Much better way of viewing a topsy-turvy world?

The last time he sat on a widely telecast show of his powers and prowess six months ago, Baba Ramdev had to pack up his bags inside nine days and be admitted to the ICU of a hospital for days. (At nearly twice his age, Anna Hazare lasted much longer.) But that hasn’t prevented Ramdev from going around the country, hawking his questionable yoga  wares, as he did at the BVB college ground in Bidar, on Wednesday. And that has prevented the crowds from flocking to learn at the feet of the master,

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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6 Responses to “Much better way of viewing a topsy-turvy world?”

  1. maisuru Says:

    How do you know what Anna drank/ate in those steel tumbler and after the stage show at Night ?

  2. DailyBread Says:

    Ramdev runs world’s largest preventive healthcare program. Churumuri does not have any idea of what easily accessible cheap daaru/gutka has done to the general health of the country’s population.

    Large number of people out there in the countryside can not afford expensive healthcare. Please do not mock/ridicule them. Thank you.

  3. Shree Kar Says:

    @mai suru,


    What Anna drank/ate at night is not important. What he has achieved so far, and what he is trying to achieve now is what matters.

    If you want to know what he has achieved in the past, read

    As regards Baba Ramdev, certainly he has popularized yoga and ayurveda. However, his failure has cast doubts as to his claims. But, let us give him the benefit of doubt now.

  4. Vasu Says:

    Cant say if kanakadasa, basavanna and other sage on the billboard(is it sarvagna??) would have approved this brand of yoga.

  5. Abe Says:

    Pranayama practitioners are not supposed to do aggressive fasting. It can consume the body.

  6. maisuru Says:

    @ Shree Kar

    My comment was directed at the snide remarks about the prowess of Baba Ramdev and how Anna outlasted !

    As for as Anna’s crusade, i can only say it is easy to preach than practice. Please read Justice Sawant’s comments about misdemeanor and maladministration of his trusts .

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