Do we have a right to know Sonia’s condition?

The veteran editor, writer and columnist T.J.S. GEORGE weighs in on the secrecy surrounding the health of the Congress president Sonia Gandhi:

“Speculation and all kinds of gossip flourish around Sonia Gandhi thanks to her own addiction to secrecy. The contrived drama about her surgery in America could not have happened in any other democracy.

“She controls the destiny of every Indian but no Indian has the right to know whether she is in a condition to do so. Citizens are only entitled to dry titbits dished out by Congress spokesmen trained not to speak a word beyond what they are told.

“They have not even told us what her ailment is. How then do we believe what they say?

“How do we know that she is really back in India? How do we know that she is cured when curing is rare in cancer cases? Photographs are strictly no-no, so how can we not believe that she has lost hair through chemotherapy?

“By hiding facts, they feed rumours. This is not privacy. This is secrecy. Evidently Congressmen think that there are things about their ruling dynasty that must remain shrouded in secrecy. That is why they panic at the merest sign of a crack in the wall of secrecy. Unfortunately history shows us that walls crumble some day, somehow.”

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8 Responses to “Do we have a right to know Sonia’s condition?”

  1. Pagan Says:

    Churumuri left out some other interesting points raised by TJS George.

    Logic does put the Congress President in an uncomfortable position. Consider some recent developments. It now stands proved that three successive Sports Ministers had opposed the appointment of Suresh Kalmadi as the Commonwealth Games boss. The Prime Minister overruled all of them and personally cleared Kalmadi’s appointment. Rather uncharacteristic of a play-safe Prime Minister. So what happened? It appears that Manmohan Singh overruled the entire governmental system in order to bow to a recommendation put up by a joint secretary in the Prime Minister’s Office named Pulok Chatterji. And who, pray, is Pulok Chatterji? The IAS officer most closely identified as Sonia Gandhi’s facilitator. Which means that the Kalmadi buck actually stopped at Sonia Gandhi’s desk.

    Here’s another conundrum of our times. Suresh Kalmadi is in jail for taking money. Amar Singh is in jail for giving money. The conundrum is why would Amar Singh who was never a member of the Congress give money to buy votes in Parliament so that the Congress government could survive? Was he a fool to spend his money to let someone else benefit? That lends weight to Ram Jethmalani’s open statement in the Supreme Court that the money displayed in Parliament was paid not by Amar Singh but by Ahmad Patel. And who, pray, is Ahmed Patel? Sonia Gandhi’s political secretary. Where does the buck stop this time?

  2. Objectivist Mantra Says:

    Such secrecy is quite unnecessary and it also shows how political naive Congress party has become. The top leaders of the party have completely forgotten the “art of politics”.

    Any other democratic leader would have boldly announced their sickness and they would tried to elicit public sympathy for it. Sometimes when a top leader falls sick, they can get sympathy votes. There is nothing wrong in falling sick, so why not announce it boldly and try to generate a sympathy wave. They could have tried to start a campaign for better health facilities in India.

    But if ordinary people (so-called aam admis) are completely pushed out of the life of the top leaders, then how can we feel any sense of oneness with them. The Indian voters can’t.

    A real politician is one who can use every event, either good or bad, for gaining more support for himself or herself. Congress party seems totally disinterested in gaining more support.

    They hope to stay in power only through the shenanigans of the back-room boys who manage the corrupt deals and the so-called coalition-dharma.

    Our socialist elite has totally lost the game….

  3. tuluva Says:

    No, we don’t have right to know that.. just in similar way, we don’t have right to know details of assets of Sonia and family, both in India and abroad..

  4. Ramesh Raghuvanshi Says:

    These are all mere speculation but most responsible for these kind of rumor is Sonia Gandhi .She must bring transparency in her all activities even her sickness otherwise these kind rumor will destroy her creditability. She must remember why Indira Gandhi `s`creditability was completely destroy in emergency in1975.She was defeated very badly

  5. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    Katta Naidu says he wants to go to the U. K. for his cancer treament. When asked why he is naming his illness now, he answered that he did not want it to get in the way of his serving the public.

    What elements in Shrimathi Gandhi’s life that the public has a right to know are public? Her education, her income from public sources, for instance?

  6. Doddi Buddi Says:

    OK this is a serious pun and a joke. Work this out if you can all ye Churumurians!

    Once upon a time in Cambridge when a certain Italian young lady appeared on the street the undergrads said in English “Mouth ka Saudagur!”

  7. G S Prasad Says:

    The persons concerned should not feel shy of divulging the much awaited ‘information’, now.

  8. Ramesh Raghuvanshi Says:

    I think she have right to not disclose every thing of her disease to public.Why people interfering anyone `s private life.Why this nonsense curiosity of peeping in other s most private affair.

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