CHURUMURI POLL: Advani yatra in Karnataka?

Lalchand Kishinchand Advani‘s near-comical anti-corruption yatra—with the HUDCO scam-tainted Ananth Kumar (whose links with the 2G scam tainted Niira Radia are well known) as the navigator—has predictably taken a farcical turn even before the rath rolls into BJP’s gateway to the south, Karnataka.

With minister after dishonourable minister, led by the former chief minister B.S. Yediyurappa, warming cell after VIP cell at the central jail in Parapanna Agrahara, and more on the way, the hypocricy of Advani’s “antim yatra” is there for all to see: should he or shouldn’t he visit “India’s most corrupt State“?

Orignally, the plan was that the “former future prime minister of India” would bravely wade through the “mine”field that the Reddy brothers have rendered of Karnataka. Then, as the noose tightened around several BJP ministerial necks over the denotification scam, it was amended.

Yes, he would come to the State, but only to the coastal parts, not Bangalore, where Yediyurappa & Co are spending a dark Deepavali and Dhanteras. But, before the world could digest the flip-flop, it was clarified that Advani would stick to his original gameplan and visit the State capital on October 30, as the Ananth Kumar faction, which reportedly wants Yediyurappa expelled, wanted.

Before Team Advani changes its mind again, here’s the question: should Advani visit Karnataka? With what face can he rant against corruption when a BJP-ruled State can very nearly be run from the central jail, or when his own navigator is not beyond scrutiny? And if he does make it to Karnataka, what should be Advani’s sentinel message?

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6 Responses to “CHURUMURI POLL: Advani yatra in Karnataka?”

  1. Law of Omerta Says:

    Advani ji’s yatras always achieve unintended results.

    His first yatra did not lead to construction of temple.

    His second yatra wiped off the shine from India’s economy.

    His third yatra, the present one, will be completely ineffective in curbing corruption.

    Instead of wasting time on yatras he should concentrate on devising policies that can improve the state of governance.

    But despite his myriad failures, i like Advani ji. I like him primarily because he is the author of a wonderful biography – My Country, My Life. Only a real Indian like him could have written such an evocative biography.

  2. Shreekar Says:

    Curious to know the source of funds for Advaniji’s yatra.

    Is Ananthkumar financing it from the gains in Hudco scam?

  3. Jay Says:

    Who gives a Rat’s a$$ on where the yatra goes!!

    Politicians too should have a retirement age. I am sick of seeing this old f@rt trying to get into the limelight by his old failed antics over and over again. The truth is that the BJP too is fed up with this dude’s childish acts and wish he would sit at home and give the young and efficient party members a chance.

  4. Vasanth Says:

    This yatra is a mockery. Advani has lost moral right to organize and lead anti-corruption yatra. BJP is full of thugs. They just want to come to power to loot our country. This has happened in NDA and now we are witnessing what is happening in Karnataka.
    People of this country should be more cautious.

  5. Satisitician Says:

    Kalmadi was sacked from Congress, whilst all the corrupt and criminals in BJP – are hailed as heroes like BSY and Reddy and gang. Till today, they have not been expelled from the party.

  6. Simple Says:

    When opposition raised BSY’s corrupt deals, BJP said there is no proof

    When media showed proof with papers, BJP said no statutory authority has indicted BSY.

    When a statutory authority like the Governor gave sanction, BJP said Governor is biased and no court has made out any case against BSY.

    When the court accepted petitions against BSY’s denotification , BJP said there is no FIR

    When FIR was filed against BSY, BJP said there is no chargesheet.

    When BSY was chargesheeted, BJP said he has not been arrested, so he is innocent.

    When BSY was sent to jail, BJP says it is a mere accusation and the matter is subjudice and his corruption is not proved.

    So why take out a rath yatra, when Raja’s or Kalmadi’s matter is subjudice and their corruption is not yet proved?

    This is the hilarious hypocrisy of this party, brazenly shameless and without any morals, none whatsoever.
    Which is why Congress is much better. They sacked Kalmadi from Congress, the moment he went to jail.

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