Cricket’s a team game. Here’s full and final proof

Two years ago, in Mysore, Karnataka’s Manish Pandey pulled off a blinder in the finals of the Ranji Trophy against Bombay. Two years on, Bevan Small does ditto in domestic Twenty20 match in New Zealand, and involves a teammate in the process.

Link via Kanekal Kuppesh

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5 Responses to “Cricket’s a team game. Here’s full and final proof”

  1. ERR Says:

    Amazing catch.

  2. gentleman Says:

    Cricket is more about awareness ,presence of mind and they are gentlemen enough at 19-20 years to kiss a girl , share each other’s feelings and try to be present at the moment.

    – not like our monkeys who copy sledging , showing bat, hug and fall over each other and complain and abuse each other’s mothers and sisters and participate with film stars and prostitutes for money.

    New Zealanders are known for their conduct and elagance and that plays a lot in fair sport.

  3. Michael Rechne Says:


  4. Peace Says:

    Churumuri : Chennagirodanna prashamsidamele, “namma Mysoorina” kokke/baalangucchi/fitting yaake?

    Appreciate the talent for what it is. Praising something only to add a quick addendum or preamble about “namma Mysooru” or “namma Dravid / Kumble / Srinath” sullies a heroic effort and leaves a bad taste.Just let it be…

    I think I will give you “namma Ramya(Divya Spandana)” ;-) , you have a crush on her…

  5. Robin Says:

    i saw this video many times and i wonder how a nineteen year old fielder has understood the laws of the game.In India, i see youngsters are just given long sessions in th net but no coach or BCCI or NCA teach laws of the game or atleast do’s and dont’s.

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