When the feathered ones blow the pink trumpets

As if in agreement with a recent survey that showed their City as the best one to live in, at least in India, hundreds of pigeons conduct a lecture-demonstration at the High Court premises in Bangalore on Saturday. –(Click on the picture to seem them upclose.)

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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4 Responses to “When the feathered ones blow the pink trumpets”

  1. ERR Says:

    They must have flown from all over the State to file individual complaints with Lokayuktha on all Karnataka ex- C.M.s who were only busy with, as we learn now, tinkering with denotifications of Government lands to help their families!

  2. pdk Says:

    “Pink trumpets”? What means? It is hidden reference? Throw some enlightenment please.

  3. gajee Says:

    ee build up bekirlilla ansutte

  4. Golden Nifty Says:

    beautiful pigeons in bangalore

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