CHURUMURI POLL: President Narayana Murthy?

One day, last week, he was quoted as saying that “it would be a great honour to be the next president of the country” if all political parties agreed to his candidature. The very next day he was quoted as saying that “he had no presidential ambitions whatsoever” and that words had been put into his mouth.

On other days, of course….

Is N.R. Narayana Murthy indulging in a bit of kite-flying or does the Infosys co-founder and chairman-emeritus still have the political and popular cache to be the Rashtrapati? Is there likely to be a consensus on the presidential candidate, as Murthy desires, or is it too fanciful a dream in the current surcharged atmosphere?

Should a corporate honcho, who once expressed interest in becoming the Indian ambassador to the United States, become President of the world’s most populous democracy? Or will his attempts at reviving the pro-capitalist Swatantra Party and his stand on the national anthem and subsidiary Freudian slip-ups go against him?

And if it isn’t NRN, who should it be?

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23 Responses to “CHURUMURI POLL: President Narayana Murthy?”

  1. vaidya Says:

    Interesting how we fret over a nominal position.

  2. Rakesh Babu G R Says:

    When NRN had Sonia inagurate training centre in Mysore the media should have taken the hint that he was interested in being the President. I support NRN as President. Why not?

  3. Law of Omerta Says:

    Saint Narayan Murthy is India’s biggest repository of liberal and politically correct cliches.

    If he becomes the president he will bore people like me to death with his cliches. The problem with him is that being a billionaire he has developed a low opinion for the “aam admi”, he thinks that we are too dumb to recognise his cliches. Well, he is wrong.

    For God’s sake, anyone but him. Please, I plead to everyone. Anyone but Saint Narayan Murthy!

    I just can’t keep up with his cliches. I haven’t heard expressing a original thought for years.

  4. div Says:

    It is very unlikely that congress will (s)elect anybody who is not a chamcha of their royal family.

    In any case NRN will definitely be a more inspiring president than our current president,….what is her name…..oh yeah, Pratibha Patil

  5. M Says:

    NRN created wealth for himself and for his employees by snatching way farmer’s land at dirt cheap price. However, I still respect him for his ingenuity and entrepreneurship. But wont endorse him for presidency as his so called contribution to the general public outside of IT is just notional.

    Forget about the poor, even middle class people like me outside of the hallowed ring of IT find it hard to make both ends meet. We have not benefited in anyway from his miracle wand. The cloud touching price of real estate is primarily due to IT. Forget about buying a house, people like me cannot even rent a decent house a decent price because of this noblemen.

  6. Dr KRS Murthy Says:

    I would support Sudha Murthy, instead of NRN Murthy, as his wife, equally brilliant and has done a lot of social service, giving NRN a chance to shine himself in limelight all these decades.

    She probably will be the BEST President for India.

    Dr. KRS Murthy

  7. N Shravan Says:

    Surely a deserving candidate.

  8. karthik Says:

    He thinks the world to be same as seen in shopping Malls where people speak good English, dress in Jeans and behave cultured but that is not the world I request him to visit Kalasipalya while heading to his Mysore Infosys via Mysore Road.

  9. Says:

    Business men must not have a place in popular democratic polity. Any one with Billions of Dollars in their kitty must not have a say in catapulting to this place of power. India is the last destination for something of this kind has to happen.

    Business men like Mallya,Praful Patel,Anil Ambani always had vested interest either directly or indirectly.

    Popular perception in India is that Business men either preach or like to be preached. Narayanmurthy falls in the category of being preached despite his age. Unfortunately he is yet to learn the lessons despite a dozen hiccups.

  10. adu haagene Says:

    NRN is not a good candidate for president’s post. But at the same time he is far better than the current president!

  11. Nastika Says:

    NRN might be a good candidate, but the post of President is a honorary post with huge perks (like staying in 4.5 acre house). Our society can find somebody else to inaugurate a function. High time the post is abolished.

    NRN instead of lobbying for this post, must lobby to get the post abolished.


  12. Goldstar Says:

    Only the Times Group and Churumuri are obsessed with NRN. The Times Group because probably NRN pays them (“paid news”) and Churumuri for God-knows-what reason. Take a break from hounding the poor man.

  13. nilesh Says:

    we kannadigas are crabs in a bucket

  14. Vijay Says:

    All these so called entrepreneurs behave disgracefully seeking politicians in power. Empress Sonia was an example. I would suggest, he spend his money on charity causes, helping the poor kids to get education and not toil in clothing sweat shops.

    Elect an artist as the president. After all, Indian presidents these days have no power.

  15. Tarlemaga Says:

    NRN should retain his newly fond status of “CHAIRUMANU EMIRATASU” at Infosys(Whatever than means). Any change in his designation must be left to the Corporate entourage.

    He must be the most ambitious person next to LK Advani of BJP in India. After Advani for PM, NRN for President.

    Unfortunately India has become a lucrative destination for Post retirement profession.

  16. Satya Says:

    Wonder why we Kannadigas oppose a Kannadiga becoming President of India. ‘Crabs in bucket’, rightly said. We fail to learn from our neighbouring Tamil Nadu.

  17. adu haagene Says:

    @Satya: It’s probabaly because for Kannadigas, he is just a good enterpeneur/businessman and at the same time NRN did not do/show/prove his Kannadiga identity anytime (in public).
    Situation being this, it does not matter for Kannada people whether he becomes president or not. I don’t think any Kannadiga is pulling his legs; they are just expressing their angst that he never made them feel he is a proud Kannadiga!

  18. JambhuDweepa Says:

    Useless ornamental posts like the President, Vice president should be abolished. Enormous waste of money and resource, maintaining these dumb guys and their retinue and their bhavans. The current president would rank as the most dumbest and crappest one of all time

  19. RohaPoha Says:

    Now that this blog’s annual refrain —- Bashing NRN — is back,
    Here’s digging up something from the past…..

    ChatRGee Says:

    12 April 2007 at 8:41 pm
    I am from West Bengal. My only knowledge of Mysore went slightly beyond “Mysore Dosa” and as being a princely state. In this awareness I fairly represented an average person from the states to the North/East/West of Maharashtra. Awareness about Bangalore was much better. And this is how it was until the mid-90s. Today there doesn’t go a day without a direct or indirect mention of these places. Mysore isn’t anymore that nondescript town. I do not have a choice to be in ignorance. And in this, once again, I fairly represent the regions and people I did earlier. If at all there is one reason for this change, it is Mr.Narayana Murthy.
    I can tell you people this with confidence, if we had one such person, quarter as good (may be even an eighth) as Mr.Murthy, today we would be a different state and would be rooting for him to be in the center. Any time we hear a non-Bengali speak of Ray, our chests swell with pride. We got Ganguly back in the team in spite of all his flaws. Rather, in spite of a gleam of goodness. That’s how hungry we are for good people. In spite of all our shortcomings we can recognise brilliance.
    This is Karnataka’s chance to feel that swell.
    Rarely do we see people of Mr.Murthy’s caliber in today’s India. The goodness he brings overwhelms all his little flaws. His biggest flaw is that he is principled to a fault. And his unimaginable success could have clouded the humility. We humans are basically flawed. When the little, nondescript, substance-less beings on this board can make so much noise and opine without a hint of conscience, why hold Mr.Murthy to godly standards?
    Move on, guys….. We, the rest of India, need people like him.
    Do not be “Kupa Mondoks”!
    For once, look beyond the parochial lines of state, caste and sub-caste and recognise DECENCY and give it a chance.
    Then you would be truly respecting our national anthem that Tagore wrote

  20. naren Says:

    NRN smacks of capitalism,dishonour to national anthem,disrespects spirituality and its followers and finally has built a landbank for Infosys taking it away from farmers by paying them poor compensation.An ideal presidential candidate?OMG! NO we do not want to sell ourselves to NRN gimmicks.
    How has mysore economy benefitted for giving away its land.Infosys has its own helipad,hostels,food courts in its self sufficient campus.All contracts including janitor and laundry are not from mysore but given to those who give commission to their officers!

  21. Dr ramesh Says:

    When mayawati inagurated 650 cr park entire country condemned her for misplaced priorities , but when infosys built its palatial centre in mysore it was hailed as greatness , this is casteism at its worst.

  22. Shreekar Says:


    Mayawati’s park was built with money belonging to and meant for benefiting the public. Infosys built its Leadership Institute in Mysore from its own money. Secondly, the Institute will benefit in training thousands of future leaders.

  23. Nodunodu Says:

    You could judge people by the institutions they build. Infosys is getting whistle-blown increasingly. OK, let us reserve judgement as the court case is still not settled.

    How about all the other Global Indians that Murthy cultivated ? How many of them are clean ? (And don’t give me the relatvistic ethics of how many Indians are clean, or how many humans are clean). What is Murthy’s conviction and judgement of people and character ?

    From this source: I see that Murthy has been a “friend of Rajat Gupta for 8 years” and eulogized him heavily:

    “… Says N.R. Narayana Murthy, Chairman, Infosys Technologies, and a friend of Gupta for about eight years now: “I have often compared Rajat to Jawahar Lal Nehru simply because, in contemporary India, I don’t know of any other individual who has set up two world-class institutions.”

    You can also judge people by the connections they cultivate. In the “paid news” connection, there was R. Sundar former CEO of former Times Business Solutions Ltd, he and Murthy come together in a Singapore organization where also interestingly Sharad Pawar, Ashok Chavan, and Abhishek Singhvi congregate. Sources or etc Enough said, Murthy is not my kind of candidate !

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