How many sheets does it take to cover an ex-CM?

Once upon a time, last week, B.S. Yediyurappa used to furiously wave a “V” sign at anything and anybody with the most manufactured grin on his face. A week is a long time in politics; three days even longer. Today, as he is ferried horizontally from hospital to hospital—at the advice of pliant doctors—in a crude attempt to avoid the ignominy of a stay in jail, policemen (and other factotums) use hospital bedspreads to prevent photographers from capturing the former chief minister’s pretty face for posterity, a privilege not available to lesser mortals.

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News 

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26 Responses to “How many sheets does it take to cover an ex-CM?”

  1. Hanumae Gowda Says:

    Thanks to the pressure on the state judiciary and police from his funkies, puppets and cronies in power, the arrogant crook has for now successfully avoided the press and also the Prappana Agrahara jail but we all know and believe that such acts will only aggravate his own case!

    Our true guardians like special Lokayukta court judge N.K. Sudhindra Rao, Justice BV Pinto and team will surely analyze the multiple bail pleas. We pray and hope justice will be served and the corrupt punished ruthlessly.

    Meanwhile, the likes of Raghavendra, BY Vijayendra, son-in-law R Sohan Kumar and the other Reddy and Gowda brothers/clan comfortably wait for their turn!

  2. Nitin K S Says:

    Crying shame..this man really is. Cringe-worthy drama that would take some beating,

  3. Nastika Says:

    Do you need any more proof that he is depressed ;)

    This is best photo of Yeddy published by Churumuri – a leader trying to hide his face…

  4. T Azeez Luthfullah Says:

    Shame! Shame on the party with a difference. Shame on the eternal yatri fighting a lonely, dubious fight against corruption.

    When Modi breached the solemn principle of good governance (ie Raj Dharma) the statesman in Atal Bihari Vajpayee lamented : ‘With what face I could go to foreign countries?’

    Now a time has come when one of his own does not have a face to face his own countrymen. What a pity! What a tragedy!

  5. Yogesh Devaraj Says:

    What was the need to hide B S Yedyurappa under hospital bed-sheets. What they were trying to hide ? His face or an unknown disease or a disease which they made up to get admitted to the hospital ?

    Media is doing it’s work of covering the news. People advising BSY have gone insane. While trying to hide something they blew it up the whole thing. Poor (if not disaster) media management since the lokayukta arrest warrant was issued.

    What made BSY popular among the masses is his proximity with people be it in good times or bad and the advisers (media managers) failed to understand this simple fact.

  6. M Says:

    It would have been nice if they had used white bed-sheet instead of the green one.

  7. Satya Says:

    Next time, he may emulate Baba Ramdev and try to avoid the media glare in a lady’s dress. Will wait for that scene!

  8. sanjeeva Says:

    It is unfortunate not on the part of people who hide behind it, but we the people who have to witness such shameless scenes.

  9. Kumar Says:

    In our country, people like Murugan (Rajiv Gandhi killer), Ajmal Kasab and Afzal Guru for whose offence is proved beyond doubt, people ask for pardon and even state assemblies pass clemency resolution.
    And you people never protest about this and your silence only encourages these anti-nationals.

    But, Yedyurappa is still not proved guilty. The Lokayukta court is yet to take up investigation and legal proceedings are yet to start.
    Even before that, the media and all you people are acting as if, he has to be hanged immediately!

    Your writing would have carried some meaning, if you had written it after Yedyurappa’s guilt is proved and court has sentenced him.
    Till that time, he is just an accused and you don’t have any right to make such false offenses.

  10. twistleton Says:

    Pluck seems to be in short supply, nature has to restock.

  11. Pavithra R Says:


    Are you the shameless, astrology-obessed crook’s son-in-law RN Sohan Kumar or BY Raghavendra or BY Vijendra and Renukacharya?

  12. Suresh Says:

    The BJP’s #1 liability called Yeddyurappa, who continues to be an active party member, has so far barely spent any time in jail, after the 7 day judicial custody decision.

    Yeddi was in jail for barely 6 hours and then moved soon after to a Govt hospital for 3 days, only to be moved to another hospital. First it was chest-pain, later it was back-pain and then so-called depression. While his cronies now claim that Yeddi actually wants to go back to the jail for a few hours to keep the judiciary happy, the latest news is that he is suffering from ‘acute constipation’ and will be admitted to the VVIP ward at Bowring Hospital.

    Facing mounting criticism for the earlier farce with the state police hiding Yeddi from the press and cameras with green hospital linen, this time, Yeddi’s loyal followers led by CM Sadananda Gowda, Mining Sommana, Nurse Renukacharaya, Blade Nandish Reddy, Shoba Akka, Mega Estate Yogeshwar and others have instructed the police to ensure a Burka-clad VVIP patient is allowed in thro’ the back door of Bowring Hospital, the back entrance being right next to the public urinal.

  13. harkol Says:

    I wonder, why they can’t simply mask his face instead of all these bed sheets!! That’s what they do in most other cases anyway!

    I hope Courts take a strong action against all the decision makers who allowed people to visit him under custody, as well as on the Jail authorities who shifted him to hospital under false pretense.

    Just as our politicos need shock treatment to change their behavior, our police and govt. doctors need a taste of penalties for false reports & illegal reliefs provided to criminals.

  14. venky Says:

    shame on you Kumar. wont be surprised if you were one of the people holding up the sheet for him to hide his face. the very fact that a former Chief Minister has to hide from his people is embarassing to the core, and here we have thick-skinned jokers like you jumping in to protect him. did he throw you a few rupees while he passed by?

  15. CJ Says:

    Thanks to a few retarded who will continue to be fooled, our state is now on par with Bihar while the massive power-cuts spare only the VVIPs and Politicians in Dollar Colony, Sadishvanagar, Lavelle Road.,.etc

    Poor Yeddi does not throw a few rupees as he walks by…
    He only throws bundles of 1000 Rupee notes!

    Apparently his astrologer advised him that donating bundles of higher domination will help his kith and kin prosper more, acquire more illegal land and bring in good luck!
    Newspapers carried photos of him doing so most recently in Koppal but sadly, nothing happened!

    Let us hope the learned judge puts him behind bars for a few months at least while his family’s illegal fortunes and premium assets will never ever be recovered.

  16. Kumar Says:

    Mr Venky,

    Somebody puts a case on you (this somebody can be your wife also, with whom you had a fight and files a false dowry case) and court orders your arrest without any investigation.
    And your photograph comes in tomorrows newspapers…..!!
    How do you feel when you go back?
    It will take years for courts to decide if you have done wrong.
    Just because you went to jail, all your friends, neighbors, relatives start calling you thief or dowry taker, etc.

    This is exactly the situation where Yedyurappa is in.
    Law is same for everybody.

    I am not a Yedyurappa supporter.
    I felt very sad on the day he became CM and started so-called “Operation Kamala”.

    I am just asking everybody to wait till the guilt is proved.

  17. sanjeeva Says:

    @Kumar, I don’t think people are trying to declare Ex-CM guilty and drawing up the guns to shoot him. The point is when he is not guilty, he should boldly face it and let the law take its course. In such a case, even the opponents would not make fun of him. For a former-CM, an elderly person to travel in ambulances from one place to another and people trying to hide him with hospital bed sheets is somewhat shameful thing. Such acts would give enough fodder to opposite parties, particularly when their partymen/woman are in the cells.

  18. the colonel Says:

    how about a ‘ Guy Fawkes’ Mask. It Has a Beautifull smile. Sorry Guy Fawkes is a Foreigner.

    Yedi has beaten Fauja Singh.

    Run Yedi Run


  19. Krishna Says:


    While our state is literally, politically & morally under total darkness, enlightened folks like you are the shining stars!
    Kannadigas are indeed proud of you.
    Btw, are you Yeddi’s lingayat driver who gets slapped often or are you Yeddi clan’s real estate agent?
    Considering the example you gave, you probably are the lawyer who defended your imost nnocent client when his wife disseapeared into a domestic water sump!
    Keep it going while Yeddi, who has made everyone not only suffer but hang their head in shame & utter disgust, has the last laugh,

  20. the colonel Says:


    really kumar, we are all morons here, and shooken up, really shooken up by your eminent advice.

    now may we know what do we do for yedi’s acute constipation.

    give an enema to you.

  21. Bhasma Says:

    According to latest updates on Twitter, Yeddi has completed all medical tests & is now back in his special VVIP cell that now has AC & no power cuts. While the obese seniors  in Nagpur HQ contemplate the timing of his sacking from ‘the party with a difference’, as usual Yeddi the most canny: is one step ahead!
    The astrologers were right about his good health & his sons have now gifted another 3 elephants & 8 crores in cash to the noted Tumkur mutt! No wonder, final medical reports say that even the last remaining Parkinsons Disease test turned negative!
    According to TV9, latest stealth news say that Shoba Akka has rushed back from her 180 acres coorg coffe estate to seek bail, freedom & renewed power!

    Well, in all fairness, if Raja, Kalmadi or Kannimozi can be in a normal criminal cell for months & hopefully years, the once upon a time, southern STAR of BJP deserves to be inside a hardcore criminal’s cel for decades.

    They say black money influences the judiciary & executive in our state.
    So in the final analysis, Yeddi, family & cronies ‘hard-earned black money running into 1000s of crores, will always be useful indeed!

    It is sincerely hoped that the current judicial case will indeed be a landmark judgement for all politicians of all parties in India.

  22. Dr ramesh Says:

    Bjp rss has two gems, invaluable yeddy and gaddy (gadkari) . These two symbolise rss-bjp ideology. Yeddy had full backing of gadkari and rss during his scamful tenure, what will anna, kejriwal, bedi say about this ? Bhagwat ge gottu

  23. RowdyRanga Says:

    I guess this would be a golden oppurtunity to put yeddi & HDK in the same cell .

  24. naren Says:

    Yeddi- bail should not be given on the lines of amar singh,Kalmadi,Kanimozhi,raja…..and the loss to the exchequer due to his actions should be recovered without any further delay out of his illgotten tainted stock of money
    Kumaraswamy should be first disqualified as MP due to bigamy-arrested for his misdeeds as CM-loss to the exchequer to be recovered.
    The state government and the prison/hospital administrators should be punished for their hospitality to yeddy(when he is supposed to be in the judicial custody.

    Somebody please throw a slipper at these guys and show our indignation and anger!

    All the prisoners in Parapana agrahara should protest to the superintendent for the preferential treatment accorded to yeddy & co

  25. Satisitician Says:

    Next in Line: Ashok, Yogeshwar, Murugesh Nirani. And outside Karnataka it is Modi who will face the wrath of the courts – too many leads are catching up with him.

    RSS and BJP High Command – thank you for making BJP the wonderful party with a difference. You have not expelled even a single Criminal Minister from your party. Not Sampangi, Not Reddy, Not Yeddi, Not Krishniah Chetty, Not Katta, Not Ramachandra Gowda

    It only shows that you can be either seriously accused or charged with genocide (Modi) murder, (Like Shibu Soren and Navjoth Singh Sidhu) charged with rape, (Hallapa) charged with the worst kind of corruption – but BJP will look the other way.

    Churumuri netizens, If you know of anybody who is an aspiring criminal of any kind, and wants to enter politics, ask him or her to please go to BJP office, they will warmly hug this prospective criminal and make you a minister.

  26. Bhattaru Says:

    Despite some genuine, fearless and honest souls among the judiciary, in the current structure and political environ we have in India, although arrest and refusal of bail despite the political pressure, is commendable indeed, nothing will ultimately happen to all these absolutely crooked so-called ‘public servants’, whose sole aim is to swiftly get obscenely rich and focus on their kith, kin and cronies.

    While Advani is blissfully blowing his trumpet about fighting corruption, the current cabinet is literally a rogue’s and dacoit’s gallery, with ministers and MLA’s competing with each other over the shocking size of their loot and ever growing scams.

    The only major difference is that all these scams (obviously tip of a giant iceberg) have made a few ‘well-connected’, legal professionals with a gift-of-the-gab, prosper overnight, for example Uday Lalith and Ram Jethmalani.

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