It isn’t so easy to woo an iPhone4 user, Sister

Nokia is not in very good shape as fitter, sleeker whippersnappers surge ahead in the smartphone market. So, it’s pulling out all stops, like pitting Mandira Bedi versus, ahem, Steve Jobs. Here, the bit actress and two-bit cricket expert interacts with students of Mahaveer Jain College, in Bangalore on Wednesday.

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

CHURUMURI POLL: Mandira Bedi or Mayanti Langer?


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8 Responses to “It isn’t so easy to woo an iPhone4 user, Sister”

  1. Kitapati 2 Says:

    Her child was born on July 19 2011…. Has commodification of mothers become so competitive?

  2. PRS Says:

    Nice rack, lousy phone

  3. Kashinath Says:

    i would prefer mandira rather than iphone. Good snap!

  4. kaadu kudure Says:

    those are not real…

  5. Deepak Says:

    What are you doing if not commodifying women? What was the need of this photo and article, if not to grab eyeballs?

  6. Kashinath Says:

    @ Kaadu kudure,

    She is a mother to a baby. Those are real!

  7. Anonymous guy Says:


    You can close your eyes and go to sleep if you dont like.

  8. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    Real or unreal, they are the only reason for us to look at this post. More photography and pornography wil solve the problems of the world like nothing else.

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