Who is trying to finish whom is not so easy to see

Meanwhile, away from the heat, dust and sparks over the 2G scam and FDI in retail and the Lok Pal and Kanimozhi‘s release and whatever will fill up the “hour” between 9 pm and 10.30 pm tonight, life goes on in the “Republic of Bellary” where, beknownst to the ordinary eye, former Karnataka chief minister H.D. Kumaraswamy is playing an even more sinister game of running with the Gowda hare and hunting with the Reddy hound.

While he was CM in a strange 20-20 partnership with the BJP, Kumaraswamy was “stung” by hidden cameras of the Reddy brothers that showed him allegedly receiving a “bribe” of Rs 150 crore, allegedly from the miners raping the district. He is now said to be backing the siblings’ nominee, B. Sriramulu, who stood as an independent in the by-elections held yesterday after quitting the BJP.

Cartoon: courtesy Surendra/ The Hindu

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3 Responses to “Who is trying to finish whom is not so easy to see”

  1. sunil Says:


    Everybody will try to safgaurd their interest, even if u have to join hands with your enemy.
    Question comes is, who is the biggest enemy in current point in time.

  2. dr ramesh Says:

    bjp-congress match-fixing in karnataka to eliminate jd(s) has left hdk in an unenviable position. moneypower and muscle power of two national parties , biased mindset of some sections of press and electronic media were trying to bulldoze a regional party. i sincerely feel even now that h d kumaraswary is the best of the administrators we have. even his critics appreciate his tenure as chief minister. he has taken a calculated risk in bellary by not fielding a candidate. i hope devegowda-hdk combo emerge from this political quagmire unscathed , for good administration of karnataka. janata parivar should come together before next assembly elections.

  3. Satya Says:


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