Gandhi’s Dandi march to Yedi’s Danda march

Power minister Shobha Karandlaje arrives at the Sri Jayadeva institute of cardiovascular sciences & research in Bangalore on Sunday, to visit former chief minister B.S. Yediyurappa, who was rushed there after he complained of chest pain following his arrest and incarceration in the denotification scam on Saturday night. KPN photo.

E.R. RAMACHANDRAN writes: Ajji was watching the TV intently.

Konegoo Yediyurappanna arrest maadidrallo!”


“He went where no chief minister from our State had ever gone before, even if it was for a few hours.  As an inmate of the special VIP cell he himself had okayed in an act of great perspicacity, he is sure to have inspected the quality of work first hand.”

“That’s right, Ajji.”

“Is it putra vyamoha which helped him turn a blind eye while his children were amassing wealth even while he was visiting temples day and night, spouting devara naama and vachana saahitya? I wish he had followed whatever he had said while visiting the mutts and temples. It’s sad.”

“It looks like he didn’t mean whatever he said. He is the first former CM in Karnataka to be sent to jail for alleged corruption.”

“Chief minister ninda thief minister aago haage aaythallo.”


Adirli kano, Ramu. Advani yavara yathra eega advaana aythallo!”

“Yes. Advani’s yatra against corruption has become a joke now, with a BJP leader in the “gateway to the south” now in a jail called hospital. Advaniji should have started his yatra in Karnataka, ajji.”

Ayyo! Had he done that it would have got stuck for days and months in Bellary and Vidhana Soudha. They would have had to do paada pooje every few yards in the name of some jailed minister, MLA or the other.”

Howda, Ajji?”

“What else? The party which came to power saying it would be different, really showed how different it was. Scam after scam whether it is land or kabbinada aduru. Aduru konegoo sarkaarana ‘adursu’ bidthoo  nodu.”

“Yes. It’s the mining which brought his government down and land scam which sent him to jail. It also brought in so much money to buy MLAs and start Operation Kamala and Vimala and all that to distort democracy.”

Naachikkegedu. When he walked to the governor’s office to give his resignation letter, his daughter had said it reminded her of Gandhiji’s Dandi march! The gall.”


“Walking between policemen holding sticks this is a danda march in a way. Adirli, Krishniah Shettru was also sent to jail. Isn’t he the one who brought trainloads of Ganga jala and distributed to all temples in the State during Shivarathri?”



“I also heard that the Lok Ayukta police raided ‘hosa Gowdru’ Balakrishna Gowda?”

“Yes, Ajji. On charges of accumulating more than Rs 500 crore of property and wealth, many many times more than his salary as a KAS officer.”

Ayyo Devre! Isn’t he poor  Gowda’s son, our farmer prime minister?”

“Yes. Farmer former prime minister’s son, Ajji.”

“Karnatakaana devare kaapadbeku. Only God should save Karnataka.”

Devaralla, Ajji. Munche Deve Gowdru kaapadidru. Aa mele Yeddyurappa navaru kaapadtha bandru.”

Saakappa saaku! Because of their rule even God cannot save us from total ruin!”

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16 Responses to “Gandhi’s Dandi march to Yedi’s Danda march”

  1. mysore peshva Says:

    Who’s the man in the Skechers “Men’s Diameter” shoes? Curious.

    In other news, taking advantage of Yeddy’s situation, Jayadeva cardio physicians have advised an immediate triple bypass costing Rs. 1.5 lakh or angioplasty costing Rs. 4.2 lakh. :P

  2. abhi Says:

    Now a days hospitals,temples and judicial custody.. is full with politicians.. hope the common man will have easy access to hospital beds and temples..

  3. nagaraj1954 Says:

    simply superb very well narrated with ajji in the conversation

  4. Law of Omerta Says:

    so our esteemed media is back to the usual job of bashing BJP politicians…

    as far as i know this guy only allotted few polts of housing land to his sons. every top politician is in the business of doing this.

    instead of crying from roof tops about Yediyurappa ji, we should be calling for reform. lets change the laws that allows discretionary powers to politicains and bureaucrats to allot plots.

    can every present and past chief minister from any political party take a vow that they have not allowed plots to their favourites?

    the media just likes to bash BJP politicians, that’s all. I am feeling sick and tired this kind of biased covergage for the last 10 years.

    (we don’t only have crony capitalism and crony socialism in this country. we also have crony journalism)

  5. sanjeeva Says:

    Konege namma deshadalli enoo aagalla ajji. Swatantrya bandaad mele, neevu lekka ildashtu hagaranagala bagge odiddeeri. Intha hagaranagalalli keli banda eshtu jana iduvarege shikshe anubhavisiddare neeve heLi. Ee kathenu ashte, ondasht dina jangalu paper-nalli odi, tv-nalli nodi khushi padthaare. Amele mareetare. Ide taane, aravattu varshadinda nadithirodu nam deshadalli! Thirga election nadeyutte, ade jana, ade rajakaranigalanna chunayisi kalistaare. Kathe heege munduvareyutte…… Jai Bharata maathe!

  6. harkol Says:

    Gandhi = Dandi March
    Yeddy = Danda Pinda.

  7. Karthik Says:

    Next electionu idhe gathi, yaav party bandhru lifu istene.
    Mostly Next Election…. No i dont wanna talk.
    God only knows what happens to Karnataka.

  8. Suma Says:

    Yeddyurappa is not the first politician in recent times to take shelter in the hospital because of poor health. While the cash rich VIP prisoners in Tihar Jail are well known with such tricks, Yedd’s aide and former minister Katta Subrahmanya Naidu, who was caught red-handed in a Rs 75-crore land scam and cash transfer, has spent a significant time in the VIP ward of hospital after his arrest. The poor party worker has now sought permission from the court to travel to London for treatment! Another former minister Hartalu Halappa, accused of brutally raping his friend’s wife, spent more than 40 days in a hospital (not Jail), complaining of chest pain and multiple ailments.

    It has become a convention of sorts for the shameless and highly corrupt politicians to ‘fall ill’ when they land in jail. Yeddi was simply following this tradition when he complained of chest pain after first doing the vanishing act and then surrendering on Saturday.

    Few people will recall that as soon as he came to power, Yeddi sanctioned the salutary project of adding to the jail an impressively posh new VVIP Block, called D Block, with each spacious cell measuring 20X15 ft, sporting an attached bathroom, cosy, comfortable beds, LCD (3D) TV and other such 5 star attractions! Was he told of the future by his astrologer and planning in advance?

    But despite the illegally looted wealth, real estate and cash running into 1000’s of crores, despite the cash offerings donated to various mutts, astrologers and temples, despite the visit of the puppet CM Gowda and Siddaganga Mutt Swami, the former Karnataka chief minister’s stars are clearly unfavorable these days, thanks partly to a few honest souls in the judiciary that cant be bribed so easily these days.. Unlike many other jailed politicians, he will not be able to enjoy a long stay in hospital and will be discharged today. The angiogram performed on him at tax payers cost, did not show any blockage in his heart.

    What made Yeddyurappa so unwell within nine hours of landing in jail on Saturday that he had to be admitted to hospital? Well, doctors at the Jayadeva Institute now confirm that Yeddi had intentionally stopped taking medicines in a deliberate attempt to fall ill once his arrest became imminent on Saturday! Who says politicians can’t be smart?
    Each of the fabulously furnished residences of those in power and authority like the Ministers of MLA’s in Karnataka, has been made absolutely proof against power cuts, water cuts, scorching summer heat, lack of food or daily needs, floods or rain, and freezing winter cold, and any hint of the rough and tumble of the life of 95 per cent of the state population they are supposed to serve! The last time someone came up with the idea of those at the top having a taste of the daily torments of the people by living like them was Mahatma Gandhi

    While all sorts of Press/TV viewership-oriented political tamasha’s continue in Blr and sadly the corrupt continue to prosper, key question now is:

    Will the undertrial Prisoner No.10462 be ruthlessly punished and all the illegally acquired loot be recovered?

    With the so-called ‘anti-corruption’ BJP leadership, not even sacking him from party membership, the chances of justice for the masses don’t look good.

  9. Pinto Says:

    The current case involved de-notification of vast stretches of premium land in return for the beneficiaries transferring huge sums of money to companies promoted by sons and family.amount involved makes the Karnataka mining scam the 2nd
    It has to be noted that Yeddyurappa and his sons have many more legal convictions to experience, in particular the illegal mining scam in Karnataka that cost the nation a record of Rs 1,827 crore’s in just 14 months between April 2009 and May 2010 alone! The biggest ongoing scandal in the country.

    The former Lokayukta, Santosh Hegde had clearly named Yeddi and family, along with five ministers in the Bellary mining scam, with 20,000 pages of documentation and proof! The report also stated that all the parties involved have channelized the black money through Mauritius and Virgin Islands.

    While Yeddi will languish in VIIP comfort for a few more days, his colleague was planning to flee to Dubai just before he got arrested!
    The once upon a time, chit-fund scamster turned mining baron who amassed $3.5 billion in revenues, thanks to the complexity of Yeddi and cronies in the BJP, had retained pocket money of $1 million in cash (supposed to be for various bribes after his arrest) and more than 66 pounds of gold at his home when the CBI raided, many months after Santosh Hegde’s report. It is not surprising that the former BJP Minister Janardhana Reddy still has unpaid debts of over Rs. 200 crores, money that can easily be paid in cash, while not all his assets have been seized.

    These crooks had flouted all rules and regulations to secure pecuniary gain to their kith and kin, causing irreparable loss to the nation and exchequer.

    Considering the obscene wealth of these star convicts, everyone must ask as to why on earth are these VVIP prisoners being given 5-Star treatment in Parappana Agrahara Jail or at the hospital (angiogram costs a few lakhs), all at the tax payers costs?

  10. Ulta Pultu Says:


    While most of what you say might be true, a small exaggeration needs to be corrected. Angiogram ( just a minor procedure to detect a blood clot) costs between 5 to 20K at Manipal Hospital, Mangalore depending upon whether the patient is from general ward or deluxe ward.

  11. Murthy Says:

    Astrologers prosper even when Illitrate crooks go to Jail!

  12. narayana, narayana! Says:

    In all fairness, when will the incorruptible Lok Ayukta take a look at the other worthies of Karnataka, who also occupied the CM’s chair and made no less a fortune?

  13. Nastika Says:

    Since Jayadeva doctors didn’t find any ailments, BSY has shifted himself to Victoria – reason, he is suffering from *depression*. Isn’t NIMHANS the right place?

  14. Gowda Says:


    The shameless and most corrupt will go to any hospital as long as they can trick the judges and avoid Jail. There are many more govt controlled hospitals in Blr, the VVIP ward of NIMHANS too is ok for the likes of Yeddi!

  15. Rastrakoota Says:

    @ Law of Omerta! Your comment is truly laughable to say the least.Give the politicians descretionary powers to allot land/plots:-) @ this rate nothing will be left to the so called comman man!!!How juvenile man! You appear an ardent fyan of Yediyurappa Ji. No wonder these crooks will always enjoy support.And this applies to all parties.
    You are just like yeddy ji. Justifying the unjustifyable!! I am pretty sure you would got 1 plot!!

  16. Lankesh Says:

    CM Sadananda Gowda has finally declared that his ‘official’ assets are valued at Rs. 2.44 crore only. No idea what are his unofficial or ‘benami assets’ after becoming the CM while conspicuously missing are the assets of Karthik Gowda, his real estate businessman son.

    Well, we can expect the new CM to be extra cautious with public and self-service, after the extraordinary, selfish follies of Yeddi and his sons.

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