Why this Kolaveri Di to Why not Rang De Basanti?

While the Kolaveri Di viral assumes pandemic proportions, a fine Punjabi song composed by a Tamilian inspires a bunch of youngsters—163 of them, actually—from the city formerly known as Bombay to set the floor of a railway station formerly known as Victoria Terminus ablaze.


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11 Responses to “Why this Kolaveri Di to Why not Rang De Basanti?”

  1. adi Says:

    read bengalureans as kannadigas.
    now we are doing the same for paramathma geniussa song at metro station next week.
    that will be the biggest grosser.

  2. amithprabhu (@amithpr) Says:

    This is cool stuff in Mumbai.

  3. greendoors Says:

    what’s the point?

  4. the colonel Says:


    finally Flash Mob in India


  5. sanjeeva Says:


  6. the colonel Says:

    now bring in “aalu anday”

  7. Ramesh Iyer Says:

    kudos… love this concept… harmless Flash Mob :))))

  8. Shetty Says:

    So sake of publicity, idle and rich folks go to great lengths, indeed. Meanwhile, let us remember that all this darma was simply not a ‘flash’ mob. It was completely pseudo and pre-arranged down to the multiple video cameras!



  9. richardw Says:

    @Shetty – That is indeed what a flash mob is all about :D Check this out – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flash_mob

  10. Ruchi Says:

    Love the song. Its nice.

  11. My3 Says:

    Ummm…. that is the point of a flash mob as has been pointed out, Shetty. It is certainly not a “darma” as you pointed out :). It is quite common in the West and heck even in Dubai!!

    Yenjoy maadi.

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