Corrupt, communal, cynical and also casteist?

Caste is back—and in your face. To pave the way for fixers seeking to stymie the Lokpal match, the Congress-led UPA has envisaged reserving half the nine-member institution on the basis of caste. And, a day before the Election Commission could notify the elections in Uttar Pradesh and four other States, the Centre created a 4.5% subquota within the 27% OBC quota for minorities.

Pratap Bhanu Mehta writes in the Indian Express:

“The Anna Hazare movement has rightly been castigated for the morally obscene use of the caste of children. Recently, it was reported that Rahul Gandhi referred to Sam Pitroda’s caste in an election rally. Is this really the party of Jawaharlal Nehru or even Rajiv Gandhi?

“We ought not to disguise the appalling realities of caste, where appropriate. But using them in this way? Someone remarked on reading this story, “Rahul ne to Sam Pitroda ki bhi jaat dikha di.” Even if the intention was benign there is a truth in this.

“Is it not appallingly diminishing when we create an institutional culture where the first thing we want to point to is someone’s caste? I thought the idea of India was to escape precisely this original sin. And now Lokpals, tomorrow judges, all will be identified through caste.

“Perhaps the Congress is in love with the “C” in its name. Corruption was not enough. It had to become corrupt, casteist, communal and cynical. India’s tragedy is that there is no national level challenger to this party that is diminishing us all.”

Read the full article: The C in Congress

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6 Responses to “Corrupt, communal, cynical and also casteist?”

  1. Anand Baradi Says:

    What can one expect from the pseudo secular party except for appeasement of the religious minority and still maintain that there are not communal , enough of this bull shit

    The scion of the congress party should not forget that raising one’s caste on public platform is not his prerogative
    If caste and religion is so important i wonder and curios to know to what religion/caste does the future PM belong does he come under sub quota or the main quota

    I am not against reservation at least in education ,level playing field has to be created for the economically backward but the best bet would be give them financial assistance by exempting them from paying fee instead of giving free passage
    Having said this i dont care the sub quota or the main quota both are irrelevant to me

  2. Suneel Sardana Says:

    Britishers ruled India for 100 years by adopting policy of Divide & Rule & when they left India & handed over India to Congress. Congress started ruling this country by deviding the country to CASTISM.
    This INC once again is spreding the poison by making reservation for Muslims@4%. Are 16% population in any way could be called minority & if yes,why not give Muslim 16% reservation at par with SC&ST,backward & Ors on the name of cast,religion,community & so on. I appeal to people of India to grossly defeat the INC for their severe crimes against NATION-INDIA in all forth coming elections so that no other party(s) dare to devide India on the name of religion or casts. Let us have ONE NATION& ONE LAW theory only.

  3. Jayashree Says:

    This is the Congress style to divert the public attention.This has been going on for years and there has not been any one to question them till now. Now we have Anna Ji, and we should follow his ideology. All these years the Congress has given us Corruption, taught us to hate people, brought in division, brought in family rule like kings, made people of India poor. They have been able to fool the people by using the name of GANDHI in different forms. This has to change for the good of the country.

  4. harkol Says:

    Gandhi-Nehru family has done its best to ruin this country with its pseudo-socialism, while living off Indian state for past 4 generations!

    Historically, Gandhi family brought in Populist policies that wrecked havoc on the economy. It took a non-Gandhi Congressman like PVN to repair the economy, a good work continued by non-congress PMs that followed him.

    When Congress won back in 2004, Gandhi family was back at helm, though with a Shikhandi was put in the front, while they controlled everything from back!

    They have systematically gone about messing up our economy again. They want this country to continue to be poor, desperate and uneducated. Only then can they command some 25% votes that can perpetuate their power for a few more generations.

    The only way India can unshackle itself is if Congress can unshackle itself from Gandhi family. We badly need a good left-of-center & non-feudal party (Congress), just as we need a good right-of-center & non-feudal party (BJP).

  5. emptymind Says:

    “KAAMALE KANNINAVARIGE YELLA HALADI”, if u read this stupid post, and the comment above we can realise its meaning.

  6. Arun Says:

    @emptymind. Slight correction:
    “Kamalada”(BJP) kannavrige kanodella kesari(saffron). :P

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