A free picture for your New Year greeting card

“A free photograph for your New Year greeting card” is, of course, just a cheap search engine optimisation (SEO) technique to draw attention to a lovely view of the big ball of fire about to dip below the line of vision at the Kukkarahalli lake, in Mysore, 15 days before the end of the current year. –

All very appropriate, you might say, on just another usual news day, when nothing much is happening except that 17 BJP members of Parliament have sent a greeting card to their party bosses saying that the sangh parivar’s Santa Claus should shower B.S. Yediyurappa a really nice gift before Christmas, or else.

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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3 Responses to “A free picture for your New Year greeting card”

  1. pdk Says:

    Now that you mention it, that bird abutting the south-easterly rim of the sinking son…sorry sun, the one with its beak tucked in a bit angrily reminds me, for some strange reason, very strongly of Yeddyurappa.

    So those cranes would be the ones flying to Delhi on his behalf/behest.

    Now that is a really topical card for the closing year.

  2. Rajesh Says:

    I dont know wtf articles you publish.
    While Dravid who is shining all over media for his centuries and speech now is not even getting a mention here.

    He is not even getting a site allocated in bangalore / institute like Telugu Mahesh Bhupati. while he should be the one who should get all the honours of the state.
    He is brand ambassador and gentleman and this type of un-kannadiganess by local media is seldom appreciated.

    Eegaladaru swalpa dhool ebbisi.

  3. manisha Says:

    this seo mgmt technique takes the cake!

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