Because, well, the s**t has hit the ceiling fan

The BJP’s disgraceful tandav with democracy in Karnataka is coming full circle in Bellary. It was from the mineral-rich district that the party’s ascent towards power and the State’s descent towards anarchy began in 1999, when Sushma Swaraj rode on the shoulders of the Reddy brothers to take on Sonia Gandhi in the Lok Sabha elections.

A week is a long time in politics; a decade is an eon.

Now Sushma Swaraj has washed her hands off the Reddy brothers. One of the Reddy brothers is in jail. B.S. Yediyurappa, who owed his chief ministerial position to the brothers’ “purchasing power”, has just about managed to come out of it here. The rape of the mines has come to a pause after the Lok Ayukta report.

And the Reddy brothers have declared revolt.

Their Man Friday, B. Sriramulu, who quit the legislative assembly after new chief minister D.V. Sadananda Gowda would not accommodate him in the cabinet, has quit the BJP, necessitating a poll. And he is now standing as an independent candidate, ranged against the very party he and his benefactors propped up with their dirty money.

As if to show that the ore has hit the roof, the Election Commission has allotted Sriramulu a ceiling fan as his election symbol. Which is held up like an exhaust fan behind him by an aide as he addresses a street-corner meeting, on Monday. Meanwhile, as Yediyurappa prepares to campaign against him (and the Reddy brothers), the tandav continues.

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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12 Responses to “Because, well, the s**t has hit the ceiling fan”

  1. cp Says:

    it is “wash one’s hands of”, not “wash one’s hands off”.

  2. pdk Says:

    B..but they told me this was a party with a difference. I’m totally confused now.

  3. Brahmanyan Says:

    Good for BJP to learn a lesson. We need electoral reforms to prohibit frivilous resignations for personal gains at the expense of tax payer’s money.

  4. chanakya Says:

    Now, HD Kumaraswamy is supporting Sriramulu. What a nasty characters are these Devegowda and his sons!! Once, great great Devegowda himself has accused Sriramuly of destroying Bellary by joining hands with Reddy brothers. Now shamelessly the Gowda family is backing Sriramulu.
    Intention is clear; break BJP and try to regain power, make Kummy CM.

    And Devegowda is shedding crocodile tears in NICE road. Do this father-son duo think Karanataka people as fools? Should we accept all their dramas?? Their hunger for power is clearly visible…

  5. 3kha Says:

    cp: You are wrong. “off” is correct.

  6. Deepak Says:

    BJP baiter Churumuri, why dont you talk of the height of unprincipled and unethical policies – the Gowda gang support the Reddy gang?!?

  7. Ramdass Y V Says:

    Fact is you have to be totally unprincipled, criminal minded and absolutely corrupt to even try going into politics in India today. Here it is just a competition about who can scam more money during his few years in power.
    Talking about BJP or JD is nothing but two sides of the same coin. Cong is at another plateau of “achievements” given the national and international reach of their tentacles.

  8. cp Says:


    “Wash one’s hands of” is the correct expression. From Pontius Pilate washing his hands with water after condemning Christ.


    Also, @3kha, identify the correct expression in each:
    1) just deserts, just desserts
    2) besides the point, beside the point

    The correct answers will surprise you.

  9. Nag Says:

    Your title looks like a derogatory to certain section of society

  10. Satya Says:

    Thank you Mr. Santosh Hegde for bringing about this change!

  11. sunil Says:


    Politics is all about that.
    I guess u have the name chanakya and I bet u know better than others do.

  12. Statistician Says:

    Lol. Churumuri, I love the way you write.

    Today Mr. Yeddi has said in papers that Reddy brothers are goondas. So why hasn’t the party expelled such goondas?

    In other words, you can be a scamster, (Like Katta) goonda, (like Reddy’s )rapist,(like halappa), sex addict like Renukacharya – and you will all get the full hearted support of BJP. Advani should immediately resign from BJP for belonging to a party of such low despicable humans.

    Congress sacked Kalmadi when he went to jail. BJP garlands and bursts crackers for their tainted leaders.


    That is the difference between BJP and Cong.

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