CHURUMURI POLL: Will BJP dump Yediyurappa?

The “former future prime minister of India“, Lalchand Kishinchand Advani‘s much-ballyhooed anti-corruption yatra—with the 2G scam tainted Niira Radia‘s former western ballroom dance partner, the HUDCO scam tainted Ananth Kumar, as navigator—has rolled off on the wrong note.

First, a BJP MP has been accused of trying to buy coverage for the anti-corruption yatra by bribing journalists. And now, B.S. Yediyurappa, who had to resign ingloriously as chief minister of Karnataka in the wake of the Lok Ayukta report on the illegal mining scam, has been sent to spend the weekend in jail in the “denotification scam”.

And this, a day after the BJP government in the State sought to rescue the corrupt by punching holes in the Lok Ayukta report.

With Yediyurappa joining a long and impressive line of ministerial colleagues—Janardhana Reddy, Katta Subramanya Naidu, Ramachandre Gowda, Hartaalu Halappa, S.N. Krishnaiah Shetty, M.P. Renukacharya et al—in the hall of shame, his boastful promise of returning to occupy the CM’s gaddi “within six months” is now clearly a very hollow one.

More importantly, images of Yediyurappa’s arrest and incarceration are likely to alter the BJP’s relationship with him inexorably. On camera, for now, party leaders are standing by him “legally”, with the state party chief, K.S. Eshwarappa, who fell at his feet in public as recently as two days ago, calling Yediyurappa’s arrest a “bad day“.

But, clearly for the BJP, which has been riding a high horse of self-righteouness in the wake of the scams and scandals dogging the Manmohan Singh government at the Centre, Yediyurappa is now damaged goods. He may still be a viable political force in the State, a potent Lingayat leader, but any further defence of him will only be exploited by the opposition across the nation.

As it is, the brazen corruption, casteism and nepotism under Yediyurappa’s watch, and his open defiance of the party high command in the run-up to his resignation, have punched huge ethical and moral holes in the BJP’s “gateway to the south”.

After Saturday’s ignominy, the questions are simple: will Yediyurappa stick to the BJP, or will he quit the party in time for the next election? On the other hand, will the BJP stand by Yediyurappa in his hour of trial, or will it ditch him? And either way, will the electorate still back Yediyurappa next time round?

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11 Responses to “CHURUMURI POLL: Will BJP dump Yediyurappa?”

  1. harkol Says:

    The reality is that BJP is ust as much morally bankrupt party as Congress. Its tall leaders created Janardhana Reddy. Its tall leader like yeddy is corrupt to his bone marrow. It’s National President was caught on camera taking bribes (and continues to be part of BJP even today).

    So, why will BJP throw out a leader for Moral reasons?

    The reality is BJP and Congress are cynical. They know that there is no real alternative to corrupt parties, thus corruption doesn’t matter. This is why the reform of our polity will not come within the current system, it’ll be forced on it through a relatively small band of folks who’d force the parliament to pass laws. I hope it is a peaceful group like Anna hazare team, instead of Maoists.

    Till then, we will continue to play musical chairs.

  2. prs Says:

    Ah, irony, sweet irony.

    A hindu national leader arrested on the private complaint of a Muslim complainant and picked up by a Muslim lokayukta police officer.

    A lingayat leader who could not think beyond the lingayat mutts and swamijis being sent off to a jail named after a Brahmin Agrahara.

  3. VTVenkataram Says:

    The BJP has not cared for any issues of common man. The power situation is in shambles. The common man is asked to waste a lot of his time to RETAIN his gas connection.
    The Leaders visit temples forgetting that common men has to be seen as God. They wasted most time in making money and without caring for anything else.
    BJP can never dream of coming back to power in the state

  4. Kumara Says:

    in an interview to cnn ibn renuka choudhary was asked

    why lokayukta which is strongly implemented in karnataka which is why it was able to arrest a former CM is not done in other states ruled by congress

    she was totally dumb at this. but still wanted to lament at totally different rath yatra of advani

    there is a powerful casteist lobby which protects sheela dixit and catches lesser brainy people like yeddyurappa and shivaraj patil.
    it should be noted lokayukta is strong in karnataka because of collective integrity of wisdom of people of karnataka which separates it from India. Media like churumuri should refrain from publishing such casteist articles related to Indian politics from some of important milestones achieved in our state which are unique and distinguishable from the rest.
    Although we have lost Kolar, Kudremukh and Ballari no one from country is bothered. It’s just we have lost.

    It’s totally funny to know DeveGowda, SM Krishna etc have no more than a single site in Bengaluru.

    will then chethan bhagat have the gut in him to write corruption about brahmins for voting Pandit Nehru’s descendants.
    I don’t think so seeing his disturbed stature standing next to someone like Sonam Kapoor.

  5. Mundu Malnad Says:

    Dear Kumara,

    Help is at hand. Don’t lose hope. One day you can be coherent and may even get cured of the disease of making virtue out of a necessity.

    In the meantime let’s also wish Karnataka Government shows some gumption and allows Lok Ayukta to function and the new Lok Ayukta wouldn’t have to resort to drama of resignation etc.

  6. Ravi Nayak Says:

    According to latest local TV news, the folks have ensured that Yeddi (a.k.a cash rich, real-estate kaidi # 9118 got his no changed in jail to due to astrology!) gets the best possible treatment in the D-Block at Prappana Agrahara, with the cell having TV, newspapers, attached bathroom and toilet, special food and facilities that are considered many times better than the Tihar jail. There are already reports that Puttaswamy, Renukacharaya and Nandish Reddy had ensured in advance that Yeddi will continue to be in touch with his colleagues who are still in power, through multiple mobile phones! The state police had even facilitated multiple Bolero jeeps to avoid the press and media coverage of the CM in handcuffs although it was for just a few minutes.

    We can expect the shrewd politician will soon have back pain or chest pain once again which is surprising considering the fact that he most recently spent the state exchequers’ money on 5 star rejuvenation treatment at Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala and later in the Maldives!

    After looting left, right and centre and then doling out crores to temples, lingayat mutts, pseudo swamiji’s, journalists, NRI’s, astrologers and black magicians, Yeddi can now use spare cash for the perks within Prappana Agrahara, although it will be for just a week.

    With the illegally stashed black money overflowing from the likes of Katta Jagadish Naidu, S.N. Krishnaiah Shetty who are Yeddi’s comrades in the jail, the wardens in Prappana Agrahara will soon need to be investigated by Lokayukta special court judge for owning assets disproportionate to their known income!

    Well, the obscene size of his scams combined with the blatant misuse of power to openly favour his family and cronies, he really deserves the same long term treatment as any other hardcore criminal. Sadly we now are accustomed to the routine dramas of various self-service politicians entering a jail and then welcomes to the VVIP ward of a hospital, finally to come out under bail, while the case conveniently gets subdued by the same politicians in cohorts with the executive.

    It is strange that Lok Sabha member B.Y. Raghavendra, B.Y. Vijayendra and son-in-law R. Sohan Kumar were not arrested too, despite clear documentation and tons of evidence!

    Bangalore advocates Sirajin Bhasha and N.K. Balaraj apart from the former Lokayukta N. Santosh Hegde need to be congratulated for their perseverance and dedication to justice.

    Meanwhile, Kumaraswamy and his wife have been enquiring if there is power-cut in Prappana Agrahara too…

  7. Reddy Says:

    Indian Express 25 Jan 2011
    Yeddyurappa offers cash reward to catch the corrupt
    “According to me, benami lands in Bangalore are valued
    at at least Rs one lakh crore”, Yeddyurappa said 6th Feb 2011
    “Yeddyurappa declare’s his assets”
    Cash holdings is only Rs 1.89 lakh! 8th April 2011
    “No land in Blr, but Rs. 25 Lakh cash for Team India: Yeddyurappa”
    Publicity hungry and quick to announce sites in Bengaluru for
    Team India after they lifted the World Cup, Yeddi now reversed
    his stupid decision citing legal hassles.

    Deccan Herald 10 Sept 2011
    “Yeddyurappa whips out bundles of cash to Koppal voters!”

    Cash involved in some of the noted scams during Yeddi.
    In Mining: Rs 18068 crore
    In Land denotification: Rs 10000 crore
    Others like Vyalikaval House Building Cooperative Society: Rs 10068 crore

  8. Simple Says:

    My educated middle Lingayat friends STILL vociferously say they will vote for Yediyurappa in the next election.

  9. Nastika Says:

    @Simple, BSY is to Lingayats as DG is to Vokkaligas.

    Before BSY’s kin could grow to DG’s kin’s level, he is sent to jail. No wonder there is anger.


  10. pan Says:

    L.K.Advani claims to bring back money stashed in foreign banks. Let him first start getting back money stashed by Janardhan reddy in Isle of Mann and Virgin Islands. Let him also help Karnataka recover the money made by Yeddy and his family.

  11. harkol Says:

    Mundu Malnad: +1 :)

    Simple: There are enough folks who still would vote for Shroud of Turin and her son’s Party. There are enough folks who’d vote for corrupt DG & KS and their party. There are enough folks who vote for corrupt DMK or AIDMK.

    The reality of India is – there are only bad and ugly alternatives. Caste plays a role because that defines who is ‘my son of bitch’ – as opposed to ‘someone elses son of a bitch’.

    The best thing to do as a voter – Try and vote for a best available candidate or invalidate your vote. Never vote on Party lines.

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