Manmohan & Deve Gowda: 40 winks of separation

In his first term as prime minister, Manmohan Singh was called plenty of names by the BJP and routinely reminded of being “weak” till it boomeranged in the 2009 elections.

In his second term, Singh continues to be called weak but with the corruption scandals chipping away at the PM’s image, there is an added twist: he is now called weaker than the former prime minister H.D. Deve Gowda.

At a function in Madras last week to mark the 40th anniversary of the Tamil magazine, Tughlak, the “former future prime minister of India” L.K. Advani once again repeated the “weaker than Deve Gowda” charge.

Srinivasa Ram Iyengar  Iyer Ramaswamy alias Cho Ramaswamy, the editor of Tughlak who has now positioned in the AIADMK camp after having enjoyed the pleasures of the DMK camp not long ago, interjected:

“Advaniji says Manmohan Singh is weaker than Deve Gowda. But Deve Gowda was stronger in one respect. Deve Gowda was strong enough to go off to sleep on his own. Poor fellow Manmohan cannot even doze off on his own.”

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Weak Manmohan, yes, but what about L.K. Advani?

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19 Responses to “Manmohan & Deve Gowda: 40 winks of separation”

  1. partho Says:

    Cho is Iyer no? Wikipedia could be wrong, but Cho’s forehead suggests otherwise. Unless i failed to read something between the lines…

  2. chidu22 Says:

    Disparaging language is the hallmark of frustrated and opportunistic Advani. Mr Advani would do good by looking at himself, and at his age his language is childish and undignified. I fear for my country if Mr Advani ever becomes PM. For Cho to comment about Mr Gowda was unfortunate even for a journalist. If they cant speak well they dont have the right to insult anyone.

  3. Anitha N Says:

    2009 boomeranged on BJP not because MMS was strong. There were a host of other reaons.

    Fact is this puppet of a PM is unfit to continue in the post. For those who are interested, please read an article in titled ” How the O in PMO has become more powerful than the PM”. This gives a clear picture of who is calling shots in the government today.

    To reiterate, nothing wrong in L K Advani calling MMS the weakest prime minister.. he is being genteel and civilised because he stops at calling MMS weak.

  4. sanjeeva Says:

    I thought his name was Chokkalingam Ramaswamy and he is an Iyer! And when was he in the DMK camp that too enjoying the pleasures??!! I never heard or read anything about it. It would be interesting to see the comments of Cho on this .

  5. A Journalist Says:

    What more do you expect from a Sindhi refugee who became a ‘leader’ by sheer luck?

    His standard has always been low and will remain like this forever.

  6. dr ramesh Says:

    The comments , first by advani and then by ramaswamy are classic examples of acute caste-infected rss mindset. May be rss and vast sections of media are devout believers that PM post should always be held by well dressed, erudite, brahmin type personalities.any diversion from this will be ridiculed. No notable financial scam , terrorist ,naxal attack took place when deve gowda was prime minister. Advani has every right to feel that he is the most deserving person not to become the PM. But democracy and destiny had other plans.

  7. the colonel Says:

    Hey mister “JOURNALIST”.

    who are you ???

    what do you mean “expect from a Sindhi refugee”

    shit is it????????????

    what do you mean “refugee”

    shit is it????????????

    Mr Journalist Shit your standard has always been low and will remain like this forever.

  8. asha Says:

    MMS is a weak PM no doubt, but that does not mean LKA should indulge in loose talks about a former PM, especially when he is our “Sin of the Soil”.

  9. Anonymous Guy Says:

    What is this talk of ‘weakness’ and ‘strength’? Do we expect MMS, Advani or Deve Gowda to arm wrestle foreign leaders?

    Thucydides said:
    “It is a general rule of human nature that people despise those who treat them well, and look up to those who make no concessions.”

    A section of the Indian middle class does not prefer a civil, thinking, qualified PM. They prefer a self-styled dictator or strongman who would not think twice about letting the country go to dogs. Emotion beats everything else.

    Advani, at best mediocre a administrator and statesman, is just playing on this feeling. He fancies himself a strongman (though reality was clear during the Kandahar hijacking).

    Cho Ramaswamy should find some new material.

  10. pdk Says:

    Of course, it wasn’t Advani, the then Home Minister, who agreed and approved of a Cabinet Minister (Jaswant Singh, External Affairs) escorting terrorists to a hijacked plane in Khandahar. No, it can’t be since he is a strong man. All that is a figment of our collective imagination.

  11. fear Says:

    DG -79
    MMS – 80
    Advani -85

    Living with the Fear of death. even if one dozes off sub conscious will be performing some bali or yaaga in kerala temples.

    Strong & Weak!

    AG – dont sail on the high tides of being upper class .
    This whole generation is a disaster.

  12. chanakya Says:

    DG……is well known as Nidde Gowda……..he is a fine actor and opportunist; that’s all. People like him divide people on religion basis and take advantage of communal differences. Normally, wisdom and moral should develop as man grows. In case of ‘SIn of Soil’ it is just reverse; he is becoming more and more nasty day by day. All because; he and his family have no power…

  13. Anonymous Guy Says:


    Right, that was a typo (or a wish?). ‘We prefer…’ instead of ‘they…’.

    Though from what I can see around me, this generation is an improvement over the previous one who were just sheep and voted Indira Gandhi in even after emergency.

  14. fear Says:

    I was talking of that same greedy undying generation – what is it called – past present continuous participle or some kind of shit.

  15. Vasu Says:

    Dont talk ill of Deve Gowda, he is the visionary who heralded the IT revolution in india. Look at this photograph:

  16. Faldo Says:

    It would have made somewhat more sense if the comparison had been made with IK Gujral (remember him?) instead. In my opinion IKG was the weakest of the lot. Incidentally, both MMS and IKG were elected from the Rajya Sabha with not much of a mass base to speak of. Certainly there were many things one could fault DG with, but at the time he was PM he had some pull within his dispensation. In fact, his government fell supposedly because the Congress was not consulted on some important issues.

  17. Pulikeshi the Last Says:


    When you have time just read Dr. Ramesh’s endless shlokas and sthothras to the Gowda clan.

    And now there is the extremely unnerving talk of Bhavani and the mari, Nikhil, entering politics.

  18. Suneel Sardana Says:

    Shame on us being world largest democracy & having dummy P.M.namely Manmohan Singh.Why has he not resigned so for after Supreme Court Judgement on 2 G Scam where not only Raja & Chidambram are involved but the entire Govt. is responsible for mass corruption & non existance of Govt.

  19. Dilip Says:

    “… the editor of Tughlak who has now positioned in the AIADMK camp after having enjoyed the pleasures of the DMK camp not long ago, ..”

    A pathetic comment. Doesn’t surprise me though.. typical of hit job of modern India’s modern media!

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