They gave us Veena Malik, we give them Dhanush

Who would have thought that an “actress” whose clothes gladly yield to gravity and a silly song with kindergarten lyrics would do more for “people to people” contact between India and Pakistan than the combined efforts of the external affairs ministries of the two countries put together and the heavy marketing of its two biggest media houses put together?

Link via Arun Simha, Charu Soni

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A real viral is when Hitler and Mr Bean sneeze

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9 Responses to “They gave us Veena Malik, we give them Dhanush”

  1. pdk Says:

    Hilarious. We got only some female actor in return? Bad bargain.

  2. Sapna Says:

    haha. loved the title…

  3. onlymohan Says:

    Why only Pakistan-u…
    India-nu same-u same-u…

  4. S.Prakash Says:

    Instead of Dhanush, letus give Himesh reshmiya, the lover and sex boy.

  5. harkol Says:

    In fact, this video fits India just as perfectly!

    Politicsu feudal, Feudal
    Family power mainu
    MPs all are anti-social
    Country down the drainu…

    Where is democracy democracy democracy ji?

  6. san Says:

    nice song man

  7. Nastika Says:

    When Kolaveri became rage, a jack stood up here said Dr Rajkumar’s songs were better. True, Rajkumar’s songs are better but you can’t substitute lyrics in Rajkumar’s songs !!

    Beauty of Kolaveri is not brilliant composition but catchy tune and any two-bit with English knowledge can understand & make his own lyrics.

  8. pdk Says:

    It’s been four days now. The world has moved on. But we’re still staring at Veena Malik, Dhanush on churumuri front page. Is this some kind of punishment? Have we been behaving badly? Or is it year-end stock taking time at churumuri?

  9. pdk Says:

    So where is the “nationwide support” for Anna Hazare? His Jail Bharo movement has only managed to get around 80,000 people to register after two days. That is around 0.008% of India’s population.

    So, is the hype coming home to roost? What percentage of support would justify the description of ‘the entire country is behind Anna Hazare’?

    And the website is here:

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