Who wants a 4-lane road to Chamundi Hills?

E.R. RAMACHANDRAN writes: The overzealous minister in charge of Mysore district, S.A. Ramdas, has announced that he wants to convert the road from Mysore leading upto Chamundi hills into a four-lane one—apart from constructing a shopping complex atop Mysore’s largset immovable asset.

This is the kind of announcement of “development works” that has the construction crowd all keyed up.


But, the question to ask is: do we really need a four-lane road and a shopping complex atop the lovely hills?

As it is, there is no space for widening the road in Chamundi Hills. A four-lane road can only come if they cut into the hills (like they have in Bellary), level the place, and asphalt it. Still, that will not answer the question: Is there a need for it? Will it not destroy the ecological balance?

There are many botanical species that have existed for hundreds if not thousands of years on Chamundi hills. Further, the place is home to various species of birds and insects. They all play their part in maintaining the sanctity of the place and adding to its infinite beauty.

Moreover, there is the question of wildlife. The space for wild animals is being constantly encroached upon by human greed and avarice forcing them to come out in search of food. And Mysore has in the last couple of years, seen wild animals coming into the City and playing havoc, resulting in the loss of lives.

Do we want to get rid of all this in the name of a four-lane road?

And what purpose is it supposed to achieve: that we drive at Formula One speeds to pay homeage to Mahishasura?

The overzealous minister says there is also a plan for constructing a shopping complex at the hill.

Is there such a shortage of shopping arcades in Mysore City that we should set up one more in the sky? And, pray, who are these people who come to Chamundi hills, not to enjoy its beauty, not to partake in its divinity, but to swipe their cards and shop silly trinkets?

When space is at such a constraint on the hills, surely there is nothing unpatriotic in suggesting that the overzealous minister’s emphasis should be on maintaining the heritage value of the hills and the temple?

Before the ghastly plan materializes for which the efforts are already under way, surely there is also nothing unpatriotic in suggesting that the chief minister steps in, reviews the hare-brained idea with NGOs and environmental experts, and buries it six feet deep?

Photograph: Mounted police take a stroll on their horses atop Chamundi Hills (courtesy Shrinidhi Hande)

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37 Responses to “Who wants a 4-lane road to Chamundi Hills?”

  1. Not A Witty Nick Says:

    Development! Of personal wealth of these elected representatives!

    And there is also this proposition of creating a huge garden in place of the woods!

  2. Vinay Says:

    How is the traffic on this existing two lane road? That is the first question that needs to be answered. Is it really consistently that bad?

  3. the colonel Says:


  4. Deepak Says:

    Development works means development of the contractors and others, including politicians. They have money and are just spending it in the name of development works, phew.

  5. Brahmanyan Says:

    Only Goddess Chamundeswari should save us. If there is any need for reducing the pressure on the present road, then the Government can think on laying another Road for return traffic, just as in Tirumala (Tirupathi) Hills.

  6. dr ramesh Says:

    I remember writing in churumuri few months back about darker side of bjp’s so called spiritual nationalism. Bjp leaders orate lots of shlokas, speak about rama ,krishna but in reality they are slowly but surely damaging hindu ethos. Destruction of suggalamma temple atop a mountain in bellary , and bulldozing of many small and historically important temples due to illegal mining in the present bjp regime in karnataka. Rampant illegal mining on the banks of river ganga in uttarakhand ( bjp govt did not care about swami nigamanand fast on this issue). This design to commercialize chamundi hills is only an extension of this sinister plot. Mysore citizens have always protested against attempts to damage its historical and environmental richness. I sincerely hope they do the same now. Just compare ,jairam ramesh and ramdas , protection vs destruction. Cong vs bjp.

  7. Gouri Satya Says:

    Chamundi Hills, reverred for its sanctity and beauty, is facing threat by ill-advised plans of politicians. For Forest Minister caused the destruction of a portion of the hills to create stupid “Vanas”. Now, they will cut rocks and trees for a double road and shopping complex.

  8. DoddiBuddi Says:

    Ramdas is an idiot!

  9. maisuru Says:

    Agree ! Ramdas is an idiot!

  10. Dheerendragopal Says:

    BJP is no different than the republican party .
    Bunch of Morons !

  11. Prasad Says:

    Most absurd and foolish idea. If this foolish idea materializes, by then the Congress will be in power in Karnataka and they will call it Rajiv Gandy road! They could as well break the Chamundi hill and sell the granite along with coal from Bellary!
    We stayed in Chamarajapuram next to Ballal Hotel, when I was young the Hill used to be covered with trees, and we used to hear Lions roar at night. Many a times we have gone up the old road on our Bicycle and up the old steps too. It used to be great fun.

  12. Jayashree Says:

    Create public protest against this Plan as they have done in Tamil Nadu regarding Nuke plant and the Dam. Stop this nonsence please. Let us all protest in any form and stop this nonsense!

  13. Goldstar Says:

    The thought itself is ghastly.

  14. S.Prakash Says:

    Most foolish idea.Perhaps he may be preparing for de-notification of land on the way to Uthnahalli, to allow the developers to construct resorts,and villa sites.Presently hill is an endangered site.30% of the base area is in the hands of land grabbers.Ground water is depleted,thanks to the forest department for having destroyed the eco-system by planting eucalyptus. Around the hill top,construction activity is continuously going on. Aesthetic beauty of the Temple has been spoiled,due to construction of many concrete structure.District Administration,Planners, are sitting prettily. Four lane road will shrink the hill to a small land,nothing remains to call it a hill. Only photographs of the hill will remain as a memory.Development is always need based and it cannot be imposed. The hill belongs to every body. Either the Government or the Minister have no right to spoil, let them preserve it, with proper protection.

  15. sanjeeva Says:

    Dr. Ramesh, your shrill comments blasting BJP every time for every single reason is really boring. You can’t be so naive! You know very well that politicians are same irrespetive of the parties they happen to be in. The governments everywhere are acting like real estate agents in our country and all this talk of infrastructure development is only to make more money. That holds good for any party that rules. Tomorrow, if your favourite party gets elected, don’t think that Karnataka will be turned into heaven and it will be Ramarajya. Today if it is Chamundi hill, they will eye some other hill. Thats all.

  16. vishal.g.p Says:

    He could actually come up with an idea of putting up a cbale car service from the foot of the hills to top. That would actually keep away all the cars and make the place totally environment friendly. Tourists can enjoy the wild life, view and marvel at the woods, and after spending time on top of the hill, can come down through the cable car.

    Maybe what he should do is make good parking space at the foot of the hill, and provide facilties to market goods from indigenous or locally grown produce. And perhaps put up a toll booth with a tall premium for people opting to take the car up the hill. That would be a deterrent.

  17. Vikas Eknath Rane Says:

    You have hit on nail’s head. There are lot many such development projects which threaten not only environment but well being and peace and existenace of locals.

    In and around Mumbai lot many such so called development projects are being undertaken to take city to international level. Who really need them ?

    Who can decide that Mumbai be the Shanghai of India? Certainly not New Delhi.
    Why cannot Mr. Manmohan Singh proclaim to make Chandigarh a Shanghai?
    If India is to be super power then there is need to create Mumbai in every state.
    This is overpowering by Media and Congress Mangnets in New Delhi alike.
    It is under the guise of development, that North India is being colonized in developed western and southern states of India.

  18. Andy Says:

    May is suggest the Minister Ramdas along with his screw ball idea be thrown from the top the Chamundi Hills ?

  19. Nastika Says:

    I guess Chamundi Hills has multiple exits. Make these 2 of these exits oneways – one for ascend & one for descend.

    Minister must first focus on finishing the Ring Road.


    @karihaida, dubbing ban in Kannada is for Cinema & TV serials. Ads are smartly excluded since it can’t be enforced.

    @gag, smallB is ‘brand ambassador’ for Idea. His job is to check his neighbors phone & compliment them for not using the lousy idea


  20. Sheena Desai Says:

    There is NO need for a 4 lane highway, just put a stop to these crazy ideas and leave what we have which is quite enough.

  21. parijataka Says:

    I remember during JD(S) rule one Minister wanted to create a Buddhist theme park in a reserved forest which had a popultaion of sloth bears. Environmentalists had raised objections to same, rightly so, dunno what came of it (not finding any link on the Net). I hope this foolish proposal of the BJP Minister re 4 lane highway to Chamundi will be not be implemented. It will be environmentally destructive.

  22. Rastrakoota Says:

    Ramdas the dumb ass.

  23. dr ramesh Says:

    If this crazy bjp idea gets okayed, tender will be awarded to a builder consortium owned by a brahmin or lingayat on build -operate-transfer basis, few months later half of the entire area will be illegally transferred to the builder with kickbacks to government. Discos , amusement centres,resorts will spring up. Government will not interfere because arbitration would be in london or amsterdam. Have u heard this before, very NICE.

  24. Dharmendra Says:

    India needs a French Revolution

  25. maisuru Says:

    Though time again when ever a proposal for cable car was made there has been wide criticism. But some time back i was in Nepal and went to Manakamana Temple. There is no road at all. It has a steep height of over 1000Mt to ascend. One wonders how pilgrims ever made it to the top earlier . But since 1988 they have a modern cable car system with carrying capacity of 600 people per hour and on Saturday ( it is a weekly holiday ) one has to wait for over a hour to find a cable car. But no one can say it has any deleterious effect on the dense Eco-system. It is a better way to solve the increased traffic than implementing the egregious capers of Ramdas.

  26. Swalpa Adjust Says:

    Iro road sariyagi nodkolli buddhi , Chamundi thayi nangyake nalku lane rasthe illa antha kelolla, adre iro raste uddara maadi antha naavu kelbeku !!!

  27. Faldo Says:

    In the past most people wishing to go up the hill either climbed, used the bus or bicycle. It would not be a bad idea to take steps like introducing a high toll for private vehicles to reduce traffic on the existing lanes.

  28. vasanth Says:

    Ramdas Can distribute more diaries and birthday card. Save our voters.

  29. Mahishasura Says:

    There is a chandika homa going on. If govt goes ahead of project and irk Lord Mahisha the government will topple down.

    However Ramadasa’s deal which is apparently with some businessman is to be investigated. Krishna Prasad – can you do this or rope in someone to get them into light?

    Many are here for RTI applications and then to Court appellates.
    After Kolar, Kudremukha , Ballari they are into core to loot – questioning the tolerance of Kaadu Kannadiga !!
    Nadu hoytu
    Nudi hoytu
    Kaadu maatra hogabardu

    Ramdas ninna aasegelli koneyide?


  30. Anonymous guy Says:


    Wonder if Ramdas politician has ever used the steps in Chamundi Hills.

    Cant they just develop the resort/amusement park elsewhere?

  31. Thejas Says:

    There are many roads and developments needed in mysore city…. better to give highlight on those rather a consturction of four lane road to ch. hills…!

    Hope the msg will be passed on to Mr. Ramdas….

  32. Emptymind Says:

    RSS, BJP has intention of grabbing more land from poor people and convert it into memorial of some dead people and in disguise try to build resort, theme park -commertial venture. i could remember two years back Yediyurappa government planned to grab land belongs to Hampi Kannada varsity and hand it over to “Vijayanagar Revival Trust” owned by wife of Ananth kumar Radia. They even had ghasty idea of developing theme park, garden and research center installing Krishnadevaraya statue and If required, the government would purchase more land from farmers in Hampi. Thanks to protest from hampi varsity and opposition from eminent scholars like UR Ananta Murthy the plan was burried.

    What about opposition by karnataka government to the tag of UNESCO for Western Ghats. Just to protect their timber and mining lobbies.?

  33. Dattatreya Says:

    I think this is again a stupid move by a sloth govt. Over the years growing up the beautiful chamudi hills has been denuded. Does the volume of traffic on the existing road justify a 4 lane road? why not consider improving existing parking, driving out touts and make darshan a divine feeling and not one were you a heckled by the priests for money. Pray Mr.Ramdas please ask your cronies to come quietly and see what the common undergoes when he wants to vist the devi.

  34. H.R.Bapu Satyanarayana Says:

    Now that the minister is going hammer tongs with lot of development on Chamundi Betta I think it is no good going through half measures. I would suggest flattening the hill so that a whole lot of facilities can be created including a township around the temple. I can envisage building of a grand Soudha to hold Assembly meetings Then building a rope -way makes sense. It can be a world class tourist attraction It can also have 224 bed guest house with provision for helipad.This idea can be projected under JNNURM 2 scheme under the anvil

  35. S.Prakash Says:

    Sri.H.R.Bapu Satyanarayana has given good suggestion for implementation.

  36. sanjeeva Says:

    Bapu Sir – Indeed, that is how common people feel out of sheer disgust and frustration about the rot setting in our country everywhere. But, who knows this may become a reality in another 20-25 years if not early. In any case, neither there won’t be any one to protest nor the rulers would care about anything.

  37. dr ramesh Says:

    Bapu sir, another shocker ,this time from ramdas ‘s esteemed colleague, fisheries minister palemar —-he wants ashok kheny to build underground tunnel road across shiradi ghat. ALLI CHAMUNDI BETTAKKE GUNNA ,ILLI PASCHIMA GHATTAKKE KANNA BJP SARAKARA PADEDHA NAAVE DHANYA.

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