Another reason why South is ahead of the North?*

From all of us, to all of you, a very happy and safe Deepavali. Wherever you are, may the lights usher in peace, happiness, health, laughter, and just a little bit more prosperity. Hopefully, someday, the rest of India will make the effort to understand why we always celebrate every festival one day before them. Wink, wink.

(*churumuri cannot guarantee that this joke will have the same effect on everyone!)

Photographs: Commercial Street in Bangalore, all decked up on Deepavali eve, on Monday (Karnataka Photo News)

2010: Lights, camera, action and a very happy Deepavali

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12 Responses to “Another reason why South is ahead of the North?*”

  1. onlymohan Says:

    Hopefully, someday, the rest of India will make the effort to understand why we always celebrate every festival one day before them. Wink, wink.

    ….U mean sending an SMS greeting, a day in advance, to save on SMS charges on Festival days?

  2. austere Says:

    Happy Dhanteras, kali chaudas and Diwali.
    And happy New Year.

  3. Law of Omerta Says:

    Dear Churmuri, frankly speaking, i consider the title of this post to be racist. It hurts the feeling of a north indians to be blamed for being behind the South. :-)

    As far as I can understand North is poor because, it is North that faces all the unruly neighbors like Pakistan, China, Bangladesh. There is infiltration related problems, etc.

    The South has it easy, as they are only surrounded by peaceful sea on all sides.

  4. rag Says:

    what’s joke about headline.
    Highly corrupt.
    Highly complex

    ‘A’head without tails.

  5. Jayashree Says:

    Bangalore has so much excess electricity at the cost of —–?

  6. Faldo Says:

    Wishing Churumuri and its readers a happy Diwali!
    I think you have tried to stay true to your tag-line by trying to mix something spicy on an occasion that demands sweets!
    And yes, the joke (if intended) does not seem to have made much of an effect as it has gone over all our heads!

  7. the colonel Says:

    Comm St, Brig Rd are bangalore.

    Majestic is bengaluru

  8. hottige Says:

    Please tick on Kannada on language additions. Google is getting transparent nowadays . till now it gave no reasons for non addition of kannada for google news and adsense for any indian languages.

  9. prasad Says:

    a dumb post

  10. mona Says:

    Lord Rama, on his way from Lanka to Ayodhya, reached South India first. Travelling to North India took him another day.
    So… :)

  11. Jayashree Says:

  12. mounaprasad Says:


    South Indian’s celebrate Diwali for entirely different reasons than Northies…viz., Krishna Killing Narakasura and releasing 16000 women who were in captivity and arrival of Bali once a year to visit his subjects on earth. Bali was banished to the nether world by Vishnu in Vaamana Avatar. Hope this helps to set things straight…:)

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