronic content of the letter.
    The use of ‘ eriddhu” instead of “Heriddhu” is again the language of migrants in South Karnataka,unfortunately put up all the years by the learned kannadigas.

  15. Rao Says:

    Now is the right time to remove ban on dubbing to Kannada.
    We can watch some good other language movies in our own language which we can understand.

  16. harkol Says:


    Punishing Nikita is wrong in many ways.

    1. What she does with her life is none of anyone else’s business. You can disagree with her mores, but can’t punish(ban) her.

    2. Disregarding the above and assuming she had done something wrong, it is wrong for a cartel to ban her. Right to profession is a fundamental right in India, you can’t deny that without a due process of law. It is just as absurd as the rules they try to make like restricted release of non-kannada movies.

    3. Disregarding above, and assuming they had a right to ban someone, they can’t do it without giving them a notice and hearing their explanation (Natural Justice).

    4. Assuming they had done all the above, and after hearing her explanation arrived at a decision to ban her, only natural thing to do would be to ban every promiscuous actor, director or producer within the industry. After-all it is a matter of morality and treating all equally.

  17. truist Says:

    Let us take Vijayalaxmi’s sentences again and study meticulously

    1. Darshan is violent person.
    2. Nikita takes advantage of her charms.

    Your views:
    1.Darshan should be punished. That means you are NOT OK with violence which is a man’s greed of using his machismo to feed his EGO.

    2.Nikita should not be punished . That means you are OK with women’s greed using charms/sexual favours for getting promotions in industry and to feed her EGO whatever it is called as false ego alter ego etc.

    This shows you are having a feminist angle as a solution to divert the dilemma of “ban every promiscuous actor, director or producer” . It may be a popular solution but still is feminist and not whole truth.

    Now let us see how Police works:
    Police registered case against Darshan and put him behind bars but even when there was a statement against Nikita by the same victim there was no action against her , even if it would have been a simple hearing by a judge!! This is because even the LAW and wholly our CONSTITUTION is feminist. It can see her half or wholly naked in the name of art and profession but cannot blame her ‘usage of charms’ because that will ruin her life. Funny!!

    But if you were observing ,a year back in the same BTM layout there was a case of Priyanka and Anand who had premarital sex and he deserted her. She rushed into marriage hall on the day of marriage and then stopped it and it was aired live on TV9. That point police were not even registering a FIR and I have no idea where it has reached now.

    This shows that Police acts differently to a ordinary looking female of its own state , but it is fearful of searching a Punjabi female who can speak English fluently , more fair and fleshy and has more sexual charms. Police here are not only feminist but also greedy.

    Being totally objective and out of sexist / patriarchial /matriachial/ mars/ venus angles –

    according to statements of victim the issue is ego/greed of both Darshan and Nikitha which needs to be investigated and this alone can bring justice and more than that peace /nemmadi to victim.

  18. Nastika Says:


    Based on the report submitted to magistrate, till now I thought Darshan is behind bars (actually in Govt hospital bed) for inflicting grievous injuries (cigarette burns, biting, tearing ear & breaking bones) on a fellow human (wife in this case).

    But you bring new information that he is arrested because he is having an affair with Nikita. Please educate me if my understanding is wrong.


  19. twistleton Says:


    My friend, if anger/ego/greed/lust/jealousy/gluttony/being a sloth were culpable, then most people will be guilty of many crimes. :D

    Morals are subjective, assault and battery are not.

  20. truist Says:

    Yes, he was not arrested because of affair , but there was a statement which said
    ‘After knowing about his affair with Nikita, Vijayalakshmi confronted him. ‘ – that means the one reason for the violence is not investigated and that reason is affair of Darshan and Nikitha .

    ‘It takes two hands to clap but one hand to slap’
    since its a clap- an affair , doesn’t it mean to investigate both hands? it may turn out to be false/true charge , but charge itself neglected is similar to not registering the case.

    it was anger instilled by greed which made Darshan to show his son gunpoint. all laws boil down to evident human deeds and all deeds to his/her latent nature.

  21. twistleton Says:


    Absolutely, no crime springs into being of its own accord. But society collectively decides where to draw the line between illegal and incorrect – law in other words.

    Although the reasons behind wrong acts may be universal human nature, the act itself can be divided into degrees of culpability.

    To damn the entire spectrum of “negative” emotions because of a wrong act is frankly, impractical. It dilutes the essence of law. There is no good without bad and all that rot.. :D

  22. truist Says:

    i never said our country’s law are so mature to take human nature into account, yes it is culpability.

    what i said was culpability to having an affair by female is zero and neglected even when victim stated it – which is feminism and so are this country’s laws.

    i think the illiterates may have a degree of truth than all laws governed by a spectrum of “negative” emotions.
    Some vouch for greed and some for truth.
    i am still a truist.

  23. Subu Says:

    This is what happens when people are allowed to work in other states. This sure is a case of outsider vs Kannadiags. We need strict laws to halt all migrations. I want US to implement very strict laws so We indians can’t migrate there. It is absolutely needed. Mumbai needs to implement strict laws in Bollywood too only aryans(marathis and Hindians) should be allowed to work in bollywood. Similarly kollywood shouldn’t allow outsiders. Kolywood is only for us dravidians. We need to stick to this rule. I want my own country called dravida nadu. :) who else is with me. truist i’m with you. We together will make dravida nadu. common dude/old man. whatever!

  24. Vinay Says:


    Your lunatic writings are getting more and more amusing and pitiable day by day. You don’t seem to be another avatar of Murthy, so it looks like churumuri has one more dork to contend with.

  25. truist Says:

    I understand your dilemma but you should look at a bigger picture as I have argued here.
    Any notion in this country however true it may be than feminism will be called Talibani and regressive.
    This has led many like you to be anti national and some turn extremists.
    But I approve your existence because for number of people who turn feminist here in this forum there ought to be people like you to balance.

    The problem is not when people are allowed to work elsewhere. The problem is when people don’t come under law.
    For example in US if Indian commits adultery he/she cannot escape. In the sexual harrassment case of Reka Maxmovitch and Phaneesh Murthy of Infosys, even if his wife(in case he had) had complained , Reka also would have got questioned but here it’s not. Infosys had to pay hefty fine at the end.
    Here Nikita was not even questioned by police. If she was atleast questioned you would not have felt bitter. She runs from Delhi to Mumbai and talks on phone on national channels!

    This probably lowers the dignity of women because they tend to act according to men and laws ,as their commodity and never grow mentally – a state which probably made confucius to say woman has no soul. The feminism will lead to their own atleast stagnation and gradual degradation and that is what we see in the world’s highest film producing nation where still people follow the world’s oldest tradition be it films, sofware companies or cricket.

    If you look at the other picture you can see how Punjabis can be real MEN than Kannadiga or any south Indian men . You must have heard adventures of KPS Gill. You must have heard of rape of Manipuri women. You must have also read about Anjali Gupta – first IAF woman officer.
    So MEN of Punjab are DEFENCE . The constitution doesn’t apply for them. In Bihar it’s a different deal.

    These feminist laws are applicable to only ‘literate’ southern states and Macaulay’s Bengal because men have stopped being MEN in the name of civilization.
    We should be proud we don’t act as in army but we should become gentlemen rather than pimps or feminists. Greed should go and instead of producing 900 films-( most B grades from south ) we should be concentrating on mutual interaction in skills ,trade and a separate constitution for southern states which again is a tricky situation as Brahmins and feminists will never allow that if you go the court way and other way will be Naxalism to face army. You need to decide for truth.

    which Murthy are you talking about?

  26. twistleton Says:


    Clearly, the lines in our minds blur in different ways. More proof that behaviour is subjective. :D

    Let’s agree to disagree.

  27. twistleton Says:

    Newer and newer meanings of feminism are emerging…

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