CHURUMURI POLL: Is BJP casteist on corruption?

Nothing underlines hypocrisy better than when the shoe is on the other foot. When an anti-corruption campaigner who is waving the national flag for the Lok Pal bill (Kiran Bedi) is found to have fudged travel bills, or her compatriot (Shanti Bhushan) is charged of evading stamp duty of over a crore of rupees, it convinces even the most optimistic cynic in the Republic that hamaam mein sab nange hain.

And so it is with the BJP.

For months, actually for well over a year and a half, the so-called main opposition “party with a difference” at the Centre has feasted on the torrent of corruption scandals raining in on the Congress-led UPA government; its spokespersons sitting on the high moral pedestal offered by nightly television and holding forth self-righteously, like angels in the augean stables.

The  “former future prime minister of IndiaL.K. Advani, even went on a self-serving yatra, with the Hudco-scam tainted H.N. Ananth Kumar (whose links with Niira Radia is now legend) as his navigator. That the BJP was doing all this grandstanding even while B.S. Yediyurappa and other members of his outstanding cabinet were burning the candle of corruption at both ends was pure irony.

Now, the shoe is on the other foot once again, with a fullblown crisis having erupted in Uttar Pradesh over the BJP’s induction of scam-tainted former BSP minister, Babu Singh Khushwaha, into its ranks. This, even while the party boycotts Union home minister P. Chidambaram in Parliament on the 2G scam issueThe point here is not the BJP’s selective  blindness to corruption—that is every party’s weakness—rather, it is the BJP’s response to it.

Uma Bharati has raised a banner of revolt against Khushwaha’s inclusion threatening to stop campaigning for the party in UP; her close friend Yogi Adityanath has said he will quit the party; party luminaries like Maneka Gandhi and Kirti Azad have spoken out; and the party’s central leadership is said to be vertically split over Khushwaha’s inclusion reportedly engineered by party chief Nitin Gadkari, Ananth Kumar, et al.

The RSS is reported to have stepped into the picture and warned against accommodating the corrupt, and all indications are that Khushwaha will be dropped like a hot potato.

So, here is the question, notwithstanding the fact that Uma Bharati too is an OBC leader. How is it that vocal sections of the BJP and RSS find a voice against corruption only when Dalits (like Bangaru Laxman) or backward class leaders (like Khushwaha) are caught in a scam? Why was it absent when Yediyurappa (a Lingayat) was bringing such ignominy to the party, or when other upper caste members like Pramod Mahajan (a Brahmin) were not exactly smelling of roses?

Is the BJP casteist on a secular issue such as corruption?

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14 Responses to “CHURUMURI POLL: Is BJP casteist on corruption?”

  1. Brahmanyan Says:

    No. I don’t find any thing different from other Political Parties. In Indian Politics Caste plays a major part in Electoral results, especially in North.

  2. paciFier Says:

    I am 100% convinced that if Khushwaha was a Brahmin or Lingayat, none in BJP would have objected. Among all political parties, caste discrimination & elite-tist mentality is highest in BJP. That why my vote is always for Congress since Congress is lesser evil.

  3. pdk Says:

    It’s hard not to wonder about this. But we need more evidence before going one way or the other I think.

  4. Venkat Says:

    People who look for “caste” in sundry happenings, like the editors of churmuri, are actually the real “casteists”. || yad bhavam tad bhavati ||

  5. chris Says:

    Yes, BJP/RSS is casteist on corruption. This is a well known fact.

    Copied from earlier discussion in Churumuri –

    Shekhar Gupta of Indian Express in his latest article –

    National Interest: The caste of corruption

    ….look at the BJP. Two of its senior leaders were caught on camera accepting cash. One, Dilip Singh Judeo, caught taking Rs 9 lakh, was a mere MP, but of a high caste, and was happily rehabilitated in the party, fielded in the election, and is now back in Parliament. The other, Bangaru Laxman, caught taking just Rs 1 lakh, was ranked much higher in the party; he was, in fact, the president, but much lower on the caste pyramid, a Dalit. He has been banished and isolated and is fighting the charges in that Tehelka sting case by himself. I am sorry to use this expression, but the party treated him as an utter outcast even as it continued to defend Judeo. What is the difference between the two except caste? You want to take this argument to the judiciary? It has been loosely insinuated by many prominent people, including by some notable members of Team Anna, that a large number of our former chief justices have been corrupt. But who is the only one targeted by name (however unsubstantiated the charges)? It is Justice K.G. Balakrishnan, currently chairman of the National Human Rights Commission and, more importantly, India’s first Dalit chief justice….The upper caste, creamy layer of our society is the most prejudiced, and yet the most dominant minority in any democracy in the world….

    In Mint –

    The Bharatiya Janata Party​ (BJP) is sneeringly called the Brahmin-Baniya party, but this isn’t true. It is actually the party of Brahmins….

    In India, electoral politics is actually not ideological, and caste is more important than ideology. This is why Brahmins, who are only 6% of the population, don’t dominate the BJP’s state units…..

    Except for one man (Rajendra Singh​), every RSS sarsanghchalak since its formation in 1925 has been Brahmin.

    The RSS’ Hindi weekly Panchjanya is run by a Brahmin (Baldev Sharma) while English weekly Organiser stars the Brahmin duo of Jay Dubashi and M.V. Kamath. The BJP newspaper Kamal Sandesh is also edited by a Brahmin (Prabhat Jha)….

    The Brahmin in caricature is wily when seen from the non-Brahmin perspective, and principled and uncompromising when seen from the Brahmin perspective. The Brahmin is also thought to be intellectual. But if intellectual means being open to ideas, he isn’t….

    Does the Congress leadership have a theme today?

    I think so. It is the mercantile castes.

    The Baniya side is always preferable to the Brahmin one.

  6. Anonymous guy Says:

    Venkat, Do you deny the pattern Churumuri has pointed to? Can you explain Anant Kumar/Pramod Mahajan/Bangaru Laxman/Kushwaha.

    Or should Churumuri ignore facts and quote some useless, generic shloka?

  7. S.Prakash Says:

    Cast is playing major role in the life of the citizens. For sundry happenings, either money or the caste are must. BJP is is not different, this party is being financed by the elitist,so called upper caste businessmen, math heads and other power full lobby. Observing this Yedurappa a ace castist is leading his YES men majority of them belongs to one sect and demanding his command.Understanding the cast muddle in which the party is deeply immersed, Yedurappa is showing his muscle and the party is not in a position to push him to a side.

  8. Goldstar Says:

    Typical Churumuri. This is how Churumuri’s arguments go:

    1. Make a conclusion (BJP is casteist on corruption).

    2. Have a sample size of 2 incidents or lesser ( Bangaru Laxman and Ananth Kumar )

    3. Ignore significant facts ( Khushwaha is a big issue because UP is going to polls, otherwise who would have bothered? )

    4. Ignore inconvenient facts ( Khushwaha was inducted by Brahmin leaders like Ananth Kumar and Gadkari. His induction is opposed by a backward caste leader Uma Bharathi ).

    5. Bring irrelevant topics ( Shanthi Bhushan, Kiran Bedi ) and taint everyone by association.

    6. Bring caste into every discussion, from Cricket to corruption.

    7. Get deluded that the conclusion made at the beginning is true.

  9. Simple Says:

    Gold Star,

    All that Mayawati excretes, BJP accepts. (Kushawaha and four others from BSP) is one such excreted product

    Kushawaha went with a begging bowl to Congress, which rightfully kicked him away.


    That is the difference between a party like BJP and Congress.

    6 BJP ministers were sacked because of corruption in Punjab.

    The Chief Minister of Uttarkhand was thrown out because of corruption.

    It is not an isolated example. Hundreds of ministers of this saffron party have been indicted on several such charges.

    4 out of 5 states Cong is poised to do very well. Goa may be the only dampner because of corruption again.

  10. Goldstar Says:

    Happy new year :-) !

    My comment was not about Congress or BJP corruption.

    It was about how Churumuri makes a formulaic ( based on caste ) premise first, then “proves” the premise by following the six steps outlined above.

  11. harkol Says:

    Entirely off the mark analysis.

    If BJP can be termed as against Low caste, lets consider congress as well. BJP had atleast made a dalit its national president once (Bangaru laxman). Congress never had a dalit president. So, what does that make Congress?

    BJP is a corrupt party, just like Congress. Both have no religion or caste, they just see how they can come or hold on to power.

    To that end they’ll do what ever it takes. Support a corrupt politician (Yeddy being an example) if it finds it convenient, or dump him if it doesn’t suit the immediate objective (like Kushwaha).

    Ethics and morality be damned. The narrow views of casteism is only for the short-term electoral calculations. In long term, what matters is who can get them power. Congress does the same as well.

  12. Nastika Says:

    Gadkari is doing a Modi. In 2009 Modi had given tickets to 4 convicts just to win OBC vote:
    > Modi gave ticket to Bhavsinh Rathod, who started his career as housebreaker.
    > Prabhatsinh Chauhan & Deepak Sathi made money by cheating small investors. Modi himself had imprisoned Sathi & Chauhan in cheating case but gave BJP tickets in 2009 !!
    > Again, C R Patil being a police himself was put in jail by Modi for trading liquor in Gujarat which has prohibition. But he is selected by Modi to stand for BJP in 2009 !!

    Modi could pull this off since BJP has weak high command and local leaders care more about winning than any ideology.

    Now, Gadkari, with an eye on PM post in 2014 wants to be one-up against his rival & Advani’s poster boy Modi and is doing what Modi did in 2009.


  13. peterparker123 Says:

    just a correction…PRAMOD MAHAJAN was not a brahman..he was a mahanth by caste..and on this,BJP never allowed any LOK PAL bill here in karnatak..because their base of politics was one community

  14. Dr.Pathik Sardar Says:

    Bjp is a casteist party to the very core and always look to create uneven playing field for the so called lower castes. Look what Vasundhara Came did in Rajasthan. 10% reservation for 2% brahmins. This is the limit of caste politics. If they have their way they will reserve 100% of India for the so called upper castes.

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