Forward short leg always gets the best view

As Contestant No. 19 attempts a square drive at the Glam Girl contest held at the Bangalore Central mall on Sunday, close-in fielders between forward short leg and short fine leg, give an appreciative glance even as the ball races to the boundary like a “tracer bullet“.

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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7 Responses to “Forward short leg always gets the best view”

  1. Anonymous guy Says:

    True love for the girl with bad knees in the eyes of the guy in terrycot pants.

  2. Dr KRS Murthy Says:

    You should get a view of the long legs…. you stupid author!

    The short leg is actually yours.

  3. Nastika Says:

    Is it my age or the make-up industry has progressed, all girls look alike? Ok, almost alike?


  4. twistleton Says:


  5. Sudhindra Says:

    Photoshopped image sir

  6. pdk Says:


    It’s your age. However, the make-up industry has progressed too.

  7. nri Says:

    what else these cheap IT coolies can do at their free time? They have already taken jobs from USA and at their free time they just go to malls and spoil the girls.

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