Tch-tching about Adelaide? Think of Anandvan.

On the eve of the fourth Test match against Australia, Rahul Dravid and Harsha Bhogle show that there is more to life than winning, losing or sweating over a cricket match.

Think of life itself.

As Lance Klusener famously said after South Africa’s loss to Australia in the semi-finals of the 2003 World Cup and everybody was pouncing on him: “So what, no one died.”

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Do our cricketers have social responsibility?

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3 Responses to “Tch-tching about Adelaide? Think of Anandvan.”

  1. Ashwin R Says:

    its 1999 world cup semi finals…
    they never met each other during 2003 wc..

  2. vaidya Says:

    In the case of Steve Waugh’s association with Udayan, Aus had lost the Kolkata test in ’98 in 4 days and he got an extra day to go with them when they had asked him to associate himself.

    Perspective is what we lack. Or in the case of our media, something that serves best when under the carpet.

    More than anyone it’s Dravid who seems to bring it out more often than not these days, even after the early crash out from the 2007 WC when he said “Disappointed. But it’s just a game” and headed off to Kerala for a vacation. And the more I see Dhoni and his composure these days, the more he impresses me! It’s easy for our pot-bellied middle-class to get all hot-headed about whether VVS should play the next test or not. It’s hilarious how the aam-admi loves to point out that there is too much gap between bat and pad when Dravid is playing these days and after 15 years(or just 5 months after the rearguards in England) his technique has failed him and he needs to be dumped.

  3. Gaby Says:

    WTF… there is no relation between promoting an ostensibly charitable cause and getting your behinds walloped by you opponents. It wouldnt be ridiculous if Dravid and co had at least put up some resistance and fight in the game instead of meek surrender.

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