Forget Congress, what about the state of BJP?

Shekhar Gupta in the Indian Express:

“Could it be that we have been so obsessed with the freeze in the UPA as to totally overlook the convulsions in the BJP?

“Over the past three weeks, the BJP has excelled itself in its own leaderless-ness, and rudderless-ness. Also, in its own ideological confusion. It’s been topped now by its totally knee-jerk opposition to FDI in retail. Having been a party of reform under Vajpayee, the BJP should have been at the forefront of pressing for not just retail FDI but other positive economic reform. On the contrary, it is using retail FDI to stall Parliament, as if another excuse was needed.

“Its comeback kid, Uma Bharti, is threatening to burn Walmart stores. It is still making noises against a national GST out of utter cussedness. Its threat to boycott P. Chidambaram in Parliament only underlines its lack of creative ideas in a political market that has exactly what a challenge the party needs: a power vacuum, an opportunity and a pent-up demand for solutions. But rather than come up with any ideas, vision documents, alternatives or solutions, it is borrowing everybody else’s nutty ideas.

“It has bought Baba Ramdev’s fantasy of bringing back “lakhs of crores” of black money. It has snatched the Left’s anti-Americanism, unthinking attacks on nuclear liability laws and instinctive opposition to all reform. That, when many of its own chief ministers are supporters of reform and are carrying out much of their own anyway.”

Cartoon: courtesy Prasad Radhakrishnan/ Mail Today

Read the full article: Self-opposition party

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24 Responses to “Forget Congress, what about the state of BJP?”

  1. the colonel Says:

    how many times do i have to repeat myself.

    1. Do Not Vote.

    2. Pressurize the EC to include our Inallianable Rights to:-


    our reps.

    3. The Right To BroadBand in our villages. i’ll cover this at a later date.

    4. Tell Mr NaryanaMurthy G to shut up on everything.

    5. Tell all politico’s we don’t need you.

    6. Have unmitigated Faith in ourselves and the Rest. more on this later.

    7. Encourage SlapGate.

  2. Venkatarama Muthuswami Says:

    Why NOT Koleveri, Koleveri, Kolevri De? (Kolevari = roughly translated, killing (or unremitting) rage).

    We need this rage to rough up all the idiots who are all cheating us for voting them to power. It is a pity we cannot organize encounters to overcome those politico-babus who eat into our daily life by unfettered corruption.

  3. Vinay Says:

    Whenever I get extremely tired of the Congress and decide to vote BJP next time, the BJP comes up with some gigantic assholism. It was the nuclear deal in 2008, and now this FDI thing.

    At least the left is loyal to its ideals, and what it believes it. But the BJP? Utterly shameless prats! For the sake of opportunism, they throw aside everything they believe in, to the winds. This is the second time they are doing this. Do these idiots think people are too stupid to notice?

  4. pdk Says:

    Instructive to see think about what is happening in the US and apply it to our situation. The choice is limited to two parties (I know, I know, but let’s ignore them since they are not very important as of now). And both parties ***in power*** pursue almost all the same policies, since they are elected by big-money from industry/business – oil, finance, military-industrial establishment. Whatever they say on the campaign trail is kept aside once in power, as exemplified by the present president. Hence the OWS movement refusing to align with any party.

    Very much like that here too. The two main ones at the national level, Congress and BJP are mostly united in their views on the major policies, liberalisation/de-regulation/privatisation, nuclear deal, FDI, kow-towing to the US etc, though they may make appropriate noises depending on if they are in the oppn or in power. Harking back a few years, the BJP opposed VAT when it was taken forward by UPA-I, thought it was the fruit of the BJP’s own previous work on it. Of course, on some insignificant things like ram temples etc they do differ, and this is played up as a differentiating element. Of course I believe the Congress is genuinely different from the BJP in aspects like secularism, pro-poor schemes etc, but on the rest of the major issues they offer very little choice.

    As the Vinay says, the left is at least loyal to its ideals.

  5. Doddi Buddi Says:

    I agree 100% with Vinay. BJP has ushered in UPA3 by their senseless opposition to progress.

    OddVani is looking more and more like a bad mythological character–like Shakuni while riding mythological transport like Rathas and shit!

  6. twistleton Says:

    No fellas,

    The Bhajapa has got it right this time. This is a very strong plank for electioneering. Though you are right when you say, it is inconsistent with their fiscal outlook. But the BJP has played the swadesi card before, for political expedition.

    The UPA has already been rendered unpopular by land acquisition. FDI must be a way of wooing the Anna Hazarians, but the losses in the rural votebank can only grow…

  7. dr ramesh Says:

    upa govt in order to shed its policy paralysis image,has taken an important decision on fdi in retail, but sufficient safeguards to protect indian interest should have been there in the proposal. only positive seems to be direct procurement of perishable food items from farmers reducing the role of middle men. this may give filip to agticultural sector. as long as gadkari,sushma swaraj ,jaitleyand naidu is at the helm of affairs in bjp, congress can have it easy,no problems for a third term with sp ,jds backing.

  8. Vinay Says:


    By the time 2013-end approaches, people will be enjoying the fruits of the new giant retailers, more and more cities and states will quietly open up to retail FDI.

    The BJP will hardly be able to milk any electoral benefit out of this.

    And that is hardly the point – shouldn’t the BJP look at the benefits of the nation instead of political gains and “votebank”? That is what everyone keeps repeating, isn’t it? So why should we tolerate it if BJP plays votebank politics instead of keeping the interests of the nation foremost?

  9. sanjeeva Says:

    @ Vinay, ‘Left is loyal to its ideals’??!! What are those ideals??!!

  10. twistleton Says:

    @ Vinay

    yeah, and then you can close your eyes, click your heels together, and say, “there’s no place like home”…and voila, you are home, rainbow and all.

    It may be saddening, but, perverse though the BJP’s opposition is, one can only hope that this brings about a much, much needed debate and churning on policy matters and other hare-brained topics :D

  11. Vinay Says:


    The left’s ideals are moronic anti-Americanism and anti-privatization, completely blind to anything else.


    There won’t be any debate, any “churning”.

  12. pdk Says:

    People were supposed to be already enjoying the fruits of the giant retailers. That was why the retail sector was opened up to organised retail a few years ago. Reliance entered saying that the middleman would be eliminated and both farmers and the consumers would benefit. But that coincided with a steady and sustained rise in prices as far as I remember, so that benefit never materialised. But the mom and pop stores seem to have survived, going by the looks of it, so all is not lost.

    Most Indian retail groups are up to their necks in debt. So to bail them out, we have permission for FDI. I believe a minister held out the threat of the Sensex dropping by 500 points if they didn’t pass the FDI thing in the Cabinet meeting of Friday (! This is how decisions are made in the largest democracy!

  13. pdk Says:

    @sanjeeva, they were consistent in their opposition to the nuclear deal. They are consistent on other things also – against pension funds being put into the stock market, against FDI in retail (yes they opposed it when they were part of UPA-1 too), against divestment of PSU stakes etc

  14. Vinay Says:


    So, if “mom and pop” stores still exist, what exactly is the problem with allowing FDI in retail?

    What is your point?

  15. anna sambhar Says:

    “By the time 2013-end approaches, people will be enjoying the fruits of the new giant retailers”

    anna saarige bara fruits anthe.
    Aase thoristhiya! ninnanthavarindane raajya, desha haalagtha irodu.

    its just a gimmick to allow FDI for Mallya to setup shops and cure his ailing business.

  16. pdk Says:


    The local shops have survived – so far. How long? That is the question. 10 years, 20 years? Then what? Ready-made dinners ‘as seen on TV’?

    I have other objections to FDI in retail. The policy-making aspect which churumuri has highlighted. Then, the entry of Walmart and similar businesses. They are businesses. They will do what is good for them. That may not be good for anyone else. Say for instance, flooding the market with goods sourced from outside the country. Their treatment of employees is notorious in the US and their effect on local communities is controversial and opposed by many. Why would they be any different here?

  17. Vinay Says:

    anna sambhar:

    present proper points and arguments in favour of your stance instead of jumping like a nincompoop.

    what is this nonsense about “gimmick for Mallya”??


    And there are enough counter examples to show that wal-mart (everyone’s favourite bugbear) has not impacted the existing setup adversely, and has resulted in win-win. Look at China and Indonesia, for example. Why would it be any different here, you tell me?

    For the obfuscation and scaremongering of 5 million small shopkeepers, I don’t see why the 1.2 billion people of the nation should suffer.

  18. Vinay Says:

    Exactly the same arguments we heard in 1991 – ooooh, all Indian businesses will get closed, we will get colonized!!!! All nonsense breast beating born out of severe inferiority complex.

    People like “anna-Sambhar” exemplify that attitude. Damn vested interests! People like him are responsible for retarding the progress of the nation and the state, and he accuses others!!!

  19. pdk Says:

    Indonesia and China? Really? Walmart opened a store in Indonesia which was burned down by riots. They were then out of Indonesia for a decade. In 2010 they were trying to buy some chain in Indonesia (

    A big criticism of Walmart in the USA has been that it imports low-priced heavily from China resulting in millions of jobs being shed in the USA. They have been thrown out of Germany on account of their predatory pricing. So Walmart doing well in China doesn’t mean anything (

    Walmart sales in the USA are declining. They need to expand their reach. They work the target governments steadily through various means. Then they enter. That is their job. Unfortunately, as the wikipedia article notes, they have a lot of side effects, many of them negative. They have worked hard to become everyone’s bugbear.


    Note this quote from the Wikipedia article by Walmart founder Sam Walton: “I pay low wages. I can take advantage of that. We’re going to be successful, but the basis is a very low-wage, low-benefit model of employment.”

  20. twistleton Says:


    i’m sorry, i should have said what passes for debate.

    The lack of debate doesn’t seem to trouble people when Walmart is a’knockin… :D

  21. sanjeeva Says:

    Friends! I am not an expert to debate over the pros and cons of FDI in retail. But please think for a while this: The Portugese and British came to India initially not to rule us, but to “do business”. Rest ……., as the saying goes, …. is history!

  22. Anitha N Says:

    Shekar Gupta along with Vinod Mehta, Vinod Sharma and Kumar Ketkar are paid stooges of Congress. No wonder he is trying to deflect the attention from the misdeeds of Congress to the BJP.

  23. DailyBread Says:

    Padma Vibhushana Shekhar Guptaji is as usual busy kicking his favorite straw-man. Debate jaaye tel lene, preferably Walmart se. Will Guptaji talk to Shetkari Sharad Raoji……..

  24. Mooru nama Says:


    >>No wonder he is trying to deflect the attention from the misdeeds of Congress to the BJP.

    Does he or anyone have to try? Isn’t it there for everyone to see except may be you?

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