The dumbest TV commercial of the year, so far?

After watching Abhishek Bachchan in this priceless Idea 3G ad, you can only hope his baby takes after Aishwarya Rai (justice Markandey Katju please to note). And they are touting “smart” phones, mind you.

Link via Nastika

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4 Responses to “The dumbest TV commercial of the year, so far?”

  1. karihaida Says:

    Hmm.. consumers are rejecting dubbed ads.. Bollywood faces have no selling value in south india..
    BTW anybody know wether the stupid airtel ad was remade and released simultaneously in south india or Telugu and tamil were released earlier? KRV might be interested ;)

  2. FirstReality Says:

    nice idea. just that it’s late by, say, 5 years.

  3. shamechumu Says:

    what the ****? Counterfactual ad for idea? or for abhi-aish? shame chumu!

  4. gag Says:

    if abhishek himself had a smart phone, why the hell did he ask for phone from that man… despite having multiple functions, i still use my phone only for cal, sms and alarm… respect the people as they are… people are smarter than abhishek… no need of smart phones.

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