CHURUMURI POLL: Yediyurappa as CM again?

There is nothing like the aphrodisiac called power; it corrects all electile dysfunctions in a democracy. Barely five months ago, B.S. Yediyurappa was the black sheep of the BJP, kicking and screaming as he was led away to slaughter in full public view by his party which wanted to appear to the world that it was doing the right and correct thing in removing him from office following his indictment by the Lok Ayukta in the illegal mining scam.

“I will be back in six months,” were Yediyurappa’s ominous last words even as his protege D.V. Sadananada Gowda was taking charge as his successor. A stint in the central jail in Bangalore, after being named in a denotification scam, would have chastened normal human beings, but his “triumphant release” and the stinging defeat of the BJP in the Bellary by-elections have only embolded supporters to think that the ‘Return of the Yedi’ is round the corner.

First, all but three BJP members of Parliament reportedly told the party high command last week that they wanted him back as CM. And now, Yediyurappa himself has been quoted as saying “there is a feeling” in the BJP that he should occupy the hot seat again. He is even conducting special yagnas for his return, with Shobha Karandlaje in tow. With Gowda facing a crucial election saying that he will vacate if asked to, the scene is set, especially with rumours that Yediyurappa might split the party and hitch forces with Sharad Pawar‘s NCP if denied the chair.

Should Yediyurappa return? Will he? Has he paid for his transgressions with a mere jail stint? Will allowing him to return help or the harm the BJP’s image? And what happens to Sadananda Gowda?

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35 Responses to “CHURUMURI POLL: Yediyurappa as CM again?”

  1. amithpallavoorth Says:

    Never had a Karnataka CM/ Former Karnataka CM been jailed! Congrats Yeddy you have achieved that distinction!

    Not only that the alleged case of uxoricide against you has been hushed up!

  2. Ramesh Says:

    The Brahmin trio conspiracy of
    Ananth Kumar Radia , Hansraj Bharadhwaj and Santosh Hegade

    has appeared to be more .corrupt than clear bank accounts of

    Yeddyurappa . He has been the champion local leader till now who can shiver national parties else what’s the use of hundreds of drohis of Congress who shut their mouths in Delhi.

  3. S.Prakash Says:

    The issues on which the ex-C.M was forced to quit is well known. C.M of a state is not an ordinary position.He is supposed to act according to the provisions of the constitution and not according to his whims and fancy. As a C.M he is not above the law. When he has faltered, as per findings of the Lokayuktha , he should prove himself not guilty and come with clean chit. As a matter of ethics, and as a responsible leader of the Party, he should wait for his chance. The post of C.M. is to be filled by consensus of his flock. One cannot claim as a matter of right or as an inheritance.Drawing reference to the actions of the other leaders who are facing charges and continued in power, forcing his seniors, playing caste politics, and embarrassing his own colleague and attempting to get his earlier position is a mockery of democracy. The so called Mathadhipathis, who are supporting his action, should admonish him for his emotional behavior.
    Shiva kottre togobeku,kodunu avane,togaludu avne. Eee tathva Mathadipathi galige gotthu, aadare, avaru eke buddhi helillla ?. Avarigu hederike, eke andre yelli yediyurappa avarige namaskara hakodunna nillisi, mathakke bartha ero sarkaradha hanana nillasiddare?
    God only has to save the country and he is only savior to liberate us from the clutches of this evil system and demons.

  4. Balakrishna Says:

    I saw a photograph of BSY sitting with Sobha karandlaje performing Vajapeya yaga in Dakshina Kannada district… ugly display…
    It has become public talk, BJP has removed him as CM, he wants to come back with vengence as CM…
    some people want to support his come back,
    Sri Ramulu come back by spending crores,
    mockery of democracy..
    Yeddi will come back…
    for him, nothing wrong…

  5. dr ramesh Says:

    Holy soul yeddyurappa is exposing bjp-rss thread and bare. Karnataka is shocked and amazed to hear rss-bjp say that yeddy is the best and graetest mass leader they have. Imagine what the likes of jaitley,sushma,rajnath would do if they come to power at the centre,if they cannot handle a single,corrupt ,erratic state leader. What was jaitlley doing sitting next to anna hazare giving lectures on janlokpal.

  6. harkol Says:

    ಹೋದೆಯ ಪಿಶಾಚಿ ಅಂದರೆ ಬಂದೆ ಗವಕ್ಷಿಯೊಳಗೆ ಅನ್ನುವ ಹಾಗಾಯ್ತು!

    Why would BJP want to punish this state and itself?

  7. vasanth Says:

    Yeddi and BJP both are curse to our state and country.

  8. chris Says:

    Why punish if you are not proven guilty? Yes, BSY should come back as CM again.

  9. K Says:

    Can your poll have a “Dont Care” option as well. In our country even if we vote, we really dont get anyone good so how does it matter.

  10. harkol Says:

    Chris: Where has he been punished? Making someone CM is a privilege offered to someone, not a right. And not making/keeping anyone a CM is not a punishment.

    if it was, then why am I being punished?? I am not guilty either!! Make me a CM too! :)

  11. sanjeeva Says:

    If the BJP wants to return to power, BSY should not be brought in again. He has caused enough damage to the state and the image of the party and betrayed the expectations of the people who voted.

  12. Rastrakoota Says:

    Yaddrayappa has become very wise now I guess. He needs the CM’s chair ASAP. A lot of knowledge transfer has taken place from the time he resigned till now, inside n outside of jail about how best to beat the law and still continue the loot.

  13. ammy Says:

    i think that guy needs a second chance. if congress can have it aging and again then why not this poor chap?? he needs to be given a second chance and lt’s hope he has learned something from previous mistakes. ppl need to help this guy.

  14. Sudha Murthy Fan Says:

    I dont know if there can be any better person to become prime minister than her!
    North Karnataka Ladies have leadership in their genes but sadly south karnataka does not support them

    In the SEG_1 video she says

    “Hana iruvudu swanthakkalla samajakke annuva moolabhoota tattva”

    This is the basis of capitalism least known to capitalists.

  15. cris Says:


    Twisting the words and manipulations are the hallmarks of people like you. Long ago, it became clear you go to any length however illogical, irrational to defend/offend some characters. How can we learn/understand about any issue if your attitude does not change?

  16. harkol Says:

    Cris: My hallmark?! What would that be? Discussing ‘the issue’ instead of berating and badmouthing the person who is putting forth an argument that’s against one’s point of view?

    Yeddyurappa has never denied he allotted govt. land to his children. He did so, while his children violated law with false affidavit (Perjury – punishable by prison). So, yeddy assisted in a crime – of trying to defraud the govt. in collusion with his children. Would you pardon a thief if he gives back what he stole, after he is caught??!!!

    He never denied he had denotified the land that belonged to his children, which they obtained through an illegal transaction! His argument has been ‘other CMs did too’!

    A court has ordered the Chargesheets against him after finding prima facie cases against him (its no longer a mere accusation).

    Would you hire a security guard to watch over your house or bank, if he is fighting a chargesheet in a theft case. Especially when he admits to theft, but justifies it by saying ‘there are other thieves’?

    As a nation have we come to such a pass that we can’t find folks without any cases against them as the guards of our state treasury & wealth?

    Now, if you feel we need such chargesheeters to be guarding your treasure, you are welcome to that opinion.


  17. chris Says:


    You prove my point again. You are not interested in truth – only interested in maintaining your prejudices and status quo. Grow up, you are living in 21st century.
    Send Anant Kumar and Sushma Swaraj to jail first – primary culprits for all the problems in BJP in Karnataka by using Reddy brothers.

    Shekhar Gupta of Indian Express in his latest article –

    National Interest: The caste of corruption

    ….look at the BJP. Two of its senior leaders were caught on camera accepting cash. One, Dilip Singh Judeo, caught taking Rs 9 lakh, was a mere MP, but of a high caste, and was happily rehabilitated in the party, fielded in the election, and is now back in Parliament. The other, Bangaru Laxman, caught taking just Rs 1 lakh, was ranked much higher in the party; he was, in fact, the president, but much lower on the caste pyramid, a Dalit. He has been banished and isolated and is fighting the charges in that Tehelka sting case by himself. I am sorry to use this expression, but the party treated him as an utter outcast even as it continued to defend Judeo. What is the difference between the two except caste? You want to take this argument to the judiciary? It has been loosely insinuated by many prominent people, including by some notable members of Team Anna, that a large number of our former chief justices have been corrupt. But who is the only one targeted by name (however unsubstantiated the charges)? It is Justice K.G. Balakrishnan, currently chairman of the National Human Rights Commission and, more importantly, India’s first Dalit chief justice….The upper caste, creamy layer of our society is the most prejudiced, and yet the most dominant minority in any democracy in the world….

  18. Harkol Says:

    Chris: so your point is the same as yeddy? There are other thiefs, so, if you can’t put them in jail then my thief should be out of jail because of ‘equality’? By all means put anyone who has committed an offesne behind bars and on courts finding prima facie evidence against them refuse offices and right to contest elections too. Sushma or any other person is equally detestable to me, if they were having cases registered against them. I believe jayalalitha shouldn’t be the CM of tamilnadu for the same reasons as yeddyurappa. I feel the same about Narendra modi and shila dixit.

    And you want to use the congress mouth piece called Shekhar Gupta to butress the claim for yeddy? when did yeddyurappa, a lingayat, become a ‘lower caste’?! There are no castes as per basavanna, so what caste does yeddyurappa belong?

    And does SG, a congress mouth piece of late, advocating for leniency for lower caste politicians, or higher rate of punishment to upper caste politicians? I read it with amusement day before yesterday, because I felt his argument flies in the face of facts. For every Raja in jail, there is also a Suresh kalmadi in Jail.

  19. Bhamy V Shenoy Says:

    I am surprised that 31% of the readers of Churumuri have voted for Yeddyurappa to come back as a CM. In fact I am shocked. Even if some are supporting this out of sheer getting some entertainment, this is shocking. I was expecting that 99% would say NO.

    Looks like our expectation of political leaders has come down considerably or we have given up hopes of getting any honest politicians to lead us.

    If former CMs have cheated and managed scams, does it allow some one caught to let go? Like one of the readers questioned that just because all the thieves have not been punished, can a known thief be appointed as a guard?

  20. Truman Says:

    ” There are no castes as per basavanna, so what caste does yeddyurappa belong”

    very interesting. that’s the limitation of our constitution that it needs and wants a caste to assign to all. many have claimed they are not hindus and need a ‘casteless’ tag but no indian constitution and supreme court have this serious limitation.

    Our Supreme Court is hell bent on one vaishnava tradition of which Lakshmi got a bad name.
    “If adultery is committed by man he is punishable but if its committed by woman it’s not punishable”

    Now you know what Brahmins are called as.

    Is support the second comment of Ramesh. Ananth Kumar Radia is saved just because he is a brahmin and hansraj bharadhwaj and santosh hegde also support casteist politics.

  21. chris Says:


    You can not just throw someone in jail because you ‘think’ or ‘feel like’ one is guilty. Prove the charges first.

    BJP should not to discriminate its own party members based on their caste. What Shekar Gupta points out is what BJP is doing is too obvious. Your comments show such biases.

  22. Harkol Says:


    I just believe a person facing chargesheets shouldnt be entitled to any responsible position in governance – irrespective of his caste. I didnt say he needs to be thrown injail without proof or proving of the case.

    It is interesting how folks want to turn this into a brahmin vs Lingayat conspiracy. Assuming it is, by all means lingayats should expose the evidence against anant kumar and ensure he is kicked out of public life too. I’ll welcome that just as enthusiastically.

    All that is needed is to dig up evidence and file chargesheets against them and prove the case. Yeddyurappa still has considerable power,Sadananda gowda isnt a brahmin to be part of this conspiracy against a non brahmin. Neither is sonia gandhi or man mohan singh. Whats stopping anyone from digging up evidence and pushing them out of public life and to jail?

    If there is lack of evidence against them, asking for ‘right to corruption’ to others on the basis of caste equality is absurd.

  23. Nastika Says:

    @Bhamy V Shenoy, those 31% votes for Yeddi is not for entertainment. They are the beneficiaries if Yeddi becomes CM. There are plenty of people who benefit from corrupt regime.


  24. chris Says:


    Brahmin bias in BJP/RSS is very obvious. BJP has to mend its ways.

  25. dr ramesh Says:

    Though not a fan of advani, i admire the tough stand taken by him against re appointment of holy yeddyurappa as cm. Gadkari,swaraj,jaitley were very eager to reinstall yeddy ,as they were recepients of lot of favours from yeddy. But veto from advani has made sanity return to karnataka politics. I congratulate deve gowda for taking a wise and prudent decision of not fielding a candidate for parishat polls. Jd s will only gain from here.

  26. Harkol Says:

    Chris: so, how would you characterise the bias of congress? And that of JDS?? What about muslim league? Assuming a few tall leaders of BJP are brahmins, does it make it biased? If so, what about AIADMK? What about congress? Last i heard BJP was called a lingayat party in Karnataka, though the oldest voters for it have been us, dakshina kannada folks! And majority of DK is not brahmins (as is the case everwhere else)

    And what exactly is Brahmin bias? Trying to make reservations for them? Giving them priority allotments in layouts?

    And, IAC, what all this has to do with a chargesheeter becoming a CM without clearing his name first?

  27. chris Says:


    If Congress, JD(S) have their own biases, why should BJP be biased? Here is why (if you didn’t know)-

    The Bharatiya Janata Party​ (BJP) is sneeringly called the Brahmin-Baniya party, but this isn’t true. It is actually the party of Brahmins….

    In India, electoral politics is actually not ideological, and caste is more important than ideology. This is why Brahmins, who are only 6% of the population, don’t dominate the BJP’s state units…..

    Except for one man (Rajendra Singh​), every RSS sarsanghchalak since its formation in 1925 has been Brahmin.

    The RSS’ Hindi weekly Panchjanya is run by a Brahmin (Baldev Sharma) while English weekly Organiser stars the Brahmin duo of Jay Dubashi and M.V. Kamath. The BJP newspaper Kamal Sandesh is also edited by a Brahmin (Prabhat Jha)….

    The Brahmin in caricature is wily when seen from the non-Brahmin perspective, and principled and uncompromising when seen from the Brahmin perspective. The Brahmin is also thought to be intellectual. But if intellectual means being open to ideas, he isn’t….

    Does the Congress leadership have a theme today?

    I think so. It is the mercantile castes.

    The Baniya side is always preferable to the Brahmin one.

  28. harkol Says:

    I still fail to understand what BJP’s brahmin bias has to do with Yeddy becoming CM again, replacing a Vokkaliga?

    >The Baniya side is always preferable to the Brahmin one.

    Why Sir? Why such hatred of Brahmins? Give some rational consideration.

    I have never seen anyone answer this comprehensively. Brahmins have rarely ruled India in its history of 3000 years. The laws were made & enforced mostly by Kshatriyas & Shudras. Simple study of history indicates that there have been more Shudra kings in India than even Kshatriaya Kings, especially so in South India. As we all know who rules makes the laws.

    Finance of the country was controlled by Vaishyas and the skilled trade & state craft by Shudras. Brahmins were relegated the task of clergy, and were restricted from doing any work that is profitable. In fact, a brahmin is told he has to dedicate his life to study and live by ಭಿಕ್ಷೆ (begging) & ದಕ್ಷಿಣೆ (Gratuity). Historically, brahmins were not rich. Perhaps the only lucrative area Brahmins dominated in past 200 years is civil services, by virtue of taking to English sooner than others. Even that has become difficult for brahmins in past 100 years due to reservations.

    So, Why Brahmin is such a reviled figure for you?

    Also, while I have heard BJP is a Brahmin-Bania party, I don’t think it characterizes the party properly in Karnataka. It is basically a right wing Hindu revivalist party here that is predominantly supported by Lingayats.

    Disclosure: I voted for Congress in last Loksabha election for two reasons – 1. MMS as PM 2. I didn’t like BJP opposing Nuclear deal.

    By nature, i don’t like BJP’s social agenda, but I like their economic agenda. Having tasted UPA2’s dilly dallying on all issues, I feel BJP may have better ideas (which being equally corrupt) of how to pull this country ahead!!

  29. chris Says:


    We had this discussion on Brahminism several times in this forum. No need to repeat it.

  30. amoodha Says:

    “The Brahmin is also thought to be intellectual. But if intellectual means being open to ideas, he isn’t….”

    exactly he has become oppurtunistic.

    while majority of brahmin community practices like
    ‘oppurtunistic approach to live life’
    etc etc
    are all attractive like masks. but deep down they are hollow.
    the biggest problem is people who follow them end up nowhere ultimately and that number is large because constitution itself is written on such shallow grounds like the one stated by Truman.
    They will be rightly trounced if they say a pimp is a God and woman is a sl*t .
    and keep on preaching it under the name hinduism- taking most of others into that fallacy – because they are afraid of muslims!

  31. amoodha Says:

    For example just see the above link. See how the courts can be absolutely futile.
    Here the judge -Hema Kohli – looks like supposedly punjabi north indian who obviously has no idea about what’s her religion and what it preaches – is unable to think beyond what Brahmins have seeded in the minds as Hindu marriage act – Hindu itself being a persian word-
    here -so history about original civilizations of india is wiped out by Brahmin literature.
    second – bash some unknown country which is irrelevant – a blatant comparison made as “This is not America .This is India” while the name ‘India’ itself is anglicised
    third – brahmins get anglicised and go to america but they criticize america for others and teach others the same!!

    everywhere from giving woman equal status -suddenly they jump to adultery- to primary education -where tuition fees are charged for students from Brahmin lecturers etc and then telling the world that its divided into four categories and one can drink and abuse, one can rape and molest , the other can masturbate and we can tell all what they have to do and no one should destroy us.

    And hijack media and other public channels to dispatch their statements.
    This is the biggest Maya of Brahmins and they will continue to suffer inside it.

  32. harkol Says:

    Amoodha: Read your posts a few times, couldn’t make sense of what exactly you were trying to say. If you were saying Brahmins were a mask, and preach wrong things, do remember that it isn’t a monopoly of Brahmins to be duplicitous. Brahmins can’t be generalized and put in one basket, and hated forever for alleged wrongs of history.

    Chris: You still didn’t answer me why BJP being a brahminical party should opt for Yeddy (a lingayat), replacing a Vokkaliga.

    If you want to be fair minded, do research a bit more about anti-brahminism (and anti-semetism) and why Brahmins are treated like Jews – a minority blamed and persecuted for perceived historic wrongs. If you find time do read this –

  33. chris Says:


    You do not understand what we are saying because you DO NOT want to understand certain facts – a trait of (most) Brahmins.

    BJP had no choice except to accept BSY as CM. And again, it had to accept his nominee (S. Gowda) as his replacement. This shows Brahmin manipulations has its limits.

  34. harkol Says:

    Chris: Heh, so you mean non brahmin’s manipulations has no-limits?


  35. peterparker123 Says:

    leave the matter of corruption aside, as it is by default in politics..why BJP ruling states allows one caste to BJP gives their votes..this time, it was lingyats who have become very powerful during BJP regime..same is in other states

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