India’s 25 most hated people: and the losers are…

Of all the crappy devices that Indian media managers have devised to beef up the bottomline, nothing beats the unquestionable racket called “awards”. (If you can forget even more foul-smelling effluent like “paid news”, that is.) Between newspapers, magazines and TV channels, not a single area of life in the glorious land has been left unrewarded in recent years; the ranking duly unaudited by one or the other dubious consulting firm.

As so often when supply exceeds demand, what began as an exercise to salute the unrecognised has degenerated into a farce-multiplier. One English newspaper is currently in the middle of awarding—wait for it—India’s best salons. And what begins as a torrent at the beginning of the year goes on all year, and sometimes (as with awards handed out by a news channel last month) it is difficult to make out if the awards are for last year, this year or the next one.

For many of the media vehicles, the awards are merely a sophisticated of sucking up to power—for a price. (And vice versa.) And for most media houses, the awards’ “events” are a key source of revenue, as other avenues start drying up. Either way, the awards list—usually based on an opinion poll of humongous sample size—is a pain in the posterior of news consumers, full of boringly predictable names and crashingly boring acceptance speeches googled the previous night.

(Aside from the obvious irony that crooks, killers, looters and other vermin are presented as angels.)

How refreshing, therefore, that India Today magazine should run a ranking of not the best of the land, but the worst.  In its latest issue, the weekly has done a five-city opinion poll among 2,500 urban youth between 18 and 25 years of age, of India’s most hated public figures. And probably because the slap is fresh in their memory, Union agriculture minister Sharad Pawar is at the very top of the pile of India’s generation next.

The top-25 most hated figures are:

1. Sharad Pawar

2. Railway minister Dinesh Trivedi

3. Prime minister Manmohan Singh

4. Former future prime minister L.K. Advani

5. BJP president Nitin Gadkari

6. CPM general secretary Prakash Karat

7. DMK chief M. Karunanidhi

8. Tamil Nadu chief minister Jayalalitha

9. Finance minister P. Chidambaram

10. Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi

11. Congress president Sonia Gandhi

12. Petroleum minister Jaipal Reddy

13. RJD supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav

14. Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi

15. UP chief minister Mayawati

16. Former civil aviation minister Praful Patel

17. Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee

18. IT minister Kapil Sibal

19. Ex-Congress spokesman Jayanthi Natarajan

20. Congress spokesman Manish Tiwari

21. Congress spokesman Abhishek Manu Singhvi

22. Law minister Salman Khurshid

23. Finance minister Pranab Mukherjee

24. Urban development minister Kamal Nath

25. Congress general secretary Digvijay Singh

Of course, as with with all opinion polls, the India Today survey should carry the health warning: interesting, if true. Nevertheless, it is certainly interesting that the ten most hated list should contain only one communist, two Congressmen, three BJP men, and four from regional parties. Mayawati is below both Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi.

Clearly the worthies between No. 19 and 21, both numbers included, come in because of their TV performances.

The IT poll also has a metro-wise split. Apparently the five people most hated by Bangalore youth are, in order of appearance: Sharad Pawar, Dinesh Trivedi, L.K. Advani, Sonia Gandhi and Prakash Karat.

So, who’s your pet hate?

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36 Responses to “India’s 25 most hated people: and the losers are…”

  1. Girish Hampali Says:

    No Yediyurappa????
    Is incumbency a criteria to be in hate list?
    why not devegowda?

  2. sahhasra saagaraamrita Says:

    list has missed important name of the president of India who enjoying all comfortable in tune of billions of rupees and has not raised any voice against the private limited government farmed by Dr.Manmohan Singh .
    since my childhood age of eleven i disguised with two “G”s one is God and the another one is Government.
    after independece few days there was Indian government later it has become private limited government and forgotton of the indians as well as indian patriots.
    Sahhasra Saagaraamrita

  3. Vinay Says:

    I cannot believe that DigVijay is less hated than Jaipal Reddy, Chidambaram, Manish Tiwari, etc.

  4. Dr KRS Murthy Says:

    Dear Churumuri:

    Your topic title refers to “people”, not just politicians! Equal opportunty hate is always a virtue.

    We need to include all gurus, saadhus, baabas, swamees, mullah, paadarees, ……. Let us be equal opportunity haters of all religious leaders of all religions.

    Other categories:

    bollywood, tollywood, sandlewood, …..
    sports people, who are actually politicians
    religious leaders who are actually politicians.
    literary scholars, who are actually politicians
    Singers. artists, government officials, who are actually politicians

    Don’t forget those chaDDi chikka policeman
    Don’t forget those government office dvaara paalakas who beg for bribe
    Civil, Electrical etc. government officials in PWD, KEB etc.

    All those rich people who stay in Leela Palace and other expensive hotels and those who eat in expensive restaurants
    All those who operate liquor bars, those who have destroyed Bangalore restaurant culture with non-vegetarian restaurants (too many now in Bangalore)

    Oh! I feel very good now after blaming everyone else for my unhappiness!

    Long live sarcasm!


  5. the colonel Says:

    @Girish Hampali

    The reason is that they are Small Fry, Girish.

    I really love the list. Right On.

    More Power to the “Thappad”.

    Well chosen and compiled.

    I always had faith in the under-25’s.

    Forget 2014, Sea Changes will take place by 2019.

    Red Beacons my foot.

  6. Brahmanyan Says:

    Interesting indeed.The list looks more of wishful thinking than real poll results. What is the parameter for selecting the people for this poll? How is that the name of Mr. Digvijay Singh is found in the end, and quite a number of other worthies were left out.

  7. maverick Says:

    Anna and team?

  8. Mike Zerba Says:

    JYOTI BASU – the man who successfully killed work culture, business, industry and economy of WB, started rigging, terrorizing – exclusion of him is a grave mistake.

    Also, JL Nehru aka Ghazhi-Khan who successfully used MK Gandhi, at the root of partitioning India, robbed the funds of Azad Hind Fouj is excluded.

    Comrade Pranab Mukherjee is also excluded….

  9. Satya Says:

    Not right without Yeddi, HD, HDK, Eswara — oh, so many here!

  10. Ravi Srivastava Says:

    sukhram, why no corporate Mallya, ambani’s,raju,niira radia, journalists barkha dutt, vir sanghvi need a mention here

  11. twistleton Says:

    I hate people who say “we need to keep in mind the aspirations of the people…”

    Who put the ass in aspiration??

  12. Sapna Says:

    Strange I’d expect Yeddy to be at the top of B’lore list.

  13. Mysore Peshva Says:

    I do not understand why Dinesh Trivedi is on the list. He seems like a pretty colorless fellow… unlike some of the other “vermin” (apt descriptor indeed)

  14. Suneel Sardana Says:

    I dont agree with you the serialwise list of most hatered politicians of India.The most disliked list starts withMMS,Digvijay,Manish Tiwari & goes on.I wonder still most foolish pay them ficticious respect by bowing their heads,touching their feet & garlanding them instead of garlanding them with old&used footwears.

  15. Venkatarama Muthuswami Says:

    I don’t understand why we have to copy some of the western traits: I used to get funnily surprised when my grandson in Sandiego, CA, used to say always: “… he loves something or he hates something”, e.g. I hate banana, but I love my granddad and apple!

    Here, we seem to hate those (or things) that we cannot aspire to become or possess, or have NO power to change! Can we deny that all these hated people are indeed are those whom we selected or elected or conceded for the best or the worst.

    Our system of democracy seems such a primitive or defective design or model that once in power, these guys develop a great taste for power and pelf and make it difficult if not impossible to be thrown out. So much so, our growth and development seems not by design and choice, but always by default.

  16. Sasi Pilla Says:

    There should be a top ten in all fields, like politicians, beuraucrats, businesss men, media persons etc.

  17. Law of Omerta Says:

    I agree with this list of hate figures. Only thing is that my list of people I hate is more than 500, it includes professors, intellectuals, the moralistic brigade, the media tycoons, the bureaucrats who force me to part with my hard earned money, and of course a few politicians.

    When you are living in a third world banana republic like India, the number of people you “hate” is bound to be much larger than the number of people you “like.”

  18. Pattu Says:

    Nirmala Seetharaman and R.P.Rudy!

  19. chanakya Says:

    Where is our Shameless Deve gowda and his family? why they are left out?? Devegowda will cry foul and injustice if they are not seen withing first 10 places……HD Kumaraswamy will term this as a political conspiracy by BJP and congress.

  20. narayana, narayana! Says:

    Are the left out names liked by people? Yeddy for instance??

  21. dr ramesh Says:

    team anna wins hands down in this contest. kejriwal,kiran bedi,sisodia are already behaving like heads of state. u can see all the trappings of power in their behaviour now. next is yeddy-eshwarappa-renukacharya-chandregowda-gadkari coterie.

  22. NArasima Says:

    My top 25 list:
    Devegowda ( no conscience whatsoever)
    MF Hussain (persistent and selective hatred towards Hindu goddesses)
    Dawood Ibrahim (total control of Indian cinema)
    Karunanidhi (blind with hatred)
    Bush Junior (for inaugurating New Year in his ranch by shooting 2 birds),
    Sharad Pawar ( for ruining Cricket with betting)
    Renuka Chowdhury (for successfully eliminating ‘men’ from India)
    Arundati Roy (for wishing death to Indian soldiers in Kashmir)
    Vidya Balan (for not wearing clothes)
    Madhuri Dixit (for wearing too much clothes)
    Digvijay Singh (dedicated to the destruction of all Hindus)
    Clerks for of the World (for possessing 0 IQ)
    security men at US Airports ( for checking old white women for weapons)
    all Indian merchants (for not accepting credit cards less than $10)
    all Europeans (for making love in public)
    all Indians (for not reading Kamasutra)
    Mayavati (for elephants’ statues all over UP)
    Karnataka g0vt (for not giving awards to Vajramuni till the last min)


  23. suneel Says:

    Suresh Kalamadi should also be included

  24. Yellappa Setty k Says:

    It is all time waste. We should hunt for the 25most inspired persons with their performance, let it be any field, so that we & our children can be inspired.

  25. drlove Says:

    Yes, some are hated but do not make an effort to become loved. I hate that !

    Kapil Sibal is making an effort. But see what he gets in return:

    Pawar has made an effort, and (video) with tooo few views… And what does Pawar get ? (video with 250000 views!)


  26. vaidya Says:

    Che! Was hoping for Suhel Seth or Arnab to be on it. Very disappointed.

  27. Navrang (@Navrang) Says:

    Nitin #Gadkari is among top hated politician! O Really!! Watch this

  28. M K Vidyaranya Says:

    Why media-basher and anti lokpal bill mastermind Kapil Sibal ‘s name was not included. ?

  29. deviah Says:

    They forgot Anna Hazard, Prashant Bhushan and Kiran Bedi.

  30. Ramesh Says:

    Hey wer is salman. He is most hated person. Reason being killed innocent poor people, hunted rare species, slapped many stars nd stiil roaming like gunda. He iz also invovled in underworld

  31. Kartik Says:

    indirectly she iz RULING our India…!!!

  32. jack Says:

    this is not true….. these is poll is created by bjp who supported narendra modi

  33. ABHILASH Says:


  34. indian Says:

    soniya….soniya….soniya….you should be at Top…followed by your puppet…rest diggy..n all surely follow you….

  35. Common man Says:

    Don worry guys these idiots die soon ,all are in their 70’s ..and a new India will rise…

  36. Concerned Citizen Says:

    My top contender would be the Inspector general S.P.S. Rathore. This bastard molested 14 year girl Ruchika, systematically tortured her 10 year old brother, thrashed her brother in front of her. Poor girl committed suicide after this and this bastard kept getting promotions. People like him don’t deserve to live. I hate him more that anything in the world. Only if i get to see him once, things i will do to this bastard.

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