What happens when Kolaveri Di meets Sharad ji

It’s been a strange, surreal week, bookended by a third-rate Tamil song with nursery school lyrics going viral because the non-singer, non-actor who features in it is married to, well, Rajnikanth‘s daughter—and an agriculture minister who has been playing cricket with the country’s farmers and consumers for so long that no one would have minded him being slapped by a more educated, better placed sardar than an autodriver called Harvinder Singh.

Mercifully, someone has found a way out of the astounding piety and political correctness that has greeted Dhanush‘s “Kolaveri Di” and Sharad Pawar‘s ignominy to make sense of the two landmark events of the 47th week of the year of the lord 2011.

Link via Hari Shenoy

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60 Responses to “What happens when Kolaveri Di meets Sharad ji”

  1. vk Says:

    i’m sorry to go off on a tangent here, and i’m no expert on music, but i’d like to suggest that either (a) your tastes in acting deviate significantly from my own or (b) you’re taking the convenient way out by retailing information that you have no real grasp of. i’m inclined to believe the latter, which might only be my own narcissism, but if it’s b, i think it’s bad journalism, and not what i’d expect from churumuri.

    i take exception to your casting dhanush as a ‘non-actor’ primarily. i suggest that you catch either aadukalam or pudhuppettai, or even the many many masala movies he’s acted in before you make judgement. i think he’s one of the better actors in the south at the moment, and merely because he’s rajnikanth’s son-in-law, making him an easy target is merely taking the easy way out.

    of course, i might be wrong, and you may have seen these and still choose to disagree. but even then, i think it’s koncham knee-jerk to bandy about such words as “surreal”, or to suggest that the entire phenomenon of ‘..kolaveri..’ is merely due to star-struck audiences. for the record, i don’t think it’s ‘third-rate’, ‘nursery school’ or anything of the sort. nor am either a tamil or a rajnikanth aficionado.



  2. adarsh Says:

    This is due to big role played by media by showing anything related to Bachchan/bollywood or Rajini/tamil has to be a hit. from youtube hits to number of minutes dhanush took to write this everything becomes national headline while the same doesn’t apply to other artists.
    They get paid news and create stars and make news…. This entire media buzz is targeting our land unless we retaliate its evil intentions.

    Katju was right in calling for strict regulations….

  3. the colonel Says:

    Tortoise Churumuri:

    Kolaveri Di Has crossed 6 million. third rate????????????????

    Harvinder Singh: He is the toast of the country.

    So all of U fulminate now.

  4. the colonel Says:

    And watch the second guards expression. He is loving it, man

  5. Alok Prasanna Kumar (@alokpi) Says:

    As VK has already put it, snobbery must not be confused with genuine taste.

    Unfortunately this post has done that. To dismiss something popular as being obviously incapable of having any merit simply because it is popular is mere snobbery – an artificial attempt at proving oneself better than fellow being by just exercising the ability to sneer.

    The good is not always the enemy of the popular.

    I am pretty certain 90% of the people who first watched this video had no inkling that Dhanush was in any way related to Rajinikanth.

  6. hihilh Says:

    this “non actor” is a national award winner.

  7. Yogendra Bhatt Says:

    “third-rate Tamil song with nursery school lyrics”

    @adarsh “This is due to big role played by media by showing anything related to Bachchan/bollywood or Rajini/tamil has to be a hit.”

    Both of you are nuts and also tone-deaf. When I first heard this song, I had no idea about the Rajni connection. The song hooked me during the first listen itself and I replayed it for almost 2 hours.. The song went viral because it had similar effect on everyone who heard it and not because of marketing or media publicity. The media reported the song many days after it had already become a global hit.

  8. shooting star Says:

    a good slap..everyone’s loving it..even pawar’s guards!!!

  9. the colonel Says:

    dear vk i couldn’t have said it better.

    the tune is simple, very simple.

    and simplicity is a sure sign of genius. everything negative thing said, is a sign of total crap in the cranium.

    and Harvinder Singh has been rightly ack. and feted, he has done a simple thing which all the cowards cannot do and who then fart all over the place with their comments. They know him so well as to call him “lowly”.

    sreesanth our bowler was the first to write to pawar and state ” i can understand what you feel, i know what a SARDAR’s slap means.” The emphasis is rightly on SARDAR.

    the other sardar manmohanG was reminded :”that 26/11 was (i.e today) was an ATTACK, and what pawar got was a SLAP. when his comments were aired.

    And the best came from Anna “….only one……”

  10. Goldstar Says:

    Churumuri proves to be part of the media which Katju commented about, writing unreasearched bull-s**t article. The Kolaveri song was viral well before the MSM caught on to it. ( Below the youtube video there are statistics provided by Google on the viewership… Check this to when the video went viral and how). As other commenters have also pointed out, Dhanush being the son-in-law of Rajni is probably not known to 90% of the people.

  11. adarsh Says:

    the problem with people like the colonel and others is they go with the youtube hits.
    even silk smitha and anything profane and adulterous would have got a million hits.
    rigging youtube video under promotion banner is known to tamil software guys who are obsessive with whitu skinnu.

    kolaveri involving anyone other than rajini’s daughter and son-in-law wouldn’t have been so popular.

    most of the hit songs of kannada will have negative comments on youtube because we are stuck between mumbai and chennai
    and they both are corrupt industries. one groomed by LTTE and other with Dawood.

    but still there is none to beat Rajkumar – the supremo actor singer par excellence. his one dialogue is enough to beat the whole film history of india. .

  12. Peace Says:

    I laud churumuri for calling a spade a spade — third-rate Tamil song with nursery school lyrics going viral because the non-singer, non-actor who features in it is married to, well, Rajnikanth‘s daughter –. The song is partly catchy, I’ll accord that, but is third rate musically. I had no idea who the people involved were and what their relationship to the aging, ailing, needs to retire but won’t retire, heavily made up, philanthropic, (should have been former but is still current) super star were.

    But, sans the half way catchy tune, it has nothing in it lyrics or music wise. About going viral. Sure, Rajni saar scratching his behind will go viral. Want to take a bet?

  13. Vitlan Potli Says:

    Its official chururmuri is in cahoots with the Tamil film/music industry. Never knew about this KoLageri song(whatever), thanks I do now. This is more of a surreptitious promotion in the guise of ridicule.

    I look forward for the private treaty details either here or on ‘san serif’.

    btw more power to harvinder singh’s arm. it just as well might be the cure for whatever disease that ails sharad pawar’s cheek; you never know.

  14. Yella Ok Says:

    all i can say is that there is some marketing genius behind this “viral” thing. and to that marketing genius – kudos. as far as the song is concerned – there is a saying that captures it quite will “jana maruLo, jaathre maruLo”. we should leave it at that and leave those who want to enjoy, well, enjoy it.

  15. Prabhurabhu Says:

    Seriously Churumuri? You think the song has gone viral because it is in someways connected to Rajnikanth? And Dhanush to be non-actor?

    I have respect for Churumuri but you do occasionally succumb to prejudices. If this were to be a Kannada song wouldn’t you have dissected as to how a simple, lovelorn song went viral ?

  16. Doddi Buddi Says:

    So this uncouth sounding ditty went viral and all that shit! The sheer chutzpah of Tamil Nation! Wow I got viral flu just watching this video. At first glance I thought this was some Harlem brutha who was somehow taught some Tamil mouthing this awful song. BTW I would cringe if it were sung in Kannada!

    Colonel, there is no accounting for taste! LOL

  17. kolaveri di Says:

    ha ha nice remix version :)

  18. Dev Says:

    It’s a sign of our times that the only quality looked for in a song is the number of ‘likes’ or views it attracts. The Kolaveri song is average; it’s hummable yes, but nothing that merits the attention it has deserved. Of course, when the singer and his co-star and their Bollywood friends have a following of millions, how difficult is it to attract 7 million views?
    In this context, I’m wondering how the Malayalam ‘sensation’ Santhosh Pandit escaped national attention. This non-singer non-actor has produced and directed his own movie whose songs turned viral and is now making him crores. Obviously, people are looking at it for the freak value and entertainment, and nobody but Pandit himself will argue that it is art.

  19. V George Says:

    I admire Churumuri, but for this time, you have taken a prejudiced perspective.

    I am not a Tamilian, but I do love the language and some exceptional Tamil cinema. Aadukulam, Puthupettai and Kadhal Kondain are a few films you SHOULD have watched before you had spelt Dhanush as a non-actor. Rajnikanth is a great entertainer, and Dhanush is definetly not in that league, he caters to a niche audience.

    The song, yes, I admit, is wacky and just for fun. You should not take it seriously.

  20. twistleton Says:

    The world must look very small from horses that high. :D

    Why this kolaveri? Sense of humour ghas charne gaya hai kawa?

    Extreme snobbery lies exposed in the line – “…no one would have minded him being slapped by a more educated, better placed sardar than an autodriver called Harvinder Singh.”

  21. Sankaran Says:

    Third rate tamil song? are those 6 million people third rated then? Can kannada industry come up with such new experiments? Why kannada people always fumes against anything which has “Tamil” in it?

  22. Goldstar Says:

    If Rajnikanth factor was what made this song such a viral hit, then “Mayakkam Enna” should have been the biggest hit of the year ( This is a film starring Rajni’s son-in-law Dhanush ).

    Ra.One would have been THE biggest hit of all times as it had the marketing muscle of Bollywood’s biggest marketer and it also had a Rajni scene !!

  23. Satish Says:

    All your comments smack of prejudice.Obviously the song is not of Mozartesque standards.It is a catchy song with simple lyrics and no wonder it has captured the imagination of the entire nation.Before you label Dhanush a ” non actor”, I suggest you look at the quality of actors churned out by the Kannada industry post the Dr.Raj/Shankar Nag era.

  24. El Presidente Says:

    hmmmmm – do I smell something burning …..

  25. FirstReality Says:

    I can not judge the music since i am the only one that i know of who has no inclination for music. But i know that if a kannada song had a million hits, there would be million comment here hailing it.

  26. Sankaran Says:

    @ Doddi buddi,

    HuLi drakshi na guruve? Cant help, digest it. From ages its a known fact that, tamil industry delivers quality music and movies.

  27. vk Says:

    :-). this has acquired a tamil vs kannada flavour, which is rather besides the point (though i’m not sure it didn’t have anything to do with churumuri’s initial reaction… only the authors can tell?)

    the thing though is that over the past 10 years or so i’ve come to realise that my own pre-conceived notions of tamil and telugu filmdom have been completely turned on their heads. and the only reason for this is that i’ve seen tamil movies (for a rajnikanth movie, i think everyone should watch dhalapathi, and perhaps apoorva raagangal, although his role in that is tiny) and in my experience, there’s been a strain of tamil cinema that is gradually coming to be one of the best in the country. it’s possibly not your cup of tea because it’s usually about a subaltern population, and usually carries quite a bit of stylised, wushu style violence; but that doesn’t take away from the fact that the films of mysskin, gautham menon, mani ratnam, selvaraghavan and the like are Different. they don’t have the preoccupations of hindi cinema, and in an odd sort of way resemble the golden age of malayalam cinema inasmuch as they reflect stories which are believable and touch upon things that matter to the people, not glitz/glamour and naach-gaana. of course, the tropes themselves are completely different, but that’s unavoidable.

    i must submit that i know nothing at all about kannada film apart from hearing of girish karnad/kasaravalli in the papers, so i can’t really comment. but it’s not my intention to compare. i think that the dhanush you see in ‘kolaveri’ is a completely different species from the characters he inhabits, which are usually porukkis and loungers who represent the kind of film that i’m talking about. he deserves respect for that, and even if you disapprove of the song itself, i suspect that your overgeneralised, snooty disapproval on a public forum is asking for rebuttal.

  28. Rati Says:

    He is a national award winning actor.

  29. adi Says:

    “i must submit that i know nothing at all about kannada film apart from hearing of girish karnad/kasaravalli in the papers, so i can’t really comment. ”

    thats the problem – you people wont allow other films to get released anywhere how can you know about other things.
    the only thing you people know is to see themiL films , however they are.

    9 in 10 english or french or german would know about spanish, portuguese or dutch
    but there would be 9 in 10 themilians who wouldn’t know about kannada .
    themilians are easy to unite and provoke against anyone.
    first on rajiv gandhi ,and then on sri lanka and they need never know kannada even if they live in bengaluru.

    but here case is entirely opposite. if we say dont watch themil films they will start watching both films and serials to write off comments on blogs.

  30. dr ramesh Says:

    i sincerely hope churumuri has not been paid by producers of the movie for publicity. does this third rated song deserve a space on this forum? answer is no. shivanna,puneeth,darshan and even jaggesh can and have sung better. this kolaveri is strictly for kolageri drain. please stop giving space in the forum to kolaveri,nargis fhakri, poonam pandey etc, it is bad advertisement.

  31. Bejafry Says:

    didn’t you all go ga-ga over that ‘lousy’ Mungaru male? didn’t mind a Nepali actor being your neighbourhood Kannadiga girl’s heart-throb? shame on you guys and Churumuri! (by the way Kurkure is better than churmuri!) WTF this post at all and real stupid people to mention Dr.Rajkumar here! Koopa-mandookas!

  32. Manas Says:

    I hate this song…Well said Churmuri…

  33. vk Says:

    @adi. one, suggest a few, i’ll watch them if i can get a hold of them. my grasp of the language isn’t what i’d like it to be, but i’m sure i’ll learn.

    two, what you misunderstand is that my intention isn’t to drag down kannada, or claim that tamil is better, or whatever. my intention isn’t even to suggest that tamils aren’t fighter-cocks.

    ps: as i said before, i’m not a tamil. i was lucky enough to live in pondicherry for a few years, which is when i picked up tamil and a smattering of telugu, which is why i can comment to some extent on movies in those languages. that i didn’t have kannada-speaking friends isn’t my fault, but i’m sure we can correct that, right?

  34. Faldo Says:

    One cannot account for why some songs become popular while many others are not. We just need to accept it and not lose sleep over it. Perhaps this could fall in the ‘its so bad that its good’ category (no offence meant to anyone :). From my understanding this song has caught on more in the Internet and in some of the larger cities. The music director himself has mentioned that he gets more calls from Bollywood about this than from his own industry.

  35. amithpallavoormith Says:

    I applaud Churmuri for calling a spade a spade. Dhanush got the national award only because of his post nuptial connections for a film, which focused on cock fights.The storyline was hackneyed, the theme passe and the viewer seems to have a sense of deja vu and cliche after watching the movie.

    As they say power of media, which tends to focus excessively on bollywood and matters concerning the clippie turned actor. He was an utter flop in the Kannada Film Industry and went onto be venerated in TN Tinsel world, which obviously says our neighbors don’t know what is avant-garde cinema.
    Tamil cinema does well bcoz it apes Hollywood very well just like its Mumbai counterpart and also people in Periyar country are still enamoured by larger than life roles and images of actors.

  36. Anand Baradi Says:

    There are some things better left to public and individuals should not tread past it , the song may be mediocre in terms of lyrics or the music or the singing but the fact is the song is hugely popular obviously among the Tamilaham ,may be it suits their taste .

    The song hogging limelight in the national media which are based up in north is due to their myopic view

    Morons still think that people south of vindhyas speak only tamil and all are madrasi….

    There are much better songs in tamil but due credit has to be give to this too

    One should refrain from making sweeping generalization about Dhanush as being a non actor . The guy is the most versatile actor in Kollywood his facial expressions may rival to that of Navarasa nayaka Jaggesh

  37. Doddi Buddi Says:


    Read “Tamilu Talegala Naduve” and then talk to me!



    Nice one!
    What gets my attention is this ‘murderous rage’ song is sung in a pansy voice, meaningless faux jazz tunes and some morons pretending to enjoy this tune while actually listening to something else…LOL

    To all Kongas who flock Churumuri Forum: Tamil is an uncouth language, “kaatu mirandi bashe” and shit. I am merely quoting Periyar. QED.

  38. Sankaran Says:

    @ Doddi Buddi,

    Guru i have read BGL swamy’s TTN. Nothing spl in that, he has exposed few Tamil historians who have made false claims on the Dravidian language tree.

    But calling Tamil as an uncouth language is uncalled for. I dont know where periyar has uttered against Tamil. Remind you, there are many tamilians who know kannada very well. From ages, tamil people have excelled in kannada. Do u call TPK, DVG, Masti as Kongas? What about many many tamil brahmins who had mastered and served kannada?

    The present tamil generation is reluctant in learning kannada is just because of these types hatredness from hardline kannada activits.

    You call tamils as Kongas, Katpadi, uncouth language speaking people etc etc, then u can see more and more tamil in bangalore and future in Mysore too.

  39. Bejafry Says:

    failing to understand the real purpose of this post. is Churumuri’s (and KP’s) aim to give free space to ‘Dushta Bhudhis’ here who THINK their mother tongue is superior and rest all is gutter language. No wonder why Karnataka needs Goonda organizations to ‘preserve and safeguard’ their language. Such insecurity. the film industry is tax free and controls over other lang movies. and this control is over Kannadigas who would love to see good movies. Drrrr Ramesh feels Jaggesh’s bodyguard is better. Have a life, guys. Salimkumar also shared the best actor award. did he have any legecy. the jealous guys in Karnataka didn’t even have a contender. so they dont have any voice to questiion award being given to Dhanush. who else should have got? the bloody Shahrukh khan look-alike or some Kicha-Puchcha?

    kolavari is just a different beat and has caught the attention. You like it, you like it. YOu dont? you dont! Period.

    unnecessarily bringing a language angle and dragging Dr.Rajkumar etc here is uncalled for.


    and how unbecoming of Churumuri to encourage a spoof making fun of physical condition of Sharad Pawar. He may be corrupt. but making fun of his face which is result of cancer is not funny. would you also post a cartoon of Katta Naidu with his disease? shame on you guys! (and a silent curse on all those who are enjoying the cruel joke).

  40. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Read TTN carefully you will find what I quoted. BTW kongas are only DMK and ADMK types. Others excluded–I call them Tamilians I hope you understand that. If you don’t ask someone. Thanks.

    BTW it is a well-known fact that lower-class Tamils find it difficult to assimilate. The reason you mentioned for latest generation of Tamilians not learning Kannada is their problem! There are several good friends of mine who are Tamilians, who are intelligent and sensible toward issues. just the way you liked Kolaveri and you had an opinion, so did I.

    Do you know Sucheta Dalal? She too wrote on twitter she doesn’t get it about this Kolaveri shit. So live and let live. Instead you come at me with all sorts of inane logic to proclaim the imaginary greatness of this classical language, then we have to inject some reality. don’t just gloss over BGL Swamy’s TTN. Be objective. Vanakkam Saar!

  41. twistleton Says:

    SO difficult to tame parochial reflexes :D Down bitsy!

  42. dr ramesh Says:

    receiving one million or ten million hits hits will not make a bull crap stuff a master piece. it is a known fact that watching their regional language movies is an integral part of tamils and andhrites,for them quality does not matter. but the same cannot be said of kannadigas. it is important to see that no notable author or a literary work has come from tamils or andhrites in recent years compared to kannada. one rajanikath becoming one thousand rajanikanths in a second and destroying enemies is creativity for them. let them enjoy and revel in fools paradise.

  43. amithpallavoorth Says:

    I normally may not agree with your views specifically with regard to Rahul Gandi being Yuvraj of the Great Indian Empire . But I have to say that you have hit the nail on the head!

    It is sad that films seem to be only the form of expressing creativity in India when there are other means! What is sadder today is that most of Indian Cinema today belongs to the kitsch category!

    Am happy that most people in Karnataka specifically outside of the Old Mysore region are not film aficionados! Thanks to teeming millions of fans that the fomer clippie has, most South Indians characters in Hindi movies are stereotyped as curd rice eating screwballs!

  44. vk Says:

    just to get extraordinarily personal:

    i love ottappalam malayalam, i hate trivandrum malayalam (no, i’m not from ottapalam)

    i love madurai/trichy tamil, i hate madras tamil

    i love the telugu of coastal andhra, i hate the warangal/telengana version

    i have a mild preference towards maithili, and i don’t think i like bhojpuri too much (it’s my brother-in-law’s language, though… and i rather like him)

    i like mizo, i don’t think i like naga too much…

    i like mandarin more than i like cantonese.

    i like german more than i like french, which is a surprise i’m sure.

    i’m not going to comment on kannada, for fear of ruffling your esteemed feathers (knowing what battles one can’t win is part of the fight, isn’t it? :p

    these are intensely personal views based exclusively on the sound of these languages upon /my/ individual ear. i’m not commenting on the richness/literature/acculturedness of these languages, mind. i don’t understand a word of mizo, for example, and maithili is incomprehensible.

    the point i’m trying to make here is that your preference for a language is entirely personal, and you can’t generalise that to everyone. on the basis of my likes/dislikes, if i decided to disparage any other language, more fool me (and yes, i’m pointing fingers at all the kannada-parochialists above me in this, who call tamil ‘uncouth’ and ugly).

    and to suggest that some inherent flaw(?) in the tamil psyche makes them either entrenched communalists or speakers of uncouth tongues or whatever it is that justifies your intolerance and gives you that warm fuzzy feeling of superiority, is stupid (again, pointing fingers) and an insult that i find hard to stomach, on behalf of logical thought. grow up, stop taking received wisdom as such, and possibly you’ll come to realise that the world extends beyond your well.

    the reason i post this is only because the /basis/ for your distaste for the song (with a few exceptions) is based solely on these flawed premises. it’s no skin of my nose if you choose to continue on this, and i’m not planning to continue on this any further. this discussion leaves a bad taste that overrides my sense of Rightness. good bye.

  45. amithpallavoormith Says:

    Kolaveri di is no great piece of art! And I don’t think it deserves this much of discussion!

    One need not be a film critic to understand that most Tamil/Telugu Hindi cinema today is not Avant-Garde!

    What is sad is a lot of Kannada movie makers are remaking the worthless movies made in these languages in Kannada!

  46. Doddi Buddi Says:


    Well done. Thank you.

  47. anna saaru Says:

    problem with tamilians is they fight with kerala for reconstructing old dam, karnataka for kaveri and rajkumar and kannada, sril lanka for ltte and make corrupt deals with centre.
    on the other hand as pointed by @adarsh the film industries of tamil is not getting funds due to LTTE banning.
    On the other hand Dawood is giving extra money to Khan muslims in bollywood.
    see the types of movies they project as greatest movies all time-
    enthiran , bodyguard , and to beat them all RA one -karma!!

    if it was not marketing a cheap film slumdog millionaire wouldnot have won oscars and Rehman wouldn’t have uttered a sentence in Tamil at ceremony.

    ivela gimmick namage gothilva!!
    neevu madidre chamatkara naavu maadidre balatkara ….

  48. Sankaran Says:

    @ Doddi buddi,

    Criticizing a song is different than criticizing the entire language. Its our individual perception to like or dislike the song,i accept. You didn’t give a verdict on the song, but u gave a verdict on the entire language which is not needed. Can i compare kannada movie industry with kannada language? If that is the case then its a total disaster.

    I gave valid reasons on why the present generation who is migrating to KA, not learning kannada. The answer from you is what i always gets from an egoistic kannada duraabhimani who thinks whatever he does is correct. Can i refer Koopamandooka here?

    I don’t care about sucheta or whover it is. If she has tweeted bad about the song, then i can quote Amitab’s tweet. So live and let live. Reality can never be wrong and so classical tamil. I never brought tamil language discussion here, you can check my posts. Be calm first and stop burning. Namaskara guru.

  49. Sankaran Says:

    @ Anna saaru…

    Boss, Tamilnadu is in rain shadow region. Unlike KA and KL there is no particular rainy seasons. If there is any low pressure created in Bay of bengal, TN gets rain. The agriculture and for drinking purpose whole TN depends on fresh water rivers who have their births in mostly in KL and KA. If KA and KL doesn’t release water, the thickly populated districts of TN will becomes mass graveyards. I request you to leave the language hatredness and kindly check the ground reality on Mullaperiyar and Srilanka issues.

    Movies r produced by persons who has lots of connections with politics in TN. Hence you can expect lots of high budget movies, this too has reasons.Tamil population is twice than kannada speaking population and people have infinite love towards movies. Hence they try to market the movies maximum to get huge profits. In the name of marketting they use tamil language weakness factor also. I dont know about ARR’s tamil gimmicks.

    No one is blocking you to do such gimmics. Come up with good songs or bad songs whatever it is, market them properly so that it will reach people. Kannada movies and songs will also get popularized globally.

  50. amithpallavoorth Says:

    @ Sankaran

    Leave aside the language debate TN Politicians right from Rajagopalchari to JJ have been downright chauvinistic and condescending! Less said about Jaya’s antics and chauvinism during the NDA rule the better! Remember Rajaji’s comment about Kannada and even with Mullaperiyar it is TN’s politicians who are intransigent which is the reason why there is no solution to this issue in sight!

    You can’t keep quoting the leeward factor always ! You need to find a solution! TN’s politicians have to stop being stubborn and understand the needs of KA and KL instead of merely blaming them for the problem



    And I have heard enough of Sangam Tamils and Indian Tamils ! I opine people should stop pledging their support to LTTE on the basis of this! We can’t tolerate morons who keep supporting terrorist groups on the basis of language..

    I have seen so many Tamils who donno the difference between Ethnic Sri Lankan Tamils and Indian Tamils, yet still pledge their support to LTTE blindly! No generalizations but a lot of these AIDMK and DMK types when they argue their reasoning is facile and specious!

  51. dr ramesh Says:

    kannada ,kannadiga,karnataka have grown in spite of numerous obstacles in their course, predatory mindset of neighbouring states and lackadaisical atittude of all central govts till date. its a tribute to strength of kannada ethos. kannada movies are still being made,people continue to support it and a phenomenon like dr rajkumar was able to emerge amid competition from movies of six languages. thats resilience. tamil nadu does not encourage movies of other regional language,infact they are dangerously parochial crossing limits as was seen in srilanka.

  52. bejafry Says:

    @ dr. Ramesh…. Kannada movies should be forcefully screened in Tamil nadu. make good movies and world watches it. I not being a Kannadiga have watched lots of Shankar Nag, Karnad movies. Personally dont like Rajkumar. You can hate me for that. why do you people feel so oppressed, insecure and feel that the whole world is against you? if Kolaveri is bad (according to Javed Akhtar) then so is Kishorkumar’s songs!

  53. Nastika Says:

    Relax guys, if Youtube views are any indicator then Justin Bieber is the greatest singer on the planet.

    I have heard Kolaveri di. For me it sounded like a score by Harikrishna for Darshan’s tapori song. Nothing more but I don’t condemn it. Let it give joy to those who like it.

    Coming to Dr Rajkumar: Rajkumar is like Pele. But the world of football has moved on since Pele. Nobody compares Messi with Pele judge whose play is great.


  54. dr ramesh Says:

    here is a good watch for the weekend. see trailor of the next puneeth starrer , anna bond on youtube. fabulous, stylishly made. shows the giant strides taken by sandalwood. i can say confidently, ten times better than kolaveri.

  55. Doddi Buddi Says:


    You betray a clean DMK mentality and heighten that with your native mendacity! You are saying your brethren have no qualms migrating to Karnataka but will certainly be choosy about learning Kannada?!! Wow man! You are a Konga. Born and Bred! QED.


    Amith is absolutely right!

  56. Krishna Says:

    Kolveri rocks. A simple music with catchy lyrics. This guy dhanush is talented.

    Dadda buddi(Yes u read it correctly)

    You seem to have a prejudice mind set about different races of people in India. Congrats, you are fully qualified to join Ka Ra Ve.

  57. dr ramesh Says:

    Kannadigas are most tolerant linguistic community in india. Even today karnataka is sheltering and giving lives to migrants (including dangerously parochial tamils) sometimes even going to far to accomodate them. Even tibetians when in difficulty found solace in our state. Highest population of foreign student population is there in karnataka. Tamil nadu has none of these attributes. Tamils are known to be tooo very self-obsessed with themselves. Ask srilankans. U can see kamraj road in bangalore but not vishweswaraiah road in chennai. Remember long karnataka and kannadigas globalised long before any indian state could. Dvg said yellarolagondagu mankutimma.

  58. Rahul Mirchi Says:

    Well done Kannada cinema- you counter crap like Kolaveri with what seems crap like Anna Bond!

  59. Sankaran Says:


    Namaskara, nim hatra vaada madoshtu shakti nannalli illa. Bere bhashe jana kannada kaliyakke nimma kannada matadore avakasha madikodalla annodu nanna vaadha. Naanu yellu kooda tamilaru KA valase bandu kannada kaliyabaradu antha helilla. Naanu kooda obba valasegarane, ega kannada achukattagi kalitiddene. Nanna tara baro bere bhashikarige, neevu kannadigaru gulty-konga antha heyalisidare tamilaragali-telugu avaragali devaraanegu kannada kaliyalla.

    Personal abuses inda yenu prayojana illa.


    @ Dr. Ramesh,

    migrants (including dangerously parochial tamils)

    So you mean to say all hindi,telugu,malayalam etc etc speaking population of bangalore are well versed in kannada?

    Also please check the reality first before posting. In Chennai have you heard of Arya Gowda road? in Coimbatore have you heard of Range gowda street? Sringeri mutt road in RA Puram Chennai?

  60. vk Says:

    congratulations. this /was/ a discussion about one song. you’ve managed to make it a self-congratulatory tamil-bashing session. awesome!

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