5 lessons Bollywood can learn from ‘Paramathma’

PRASHANT KRISHNAMURTHY writes from Bangalore: As a film goer seriously allergic to the hype that accompanies Bollywood tripe, I approached the latest Kannada release Paramathma with plenty of trepidation.

For, the Puneet Rajkumar-starrer directed by Yograj Bhat seemed to suffer from an overdose of promotion that sends alert antennas up.

For more than a month before the movie’s release last Friday, the director, the “power star”, the music composer (V. Harikrishna) and the actresses (Deepa Sannidhi and Aindrita Ray) were happily plugging away on channel after TV channel, no questions asked.

On the basis of a few visuals made available to them, the news channels dropped all sense of disbelief and pumped up the film as if Bhat had made a modern-day version of Citizen Kane or The Godfather.

There were specials ad nauseam on “The making of Paramathma“. Bhat and Puneet spent one whole half-hour urging a TV film reporter (Ghoshal of TV9) to get married, and then spent another episode pulling Deepa’s legs (on Suvarna News).

Then to top it all, in a Bunty aur Babli moment, Bhat read the 9 pm news to “promote” the film.

It’s the kind of over-promotion that can cause nausea among the faint-hearted. And it’s the kind of over-promotion that will always have a mismatch in the expectation to delivery ratio (especially if you haven’t seen either Yograj Bhat’s or Puneet Rajkumar’s work before, as I hadn’t).

But, guess what, Paramathma turned to be mighty enjoyable and total paisa-vasool. It was the kind of mainstream Kannada film that should make Kannadigas feel proud especially given the kind of reasons Sandalwood has been making news lately.

1) The big reason Paramathma worked for me was that it was clean, which is really saying something these days. The story, the language, the comedy, the sets, the costumes, almost everything bears a stamp of on decency of the vanishing kind, almost bringing a tear to sore Kannada eyes.

2) Paramathma isn’t vulgar like most modern films feel they are entitled to be to get the cash registers ringing. None of those curvy mid-riffs on display. No raunchy item numbers with clothes held up by hope. No two-bit actresses thrusting their pelvis at you. And no crass, double-meaning dialogues in the comedy scenes that the likes of Rangayana Raghu are notorious for.

3) For a movie coming in the era of Singham and Force and Bodyguard, the surprising thing about Paramathma is the manner in which it eschews violence of the sort that south Indian cinema is now synonymous for. No machchu, no laangu. No vehicles rising up in thin air. No thundering dialogues uttered by the glowering star. And no torsos flying around.

4) Arguably, Kannada cinema now churns out the best music in India and Paramathma shows why. Jayant Kaikini‘s word wizardry (see YouTube video, above) stands out. But it is the “Kannada Rap” from Bhat and Harikrishna in two hit songs (Collegeu gate alli and Kathlalli karadige) that shows how well the American music form has been brilliantly incorporated to mirror local angst.

5) And, above all, Paramathma stands out for me because although it is an urban, urbane film of the SMS-internet era, it beautifully manages to give a feel of the rural and the rustic without banking on the feudal, retrograde and melodramatic elements that have become the hallmarks of Indian cinema trying to give the desi feel.

It isn’t as if Yograj Bhat and Puneet Rajkumar have come up with Casablanca or Ran. Far from it. Paramathma has its share of weaknesses, like over-romanticising academic failure; like needlessly employing Bollywood singers; like a rather wooden Kannadiga heroine (Deepa Sannidhi) who has only two expressions, a smile or a scowl.

Still, for a mainstream Kannada film to rise above abysmally low Sandalwood and Bollywood benchmarks and come up trumps (despite a trafic ending) is no small achievement. And M/s Bhat, Puneet, Harikrishna & Co can go to bed satisfied that even on a working day, the morning and matinee shows in the malls are running houseful.

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64 Responses to “5 lessons Bollywood can learn from ‘Paramathma’”

  1. Vasuki Raghavan Says:

    Sad that people are resorting to feeling proud that “it is not as bad as some others”!

  2. divakar Says:

    I dont know why people are not liking such a neat and clean movie,in my opinion PARAMATHMA scores 80 out of 100.I not a PUNEETH fan neither BHATS.

  3. Nastika Says:

    You confess that you haven’t seen previous Y.Bhat & Puneet’s movies – I suggest them. IMO Paramathma continues Bhat’s formula like in Mungaru Male, Galipata, Pancharangi, Lifu Ishtena.
    Puneet has his share of rowdy free movies like Milana, Jackie, Ram, Akash, Arasu & so forth.

    Coming to your 5 points:
    1) When you confess that you haven’t seen recent Kannada movies, then how did pass judgement that decency is vanishing trait?

    2) Good that you didn’t find Paramathma vulgar. Likewise, there are many modern films which aren’t vulgur. (Few listed above).

    3) If you are into Singham, Force, Bodyguard then no wonder you see SUVs flying all around. There are plenty of movies where SUVs don’t fly.

    4) I agree, music in sandalwood is good.

    5) This is your observation & I have no comments. (If you want to watch pure desi Mandya movie without any feudal stuff, I suggest Kirataka – which again has beautiful music & better than Paramathma in my opinion).

    Other points:
    Bollywood singers: If you want a good finished product as per director’s requirement, whats wrong in employing the best? I don’t anything wrong.

    Finally, in my honest opinion, Paramathma is a silly movie with silly dialogues & silly screenplay – I got bored in 5 minutes and never recovered till the end. If the movie is doing well in the halls, then I am happy for the producer.


  4. Ravi Says:

    @Divakar, people have started liking this movie…this is the best movie of Appu yet

  5. darshan Says:

    where can i see it in delhi

  6. Alok Says:

    For God’s sake, stop weighing Kannada movies against those of the Hollywood, judging them through your anglicized lenses; it is not only unfair for the nativists, but an insult to their creativity each time they see their movies being referred to via the prism of English films. I admit many of our movies are no where close to brilliance, but still, if they are crap, they better be ‘our crap’ anytime than be an ‘awesome copy’ of an alien flick.

  7. Nastika Says:

    I must mention that cinematography is excellent and choice of filming location is superb. This actually gives a freshness to the film.


  8. Sankaran Says:

    Paramathma is just another Yograj bhat’s signature movie with silly dialogues and sequences. The movie doesn’t have any vulgar scenes or dialogues which is appreciable but the music is not too catchy if compared with previous movie Jackie.

    Puneet needs scripts like Kaakha kaakha, 7th sense(Upcoming), Singam, gajini which will drew audiences from other languages also. If he continues with boring and slow scripts, he will be another disaster hero of sandalwood.

  9. karihaida Says:

    awesomely helidri saar. We really need more movies like Singam.

  10. Peter Says:

    @Sankaran – 7th Sense upcoming – U already know the script.

    Are u the director or heroine?

    Yen janaoo Pakadmane Yenjaalige Saayathare

  11. kitapati 2 Says:

    singhammu gajini beka guruve. from tamil nadu is it? estu kaasige maarthira remake rightsu and then how much is it told in media? people like you comment here just to give a bad comment on kannada cinema

    Yogaraj But… of navin krishna
    Sarathi of darshan
    Kitty’s Saju weds Geetha
    and now

    all having something different and not remakes… like hindi and not kachada commercials like tamils and telugus

    have rejuvenated kannada cinema for various sections of people.

    hope they build a proper studio with 3d capabilities and some theatres outside karnataka should be owned for releasing kannada films.

  12. harkol Says:

    Sandalwood makes best music right now? I disagree.

    1. Sandalwood indeed makes some good music now a days, and after decades, I have a lot of Kannada songs on my playlist. This trend started with mano murthy and now Harikrishna etc.

    One good reason for such fantastic music is also talented singers. Someone like Sonu Nigam or Shreya Ghoshal are such monstrous talents – comparable to SPB, Janaki, or Chitra (all of whom were outsiders as well).

    I appreciate the best available talent is being used for good melodious Kannada songs, for it makes the songs so much better. I don’t believe the music directors conspire against Kannada Singers – it is just that they want what they think is best.

    2. I also don’t agree Kannada music is best. Agreeably Hindi film music in the past year hasn’t been great. But, there have been fantastic Malayalam or Bengali songs in past couple of years! Agreed I don’t understand the lyrics, but then for me music is not about lyrics.

    For me music is something that appeals and moves me, barrier of language/ nations or even genres doesn’t matter.Some of the best music I have heard last year included artists varying from Mangolia, China, Australia, Russia, Albania to USA.

    Here is an example how language don’t matter for great music. Chinese singing sensation Jane Zhang singing for Japanese music genius Kitaro – http://goo.gl/3otpw

  13. 'mudi'malnad Says:

    1) Yogi Bhat is different, This is the first time he has used an established actor like Puneeth, otherwise he has Ganesh(mungaru male, first main role), pancharangi(Diganth, he is still struglling). No body has guts to do it(unless you are puttanna kanagal).

    2) he makes sure ‘story’ is near to your heart. There are lot of ‘ganesha’s of mungaru male’ who has to leave their liked ones or nidhi in pancharangi, where she expresses her love to diganth on seaside, darknight, fantastic settings.
    3) dialogues, music and cinematography
    Mungaru male music was super as well as cinematography(jog falls shot towards the end). Dialogues of pancharangi is different.I havenot seen paramathma yet, but music is ‘different’ and catchy. Only yogaraj bhatru can think and write’kathlalli karadi’
    4. All are ‘original’ feels fresh

  14. Nastika Says:

    I am asking these questions from ‘cinema as art & literature’, ‘reflection of society’ point of view. Please don’t compare with bollywood, hollywood or any Xwood.

    1) Why is that 99% of sandalwood movies (in last 20 years) deal & end with romance between 16 to 24 year olds?

    2) Why is rest of the age groups excluded?

    3) Why is apart from ‘romance’, no other topic is dealt with?

    Formula for sandalwood seem to be,
    a) Find a new way on how the hero, heroine bump into each other for the first time.
    b) Build up romance with some pleasant singing.
    c) Fight the odds against romance and once this fight ends, the movie ends.
    What is the success rate of this formula?

    PS: In the 80s & before, romance was part of the story, not the story itself.


  15. Sankaran Says:

    @ Kitapati,

    With no bad intention towards kannada cinema i have told my opinion. Kannada industry is delivering few quite good class cinemas but to compete with other industries you need to have some fast mass scripts which will definitely make news. Industry will then gets expansion both in terms of investment and market.

    @ Peter,

    GurugaLe, at present its the pakkada mane movies which are making sound in entire india. Even many kannada audience like such kind of movies.

    And the Suriya starring 7th sense is already having huge expectation in south India, there are chances even it may give a big blow to SRK’s RA.ONE in south India. Kannada movies also should make such progress that’s what my opinion.

  16. karihaida Says:

    While channel surfing yesterday came across SRK interview with Burkha Dutt on NDTV. It was the very definition of prostitution.

  17. kitapati 2 Says:

    SRK’s RA One has a dialogue where slutty Kareena asks why there is no swearing like ‘Tere Baap Ki’ , ‘Tere Bhai Ki’ etc. when there can be ‘Tere Maa ki’ and she offers her ass in a song.
    This usage of swearing words and worst lingo started with Delhi Belly and now continuing like this.

    So Bollywood is with more of provocative themes as does Tamil ones and they are more for masses and fishermen.
    and they all prove their worth by looking at crores they have raked.

    People like Aamir and SRK have no ethics in life . One proudly leaves family members and wife one by one and gets to justify swear words
    while other sells soul for public toilets-
    ” I want to sell my soul if need be. I will get the money,”

    and here he says
    “its not about money”

    He is totally confused . He has put in so much money to this movie and it is not returned and he is running to every commercial actor to get it back. So much like a Miss World or Miss Universe prostitutes would promise when asked questions and forget after being crowned.

    But Kannada and Malayalam movies although producing commercial ones are not entirely money minded.
    And hence the writers here are awarded Jananpeetha and other awards. This is pure class ( not to be confused the money class of mumbai )
    You cannot find a blog like churumuri in tamil .

    Please dont put sixth sense into Tamil brackets and call it seventh sense. it will be pure trash.

  18. FirstReality Says:

    3rd grade movie industry learning from 4th grade movie industry. What a effing joke!

  19. FirstReality Says:

    Nastika – You hit the note. The quality of art we have is the reflection of our society – Which is, in the first place, bullshit. That includes Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and all other Indian movie industries. Target audience of 16 to 24 (not 15 and not 25).

    Anyone thinking of preaching artistic relativism and BS like that, keep shut. The quality of our movies doesn’t even deserve a debate. If you think otherwise, either you haven’t seen good movies or you are braindead.

  20. gautam Says:

    good lessons

  21. barioLu Says:

    Someone who has not watched any of Bhat’s or Puneeth’s films before continues the unabashed marketing of this film. 1. Paramaatma worked for you because it was probably the first Kannada film you watched in ages. Those who have watched these guys’ previous films and other Kannada films recently know that this is one of the poorer films of the year. 2. Your choice of films so far has made you appreciate Paramaatma though there have been better such films which cine goers have watched recently in Kannada. 3. Singham Force Bodyguard!!! All remakes of south Indian films. There have been sensible films from the south which Bollywood has dared not copy. Because you have not watched films in Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam which do not have violence, has made you appreciate this one. 4. Very good music; true. But American Rap? Khatlalli Karadina is a remix of GK Venkatesh’s tune from Kakana Kote. Heard kari haidanembonu madeshwara? 5. Again it is a lack of exposure to better Kannada films of late. The one thing that is clear from your five-point exercise is that you have been deprived of good cinema for long and even a below average Kannada film makes you go ga ga

  22. raghunandan Says:

    nam janakke kaaL eLiri andre naa mundhu taa mundhu antha bartare

  23. Prabhu Says:

    “You cannot find a blog like churumuri in tamil ” – Why such a prejudiced opinion man?

  24. Nitin K S Says:

    What a whole load of bull crap? Most of the movies are purely business ventures out there to make money and that’s what they try to do in whichever way possible. Some fail and some succeed.

    There are producers and consumers. It’s a plain economic activity. There is no need to ascribe lofty ideals to it nor deride it as a prostitution as a gigantic bigot has done it.

    Chill. In the long run we are all dead and will share by-two kaapi with Annavru.

  25. dr ramesh Says:

    paramatma has proved things, one movie is a directors medium and an able director can create wonders. two – puneeth rajkumar is a superstar. no commercial hero of his popularity would have agreed to underplay his character and be a directors actor. he has done it with subtle ease ,hats off to him and his great lineage. paramatma as a movie is miles ahead of insane stuff like robot,dookudu,delhibelly etc. amazing music,choreograpy,cinematography ,dialogues makes paramatma an engrossing watch. it is a movie kannadigas can be proud of. it is great to see people turn in great numbers to see the movie.

  26. Prabhu Says:

    Does the writer recognize that the guitar piece in the first interlude of ‘Paravashanadenu’ song is blatant plagiarize from the ‘Hotel California’ ? Probably not since he thinks Kannada cinema now churns out the best music in India. Far from reality.

    One should listen to the FM stations to realize how monotonous the likes of Harikrishna and Sonu Nigam have made the Kannada film music

  27. Nastika Says:

    True, Khatlalli Karadina indeed sounds like Kari Haidanembonu Madeshwara of Kakana Kote. BTW, that music was scored by C Ashwath. Other songs of that movies are excellent too !

    Paravashanadenu, along with the tunes of Hotel California, it also has tunes from Sayonee of Junoon.

    @Nitin K S,
    Film making is indeed an economic activity.
    The question is how many more years are the producers going to take a hit?
    Why are they not reading the consumers’ need?
    Why everybody wants to churn out yet another ‘different’ love story?

    PS: Going by the boom in real estate, I don’t think the state of sandalwood would change in near future (with the likes of Muniratha as President of producers).
    They will churn out craps & blame Kannada speaking public for not coming to theaters.


  28. Kishor Says:

    Should appreciate puneeth raajkumar for accepting this kind of role when he is in peak of his character, off late he is trying to portray different characters in his movies, Milana, prithvi, hudugaru, Paramatama. Problem with YB and Soori is that they don’t want to come out of their comfort zone of film making, YB banks on photography, witty dialogues and songs to save his movie where as Soori depends on rowdyism and mass masala script.

  29. aki Says:

    all this nonsense things you guys speaking against kannada cinema and paramathma may be true but not entirely… here things are done according to the market and what people of that locality need…. suriya’s 7th sense may become a good movie but their are also people who regret his childish act and insensible stories

  30. Karthik Says:

    I donno why people are still hooked into Kannada Films. I used to love kannada movies till early 1990’s. Now there is nothing worth watching in Kannada Films. I saw some recent superhit movies which were also not so good. Only the songs created people get attracted to those movies. Last good kannada movie i watched was Apthrakshaka, which had some sense in it. After that i’ve wasted my monew on watching kannada Movies. Watch Tamil, Telgu Movies and learn from them Industry.
    Industry bans dubbing and prohibit people watching movies like Avatar, Robot in Kannada.
    Thats making people learn other languages well.

    One Question to those who oppose me:
    Why there is no Rajnikanth, Kamal Hassan’s in Kannada?
    Why should we not dub good movies into kannada?

  31. Karthik Says:

    and Harikrishna just brings tunes from English songs.
    Then why cant kannada film industry just bring movies dubbing it instead of copying like it.
    I also remem Super song was copied from Black Eyed Peas.

  32. anurag Says:

    has anyone one taught about solutions for the problems facing by the industry?
    just insulting the industry won’t do.
    Guys above said that kannada industry copies a lot.
    has anyone taught about the film robot??
    don’t you guys find it very similar to the “hollywood” starring upendra?
    does this convey that anyone who has money can do anything and is superior to other industries?

    i agree that kannada films are not doing well. if the audience are not turning in large numbers how can one expect the producers to put in a large amount of money for high budget stories. they have made rather wise selection of not venturing into something that would help them end themselves in graveyards!

  33. Priyanka Rao Says:

    I beg to differ….It was terrible!!

  34. Talikote Says:

    beda thayi sullu helbardu.
    mungaru male, gaalipata, manasaare , pancharangi, lifeu ishtene and paramathma kottavrige terrible antha helodu paapa.
    artha aaglilla antha helu opkotheevi.

    Hmmm… eegina kaalada hudgeerge kannada barade irodu , kai kododu , sullu helodu tumba common aagibittide.

  35. Putnanja Says:

    @Karthik, thanks for the advice, keep watching those Tamil and Telugu movies. But, I had really hoped you would learn something from them, apparently you have not. If Aptarakshaka is your definition of a good Kannada movie, you need not say anymore!

    I have to admit that you raised some very intelligent questions. Why is there no Rajanikanth or Kamal Hassan in Kannada? I do not know the answer to that, however, I have some questions for you.

    Why is/was there no Dr Raj in Tamil/Telugu?
    Why is there no Girish Kasaravalli in Tamil/Telugu?

    See how futile your line of reasoning is?

    Harikrishna might copy English tunes (So does Rahman, you don’t have to look too hard to figure that out), Harikrishna has some really good originals too. You see doesn’t really matter if they copy or not, as long as end product is good, it sells!

    Just so you know Black Eyed Peas copied that tune from Dick Dale, it’s an old Greek song called Misirlou: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIU0RMV_II8.

    Before you comment again please think OR grow up.


  36. adu haagene Says:

    @Karthik, “I donno why people are still hooked into Kannada Films….”
    You are trying to impose your GREAT liking on the others. you seem to have slave mentalaity.

    @karthik: “and Harikrishna just brings tunes from English songs…”
    @barioLu & @Nastika:
    What is the problem if takes some tunes and modify it accordingly. As long as you like the song and enjoy, how does it bothers you if it is copied or not; (may be individually speaking Harikrishna should have given the credit to the orginal music, but that’s left to him and the original creators.). Will you stop using mobile phones just because of the fact that the base for their invention is the existing landline? We cannot expect everybody to come up with something unique everytime. Had Adam and Eve took the patent for child making, then the world would not have been there.
    However, I appreciate your knowledge in understanding the music and quickly finding out the original tunes.
    Like the pseudo-secularists, it has become a fashion for the people (including kannadigas) to blame everything related to Kannada.

  37. deepak Says:

    my comment to all the above comments is just that all the haters of kannada just go to hell. if you dont like kannada movies just dont give negative comments, paramathma rocks

  38. Nastika Says:

    @adu haagene,
    I don’t have any problem if anybody lifts any tune from anywhere. I only wish the user pays loyalty if the owner expects it. I was just sharing the original source. I enjoy Harikrishna’s music.

    If book authors are open to ವಿಮರ್ಶೆ, why not film-makers. If they don’t get the feedback, how will they change & improve.


  39. Karthik Says:

    @Putnanja and @adu haagene:

    @If Aptarakshaka is your definition of a good Kannada movie, you need not say anymore!
    >>>Thats why it was remade in other languages, and it too run successfully in theaters(people made the film hit, and not like other films where it is run in theaters for


    @Why is/was there no Dr Raj in Tamil/Telugu?
    >>>There was MGR,Shivaji Ganeshan and NTR in Tamil/Telugu.(This goes out of topic because i’m talking abt current trend in kannada movies).

    @Why is there no Girish Kasaravalli in Tamil/Telugu?
    >>>Girish Kasaravalli is there na… How many movies of his have you watched? How many of you have backed his quality films in theaters, leave it atleast have you

    watched his movies on TV?
    >>>One more ques: How many national awards have kannada actors won? Umasri won after it, but did you see that movie? No Kannada Industry supresses Talent,

    thats why Arjun Sarja, Murali, Kokila Mohan, CharanRaj, Even Rajinikanth for that matter left the Industry. Only some talented ones stayed here, of which some

    struggled. But talented directors should direct more quality movies, like Dinakar Tugdeep, Yograj But(i liked his Mungaru Male, Galipata). Nowadays, talented directors are pulled by some people, so they start working for them: because they can’t say ‘NO’.

    @In telgu/Tamil
    >>>Maniratnam is known for art films in tamil, and Vishwanathan in Telugu.

    @So does Rahman, you don’t have to look too hard to figure that out:
    >>>Please disclose the music which he has plagiarased. He’s talented and original thats why he won Oscar.

    @Harikrishna has some really good originals too. You see doesn’t really matter if they copy or not, as long as end product is good, it sells!
    and @ — “and Harikrishna just brings tunes from English songs…”
    (may be individually speaking Harikrishna should have given the credit to the orginal music, but that’s left to him and the original creators.).
    >>>Then why did some directors cry when some kannada movies were made into hindi? like swades and few others?? Whats wrong if others copy?

    @However, I appreciate your knowledge in understanding the music and quickly finding out the original tunes.
    Like the pseudo-secularists, it has become a fashion for the people (including kannadigas) to blame everything related to Kannada.
    >>>I’m not blaming kannada(i love kannada and karnataka – Navaduya Nudiye Kannada Nudi, Naviruva thanave gandadha gudi), i’m only blaming (some part of)

    kannada cinema and it’s green-eyed principles that is prohibiting people from choosing their likes(ex: dubbing, restriction in running other films).

    @Before you comment again please think OR grow up.
    If i had not thinked, then why did you reply to it my friend. I was right, so you replied to deny it.

  40. Grihalakshmi Says:

    i guess half of the people here are paramathmaa producers. i went on to see Jackie in the same way, since the songs were good and rave publicity. But that film sucked to core.
    Why didn it win national/state award if it was so good. Why isnt it remade to remade into languages?

  41. dr ramesh Says:

    people who ridicule,condemn kannada movies(elite kannadigas , non-kannadigas) are the same ones who watch utter crap like robot,shivaji, dookudu,rapu chestanu,donga kodka, mujhe kiss karo and proclaim them as marvellous. good luck to them.
    an english paper reviewed telugu movie called dookudu which is nothing but insane masala movie and gave it 4 star rating , but paramatma was given a 2star rating , this is journalism for u.
    whatever said and done, puneeth rajkumar is one of the best young entertainer in the country now. watch him for his dance ,powerful stunts and simple style of acting. style,elan and panache.
    yavanigg gottu song,choreography ,art direction and the situation,mood and lyrics of the song hesaru poorthi itself s worth the time and money spent watching paramatma rest is bountiful bonus.

  42. bengaluru1 Says:


    Nice place for songs.

  43. Faldo Says:

    It is good to know that mainstream actors like Puneeth are trying out different kinds of roles. More stars should try to come out of their comfort zones. If we observe Kannada movies of the past, many leading actors played a variety of roles even after being very successful. This helped the industry as many films had a good run at the box office and more filmmakers were willing to experiment.
    In a different post in this site, it is rightly mentioned how the Kannada film industry mostly caters to the Old Mysore region. The film industry should make more efforts to target other parts of Karnataka. This would the help the industry in the long run. This can also make films more of a unifying factor across the state.

  44. Sankaran Says:

    @ Karthik,

    AR Rahman, Harri’s are known copy cats in TN. Ofcourse they are talented but they do bring down many western music and even Chinese music sometimes.

  45. kitapati 3 Says:

    After lessons there are five more reasons


    As said RA One made racial slur on our mosaranna and rajinikanth acted in it shamelessly.

    Both Hindi and Tamil mentalities are sold out to money. no doubt about that.

    This cheap mockery was also made in Singham with border dialogue using our own Prakash rai.

  46. raj Says:

    For someone living outside karnataka for past 2 yrs it was a different and a nice experience watching the movie.

  47. endendigu kannada Says:

    according to me paramathma scores 90/100.i think most of the people here not aware of media & news channels in karnataka/bangalore.most of the time they against kannada/kannadiga/kannada films..! THEY BLADIES WANT BUSINESS IN KANNADA BUT DONT WANT KANNADA !


  48. yogaraj fan Says:

    Yogaraj should concentrate on local Deepika and rockstar Ranbir and producer Siddhartha Mallya to do a movie in Kannada where they also learn and speak language . They just leave people to Bollywood just like that. If our culture has to be showcased that can be done by such ventures only and I think Ranbir is a stupendous actor cutting across boundaries. His parents acted in Nagarahavu’s remake and
    Prithviraj Kapoor in Sakshatkaara.

    This industry is capable to direct those faces and needs them along with Puneeth, Diganth and all the machchu longu in side roles.
    In bollywood there are only directors like rohit shetty who will show a tulu dialogue and border dialogue and make money. and rest are good for only remakes.He needs to concentrate on left out Sudha Rani along with Tabu.

    Girish Kaasaravalli should work with Naseeruddin shah and veteran actors in side roles and showcase industry standards.

    Also we need to makeup for the lost pride.
    See how our own Arjun Sarja refused to do Sangolli Raayanna and Tamilians ridiculed the greatest ruler Pulakeshi along with raayanna in their movies.

  49. Ravi Varma Says:

    @yogaraj fan
    agree with you

    But wait . See what Bollywood teaches us – that its the King!!

    here ekta kapoor makes a statement that its not inspired by silk smitha since she wants to save money by saying not an inspiration of an actress but an era ! now how clever?

    here no one is worried about tragedy shown but how the ridicule is misused to earn money.
    Even when Rajkumar died apart from all his great movies I saw “If I come tomaaarrow… tick tick…..” being shown on these national channels!!

    Now its easy for them to ridicule since they have south actors like Vidya Balan and Prakash Rais to stop any resistance from south industry.

    Why should not Ram Gopal Verma and other Menons in Mumbai start thinking of making similar movies based on lives of “Helen”
    ,,” Madhubala” , “Rekha” , “Meena Kumari” and show Bachchan and Dilip Kumar in poor light and wash off hands saying its not their story – its just an era or even
    “Guru Dutt’s melancholy given fact he is from south and padosan’s racial fun , and even “Nargis” or “Kishore Kumar” ‘s lives and make a tragic story and tell it was just an era to be pictured!!

    Agreed Cinema is a lower medium but its most reached medium.
    Wonder if our directors have lost it all and succumbed to get ridiculed? – by using hindi songs words and forgetting any native creativity in wake of nationalism which has started ridiculing regionalism with all its might every now and then!!

  50. parijataka Says:

    Always thought Kannada movies (and Malayalee movies other than the sleazy ones) were better than the commercial Telugu/Tamil/Hindi ones. Good music and scenic picturisation and many a time plot from award winning Kannada novels. Nowadays though many of the Kannada heroes look like rowdys and goondas from the looks of the posters. Kannada film industry needs to produce more interesting stuff, not necessarily crappy stuff, to draw the audience to the movies.

  51. g Says:

    @Grihalakshmi…so according to u..movies which r remade into other languages r classics or great movies…so according to u telugu movies like kick,dookudu,suckedu and all classics..not Shankarabharanam…Indians seriously lack common sense..

    @karthik..dude.u r so immature..even Saif ali khan won National award and also Padma award..u can buy it dude..and i can show u many rahman composition stolen..ringa ringa song itself is the rehash of choli ke peeche kya hai song..m ready for an open debate with u abt u r rahman..and dude u r so immatured or else u know nothing abt cinema

  52. Nastika Says:

    I would classify Paramathma in ‘Fantasy’ genre, same as for Lord of Rings, Harry Potter. So if you like fantasy movies, you will like Paramathma.

  53. Tom Cruise fan Says:

    Hollywood is certainly getting into namma bengaluru.
    It’s better to direct our links with german and russian and american ones than reaching mumbai.

    I saw full Kannada embraced in MI 4. Super. It seems Vancouver was redecorated with Kannada signboards. Sadly it read Sun group with ourselves not even having a single indigenous media of our own!


    With Anil Kapoor who started career with ‘Pallavi Anupallavi’ showing Bombay and Bollywood as a prostitute’s paradise in a similar fashion after Bond’s Octopussy showed rajasthan as similar sex tourist spot.

    The jealous hindi media never talked about this aspect though.

    This guy is doing some bit already on internet. http://pawantheactor.com/

    Cool development. Need some good actors who can compete at international level bypassing the bollywood and kongwood hell.

  54. Karthik Says:

    I hope Kannada Films learn nothing from ‘Paramathma’.
    If they learn from it, then the number of FLOPS increases more, and more talents run to other industries.

    @g Do you think even Anna (raj) got Padma Vibushana same way?
    How did you come to an assumption that saif is not fit for the award.

    AR Rahman: He is a copycat, but is nevertheless talented. And Arjun (music:kannada) is also a good talent whom ive seen these days. i hope he never leaves kannada film industry.

  55. g Says:

    @karthik..rajkumar deserves that award..he got it after 30 to 40 years since he started acting..Saif getting National award for hum tum s an insult to jokes and also giving him Padma award shows how illiterates indians can be..it sounded like Tom Cruise getting knighthood for his extraordinary performance in films like MI series..even Americans ll laugh their a** off..if Saif deserves tat award y not Vishnuvardhan,Shankar Nag,Ananth Nag or some Bengali actors,Malayalam actors..even the great Illayaraja got it after 30 years of achievement..if u say Rajkumar didnt deserve tat award,then even god cant save india’s future..u just showed how intellectual Indians can be..


    @karthik…just tell me 10 Saif’s long remembered roles or films..just tell me just one film which deserves some acclaim..just tell me how he can bee equal to Rajkumar or Sivaji Ganeshan or Illayaraja..or just tell me how he s greater than Vishnuvardhan who s acting in movies even before the birth of Saif …Saif winning National Award for Hum tum movie s insult to joke..hum tum itself s a rip off of when harry met sally film..even a college going dude with descent acting abilities can carry that kind of roles very very easily..u must be a college going boy or may be a high school boy..dont tell me u r above 25..it ll be a heart break for me..


    @ karthik..it became a controversy when Saif got that award..see the comments in rediff or any web sites..even many north Indians were ROFLing..if at all rajkumar wanted all those awards he could have bought National award for acting..(anyway he deserved it)..Sivaji Ganeshan one of the most respected actor in Indian cinema didnt get national award for acting but kids like Saif got it..did he got tat award for his looks or was it for his body or wat? how cheap they can be man..how immature one can be when they say Saif deserves tat award..

  56. Karthik Says:

    @g i never said Rajkumar did not deserve the award.

    Yes, in one way… it’s too early to give saif that award. I guess its only padma shri… not padma bushan/vibushan. BTW, there are many who deserve those awards. I’ve seen Lata Mangeshkar given Bharat Ratna, while Kishore Kumar/ Md. Rafi not giving. That is tatal foolishness. Now, Sachin Tendulkar is on the road.

    Yes Sivaji Ganeshan is a rocking artist. He deserved it too. As far Rajkumar is concerned… he deserved national award for acting rather than singing. i dont mean his singing is bad, but i mean he’s a better actor. Infact he should have had both the awards. Even SPB/PBS for that matter… they have been discarded hugely by govrnment. they are the ppl who deserve some good national awards.

    But whatever you say, i haven’t seen a good movie in 2 years/ so.
    last one i saw was Sarathi, which was bit average/ above avg.

  57. Kalachuri Says:

    Paramathma is a horrible movie and I regret for wasting my time and money.
    But I can’t tolerate ur degrading comments on Kannada film industry. Anil Kapoor, Maniratnam, Atul Kulkarni..they all CHOSE kannada industry to begin their career. Why?
    Instead of watching ‘mother and sister’ swearings of Tamil,Telugu and Hindi movies, it’s better to watch our low budget movies which more or less are family entertainer.
    And regarding no rajnikanth being thr in kannada, I can give you ppl 100 hours of lecture. Commercial success doesn’t depend only on the story or the music or the direction. It has a huge dependency on the mentality of native viewers.
    And do not insult Dr.Raj. I have learnt to speak good Kannada just because of his movies.

  58. Karthik Says:

    Baakwaas… Let’s accept the reality of Kannada Cinema. NO way… Kannada Cinema has gone to a very low. I truely love Kannada cinemas of Early years till 1990’s. But after that, the film industry started copying the method/story of telugu and tamil. The pictures were made in their way.
    You said about commercial success. In karnataka, Neither people support good movies like Girish Kasarvalli’s / others. They are the good ones, neither people watch it on theater, nor do the media support those movies. Only movies thats keeping up Kannada with National and International Awards are these movies of Kannada.

    Let us accept the reality.

  59. navollasa Says:

    Beautiful movie .
    Yogaraj seems like finding a formula which can bridge urban and rural subjects..
    But Sir, I regret to say that the gap is so HUGE – i suspect it’s the biggest gap in a single culture in the world – thanks to our political and class system which has created this.
    so make a complete movie and don’t horribly mix ‘elements’ at the cost of ‘flow’. also we have no Rajkumar and Kalpana around to create a bridge. so sadly collections will never be huge due to audience division.

    what i liked about this movie is the contemporary screenplay, the ‘no place and no language’ for a kannadiga youth in the country which makes him to lead a lengthy sabbatical ; house and life of their own in some unknown corner/jungle – this is reality if you choose to get away from nuances of govt and private jobs which have same corruption nowadays and with foreign languages – all for the corrupt concept of unknown nation meeting only politicians’ greed.
    the society and administration normally would judge Punith’s character as naxalite if it were to be realized and that is exactly our situation today. father figure like Anantnag is fictionally optimistic.
    humour is good, songs are hummable. yavanig gothu is hummable and melodious – should have sung by a better singer.
    Deepa is good. can improve in dialogue delivery.

    the best part is there is lot of human values depicted ( without emotions ) rarely seen in recent movies . human values like intuition, inquisitiveness, love , caring, understanding and compassion are much more important than getting emotional.

    avoidable are too emotional songs, pj , dubbing by others.

  60. vinay Says:

    i’m also one who liked paramaatma very much because of cathcy dialogues,superb cinematography,catchy lyrics,music and every thing…..every thing will be best in his movies……

  61. Karthick Says:

    Another copying from V Harikrishna. His Sarathi Kai Mugidhu Yeru tune is copied from Tamil movie Kanchana song. Shame!

  62. Karthick Says:

    Never knew Sadhu Kokila copied from 50 cents Just a liltlle bit song. Indian music directors suck to the core.

  63. suresh Says:

    Prashant k ,.I don know how u liked paramathma it felt me very bad after seeing this movie no start no end no sense of humor in it never expected from Y.bhat

  64. ashok Says:

    Any idea what are the locations shot in the movie? Especially the ones where they use the boat to go to Dattatreya’s house in the begining of the movie?

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