One question I’m dying to ask M.S. Dhoni

There is little good news wafting in from Down Under for cricket fanatics switching on TV before brushing their teeth. Sachin Tendulkar seems to have taken a vow not to score his 100th hundred till the Lok Pal bill is passed. The gap between Rahul Dravid‘s bat and pad seems to getting wider than the creases on his forehead. V.V.S. Laxman has a priceless tour average of 1.6 from the three innings in the first two Tests.

Gautam Gambhir still thinks he is on his honeymoon. Virat Kohli can barely believe his luck that he got a look-in ahead of Rohit Sharma once again. If Ravichandran Ashwin bowls so many balls that go the other way, he might be a legspinner before he returns home. Etcetera.

It could all change, of course, cricket being a game of glorious uncertainties and all that. But this was not the way the Agneepath tour was supposed to be and it would seem that the Star Cricket commentary team has more players with  more fire in the belly than the ones on the ground. The World Cup victory is now firmly history as the tennis scoreline of 0-4 in England now looks like being repeated before the Australian Open.

On top of Team India’s travails is Mahendra Singh Dhoni‘s captaincy. The midas touch seems to desert him as soon as he gets a visa stamp on his passport. And as if the waning of the three greats wasn’t enough, the experts are asking questions of his captaincy. Ian Chappell called him conservative recently, and Sourav Ganguly and Ravi Shastri are mocking his bowling changes and field placings.

So, what is the one question you are dying to ask Mahi?

Photograph: courtesy The Hindu

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10 Responses to “One question I’m dying to ask M.S. Dhoni”

  1. Sojourner Says:

    Do you have a commentary contract yet? :-)

  2. Nastika Says:

    Dhoni found tremendous success in T20s & ODIs. In test matches in sub continent, his success was moderate but not alarming.

    He had to prove in tests outside sub-continent. Even with all batsmen in form, he lost in South Africa. He won unconvincingly in West Indies. He failed miserably in England. He is now failing in Australia.

    Except Sachin & Sehwag, nobody else in the team is in form. Sehwag is gamble. Even though Sachin is hitting the ball nicely, he is not staying at the wicket long enough.

    True, captain is as good as his team. But when he is in control ie, when fielding, he just waiting for things to happen on field and they are not happening.

    Last time the team was in such a state was when Sachin was captain. Ganguly brought grit and team did offer some fight. Luckily Dravid didn’t last long. Team under Kumble again offered fight. Pity Dhoni’s team is going down without offering any fight.


  3. vindy_p Says:

    when will u start bowling in this series?

  4. Gokulam 3rd Stage Says:

    When Indian batsmen get out to fast bowlers, it always seems that it was only a matter of time.

    When other batsmen hit a boundary against our fast bowlers, it always seems that it was only a matter of time.

    Fast bowling has always been a problem for us, no matter which end of the pitch you are watching from.

  5. pdk Says:

    Must say I started understanding the old chestnut “Cricket is a game of glorious uncertainties” really well only after the match-fixing scandals.

    My question would be: “How come you are always smiling?” Follow up question, “Was that sponsorship contract really worth Rs 200 crore?”

  6. vaidya Says:

    Oh c’mon. At least this was one place that didn’t act like 24/7 media! Already mid-way into the series the question is being popped. Keep something for the end of the series please!

  7. Jayashree Says:

    Our team is the best in the World in our backyard, Kollapakam, Angan or Hithalkade! I remember in houses in Chamarajapuram Mysore on the Hithalkade (back door) it used to be written ” Nale -ba ). We can postpone all domestic and tours as we can claim to have been No2 yesterday!

  8. Chakresh Mishra Says:

    Mr. Dhoni, dont worry, after this test series, for 2 years India is not going to any other tour. So let all these ppl criticize you. Better come back home protesting about lokpal bill. Just in few months all of us will be happy again with you and your team, at home of-course ;-)

  9. harkol Says:

    Do you still think “we need more spin tracks at home”?

  10. Lina Says:

    Why dont u bat before Kohli?????

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