What do they know of dogs who don’t know this?

Dog lovers, each one of them, have their own favourite something or the other with their pet. But can anything come close to a fullbodied hug from a dog larger than you while on two feet? At a show organised by the Bangalore canine club at the palace grounds in Bangalore on Saturday, a trainer gets a demonstration.

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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3 Responses to “What do they know of dogs who don’t know this?”

  1. the colonel Says:

    come home.

    i have two dogs ( a lab and a chow-chow)

    they’ll hug you, make you giggle uncontrolabbly, make you happy even if you are a dog-hater, till you die.

  2. Jagadish Says:

    Even if a thief breaks in to our humble house, my lab and golden will slobber him with licks and kisses. Big dumb lovable creatures. Takes a lot of effort keeping up with these two beasts, but worth every second of my time, we are repaid 100x more in love.

  3. the colonel Says:

    dogs are far superior than humans.

    They Give and Give Real Love

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