Is there space for another Kannada news channel?

On paper, the media market in Karnataka is not the largest of the four southern States. The conventional wisdom is that unlike Andhra Pradesh, we do not have as many eyeballs; unlike Tamil Nadu, we do not have as many urban centres; unlike Kerala, we do not have a booming retail market; and unlike all three, we do not have deep pockets.

But the reality is slightly different.

Karnataka has more newspapers and as many news channels as the biggest of the four States. To the existing stampede of TV news channels—TV9, Udaya News, Suvarna News, Kasturi News, Janashree and Samaya—one more will be added tomorrow, when former Kannada Prabha and Suvarna News editor H.R. Ranganath‘s Public TV goes on air.

Question: is there space for one more Kannada news channel?

Photograph: A hoarding for the soon-to-be-launched Public TV on Cunningham Road in Bangalore (Karnataka Photo News)

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75 Responses to “Is there space for another Kannada news channel?”

  1. Sapna Says:

    I think the real question is “Will this channel make a difference in the current media scene?”

  2. N Shravan Says:

    Who is to say that there is no space. It is really the age of raise your own voice and create your own space.

    I would say one thing though. Im sure all these channels put in a decent effort to put a channel on ‘air’. It would be nice if someone could guarantee them that any new channel should be available on choice on all television media. Media as in Cable, DTH, IP etc. This takes us to another point i.e. as the the number of homes with DTH and IPTV increase, any new channel will have to think beyond just content.

  3. Kitapati Says:

    H.R. Ranganath is one of the best no nonsense and highly analytical TV anchor in Kannada TVdom. It is refreshing to know that he will be back after he was ousted out of Suvarana. Best of luck from one guaranteed viewer for public TV.

  4. D.Shrijay Devaraj Urs Says:

    This is something strange because when I open my laptop in the evening I find the news in churmuri about new channel and only this morning I had a visitor who is a journalist telling me that one more newspaper called VIJAYAVANI is in offing and I spent two hours talking to him about journalism in Mysore and uniqueness of Mysore etc.My passion and hunger for news ends with eight newspaper and two hours of my time in the morning.I keep forcing my students and sometimes they mistake me and may even suspect that I get commission.
    I would vote for any number of news channels or newspapers as the following incident justfies it.
    I was travelling with eminent person Mr.Soli Sorabjee and he asked me a very interesting question – what is the contribution of kannadigaru to nation’s development ? [In terms of freedom struggle,industrial development etc.compared to AP,TN,MH ,GUJ and other states and I had difficulty in arguing with him and finally I convinced him by giving details that kannadigaru have excelled and contributed whether in music,painting,fine arts,highest number of Jnanapeetha awardees and we believe in creating a knowledge society by establishing institutions and extending patronage. Is there any city like Bangalore in the world where local population is in minority? This speaks volumes and Soli accepted my submiision and I was excited.
    Let there be many channels and papers.Recently when my nephew wanted to do something in Mysore, I suggested Mysore which has earned the distinction of top10 places to be visited in the world by Newyork Times twice, I said create a world class B school and he jumped over the idea and the project MYRA is ready[ ] to be on top of 3000 schools and more feathers to Karnataka and Kannadigaru.
    Prof.Shrijay Devaraj Urs
    Institute of Development Studies
    University of Mysore

  5. WTF Says:

    whats the use to start in karnataka.
    kannada channels should flock delhi / dubai / new york and broadcast national and international news to ignorant people of the state.
    and none of them are online. wtf useless.

  6. karthik Says:

    HR Ranganath – I know it all guy . I will keep away from this channel

  7. Nalini Says:

    Ranganath has a unique way of anchoring and telling news, interviewing people. I missed him since he left Suvarna. I feel this new channel is going to be interesting. I will definitely watch it.

  8. dr ramesh Says:

    Its a welcome development that people are realising the potential in kannada tv media. More heartening fact is kannadiga owned channels being successfully launched. Kasturi newz owned by anitha kumarswamy, samaya by nirani and now public tv by lahari velu and co is a welcome change from sun tv , asianet and etv owned kannada news channels. Jagan reddy , chiranjeevi family marriages became main news leaving behind news on special status for hyderabed -karnataka areas. Telugu movies and tamil movies are aired on prime time kannada news in channels owned by telugus and tamils. Hope kasturi news and public tv great success.

  9. Gaampa Says:

    Only time will tell

  10. sisya Says:

    >>Is there any city like Bengaluru in the world where local population is in minority?

    And who says Kannadigas are a minority in Bengaluru? This assertion seems to be nothing more a self-fulfilling myth perpetrated by people with agendas and perpetuated by idiots like you.

    I’ve always wondered what the source of this oft-repeated proclamation could be. Do you have any formal source like a census report or something that you are basing your assertion on? Or are you just looking around and ‘guesstimating’? I’ve looked around too and what I see in Bengaluru is that Kannadigas may at best, be a minority in the IT industry and even in the IT industry, Kannadigas are easily the single largest group. Just because the IT crowd is the most visible on the MG Roads and Brigade Roads and most vocal on the internets, it doesn’t automatically follow that they are the majority of Bengaluru’s population. Not without generous help from some pretty wishful imagination.

    According to an uncited claim on Wikipedia, Bengaluru is home to around 35% of India’s million or so IT workers. Another uncited claim on The Wiki puts the number of IT workers in India at 2.5 million. Even if 35% of that population is in Bengaluru, it pegs the IT population at 8-10 laksh tops, of which, to hazard a guess, at least 30-35% (3-4 lakhs) are Kannadigas. And Bengaluru’s population according to more formal estimates is around 1 crore (Source: That puts the IT crowd at barely 10% of Bengaluru’s population. Even allowing for guesstimates of non-Karnataka/Kannadiga population in other sectors, there is no way Kannadigas are a minority in Bengaluru. And we haven’t even started talking about the huge stream of Kannadigas who have migrated from other parts of Karnataka into Bengaluru the past decade or so.

    Just because the popular media focuses on the MG Roads and Brigade Roads, it doesn’t mean that those areas make up all of Bengaluru. When was the last time the likes of MTV went with their cameras into some gully in a Hanumanthanagara? Or a Basavanagudi? It is one thing for the popular media to intentionally or unintentionally skew perceptions and opinions. It is entirely another thing for normal people to suspend all their critical faculties and lap up everthing that thrown at them.

    For additional pondering over:

  11. Anand Baradi Says:

    One more newz channel hmm hmm !
    I can only say
    ‘Attaining is one thing and sustaining is altogether a different thing’

    At least i hope this channel will not air about Telugu or Tamil film industry related news , if they want to show some stories apart from Kannada let them do show about Tulu , Kodava , Konkani
    they will be well appreciated

  12. Goldstar Says:

    Agree with Sisya. And even in IT, the population of Kannadigas is increasing in the last 4-5 years since more and more IT companies are now recruiting from local engineering colleges. I go for a recruitment in colleges and I do know this for a fact.

  13. gag Says:

    as someone said, its not about whether we have space.. But its all about how will it make a difference here?

    TV9 : very flexible – morning temples, noon politics, evening and night maata mantra tantra and hidden cams in bedrooms. They recently infringed the privacy of homosexuals. No ethics left.

    Janashri: same like their bosses, they show whatever will make people happy instantly – god, temples, yajna, failures of non-reddys.

    Samaya: not much different from other news channels, though in the beginning they showed some difference.

    Suvarna: almost the same.

    All news channels are giving opium to the masses. Can we have a balanced news channel? which doesnt fantasise and end with god temples and blaming politicians for everything?

  14. Vinay Says:


    In my experience, it has always been true that the single largest percentage of IT professionals were Kannadigas. This is true from as far back as 2005. In the 2005-2008 timeframe, my general observation was, on average it would be around 15-20% Kannadigas, and remaining would be divided among Tamilians, Mallus, Telugus, Delhiites, Bengalis, etc. etc. etc. This percentage is increasing now, in the last 2-3 years – it is a trend that I have also observed.

    In companies like Oracle and HP (product development divisions), the current percentage of Kannadigas is more than 40%, approaching 50% in some departments.

  15. Ganesh K Davangere Says:

    Its a timely requirement for Karnataka. Every news channel has its own misconceptions, prejudice, and own business-political propaganda. Let this not happen with PUBLIC TV and we hope that Mr.Ranganath will certainly make a difference.

  16. pdk Says:

    Off topic, some food for thought: PRESS FREEDOM INDEX 2011-2012.

    India’s rank is a lowly 131, below Jordan, Bangladesh and Burundi. Singapore, which we’ve been discussing recently, is below India. USA is 47.

    In India (131st), journalists were exposed to violence stemming from the persistent conflicts in the states of Chhattisgarh and Jammu and Kashmir. The threat from mafia groups operating in the main cities of the coutnry also contributed to self-censorship. However, the authorities were no better. In May, they unveiled the “Information Technology Rules 2011,” which have dangerous implications for online freedom of expression. Foreign reporters saw their visa requests turned down or were pressured to provide positive coverage.

  17. ಪ್ರವೀಣ್ ಶಂ ಮಾರವಳ್ಳಿ Says:

    one my request sir please don’t promote other states news like cinema, wedding other inconvenience to kannada people. and one of my suggestion please give importance to promote Samskrutika Bhaashe Kannada and concern on rural development.. thanks…
    All the best for (y)our channel ranga sir…

  18. shanoi Says:

    And leave out crime news to criminals and police!

  19. sanjeeva Says:

    Kannadigas are termed as minority because they speak all other languages Kannada. Once they know that the other person’s mother tongue is Tamil, Telugu or Hindi, spontaneously they start talking in these languages plus English. They are projecting themselves as minority.

  20. weekend veekshaka Says:

    fully agree that he has good analytical skills but musudi nodakagala. he gets highly dramatic and artificial.

  21. Amarnath Says:

    Is there a space for another Kannada news channel?
    There is..Not just for one but for a couple more…

    The existing Kannada news channels are busy promoting Telugu, Tamil and Hindi films, they are busy covering the marriages of non kannada stars, and they are busy covering right from the birth of the kids of other language stars till the death of the parents/relatives of them..
    The way few so called kannada channels operate, it looks pathetic as they are more inclined towards Non-kannada stuff..
    Mr Ranganath is an ethical media journalist we have come across in the past few decades..Kannada prabha news paper showed real excellence and commitment towards Kannada/Kannadiga/Karnataka during his period as the chief Editor of the news daily..

    The need of an hour is not just a channel which will throw away the morals and ethics in the air, but the need is a proper channel which can give real insights about the happenings in the society..
    The need of an hour is a Kannada channel which will have the Kannada essence in it and am sure, Public TV wouldn’t disappoint us..

  22. Gouri Satya Says:

    More the merrier! But, will it be a real ‘public?’

  23. Suhruta Says:

    There is a large space alright but the challenge lies in the content that the channel plans to air. If the idea is to replicate what most of the current channels air or cover – Telugu cinema Industry, Birthdays, Weddings of Bollywood stars Etc, it is a simple plain waste of money.

    The need of the hour is a Karnataka centric channel which covers all aspects of Kannada, Kannadiga and Karnataka regardless of the subject being state, centre or at a global level!!

    And to who ever says Kannadigas are a minority in Bengaluru – Please stop spreading this false message! There are numerous market indications which clearly highlight who is the majority in Bengaluru! A lie even if told a 1000 times will definitely not become a truth!!

  24. MVC Says:

    Ranganath’s new channel will have any chance of success only if he talk less. I have watched him on Suvarna news and boy..that man doesn’t know when to stop talking..

  25. Emptymind Says:

    Somebody please inform Samaya TV do not play with the temperament of the poor viewers like me. i have just miss the count the number of times they have referred Sachin Tendulkar as “Cricket Devaru” And not to forget about repeated half an hour telecast of over hyped Tamil song and its variation.

  26. Ravi Says:

    Ofcourse there is a market for “Kannada news channel”. Many Kannada news channels looks like they are dedicated to Telugu/Hindi film industry, there is a genuine need for a channel which really covers “Kannada news”.

    If “Public TV Kannada” becomes a TV which voices both the public(Kannadigas) and Kannada, I am sure its gonna come out with flying colours.

    I wish all the very best to Mr Ranganath

  27. Gokulam 3rd Stage Says:

    It seems as if every English news channel is Delhi centric and every Kannada news channel is Bengaluru centric.

    We need more Kannada channels, but why just news? We need something that showcases everything that Kannadigas hold dear.

  28. chanakya Says:

    When in Suvarna TV, it was:
    -Nera, Ditta, Nirantara

    And now it is:
    -Krura, Ketta, Bhayankara……………..:D

  29. shankar Says:

    @ kitapati & nalini,

    when Ranganath was in Suvanrna News he used to anchor umpteen shows on BJP politicians getting prime sites in Bangalore under the discretionary G quota.

    But then the fact came out that the same ranganath has also got a site allotted him by SM krishna in the same discretionary quota ! I have sent him multiple mails on this but no reply.

    If Ranga gets site in G quota then quota is good but it is bad for others ! this is the moral standards of the famous ranga.

    Why not return the site to BDA & come clean instead of pontificating ?

  30. Victor Says:


    TO all those who question the contribution of Kanndaigaru’s development fo the growth of India – India’s first electrified place – bangalore. 1902 – the Wodeyar’s started Hydroelectric project in Shivanasamudram. Mysore – Bangalore rail road was also a first. An organized open university was encouraged and implemented by the Wodeyar’s. If irrigation is possible in the southern states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka Inclusive, it was the building of K R S Dam. These are exclusive of post-independence contributions. The problem with us Kannadigas is that we prefer actions to speak – hence employ very little or no PR activity.

  31. Narayana Reddy-Neralur Says:

    Best of luck Ranganath

  32. chidu22 Says:

    PUBLIC TV- couldn’t have they come with a kannada name?. The name forebears the content of this channel, the same rubbish of our jingoistic neighbouring states and the bollywood crap. Its a shame that we are emulating the tamilians and telugu-ites whose languages are riddled with english words. This influence is overwhelming in souh karnataka i.e. Bengalur which is unfortunate. The reason being the south’s attitude towards anything about North Karnataka which is still proud about its language and culture. The programmes should cover this part of the state rather than concentrating on one place -bengalur. Shriman Ranganathavare swalp eekade gu kivi kodi…

  33. suresh Says:

    ಕನ್ನಡ ಭಾಷೆಗೆ ಹೆಚ್ಚಿನ ಮಹತ್ವ ಕೊಡಿ.ತೆಲುಗು,ತಮಿಳು,ಹಿಂದಿ ಸಿನಿಮಾಗಳಿಗೆ ಹೆಚ್ಚಿನ ಆದ್ಯತೆ ಕೊಡಬೇಡಿ.ಆ ಕೆಲಸವನ್ನು ಇತರೆ ಚಾಲನ್ಗಳು ಮಾಡುತ್ತಿವೆ.ಶುಭವಾಗಲಿ!

  34. Vijay Says:

    A New Channel OK but not this Guy, seeing him on TV is big torture, his madness and commanding n all, He was there in Suvarna, All the Anchors complained that he is commanding and not leaving others to talk, so they sent him out, so he started a new TV public TV, it will disappear within one week for sure, WASTE OF MONEY and people Dont jump from others TV channel for higher salary u will get only one month SALary…

  35. chetan Says:

    in earlier posts there was talk about kannadigas and minority and IT. i wish to say that kannadigas don’t know entrepreneurship nor do they know to do business. look at all the engineering colleges in bangalore, they are started by andhra or kerala people. kannadigas are behind neighbouring state ppl in every area. there is a serious need of mentoring of skills in karnataka. there is a problem which has to be identified and its solution need to be found.

  36. Simple Says:

    I liked his style of presentation because he spoke like as if he was sitting in his living room and having a casual chat with his neighbours. It wasn’t the usual formal, stiff presentation of other hosts who are acutely aware of the camera

  37. Rangarajan - Coimbatore Says:

    @ Victor,

    Let me check your comments,

    –>1902 – the Wodeyar’s started Hydroelectric project in Shivanasamudram.—-

    Have you heard of Seshadri Iyer? A tamilian’s brain was behind your power unit in Sivanasamudram. Still many tamil workers are working in power station in Bluf-sivanasamudram.

    If irrigation is possible in the southern states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka Inclusive, it was the building of K R S Dam—->

    You are saying, as if there was no irrigation happened before KRS dam in TN. Kannadigas contribution towards building KRS dam is negligible. Man behind KRS was Sir MV and was people who built the dam was TN hard workers. Check out the villages in and around KRS dam, you can find many migrant tamils who came for the dam construction from neighboring Erode and Kovai districts and settled in Mysore districts.

  38. dr ramesh Says:

    Truth is tamils in karnataka who had high hopes of making bangalore a second chennai and making tamil official language of karnataka are a depressed lot today. Their dominence in construction activities is replaced by kannadigas from bidar, gulbarga and raichur. Darshinis run by people from coastal kArnataka are employing thousands of non skilled kannadiga workers resulting in increase in kannadiga population in most parts of the city. If not for karnataka, tamil nadu wouldnt be what it is today, because we have been extremely generous in providing excess water to a lower riparian state of tamil nadu. Anger in tamil nadu over unemployment is reduced because unemployed tamils came to karnataka and it accepted them. Thus helping in maintaining law and order in tamil nadu. Its similar to mexicans migrating to united states for better life during seventies and eighties.

  39. Rangarajan - Coimbatore Says:

    @ Dr.Ramesh,

    I pitty your ignorance. Tamils forms around 40% of Bangalore population. Be it a labour work to IT, you can see Tamils presence is more than kannadigas even in white color jobs.

    I don’t think, you even know the interstate river water sharing law and rules. Kaveri doesn’t belong to Karnataka or TN, its an interstate river, there is no question of generosity.

    If there is sufficient eligible work resource in Karnataka then why do outsiders come and work in KA? Its a common sense, there is no skilled work force in Bangalore and hence outsiders are occupying the jobs. Forget Private MNC jobs, even Govt sectors are also have considerable outside population. One thing is of sure, there is huge openings in Bangalore which is not met my the local work force.

    Unemployment in TN? Hope you know that, Madras, Trichy, Coimbatore are hubs of mechanical industries. Even the Private Lorry transport business in whole south india is done by tamils. Goods trucks and lorries have their base in Namakkal TN. Southern Railway jobs is again dominated by tamils.

    Its not the unemployment factor that tamils are migrating, the opportunities at right time is properly utilized by Tamils in Bangalore which kannadigas lacks.

    But i do respect the hardworking coastal karnataka tulu people and their chain of hotels.

  40. asha Says:

    Rangarajan from Coimbatore…

    Hey you need to get your facts right before starting your tamil chauvanisitc utterances on this forum…Just because a person has Iyer/Iyengar surname does not make him Tamil. There were hundreds of Iyers and Iyengars who have contributed to the progress of Karnataka, but they still consider themselves as Kannadigas. Eg. Kailasam, Masti Venkatesh Iyengar, etc. Tamil workers were given reasonable wages to work on the KRS project, they did not do any social service for Karnataka. If you did not know, Sir MV was a full blooded kannadiga born and brought up in Karnataka. Take your Tamil chauvanism elsewhere. It amazes me when you people try to project Rajnikanth as a Marathi, even though he is a kannadiga of marathi descent…for the record your current CM is a kannadiga sired by the mysore maharaja (no less) go get a life…

  41. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Dr. Ramesh,

    Excellent post! Agree with you 200%. I like the Mexico-USA comparison.

  42. The truth Says:

    I am from the same belt of chamarajanagara / old mysoor region.
    My grandfather used to hire these people when he made a large coconut , sugarcane etc field/ farm during those days around independence.
    The black ones who were called ‘Gule’ or migrants used to flock those areas in abundance and ask for work. Agreed they were hard working but they were well treated too and given food and shelter.
    The language used to be almost the same. for example the ‘da’ becomes ‘ada’ and ‘di’ becomes ‘adi’ and so on. infact coimmattooru , talawadi ,sathyamangala, and chennapattana (chennai) ( note all are proper kannada names ) – part of mysoor state –
    are more near to the agrarians since the fertilizer, seed and tractors and other equipments are best available in these parts .
    They used to never come to Bengaloor because even now we cannot reach chamarajanagara smoothly without bypassing mysooru even though its adjacent. that’s a kind of politics still running which causes people to remain ignorant of the cursed district.

    These things never take out the fact the kannadigas are not present there. infact kannadigas have learnt tamil because they are not evil minded like for example tamils in infosys.
    My personal experience was a Tamil engineer telling this in a large hall of infosys – “Kannada is dirty”.
    and a Tamil girl proudly announcing while boarding a bus – In Bangalore if you tamil that’s enough.
    The whole of KEC-General of Infosys professes Thiruvalluvar as the greatest soul on earth.
    The malayalees who have started eating cows go with the Shankaracharya version .
    The tule betrayers like Aishwarya Rai join the Tamil gang followed by Konkani saraswats.

    And hence anything from Basavanna / Akka / Madhwa /Raghavendra/ Sarvagna will be least to hear in even Bengaluru
    And still their nepotism continues which fuels groupisms from another geography called north of india.

    We used to observer their ignorance. The way you profess tamils are hard workers doesnot take anything away from us. We also work hard. The only thing which differentiates is we can see both and the third working hard and help but other way is not true.

  43. Proud Indian Says:

    Dr Ramesh:

    I agree with you. Previously it was Tamils, but today North Indians are taking over the construction industry. North East migrants dominate in the hospitality sector of the city. Happy to see Biharis/Oriyas/Bengalis contributing to the development of the city.

  44. asha Says:


    At least with North Indians you can reason and encourage and make them learn kannada, but I cannot say the same thing about the tamils who are drunk on their non-existant tamil superiority :).

  45. dr ramesh Says:

    Best judge of entreprenuerial spirit of tamils would be mahinda rajApakse. Entire world knows how some egoistic tamils destroyed an entire country. Super human efforts of sinhalese is rebuilding that beautiful country. Spirit of enterprise should build a society ,not destroy it. Tamilian civil society in tamilnadu should have welcomed the step to give kannada and telugu classical language status which was first given to tamil, but they opposed it with a filthy , envious mindset. Biggest political scamster in indian history is from a state called tamil nadu. Most dangerous militant organisation was based on linguistic parochialism of tamils. Kannada has survived most turbulent times and is now seeing the best of times . Inclusive spirit of kannada and kannadigas is an example to the entire nation to emulate.

  46. chidu22 Says:

    @ Rangaraja

    Assuming that skilled labour is in abundance in tamilians is all right however the mindset and mentality is very poor. They gloat about there so called talents but surely are not loved people anywhere in the world. The classic example is Shri lanka.They sucked upto the british, both in Madras and shri lanka, betrayed the locals, mastered the British education system covertly , denying the opportunities to others. So getting a head start in such a system which is prevalent across the world is no great feet. There are hardly any worthwhile writers in their native langauage, busy sucking up to the British education system. Busy tamilising names Koimattur, Shivansamudra,Karnatak music, Kaveri etc, mean to the core.

  47. Gokulam 3rd Stage Says:

    Tamilians like Rangaraja live in a myth of their own making.

    Tamil history is very Goebbelsian – repeat the falsehood over and over and soon enough people start to think it is true. Nothing has contributed to the anger the other three states feel about Tamil Nadu as much as political Tamil and the constant breast beating about the alleged superiority and antiquity of their language and its speakers.

  48. Goldstar Says:

    @The Truth,

    Is the “KEC-General” still on in Infosys?
    Miss the constant South vs North debates and the Sourav vs Tendulkar debates (in KEC-Sports, back in 2004-05 ). Feeling nostalgic about it all.

    An ex-infoscion.

  49. Doddi Buddi Says:

    GK3S, Excellent observation!

    Great rejoinders by Asha, Chidu22, Dr. Ramesh and the Truth.

  50. Nastika Says:

    @dr ramesh,
    Battle of Tamils in Bangalore is old and they have lost. But Telugus has won where Tamils have failed. Though Telugus are less chauvinistic than Tamils, they have spread wide. A word of Tamil in a Kannada movie will cause riot. But Telugu? Yes there can be plenty of Telugu. (eg. Shivarajkumar’s ‘Satya in Love’ has half the dialogues in Telugu and many more movie have Telugu dialogues).

    Telugu speakers finally have 5 states in the world – 3 in Andhra, 1 in USA & 1 in Karnataka.


  51. Rangarajan - Coimbatore Says:

    @ All the above commenters,

    Thanks for commenting against Tamils and Tamil language. Let me counter your ignorant comments,

    @ Asha,

    Sir MV was a telugu brahmin(Mulukunadu by birth), these brahmins still speak telugu at their home. You cant claim Sir MV as full blooded kannadiga. All the Iyengars are descendants of Thanjavur, Kumbakonam of TN. Still they speak tamil in their house. The word Iyengar itself is a Tamil word. Rajini is a marati, truth is truth. Jayalalitha has her roots in Srirangam – she is a tamil iyengar by birth.

    I have seen many kannadigas speaking hindi with North indians, and its funny to read your comments which says otherwise too works. LoL!!

    @ Truth –

    CH Nagar, Kollegal has predominantly tamil gounders. The region comes under Kongu nadu or Kongu belt. It was forcibly merged to Karnataka during states reorganization and hence kannada is forcibly taught. The usage of kannada in CH Nagar is highly influenced with Kongu Tamil. ‘Ooru’ is a tamil word, which is used in kannada too and you cant say coimbatooru and say it as kannada. Then even Thanjavooru will also have kannada influence? Chennai – chennappan nayakar – a telugu nayakar dynast and doesn’t have any kannadiga influence in it.

    I have experienced so many racist comments in KA, just because i am a tamil and i look dark. I don’t feel pitty for the Infosys incident, as 100’s of such incidents are carried out by kannadigas against tamils too in Bangalore. Myself a physical victim.

    Guru raghavendrar was born in Bhuvanagiri(Near Chidambaram) and many madhwa brahmins residing in TN speak good tamil and know little nd corrupted kannada. Tulu’s and Konkani’s never admire kannada much as i know.

    @ Chidu, See my comments on coimbatore… Tamils were treated second grade citizens in Srilanka and hence they protested. Remind you, tamils in SL were more intlectuals than Singhalese and hence were purposefully betrayed.

    @ Gokulam, Try to know sangam literature and your halmidi, even ramayan speaks about Tamil language and agastya muni…

    @ Nastika,

    Are you proud that Bangalore has been lost of telugu instead to tamils? What an ignorant you are. Check out North Bangalore and IT sectors. Even in your basavangudi, i can converse in Tamil.


    @ All,

    Try to find out the meaning of ‘Karu Nadu”. Again its a tamil word which means elevated land. Karu is a tamil word. Periyar ramasamy naciker, a kannadiga by birth said, “If you remove sanskrit from kannada, it will result in Tamil”. Kannada is an offshoot of tamil, thats it.

  52. dr ramesh Says:

    Nastika dont worry, there are more kannadigas in adoni, kadapa, gutti, kurnool belt of andhra than telugus in bangalore and other districts of karnataka. Assertion of pride is a problem with us. How many kannadigas in karnataka include kannada in their business cards ( disclosure- i have been doing it since 8 years) , may seem trivial but small actions lead to big things. A dentist from ahmedabad who had a card printed both in english and gujrati inspired me to follow suit.

  53. Sapna Says:

    @Rangarajan: yes sir. Why just Kannada, Tamil is the root of all languages known to mankind. And TN is the place where human civilization began.

    Thanks for opening everyone’s eyes here.

  54. dr ramesh Says:

    Time has arrived for our friend to brush up on his history. More than half of todays tamil nadu was ruled by kannadigas. Ooty , coimbatore were and is a kannadiga territory, but kannadigas being generous accepted state reorganistion final report without much ado for betterment of the country. Tamilians still play second fiddle to kannadigas when it comes to medicine, technology, sports and food and consumer goods industry. Quality of tamil literature in the past decade has been abysmal , today it has been reduced to kolaveri di. Very sorry for that. Given a chance most of todays aspiring youth would like to quit tamil nadu for greener pastures. Today more than half of chennai’s economy is contolled by telugus, so what? Kannada channels are deliberately blacked out in tamil nadu, at least kannada and kannadigas are growing amidst competition in karnataka. What about tamilians and tamilnadu?

  55. Gokulam 3rd Stage Says:

    Ranga, of course Kannada and Tamil share words. They both came from proto-Dravidian. So what if Tamil changed less compared to Kannada? It just goes to show the insularity of you Tamils.

    What exactly have the Tamilians achieved in thought and literature in the last few hundred years? They became eager subjects of the British and continue to reap the rewards. Your upper castes joined the administration and your lower castes joined the armies (Madras Regiment, MEG). The resulting prominence and power was consolidated by that shame to India (and Kannada) Periyar.

    He became a reactionary because he grew up among other idiots like your ancestors. There isn’t one original thought in his “philosophy”. It is completely shaped within a structure that the British created – Aryans vs Dravidians. Someone called North Indians and Brahmins Aryans, so he stood for Dravidians; someone burnt Ravana so he burnt Rama and so on.

  56. Rangarajan - Coimbatore Says:

    @ Gokulam 3rd stage,

    —->He became a reactionary because he grew up among other idiots like your ancestors. —->>>>

    This is where a kannadiga lacks maturity. You don’t know what to argue and later get into personal and racism. Your ancestors are too doing the same but failed miserably.

    Kannada and Telugu are highly sanskritized languages, NO DOUBT in that. If you have some basic knowledge of Sanskrit, its easy to identify the words in kannada and the rest is TAMIL!!!! The word Proto dravidian is nothing but Old Tamil which is recognized in Sangam Literature. Kannada is very much younger which has its origin from Halmidi. HALMIDI and SANGAM are the proof on which i am speaking about. Malayalam was the latest language to branch out of Tamil. Kannada, Telugu, tulu all are different forms of Tamil which were spoken in different regions with the mix of Sanskrit.

    Check this link from your so called unofficially “Classical” kannada website posted on “Karu Nadu”. Venkatachala sastry of kannada sahitya parishat clearly mentions about Karu nadu and Karnataka which was much used in Tamil literature very long back

    ” It stands to reason, to assume that ‘nATTu’ has become ‘nADu’ at a later point of time and the word ‘karnATaka’ retains the earlier form. Tamil literary texts have spoken about ‘karunADagar’ which is a reference to the people rather than the land. People belonging to ‘karunADu’ were called ‘karunADagar”

    Forget periyar and his anti brahminism, even many western research papers have accepted the aryan race and its roots in Persia. The Language sanskrit is inherited from Indo-Iranian language family. You can find lots of similarities between Persian and Sanskrit. Its foolishness to say that, the Aryan theory was a British made. Even before Ramayana, during the period of Sri Agastya muni, tamil was originated. Today tamil traces its root in Agastya mala near Tirunelveli which has been recorded in Ramayana too. Where do you have a VALID proof for Kannada/Telugu?


    @ Dr.Ramesh,

    Do u know Pandya dynasty?, which was much older than your Western Ganga, Chalukyas, Hoysalas. Your Halmidi Inscription dates around 450 CE, whereas Pandyas were in 100-200CE which has been recorded in SANGAM literature, GREEK and ROMAN literature. The whole South India was ruled by Pandyas and later Cholas. Then how can you even imagine Ooty, Coimbatore etc were ruled by a kannada dynasty? There was no Kannada at all during Pandyas!!!!Please know the history first.

    —->Tamilians still play second fiddle to kannadigas when it comes to medicine, technology, sports and food and consumer goods industry—->>>

    IT industry is ruled by Tamils today. Chennai is called Detroit of India. Your own BHEL, BEL, BEML has so many tamil managers and supervisors. From ages, BHEL, BEL employed skilled tamilians. Coimbatore is famous for machineries, many kannadigas travel to coimbatore to purchase many machines. Recently kannada daily Kannada Prabha praised the Tamilians for using advanced technology in Fields which resulted in increased production. CHNagar district is the no1 in KA for producing Turmeric and many villages have hardworking tamil farmers.

    Do kannada industry have one oscar winning AR Rahman? Even today most of the technicians of bollywood and in your movie industry are tamils. I can see only Loose mada’s copying Dhanush movies in Kannada, rest is big ZERO!!!!

    No one has blocked Kannada channels in Chennai, your own people doesn’t watch. If there is demand, then naturally kannada channels would have telecasted.


    @ Goldstar,

    ROFL!!! :)

    Previously it was loose madha who did Copy-Paste of all Dhanush’s songs and movies. Now another SIMILAR type of attempt by a kannada actor.

    Does kannada industry really has some original talents? Probably people of kannada industry are addicted to Tamil movies :)

  57. Kandamil Says:


    ooru is a tamil word
    kannada is also tamil

    what about mummy daddy ?

    do you know brahmagiri edicts of chitradurga 230 B.C ? kannada was already administrative language by then.

  58. dr ramesh Says:

    Mr ranga, entire world knows about tremendous maturity of tamils ln supporting and idolising a militant and banned organisation like ltte and brigands like prabhakaran. Even veerappan’s help was taken to impose tamil in kArnAtaka. But nature’s justice prevailed both were eliminated and kannada is supreme in karnatakA. A r rehman is a over rated music director seesawing between plagiarism and mediocracy. What about literature howmany jnanapitha and saraswathi samman has tamil won? Please enlighten us.

  59. Gokulam 3rd Stage Says:

    Let’s get it down to what really matters.

    I can piss further than you can.

  60. srinivas Says:

    were are you boss ranganath H R

  61. sisya Says:

    >>”Kannada and Telugu are highly sanskritized languages, NO DOUBT in that.”

    And so is Tamil! Can you show me one scholar who denies that? Just using tadbhavas instead of tatsamas doesn’t wash away Sanskrit’s influence.

    >>”…which is recognized in Sangam Literature.”

    Is there anything that is convenient to the Kongas’ world-view that “Sangam” “Literature” doesn’t recognize? Does it have anything to say about the origin of the word “Sangam” itself? Somehow it sounds curiously like the Sanskritic/Prakritic “Sangha” to me. aaah… sorry.. i forgot.. Sanskrit borrowed it from Tamil!! that explains it. explains it away, rather.

    >>””The word Proto dravidian is nothing but Old Tamil…” “; “Kannada is very much younger which has its origin from Halmidi. HALMIDI and SANGAM are the proof on which i am speaking about. Malayalam was the latest language to branch out of Tamil. Kannada, Telugu, tulu all are different forms of Tamil which were spoken in different regions with the mix of Sanskrit.”

    Really? Are these the latest set of Proclamations coming out of the Tamil Nadu Assembly?

    >>Check this link from your so called unofficially “Classical” kannada website posted on “Karu Nadu”. Venkatachala sastry of kannada sahitya parishat clearly mentions about Karu nadu and Karnataka which was much used in Tamil literature very long back
    First of all, there is no indication that T. V. Venkatachala Shastri even wrote the confused article you linked. And there is even less indication that you have understood anything in that article.

    >>”…”It stands to reason, to assume that ‘nATTu’ has become ‘nADu’ at a later point of time and the word ‘karnATaka’ retains the earlier form. Tamil literary texts have spoken about ‘karunADagar’ which is a reference to the people rather than the land. People belonging to ‘karunADu’ were called ‘karunADagar”…”

    OK. So are you saying that “Karnataka” retains everything that is philologically pristine and glorious and “Tamil *Nadu*” is an abomination? Isn’t that the exact opposite of what Kongas repeat ad nauseum? What precisely is your point? Is it that we Kannadigas should be grateful that your Changa-Manga texts deigned us worthy and “classical” enough to be acknowledged?

    and btw, if Kannada is an off-shoot of Tamil, isn’t it curious that even your very own Iravata Mahadeva claims that it influenced the presumed-and-declared-to-be-Tamil inscriptions in the so-called “Tamil”-Brahmi script? .

    >>”…whereas Pandyas were in 100-200CE which has been recorded in SANGAM literature, …”

    Aah.. finally. here’s the finest “explain or explain away” gem in the Tamil historiography. The Pandyas were from 100-200 BCE. How? Because “Sangam” “literature” talks about them. And Sangam Literature is from 1-2nd BCE.. how? Because it talks about Pandyas! You might be interested in this paper here – . Isn’t is about time you people got your story straight. And while on that, you might want to do something about the so-called ‘Gajabahu synchronism’ too – “sheet-anchor” (in Zvelebil’s words) as it is, of all your dating shenanigans

    Suggested reading:

  62. Faldo Says:

    It is great to know about a new Kannada channel. However, I was surprised to see that news about a new channel has caused an inter-state dispute :) I would like to offer my two cents.

    One can come to many incorrect conclusions, if we were to look at South India only from a post Independence linguistic perspective. There are historical and geographical reasons for why Karnataka and Bengaluru have a lot of people with origins from neighboring states. No doubt all these people are hardworking but it would be wrong to say that they are there because the locals are less talented.
    In most cases the reasons are economic and social. People from neighboring states typically would be willing to work for lower wages and once a few of them are settled try to bring in more people from their native places in the hope of improving their lot. This is a generic human tendency which can be observed in many areas. This is similar to how Indians are predominant in the IT industry, or Filipinos dominate the nursing jobs or people from Central America or Mexico do most of the menial jobs in US. Not just due to the work ethic or better intelligence but also historical, geographical or economic reasons.

    It is a well recorded fact that several Kannada empires including Kadamba, Chalukya, Hoysala and Vijayanagara had parts of present day Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and AP as part of their kingdoms. Due to this many Kannadigas are part of regions that are now in Tamil Nadu and AP, later making it their home. Likewise people from TN and AP too settled in regions of Karnataka, for various reasons and integrated into Kannada culture. The people in these regions often speak two or three languages.
    Later on during the late 19th century and early 20th century there were other waves of people from neighboring states who came to the Mysore region. Some were sought out by the Mysore kingdom, many came seeking work and others came in with the British army. In later periods opening of several major public sector establishments and the IT boom caused a much bigger influx from all over India. Also, Bengaluru and Mysore are much closer to the AP/TN/Kerala borders than Chennai, Hyderabad or any major cities are to the Karnataka border. This results in a lot of influx from AP/TN/Kerala to KA cities but fewer Karnataka people go to bigger cities in the other three states. Till recently people from major centers in North and coastal Karnataka sought out Mumbai, Pune and Hyderabad. This has resulted in a larger proportion of people from other states around the Bengaluru region as compared to Kannadigas.

    All this has caused some degree of resentment towards outsiders who try to flaunt their prosperity or intelligence in front of locals who have resided their for long. Let them enjoy their prosperity but let them also learn to assimilate. Let them at least not run down their home away from home.

  63. Proud Indian Says:

    Time has arrived for our friend to brush up on his history. More than half of todays tamil nadu was ruled by kannadigas. Ooty , coimbatore were and is a kannadiga territory, but kannadigas being generous accepted state reorganistion final report without much ado for betterment of the country..

    Dr. Ramesh I’m sorry but Coimbatore and Ooty are Tamil majority towns. In no way is it at all a kannadiga city. in fact, you hear more Malayalam and Telugu and even Hindi than Kannada. Yes there are Kannadigas there but to call it a Kannadiga territory is incorrect.

    Also, I find it hilarious when people talk of generosity etc. The constitution of India gives every India the right to live anywhere. It is not generosity that people from other states live in Bangalore/Chennai/Mumbai. It is their right and every Indian can live anywhere, it is not the hospitality of the locals or their open mindedness that allows him to do so. Whether they know or learn the local language is another matter altogether. No one can be asked to leave any place-be it Kannadiga in Mumbai, North indian in Bangalore, or Bihari in Chennai. Of course all should learn the local language but everyone has the right to live anywhere-and no one can question it. So far as cosmpolitan city is the issue, Bangalore is indeed cosmopolitan but Delhi and Mumbai are far more so.

    As far as Periyar is concerned, one point people fail to grasp is that Brahmins of TN dominated TN politics, culture, society, language, and economy in a way no other group of Brahmins in India did. There are more Tam Brahmn-controlled big companies in TN than Gujarati/Marwadi/Telugu controlled big companies. Given how overwhelmingly they dominated the State, it was almost inevitable that there was going to be a movement to redress the balance.

    Why is Periyar any bigger a shame to India than anyone else? Simply because he raised his voice for social equality which some didn’t like because they wanted the status quo to remain?

    Lastly, where do Telugus control half the economy of Chennai? Is Hindu/TVS/India Cements/Sun TV/TAFE/Ashok Leyland/Nissan/Saravana/Viveks/ MRF Telugu controlled?

  64. Emptymind Says:

    Mr Ranga .atleast most kannadigas are not so parochial when they are living in other state. But same is not true when it comes to most of tamilians with a few exception who always tend to show Kannada in poor limelight that to living in Karnataka capital. that indecency
    i am opposing.
    The rest of your stories better to ignore, who cares about history?who comes first, who was greatest raja, mantri, kantri? does your historian can give history of all living and lived creatures on this planet. what language does those creatures spoken to communicate to its immediate one? don’t fool ur fellow tamilians by saying it must be Tamil.

  65. Gokulam 3rd Stage Says:

    I had a Tamilian try to explain to me what “Endhiran” means. Apparently it means machine. It sounds like “Yantra” to me. I told him it came from Sanskrit and he went red in the face and took offense at such a silly notion. Silly man. Silly people.

    Kannadigas, Telugus and Malayalees don’t go around proclaiming their greatness to all and sundry. Insecure Tamilians do. And they do in a manner that demeans the others. That is when the pissing contests start. Linguistic nationalism of the Tamil kind is the bane of modern India.

  66. asha Says:


    I totally agree with you that Tamils are the most insecure guys in south india…pity them :(


    A little factoid for Ranga from Coimatturu

    AR Rehman was a keyboard artist(not to mention he is a mediocre music director) in Ilayaraja’s troupe, who himself was trained by a great kannadiga music director GK Ventakesh…whom Ilayarja used to reverentially address as ‘Anna’



    Ask your tamil friend what does Anyan means? and try to find the equivalent sanskrit word for it and tell him and watch his reaction ;)

  67. Manava Says:

    The problem with guys like Rangarajan is that he fails to understand that Kannadigas come from all kinds of communities-telugus like Sir MV, Tamils like Kailasam, KV Iyer , GV Iyer, Masti, DVG etc.., unlike Tamils where they are only recognised from a narrow Tamil lineage. It is simply a linguistic chauvenism, and Tamils take it to the extreme end . In Singapore for example, the Tamils knowing that they have lost, are increasingly becoming pseudo-Chinese in a sense bymarrying into Chinese community for survival. I too come from a community of Tamil Iyers migarted to Mysore State then, but I rightly consider myself a Kannadiga first and the last. Though living in the West, I know that I will always be a Kannadiga until I die. I know Tamil. and read it well, and it is not exactly a Sanskritised language as there is no “mahaprana” there and some letters are absent in the alphabet, and pronouciation hence could be bewildering for a Kannadiga used to those letters in Kannada. Even in early 1960s when I was an engineering student, Bangalore was slowly taken over by Malayalees and Tamils, through employment in the State-owned industries like BEL and ITI, and who never learned Kannada as far as I knew. I do agree that Tamils practice the worst kind of linguistic nationalism. This was fuelled by Periyar (a naiker but actually from a Kannada gowda community settle in Erode) , the DK leader and Annadurai- the DMK leader. Guys like Ramanujam have to be ignored in my opinion.


    @Gokulam I think it is “Endhiram” and comparing this prounciation with “Yanthra” one could spot the anomalous way the letters are arranged in Tamil. The “dh” there for “th” is alpa prana as Tamil has no maha prana. The “E” is pronounced as “A” and not as “Y”.
    When Tamil vocal artists sing Thyagaraja’s (Thiagaraja in Tamil, i taking over from “y”) composition ( in Telugu but Sanskritised). one could detect this anamolous delivery. For example, one could her “Endharomahanubavulu” rather than”Entharomahanubhavulu”, “dh” substituted for “th” and the mahaprana “bh” is missed as it is pronounced as “b” the alpa prana. I have very little regard for this prounciation and hence Tamil language.

    BTW, Dewan Shshadri Iyer was not exactly a Tamil that Thiru Karuna would recognise and accept, as he was a Malayalee-Tamil, from Malabar Iyer community who settled there from Madras State then, just like DVG ancesters from Madras State settled in Kola district beame Kolar Iyers.

  68. asha Says:

    >>As far as Periyar is concerned, one point people fail to grasp is that Brahmins of TN dominated TN politics, culture, society, language, and economy in a way no other group of Brahmins in India did.>>

    Do you have anything to back this claim or is it just wishful thinking??


    When did the Tamils buy Nissan company from the Japanese…or are the Japanese neo converts to Tamil :)

  69. sisya Says:

    >>”Lastly, where do Telugus control half the economy of Chennai? Is Hindu/TVS/India Cements/Sun TV/TAFE/Ashok Leyland/Nissan/Saravana/Viveks/ MRF Telugu controlled?”

    Some passing comments:

    1. I’m pretty sure that is not even close to “half the economy” of Chennai.

    2. Viveks and Ashok Leyland from your list, while not Telugu-owned are not Tamilian either. Viveks, for one, is Kannadiga-owned and AL was started by a north Indian and is Hinduja-owned.

  70. Harihara Says:

    ಡಾ|| ಬಿ.ಜಿ.ಎಲ್. ಸ್ವಾಮಿಯವರು “ತಮಿಳು ತಲೆಗಳ ನಡುವೆ”, “ಕಾಲೇಜು ರಂಗ” ಮುಂತಾದ ಪುಸ್ತಕಗಳಲ್ಲಿ ಉಲ್ಲೇಖಿಸಿರುವ ಟಿಪಿಕಲ್ ಕೊಂಗರಿಗೆ ಸೂಕ್ತ ಉದಾಹರಣೆ ಎಂದರೆ ಈ ರಂಗರಾಜನ್ ಕೊಯಮತ್ತೂರು ಎಂಬ ವ್ಯಕ್ತಿ..
    ಆ ಪುಸ್ತಕಗಳಲ್ಲಿ ಇರುವ ನಿಜ ಜೀವನದ ವ್ಯಕ್ತಿತ್ವಗಳಾದ ಕರಟಕ/ದಮನಕ/ತಮಿಳು ವಾದ್ಯಾರು-ಗಳ ಪೈಕಿ ಯಾರೋ ಒಬ್ಬ ರಂಗರಾಜನ್ ಕೊಯಮತ್ತೂರು ಅನ್ನೋ ಹೆಸ್ರಿಟ್ಕೊಂಡು ಬರೀತಿದಾನೆ.. ಅಂತ ಅನಿಸುತಿದೆ ಯಾಕೋ ಇಂದು..

  71. Nastika Says:

    @Gokulam 3rd Stage,
    when ‘Yantra’ came to Tamil land, it became ‘Yantran’. On Tamil lingo, it became ‘Yanthiran’. On Tamil tongue it finally became ‘Yandhiran’.

    Since it evolved this way, Tamil is different from Sanskrit. Kannada isn’t since it still uses words like ‘Yantra’ due to ತತ್ಸಮ-ತದ್ಬವ.


    PS: BTW, English learnt Tamils write ‘Yandhiran’ as ‘Endhiran’.

  72. dr ramesh Says:

    Mr.ranga,proud indian the kind of “tamil greatest of them all” naziism has no place in a civilised multi lingual india. Tamil eelam will not happen and tamil will not conquer karnataka, tamils should come out of this fantasy . Kannada,telugu,dogri etc all have equal importance and rich heritage. Indian constitution recognises that. History tells most of conflicts and war starts when one starts to think who is bigger ? Me or u.

  73. Thalaiva Says:

    Conclusions cant be made stating “Enthiran” is a sanskritized word. Its not proved till date which language is older among Sanskrit and Tamil. Enthiran could have been borrowed to sanskrit as Yantra.

  74. Krishna Upadhya Says:

    Thiru Rangarajan Avaraghalakkum Vanakkam,

    Please try to answer my few queries,

    1. Let us accept BGL Chamy is anti tamil. He has raised many questions on tamil changa(sanga) history. Do we have any tamil authors countering it? Pls enlighten us.

    2. Your language is old and others are derived ones OK. Then you need to have all the swaras, vyanjanas, alpa pranas and mahapranas which are missing in tamil. Why?

    3. Is there any proof that Agastya maharshi uttered tamil?

    4. Is your Periyar a historian to speak about languages?

    Vanakkam chaaar

  75. asha Says:


    I suggest you read books written by Dr.N S Rajarao on decoding the indus scripts…that should give you some clue which came first and which came later.

    Tamil has other anomolies like ‘ba’ and ‘pa’ are used interchangea bly…for example…

    Baby Padmini’s Baratha nataya recital in tamil would become

    Papy Badmini’s Paratha natya recital

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