Unlikely this is for Sachin’s elusive 100th century

At the very temple where the “God” of Indian cricket—Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar—has often come to seek deliverance from an ill omen, more earthly devotees perform the Made Seve, which entails rolling on the ground in the dining hall after cleaning the leaves used by their brethren to eat, at Kukke Subramanya in Sullia taluk of Dakshina Kannada, on Monday.

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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15 Responses to “Unlikely this is for Sachin’s elusive 100th century”

  1. K.Balasubrahmanyan Says:

    why are people wasting their time energy and money for this non event.At least Churmuri should ignore such reports.It will be a relief bala

  2. pdk Says:

    I’m trying to remember what Markandeya Katju said – something about casteism, superstition etc…

  3. twistleton Says:

    the ancient who thought this up must have a skewed sense of humour…

  4. paciFier Says:

    Is it the same ritual where low caste people roll on upper caste ಎಂಜಲು? No wonder the bigot Acharya (of BJP, RSS) ensured its success.

  5. Gaampa Says:

    Churumuri !!! You are a brat !! How can you pass a “god sent” opportunity to pass a snide remark on “brahmins” and instead use the more early word “brethren” ??
    Hindu carried an extensive front page article and photo which reported that low caste people gheroed the Brahmin officer Mr.Bhat till he relented !!! When will they rise? Ambedkar must be rolling in his grave !!

  6. Dr Kiran Acharya Says:

    Media running out of stories! Let the believers do what they want. Non believers: why worry?

  7. adi Says:

    this is nothing but exercise for them.
    let them do it.
    i would recommend proper dresses to be worn while doing this.
    namma kade janakke batte gnaanane illa.

  8. Swalpa Adjust Maadi Says:

    yak swami, bere kathe siklillva

  9. emptymind Says:

    If somebody is putting his shit into the mouth of the mentally retarded people. is it crime to object it
    And here is he complete opposite the same dogs barking against the masses when there is a darshan nikita issue, or kannada filmdom showing machu culture claiming they have fundamental rights in giving there opinion even they does not want to associate with these people. and they ignore the rights of others. very opportunistic creatures.

  10. Nitin K S Says:

    It’s demeaning to many but those who do it find a meaning in it. So be it. In the same vein, ‘bettale seve’ should be deregulated. Then there are many other things waiting in the wings – Sati, varadakshine, tonsuring of widows, keeping women out of home during menstrual period, untouchability and so on.

    It’s all matter of faith and many do it of their own volition without any force involved in it.

  11. Sudama-Kuchela Says:

    What is really to be noted is that the practice of “separate” dining for Brahmins is still in vogue!
    When will this segregation end?

  12. Sufi Says:

    If they can ban animal sacrifice, then why can’t this ritual be banned? Animal sacrifice is also about the belief of the individuals… And Sati? That is also the belief of the individual! Like that the argument can continue if that logic is applied! And are superstitions only limited to lower castes? Its a shame!

    Article on the issue in BBC


  13. Nitin K S Says:


    ‘When will this segregation end?’

    What’s wrong with that? Why it should end? Have the participants raised any objection? Don’t the people throng to these temples willingly knowing fully well that these practices are in vogue there?

  14. Dr Kiran Acharya Says:

    Half Baked Mediamen and their lack of research is evident in report of this event. ANYONE can participate in this event, the caste tagging is done by the media! Check the images carefully, there are even persons with holy thread rolling……so much for the caste divide!

    Afterall caste based news alone can reach the ears of sub editors/ BBC!

  15. Nastika Says:

    Kukke Subramanya Temple has courted yet another controversy due to their rigidness. They can resolve this by making ‘Made Seve’ democratic. They must,
    1) Invite Hindus of any caste for lunch
    2) Don’t ask caste for ‘made seve’ – make it open for all.

    PS: As people get conscious of cleanliness, this event will fade away.


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