Have even Sardars lost their sense of humour?

Facet: Jay Leno is the US equivalent of Cyrus Broacha (to the power of one thousand). Fact: With an income of $21million last year, US presidential hopeful Mitt Romney is not just in the top 1% but in the top 0.0025%.

And the nation’s most humourous people are miffed at a skit that does not even have accompanying commentary from Leno as to sue?And the Indian ambassador to the US complains, only to receive a sermon on the First Amendent?

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Just how is this dress an affront to Hindu culture?

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10 Responses to “Have even Sardars lost their sense of humour?”

  1. Indu Ramesh Says:

    It is the sardar who makes the first sardar joke in any company. God knows what prompted the GOI to take it upon itself to protect the Sikhs from Jay Leno. It was not even a comment on them. At this rate, we will not let anybody say anything about the ‘sacred’ us. But then, could this also be a ploy to catch the sikh votes in the Punjab elections?

  2. the colonel Says:


    Are U Nuts.

    there is an election on.

    and watch the response of the Sardars.

  3. FirstReality Says:

    What exactly does India think of itself? US should stop being polite and just say shut the fuck up.

  4. asha Says:

    Somanahalli Kitta has nothing worthwhile to do it seems…when every country is worried about a possible attack on Iran by Uncle Sham and its coalition and global impact of such an action, all this guy can think of is some third rated standup comedian making a joke about the golden temple…somanahalli kitta is our answer to the ex home minister Shivraj Patil of maharashtra….

  5. Madan Says:

    The average american thinks that his ability to make jokes about himself gives him the right to make jokes about everyone else.

    There was a time when most jokes on american tv/radio were about the scottish people, then it was about the jewish people, then it was about the muslim people. Now it is about the punjabi people.

    Only when the targeted people become economically strong will the jokes stop.

    Hence the punjabi jokes will end only when the punjabi people start boycotting the companies that advertise and sponsor the late night show by jay leno.

    Speak in the language of your opponent and there will be better understanding.

  6. Jay Says:

    I have seen the video 3 times, and how the Fk is this a joke on sardars or an insult is beyond my understanding. First the Jeremy Clarkson comment and now this.. We Indians (specially the complaining ones) should get a life first!!

  7. Faldo Says:

    Some people definitely felt outraged and they are well within their right to sue, regardless of what other people think. However, it did not make much sense for the Indian ambassador to get involved at this stage. Even if they wanted to the ministry should have taken it up with the channel directly rather than officially protest to the US government. It is possible the government did it keeping in mind the Punjab elections.

  8. DoddiBuddi Says:

    This Jay Leno episode shows we are complete idiots! It is a joke he made in the US and Jay Leno thinks it is funny; may be a few Americans do as well.

    Likewise Top Gear Clarkson can be a funny idiot sometimes and he makes many cheeky comments. If you don’t enjoy his jokes just ignore him.

    Now if Sikhs want to make an issue out of it, more jokes will follow. Best is to ignore. Besides it is difficult for Americans to appreciate how long beards and a few meters of cloth worn on the head in vibrant colors can be regarded as symbols of faith. As also the practice of carrying big/small swords as a symbol of faith.

    Having dots on the forehead and plenty of ash lines painted in parallel on Hindu foreheads appear equally funny and challenging to the Americans.

    Waking up people in the dead of morning using loudspeakers with wailing sounds from minarets would appear very quaint and utterly disruptive in other cultures.

    Like it or not be a Roman in Rome. Its that simple!

  9. sisya Says:

    reminds me of a joke from some khushwant singh’s “joke book”.. russian and american at the bar.. american: “you know what? there’s so much freedom in my country that i can even call Ronald Reagan (then President..) an idiot and get away with it” ….. russian: so what? even I can!

    not sure why i remembered this joke. certainly not sure why I’m typing this comment. never mind.. the story doesn’t make any sense either..

  10. Gokulam 3rd Stage Says:

    SIkhs have always laughed at themselves, but never at their religion. They have always vigorously defended their faith against any slight, real or perceived. This one is clearly not real.

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